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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 174 Part 1 of 3

ICRAB – Chapter 174 (1)

The other party didn't see Liu Weiwei's gritted teeth. He was still a gentleman as he greeted Qin Mo politely.

Liu Weiwei took a deep breath, looked away to the big bowl of tofu soup on the table, and looked up at the somewhat handsome but disgusting profile face. Hmm... she really wanted to stuff this man’s head into the tofu soup bowl!

"They said, you are the sculptor of the radish this afternoon. You are really superb. Let me introduce myself first. I am learning from the honorary elder of the Chef Association, Master Gao Qifeng. My surname is Qian, and I have a single name Jun."

Qian Jun didn't wear the uniform of the Chef Association like others, instead he wore casual clothes like Liu Weiwei, except that he had a senior chef's nameplate on his chest. He stretched out a hand to Qin Mo, "My teacher is the first person to reproduce food carving. I think we should have a common language, and we can communicate more and learn together."

Liu Weiwei was holding the napkin, thinking that it would be too cheap to press the man in the tofu soup. He was a b*stard, so he should be pressed in the onion and chili sauce to make his eyes hot! Rubbish! The trash that caused her to transmigrate! Eh, wait, no, if it wasn't for her luck, she would have died thoroughly in the elevator. Her body would have been cold, no, corroded.

"Um... what can I call you?" Qian Jun's hand stretched out. Without Qin Mo's response, he paused in the air awkwardly. His expression was obviously not very good-looking.

Qin Mo picked up the napkin, wiped his mouth, and looked at his child's mother who was still twisting the napkin, "The dishes here are unpalatable and the environment is also very noisy. Should we go back and rest? I'll order a super five-star takeaway."

Liu Weiwei glanced at the b*stard whose face was deformed with anger, and immediately relieved her anger. She felt that her Major was domineering, and he was simply the best handsome man in the universe. "Well, husband, I listen to you~" She yelled softly, treating the b*stard as air, threw the napkin directly, stood up, and pushed the stroller. "It's not good if the food is wasted. Pack it and take it home. Or we can also, mail it back to Mu Ming."

The two of them completely ignored Qian Jun's standing in the way. Qin Mo, who was extremely powerful, rubbed him a little, which made him fall on all fours.

Qian Jun couldn't believe it, "I'm a senior's closed disciple, have you heard? Whose sect you are, so arrogant just with some knife skills? Cooking is more than just knife skills!"

Qin Mo paused. He didn't even take off his sunglasses when he looked back at Qian Jun inexplicably, "Wife, who is this?"

Liu Weiwei shrugged and spread her hands. "I have never met before someone that introduce themselves using their teacher’s name." 

Qin Mo took Little Meat Bun’s stroller, "After talking for a long time, I still don't know what he does. Is he a waiter?"

Liu Weiwei almost laughed. Her Major's poisonous tongue was probably taught by Mu Ming. "Well, I don't know either." She simply applauded his wit.

"Very good, you guys are fine. I will wait for you in the lobby of the exchange meeting tomorrow!" Qian Jun didn't know that Cheng Wei, who had been provoking Liu Weiwei before, had vomited blood, otherwise he might not be so impulsive.

Liu Weiwei went back to the room with Qin Mo. She didn't look back at the man again. She didn't know why he was born again, but she was pretty sure that he was a b*stard. She could tell from his subtle movements and the way he spoke. They were almost exactly the same as the b*stard in her memory. She even wanted to bite him in her dreams! But every time, she would feel dirty, and finally struggled to wake up from the dream. She was awake nauseously.

Liu Weiwei didn't care why he was here or what he was going to do. Since he appeared in the exchange meeting of the Food Association and he was also a chef under the banner, that's good, the evil system that had given her a chance to take revenge. This time she would use an apple pie to blur his face!

"What's the matter?" Qin Mo pushed the stroller with one hand, and pressed Liu Weiwei’s bulging cheek with the other, "Who made you angry? The person just now?" As a soldier, he observed everything keenly.

Liu Weiwei burst into flames. She burst and vented most of her anger. It was so rare that she leaned on Qin Mo quietly, "I hate the person just now." She didn't expect to see each him again, but she had already become a winner in this life. "Tomorrow I will beat him!" But even so, it didn’t prevent her from persisting in a breath of malice.

Anyone shouldn’t mess with women. Women always held grudges, especially small women like Liu Weiwei. She would remember it for a long, long time... If one day opportunity fell in her hands, she would never let go generously. She was not a saint.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. It was rare to see his little wife still having such anger. Her whole small face became a little ruddy and she looked vigorous. At this time, she looked like a little girl who had just graduated from high school. Her temper was as changeable as that of a beast that didn't receive food, the world would be turned upside down and it would act unreasonable. Normally, he almost forgot the fact that the girl was a decade younger than him.

"Well, then make him cry." Qin Mo squeezed Liu Weiwei’s cheek, feeling the softness. Her bulging one was cuter than the Level 7 rabbit king who deliberately pretended to be cute. His child's mother was still a grown-up child, and she could do what she wanted.

