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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 190

ICRAB – Chapter 190

The person sitting across from Zhang Xiaomo was her cousin Qi Fei, who was wheat-skinned and looked somewhat tough in a brown military uniform. Next to him was her cousin Qi Yu.

"Xiao Mo, I knew you should learn Chinese cuisine back then. Look, all these little cuties eat Chinese food~" Qi Yu was still excited.

Zhang Xiaomo's face was stiff for a while, and she silently glanced at her cousin Qi Fei, then looked away again.

"Oh, there's a whole bunch of new favorites~ Is that pure white cat the tiger beast? Little monkey, come to Sister Qi's arms. Do you like milk or banana pancakes? Should I spread out the menu so can you order it yourself?" Qi Yu looked left and right like an emperor surrounded by a group of favorite concubines, happiness and satisfaction were clearly written in her eyes.

Qi Fei rolled his eyes. He grabbed the menu in Qi Yu’s hand, and called the waiter, "Which beast pets can be fed now in the store? Help us order one of their favorites. For the rest, we want one grilled fish with black bean sauce, three roasted pigeon, one fermented bean curd water spinach, three bowls of snake soup, and three bowls of rice."

fermented bean curd water spinach

The waiter quickly recorded the orders, but was stopped by Qi Yu again.

"It's said on the Internet that there is beast pets that can be adopted in your store now, is that right? Which cute ones are they? How can I adopt them? What are the procedures?"

Qi Fei stretched out his hand and pressed his temple, "Let’s place an order first. We'll talk about adoption after dinner."

"Brother, didn't you say this is a good deed? Now I want to do a good deed, but you stop me? Anyway, you said you weren't hungry just now, so what does it matter if I ask a question first!"

"It's a good thing, but I also told you that raising a beast pet is more laborious than raising an ordinary small animal. You can't even raise the British shorthair at home. I'll give you time to think about it more and talk about it after dinner!"

"What? That was something that happened when I was five years old! Xiao Mo, you judge, isn't my brother annoying? He used to be a bad boy, but now he is morally kidnapping me after joining the army!"

Zhang Xiaomo laughed bitterly. "Cousin sister, let's listen to cousin brother. Later, you can also feed your favorite pets and observe which one that has a temperament more suitable for you. Wait until the meal is over, you can find someone to ask if you can adopt it."

The waiters quickly served the dishes one after another. A full table, but most of them were snacks for the beasts.

Now Qi Yu couldn't bear it any longer. She held a small dried fish in her left hand and a vegetable in her right hand, giving this one a mouthful, giving that one mouthful.

Finally Qi Fei lost his temper. "Eat your own meal first."

Qi Yu snorted, but in the end she was afraid that her older brother who became more and more imposing after graduation. She could only touch the fur of the tiger beast and then obediently picked up her chopsticks.

Zhang Xiaomo ate the vegetables, rice, and soup silently, not participating in the sister brother disputes. However, when the waiter served a large grilled fish on hot place, she was stunned. In front of her was a whole fish lying flat on the grill, covered with bits of green celery and red fermented black bean sauce. It was smothered in sauce that was full of red oil. The hot plate permeated its heat to the fish and bubbles of white steam kept coming out.

"Wow! I'll take a photo first~" Qi Yu praised and exclaimed, "Brother, you are really insightful, this grilled fish is interesting, it's still heating up on the table."

Qi Fei glanced at the dish, resisted his appetite, and stopped his chopsticks in the air. After his sister took a picture from various angles, he took a piece of fish belly with crispy skin and tender meat and put it into the bowls of Zhang Xiaomo and Qi Yu. After the two all ate in amazement, he slowly took a piece of fish and put it in his mouth. In an instant, his movements stopped.

The delicious salty aroma, mixed with the strong aroma of black bean sauce, wrapped in the tender fish, almost rolling in the mouth. The aftertaste was slightly spicy, but it made people not want to stop.

Qi Fei saw the store on the Internet and also saw reports of many interviews. There was only one article that attracted him. There was a photo of a beast pet with bandages and a blurry but handsome profile face that showed in the corner of the kitchen. Although there were some changes over the years, he still recognized the face.

Liu Weiwei.

Back then, the last ranked student was so weak and useless that she could always be recognized among the girls in the class at a glance. Qi Fei couldn't help but notice her at any time. He never disdained to go to the civilian Skynet market, but because of her and because of his stupidity that year, he was banned from the Internet for more than 2,000 hours.

Later, Qi Fei heard people say that not only was she no longer useless, she jumped two military rank in just two years, and she also became the most popular chef in the entire Eastern Army Group military camp. In the end, it was rumored that she married a young senior officer in the army, had a child, and lived a happy life.

Qi Fei was eating the extremely tender fish in his mouth but felt a bit bitter in his throat. His eyes couldn't help but drift to the back kitchen.

