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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 176 Part 1 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 176 (1)

At home, Liu Weiwei was still a wife and a mother who satisfied her family's taste. From Xiao Bai to Qin Mo, she would take care of everyone's taste. Since celebrating Xiao Hei's birthday, she had paid more attention to the preferences and personalities of the people around her, hoping to create more comfortable meals for everyone. Her personality was getting softer, which, unlike weakness, was a softening due to femininity.

Sometimes, women's love was not perfect, and it had a certain relationship with the rigidity of personality, which was why it was easy to break. Only women who could act coquettishly in front of their husbands could be called soft and cute.

Qin Mo obviously liked Liu Weiwei's little insights and changes when cooking. Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei also enjoyed it very much.

Even Cai Mingkun, who came to be a guest for the first time today, felt that Liu Weiwei exuded a charming feminine brilliance, and even once reminded him of his tender mother when he was young. If he were forty or fifty years younger, he felt that he might become deeply fascinated by this female chef and wanted to pursue her as his wife. What else could be happier than coming home after a long day of work and being able to eat the sweet and hot soup made by his wife?

Of course, Cai Mingkun was late, but it didn't prevent him from having a more favorable impression of Liu Weiwei, a young female chef. His respect was both as an apprentice and a person. In the future, whoever said that female chefs were inferior to male chefs, he felt that he would the first to object.

"Teacher, I lost to you, so I can rest after this year's exchange meeting." Cai Mingkun didn't look angry or disappointed at all, but rather happy, "Can I study with you in the afternoon? By analogy, watching you stir-fry some dishes might add some inspiration to my snack dishes as well." In fact, after eating Liu Weiwei's home-cooked dishes, he thought of several innovations for new pastries.

"Of course." Liu Weiwei glanced at the system. Cai Mingkun name was already in her fifth apprentice position. And what's even bloodier was that her food system was also very intelligent. She didn't know the students under Cai Mingkun's name, but now those eight people’s names were all in her faction. They had become the disciples of her disciple, her grand disciple. (TN: like grandchildren?)

According to the system requirements, if Liu Weiwei accepted two more talented chefs as apprentices, it was estimated that her disciple, grand disciple and great-grand disciple would instantly become a big group.

"Oh right," Liu Weiwei looked at the apprentice section and took out two books from it, "This is a summary of some ancient experiences in pastry making. It will not be very useful to you, but you can let your students take a look." The skill book she had learned herself could be shared with the disciples in her faction. Below advanced skill book of snack would be of limited help to Cai Mingkun, but it was just enough for his disciples.

"Teacher..." Cai Mingkun took it in surprise. After just turning a few pages, he almost fell to the ground with excitement, "Teacher, is this summary of your experience’s notes?"

So exquisite!

With Cai Mingkun's understanding of snack dishes, one glance at one or two cooking methods in the book could at least save him from detours of two to three years. If he could get this book when he first started, his achievements now would obviously be higher. It's like the difference between a normal person going to college at 18 and a 5 year old child genius going to college at 5 years earlier.

Liu Weiwei took out low-level and intermediate-level skill books, which were all summed up by the system based on thousands of years of big data. The skills contained in the books were the comprehension of many generations. Cai Mingkun, a future chef who had been imprisoned by the Chef Association, thought that it was treasure. She glanced at him and the students earnestly, "This is a crystallization of thousands of years of wisdom. I am just trying to continue to spread it. We are all standing on the shoulders of countless predecessors, so we must also strive to become the shoulders that next generations could stand up in."

Cai Mingkun's hand holding the book felt as heavy as a mountain, "Yes, yes, teacher!"

"Well, it's up to you to carry forward Chinese pastries." Liu Weiwei nodded in relief, "We have been suppressed by Western desserts for many years, so it is time for a revival." If she took in a few more apprentices and managed each cuisine separately, she could conquer the world lying down.

Cai Mingkun was so excited that he felt that all his old bones had found a great goal, "Yes, we have to carry forward and spread Chinese pastries to restaurants throughout the universe."

"Well, that's right." Liu Weiwei was satisfied.

Qin Mo kept looking at his little wife fooling an old man. He suddenly broke into cold sweat thinking about the future of Meat Bun. He held the Meat Bun silently, serving as a background picture.

Fortunately, Liu Weiwei also remembered that she was going to continue competing in the afternoon, so she quickly drew up some menus, sorted out the ingredients in her space, and was ready to go out.

Before going out, there was a little episode. Xiao Bai refused to go back to the pet park after without anything. Her two rabbit claws pulled on Liu Weiwei’s trousers. In the end, Liu Weiwei had no choice but to let her hide in her trousers pocket.

But because Xiao Bai didn't go to the pert park, Xiao Hei also refused to move. This made Qin Mo, who was pushing the baby stroller, almost beat him.

Seeing that the two males were going to fight, Liu Weiwei also had a huge headache. In the end, she could only carry Meat Bun on her own, let Qin Mo push the stroller with Xiao Hei lying in it.