"You can do anything you want. I'll take care of the rest for you." Qin Mo was obviously not lacking in cruelty, after all, he was an old guy who had been on the battlefield for several years.

Liu Weiwei didn't feel scared at all. Instead, she felt that her man was open-minded and reasonable, "Well, I don’t want his life, let him envy me that I am better than him, better-looking than him, and happier than him~" As she talked, she blushed a little, and she pecked Qin Mo’s chin on her tiptoe. "Are you hungry? Should I make another dinner for you?"

Qin Mo immediately took Liu Weiwei’s small hand and hugged her tightly in his arms, "Hungry. I want to go back to our room and eat slowly."


The big bad wolf had rushed out of the cage again. He kissed the lamb's hoof and found it smelled good.

The little lamb obviously knew nothing about the nature of the big bad wolf.

Meanwhile Qian Jun, who stayed in the lobby, touched the ashes of his nose and returned to the water basin in annoyance. He directly ignored the opposition of everyone and put the radish in his own space. "My teacher wants to see, sorry, everyone."

The others sighed, but they all gave up their seats.

Qian Jun put away the radish and a strange cold light flashed in his eyes. But soon there was a crack in his expression due to the long-lasting discussions around him. His voice was startled and weird, "This is the work of a female chef? Isn't it a man with sunglasses?"

"No, it’s done by an exquisite female chef."

"The man is her husband, who doesn't seem to know how to cook."

"To be honest, if Cheng Wei competed with her with her on stir fry dish, he might have won. It would be better than knife skills. This is simply hitting the muzzle. It is extremely unlucky."

"Yes, this is obviously not a test. It's suicide."

"Well, anyway, if I draw her in competition tomorrow, I will definitely not raise the word knife skills again."

"Me too."

Qian Jun was surprised for a while. A small face soon appeared in his mind. Female chef? That rash and rude mad was her husband? He squinted and walked slowly towards the exit.

Liu Weiwei returned to the room, before she could even say a word, she was lifted by the big bad wolf into the bathroom. She fell directly into the bathtub and was eaten completely from the inside to the outside.

When Liu Weiwei remembered about Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei in the pet care, she had just gotten out of the bathtub and was carried to the bed by the big bad wolf. He was turning over on the pillow and gnawed her lamb thighs...

"Call it again... husband." The big bad wolf fought all the time, and suddenly another evil fire came.

Liu Weiwei trembled, feeling that she should have just pressed Qian Jun into the tofu soup just now. That b*stard hurt her a lot! She was thinking to long about another man, so the big bad wolf was properly stimulated.

Now Liu Weiwei was really miserable. The little lamb word shed tears of repentance and chose to surrender. "Husband..."

The big bad wolf was instantly hilarious. He turned over and continued to eat. The more he ate, the more he couldn't stop!

When the little lamb was about to be eaten up, the big bad wolf also knew to stop. After all, he had to save it for the next meal... he needed to save some to eat for a lifetime.

The big bad wolf had a good attitude and good service. He bathed the tired and paralyzed little lamb who didn’t want to move at all. He also ordered a hotel supper to the room, and feed the lamb himself.

After serving the little lamb comfortably, the big bad wolf continued to feed Little Meat Bun, changed the diapers, and followed the little lamb's orders to feed the two beasts in pet care.

The big bad wolf was simply diligent and hardworking. When he finished the chores, he came back to hold the little lamb, and continued to rub her hoofs. "What time your schedule tomorrow? I will wake you up."

The little lamb turned over and faced the big wolf with her butt, no longer believing in such things as waking up. Halfway through the waking up process, it is estimated that she would be pressed to the bathroom again.

When the lamb finally fell asleep, the big bad wolf leaned on the big pillow, and looked at the bright full moon outside the window. He felt refreshed, this hotel was good.

The Big Bad Wolf went to Skynet and generously gave the hotel a good review.

[The view is good, the bed is big, and eating supper in the hotel room has a strange sense of excitement. I will patronize again on next vacation. I like the hotel's pet care and children's park, and hope the hotel can keep it open 24 hours!]

The big bad wolf was satisfied.

By the next day, the little lamb was sober and found deep strawberry marks on her chest, neck, legs... almost everything was covered.

"You said you want to give me supper." The big bad wolf had already changed his clothes, his face was bright, and he was very energetic. "At most, I will eat less tonight."

Little Lamb: ...

The final result was that the little lamb ate the hotel breakfast in the room, and this time obediently put on the pink chef uniform designed by her apprentice Zhen Nuli.

There was only one chef's uniform  like this in the world. The cuffs and neckline were all glittering pink sequins, and there was even a chef's with pink hair ball on the high top... like ears. Liu Weiwei initially didn’t want to wear this, but today she could only wear it to cover the strawberry marks.

"So cute." The big bad wolf stood behind the mirror for the first time, stopped to admire, and gave praise without hesitation. His lamb could change from lamb meat to rabbit meat. Wolf was very relieved.

The little lamb directly gave the big wolf a pink fist bump on his chest, put on her hat, covered her face with a mouth cover, and she then walked out of the room with dignity.

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