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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 177

ICRAB – Chapter 177

The atmosphere at the scene soon changed.

Noisy, arguing, and even stress dissipated.

Almost all the judges who were assigned to give score, as well as the super chefs who hurriedly heard about the situation, all squinted and closed their eyes. They quietly enjoyed the moment when the tip of their tongue was like fireworks. It was as calm as ink. 
It would a kind of blasphemy to describe this Buddha Jumps over the wall with only delicious. Being able to make the Buddha jump over the wall, how could this deliciousness be summed up in one word?

The high-grade ingredients were soft and rich tasting in their mouths, but they were not too heavy. The meat was not greasy, and with the aroma from the wine, there were all kinds of tastes that penetrate their heart and spleen. The color of the soup was dark brown, not as clear as other soup, however, this was like the most profound master with a profound background reaching out his hand with the pride of unifying thousands of troops and horses.

Even in Liu Weiwei's previous life on ancient earth, Buddha Jumps over the Wall was not a dish that ordinary people could easily eat. Even most Internet celebrity gourmets who ate all over the world might not know the true taste of the dish. She made a big pot today, enough for everyone present to get a spoonful, but in the end, only the top chefs tasted it because of their status.

Dou Kou was attracted long ago, not because everyone was making trouble, but because of the strange fragrance that came out from the Buddha Jumps over the Wall when the lotus leaf cover was opened. He was a master chef of the Su clan, so the staff also gave him a small bowl.

Dou Kou fell into a daze while holding the spoon. He was not a judge, so he did not eat the solid ingredients in the dish, just the soup. But soup was often the essence of a stew like this.

The first taste made Dou Kou completely convinced. "It's amazing." He breathed a sigh of relief and he was sweating profusely.

Cai Mingkun next to Dou Kou glanced at him, "Although Teacher is young, she is very generous in teaching. I asked her at noon and she told me all the cooking method of Buddha Jumps over the Wall."

Dou Kou's whole body suddenly stiffened, "Can you... tell me?" It's a billion-credit recipe. If they wanted to get it, they needed to exchange the assets that they had worked hard for more than ten years. But still, if they cooked the Buddha Jumps over the Wall in the future, they needed to contribute 95% of the profits to the Chef Association. That female chef, where did the recipe come out from...?

"Unfortunately, I'm a snack chef so it's impossible for me to develop in another way in my career." Cai Mingkun shook his head. At this time, his teapot was thrown into the space by him. He was holding the soup bowl and still tasting the aftertaste. "This Buddha Jumps over the Wall, the taste is endless. Unfortunately, I can't learn."

Cai Mingkun apparently gave Dou Kou beside him a powerful medicine.

"You can’t learn from your young teacher? But I, I..." Dou Kou's face instantly turned red.

"Old Dou, I'm older than you. In our chef circle, everything is almost on word-of-mouth and we teach students by hand. You know your age best. Well, the level of skill has nothing to do with these." Cai Mingkun shook his head, "I heard that my teacher has done a radish micro-carving. One of the most important skill among your seafood cuisine is also knife skills, but can you do it?

Dou Kou was almost ashamed by what Cai Mingkun said. He raised his head and gritted his teeth, "Old Cai, I haven't seen that radish micro-carving with my own eyes. If I do see it and it's indeed a beautiful micro-carving, I'm going to apprentice too!" Carving at that level was impossible to be replaced by robots. Everyone was chasing a higher breakthrough of self.

"Well, it depends on my teacher's mood." Cai Mingkun held the soup bowl in his hand, smelling the fragrance, "Today, the teacher gave me her summary note containing the essence of snack dishes and asked me to give it to my disciples to read, she also said she will test their knowledge later. With this she may not have time to accept you, so it depends on your luck~"

Dou Kou:  …

"The essence of snack dishes?"

"I can't show it to you. It is the essence of my teacher's faction, not for public."

"It is not recipe book from the Chef Association?"

"Of course not. Much more than that."

Dou Kou turned around in place, scratching his hair, doubtful.

The latter thing was very simple, the judges unanimously ranked Buddha Jumps over the Wall as the first rank in the seafood group. 

What was even more unexpected was that the master Gao Qifeng, who had not appeared in public for many years, rushed to the scene. As soon as he came, he directly ignored all the people who greeted him, and asked for radish micro-carving when he opened his mouth.

The radish was taken away by Qian Jun long ago. After Liu Weiwei turned against him, he didn't even think about reporting it to his teacher and kept it privately. But he didn't expect that Gao Qifeng would hear the news from an old friend at the venue and came over excitedly.

Qian Jun bite the bullet and could only take the radish out.

Many old guys like Dou Kou hadn’t seen the mirage on the radish.

"Old Cai... Ask your teacher, does she still accept apprentices?" Dou Kou asked bravely.

At this time, Liu Weiwei was still strolling around with Little Meat Bun, watching him crawling on the kid play set, tempting him with a sausage that had just come out of the oven.