"It doesn't matter. Just consider this a weight-bearing exercise." As a military wife, Liu Weiwei had always exercised her physical fitness consciously. She was afraid that one day a war would really break out and she would become a burden to everyone. And a good chef also needs strong physical strength and wrist strength, so physical fitness was a must.

Liu Weiwei looked imposing, so Qin Mo could only support it.

So, at the beginning of the competition, Liu Weiwei once again became the center of attention. There were even people who didn't have a clear mind. They even tried to use her as a stepping stone, wanting to rise to the sky.

"I'm going to challenge Chef Liu!"

"I-I want too!"

Contrary to Cai Mingkun's expectations, many people actually came to challenge Liu Weiwei. But soon he also figured why.

Now, Liu Weiwei had the title king of snack, so as long as anyone defeated her, it meant they had defeated the youngest king of snack. This name was enough to make many people brag for a lifetime. It wouldn’t even matter whether they defeated the king by cooking what the other party was not good at, or defeated the king by insufficiency of physical strength.

Defeating Liu Weiwei would allow them to gain fame and gain more customers in the coming year, and maybe the cost of cooking appearances would increase exponentially! If they hit right and beat Liu Weiwei in her weakness, it would be luck; but if they lost unfortunately, they would also lost in the hands of a new king, and there would be no shame. 

Apparently a lot of people were thinking this way, so for a while, Liu Weiwei became the hottest opponent on the field.

Liu Weiwei was originally arranged for a competition with someone who was a senior chef from the previous association president’s faction, Dou Kou.

Dou Kou was about twenty years younger than Cai Mingkun, but they were very familiar with each other.

"Old Dou, come on." Cai Mingkun was the most bored in the audience, so he happily walked over to say hello with a teapot in his arms, "If you lose, you might as well be my little junior brother."

Dou Kou almost hit Cai Mingkun with a spoon, "Go, go, I won't lose as badly as you! Old Cai, cooking seafood, I won't lose to a snack chef."

It stood to reason that the competition in the exchange meeting was often a competition of similar cuisine chefs. But obviously Liu Weiwei was hacked, so in Dou Kou's view, he would never lose. "An eighteen years old, already a knife master and a snack king. Now she is still trying to defeat my seafood cooking. Hehehe... don't even think about it!" Dou Kou would never believe that he would lose to a female chef with a baby in her weak arms.

Cai Mingkun touched his chin with a complicated expression. He thought the same thing before, but now he has completely changed his mind after eating Liu Weiwei’s home-cooked food. "Be careful, Old Dou. We are friends for many years, I can only remind you that here."

Cai Mingkun held the teapot and wandered back again. Qin Mo, wearing sunglasses, was browsing the battle report, leaning against the wall with a stroller next to him. And Cai Mingkun’s own student was near the cooking table. He opened his mouth wide behind Liu Weiwei, watching her movements like a fool.

At first glance, Cai Mingkun felt that his student was usually very clever, but today he lost face in front of his teacher.

"What are you looking at?" Cai Mingkun walked over in dissatisfaction, "Don't stand there and make trouble. Have you finished reading the basic skill book for pastry that I just gave you?"

His student quickly pointed his finger at the cooking table, and the whole person has not recovered from the sluggishness. 

Cai Mingkun wanted to teach him a lesson, but he didn't want to disturb Liu Weiwei's cooking, so he could only bear it. But following the student's gaze, the teapot he raised suddenly froze. On the cooking table, there were more than a dozen kinds of complicated and high-grade ingredients lined up neatly.

Cai Mingkun almost blurted out, "Sea cucumbers, abalone, shark fins, scallops, fish lips, turtle skirts... duck, mutton, pork belly... Ten, eighteen kinds... Buddha, Buddha... Buddha jump over the wall!?"

When Liu Weiwei heard Cai Mingkun’s voice, she turned back and smiled, "Yes, you recognized it. In this seafood theme, I plan to make Buddha Jump over the Wall and seafood porridge."

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

Cai Mingkun twitched. Thinking of Dou Kou's confidence just now, he immediately felt that Old Dou was going to be defeated badly. He might even cry for a recipe in a while.

Buddha Jumps Over the Wall... this was an extremely luxurious paleo recipe.

If the previous Four Happiness Dumplings were just a gorgeous court snack, then this Buddha Jumps over the Wall was an ultimate dish that combines luxurious ingredients and cumbersome cooking methods!

Cai Mingkun once heard from his first master that this dish was said to be lost. The current Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, which was preserved in the Advanced Cookbook of the Chef Association, was only an imperfect version. But even then, the price of getting that cookbook was enough to make many super chefs bankrupt.

This Buddha jumps over the wall, it was said that in order to fully reflect the taste characteristics of each high-grade ingredient, it was necessary to cook the more than a dozen kinds of ingredients separately and then gather them together. Then they needed to add broth and wine, and simmer them together. The intensity of the cooking process perfectly described the origin of the name "The altar is full of meat and fragrance, so Buddha abandoned Zen and jumped over the wall".

This complicated cooking method, if it was not an experienced senior chef who was familiar with various ingredients, even if he had a recipe, it would be useless.

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