"Cousin, this fish is so tender and delicious! The taste of black bean paste is absorbed into the fish by the high-temperature grill. I think it's better than that century-old Sichuan restaurant. Why don't you eat it?"

Qi Fei had a meal, and his movements quickly accelerated, "If I eat fast, would there be fish left for the two of you?"

"Haha, thank you brother for letting me~ Na, I'll give you the most tender fish face, hehe~"

Qi Fei couldn't help laughing when he looked at the piece of fish that was almost all crispy on the plate. "Xiao Mo, that internet celebrity shop on Skynet has the same owner with this shop, right?" He looked up at his cousin who was sitting across from him with a complicated expression, "You mentioned Happy Restaurant just now."

Zhang Xiaomo's action of blowing some fish meat suddenly stiffened. She nodded and stuffed the fish meat covered with sauce into her mouth, her eyes narrowed and a little blurry.

"I heard that you stop learning to cook because you lost in a competition." Qi Fei put down his chopsticks.

Zhang Xiaomo was suddenly embarrassed.

"Ah? What are you talking about? Brother, Xiao Mo gave up because she thought learning to cook was too hard. What are you talking about?" Qi Yu ate several chopsticks of fish and her lips were turning red.

Qi Fei sighed, picked up the small tiger beast that was crawling on his lap and tucked it into Qi Yu's arms, "Stroke your fur."

As expected, Qi Yu threw away the chopsticks in her hand. Let alone the conversation, she almost lost her senses to the little tiger beast. She kept meowing and playing with it.

"Cousin wants to apologize to you."

"No, no, it's my own decision."

"The boss will come later and I will also apologize to her." Qi Fei took a bite of the fish and smiled bitterly.

On the side, Qi Yu didn't care so much. With a pampered face, she ate a few mouthfuls of fish, and called the waiter to ask whether the grilled fish could be fed to the tiger beast, asking whether it would be too spicy.

The waiter smiled and shook his head, "The grilled fish has a strong taste, too greasy, and too salty, so it is not recommended for pets to eat. If you want to feed it, be sure to wash it in the tea first or buy our special dried fish snack to feed it. "

Qi Yu's active question obviously won the waiter's favor. "I heard from you just now that you want to adopt a magic pet?"


This time, regardless of his brother's objection, Qi Yu hurriedly hugged the little tiger beast in her arms, with capital stars in her eyes. "This little cutie, can I adopt it? It's so small but it is also combat beast pet that has been on the battlefield?"

Qi Fei didn't expect that the kitten that he threw to his sister would capture her heart so quickly. "Aren’t you being too sloppy? You fancy this one today but you might think it's not good tomorrow. You know that this time you can't throw it away, you have to keep it for a lifetime."

"Of course! Of course I will keep it for the rest of my life. This cat is my natal pet. Look, brother, it has been licking my fingers. It loves me very much~"

Qi Fei sighed when he heard this, "It’s because we ordered grilled fish, your fingers smell like fish."

"No, it just loves me and wants to go home with me~"

Just when Qi Fei had an incomparable headache, a familiar but unfamiliar voice sounded. "The parents of this little tiger beast died in a secret mission three months ago."

"Ah?" Qi Yu exclaimed.

Qi Fei looked at the beautiful woman in a chef's uniform who walked in front of him without blinking. She looked better. Liu Weiwei's facial features didn't change, but her skin was fair, she had a soft halo. And the smile on her face at the moment had become extremely... beautiful in Qi Fei's eyes.

His sister Qi Yu's distressed voice recalled his feeling, "Then it's an orphan? Why is it so pitiful, what should I do now?"

"When it was born, it encountered some dangers, so if you look closely, you will see some slopes on its left hind leg. It is on the adoption list this time because it is disabled and not as strong as its parents, so it can’t participate in army training." Liu Weiwei took out a picture book and handed it to Qi Yu.

Qi Yu opened her mouth wide and looked down at her arms in disbelief, "Disabled?"

"You can look at other pets. We have some retired combat pets here, but if they are well cared for, they can live for ten or twenty years like ordinary puppies and kittens. There are also some that deemed not suitable for high-intensity training after veterinary inspection but not disabled." Liu Weiwei pointed at some pictures.

Qi Yu looked at the picture book and then looked at her brother, only to feel that the little tiger beast in her arms was even more pitiful. "Then... this disabled one, if no one has adopted it, what will happen?" She swallowed.

Liu Weiwei reached out, touched the little tiger beast's head, smiled, and nodded at Qi Fei.

"As long as this restaurant stays open, I believe there will be many kind guests like you. Maybe one day, it will find its destined owner and go home with him."

Qi Yu only felt that it was difficult to breathe for a while. The chest tightness she was feeling was indescribable.

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