Qin Mo watched his little wife train their son in exactly the same way as training a rabbit and a dog. He suddenly felt a little bit overwhelmed for his son.

"It feels so good to be on vacation~" Liu Weiwei sighed. It was rare to be able to see the world outside the military area. The air was filled with a sense of relaxation, unlike the army with so many rules.

Qin Mo patted Liu Weiwei’s head, "When I retire, I'll buy a big house with a backyard on a third-class planet, walk dogs and raise fish for you." Once fattened, she could be slaughtered directly to be eaten by him.

Qin Mo thought of this and narrowed his eyes happily. But that comfort was soon shattered.

First, the task reminder made Liu Weiwei nodded proudly.

[Complete the main task: Chain kicks and face slaps!

[Task reward: regain the loyalty of the defeated chef; insert your faction red flag into the restaurant where the subdued chef is located, and get 5% of the operating income.]

Liu Weiwei had killed at least half of the chef circle, most of these chefs had been abandoned by the Chef Association. When she got this result, she instantly felt that she could paddle happily on the exchange tonight.

Liu Weiwei thought happily, however, she was soon surrounded by a group of people. She didn't know what was going on, but was surrounded by a group of old men. They even nearly cried in front of her.

"Chef Liu, please teach me!"

"I am willing to spend the rest of my life learning Buddha Jumps over the Wall with you..."

"Micro carving, you have opened the door to cooking, can you lead me to the beginning? Chef Liu! I am willing to take you as my teacher."

"I'm willing to eat anything, I'm willing to start from the basics, and I'm willing to clean up the kitchen for you!"

"Teacher, although I'm old, I just went for a physical examination yesterday. I'm strong, and it's not a problem to be able to respect the teacher for the next 180 years~"

"Teacher, my disciples and grand disciples will all be at your command. My storefront can also be dedicated to you."

Liu Weiwei was frightened this group of screaming people. Little Meat Bun was very courageous. He crawled over to nibble the sausage in her hand.

Qin Mo frowned and looked at this group of people, considering whether to let the little white rabbit or the krypton beast finish them off.

Liu Weiwei was still confused, but finally Cai Mingkun stood up.

"Teacher, everyone sincerely wants to learn from you."

If Buddha Jumps over the Wall was just a recipe, then the radish micro carving was enough to shock the arrogant old men in the Chef Association. It turned out that those honorary chefs and named elders had learned nothing from the Chef Association, and Liu Weiwei's appearance seemed to provide them with a new ladder of achievement.

Gao Qifeng took the lead with a determined face, "Chef Liu, I know that I am too old and do not have the physical strength of a young man. I have practiced basic knife skills for 70 years and my hand speed stability is going downhill. But if at the end of my life, I can personally witness the ultimate knife skills, even if I can only learn one-thousandth of it, I will be satisfied."

Liu Weiwei didn't know these old men very well, but Cai Mingkun introduced them. "Oh, this man is the master of that scumbag."

Liu Weiwei face was not very good-looking immediately.

Gao Qifeng was stunned for a moment. Immediately other people began telling him that his closed disciple had embarrassed Chef Liu. Chef Liu showed her knife skill, but his closed disciples deliberately arranged her to have a snack themed competition that had nothing to do with knife skills. He also arranged Cai Mingkun as an opponent. It's just a deliberate trick.

"Chef Liu, I will let people get the live video. I will definitely punish my incompetent disciples with poor morals!" Gao Qifeng also felt that his face was dull.

"Is there still moral?" Liu Weiwei snorted, "He even wants to do unspoken rules with me."

Gao Qifeng's old face twitched. He looked at the picture in front of him, which was obviously a family of three. His closed disciple actually wanted to get his hands on married women?

Qin Mo didn't have a good face when he remembered the incident, "I don't know people clearly, but the upper beam will not be straight if the lower beam is crooked."

Gao Qifeng: !!!

Liu Weiwei squinted, "Well, other people want to be apprentices to Chef Cai. According to his seniority, he is also my senior brother, and I will let him replace me with full authority. As for you, Mr. Gao... I really disagree with your disciple. It's the type that gets upset when I see him, so let's wait until you investigate the situation." No one would forgive a scumbag ex-boyfriend, even if he was just a look-alike. Moreover the fact that he was still have the same despicable, shameless, and hateful personality! Anyway, she was stingy.

Cai Mingkun, who was entrusted with an authority, immediately changed from a spectator to a central figure surrounded by people.

Liu Weiwei stretched and was held by Qin Mo who had already packed her things. They stood up from the lawn.

"The exchange meeting this evening doesn't seem to be that interesting anymore." Liu Weiwei concluded with emotion.

Qin Mo glanced at Liu Weiwei, "The let’s stay at the hotel. I will take you out to sea tonight?"

Liu Weiwei's eyes lit up immediately. For the third test, she voluntarily quit and gave up continuing to abuse vegetables.

On the third day, following Qin Mo to the beach for another walk, Liu Weiwei left the exchange meeting and returned to the military area.

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