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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 173 Part 2 of 3

ICRAB – Chapter 173 Part 2 of 3

Cheng Wei hadn't paid attention to his opponent's movements before, and now his nose was almost crooked. Was this female chef deliberate, or was she too stupid? Did she think that the exchange meeting was for her vacation? This hotel was really used as a tourist rest stop. Did she come from a remote country, thinking that she was invincible in the world, strong enough to underestimate the enemy? Hug and kiss, still sitting in the arms of a man... Was this still a f*cking knife skill competition? This was simply despising him!

"I'm done too." Liu Weiwei still didn't know that her behavior had caused public outrage. After finishing the last cut and washing the radish in the basin, she put down the knife to signal that her work was also completed.

[Host, you have successfully attracted the attention of the 19 chefs present and gained the hostility of 7 chefs.]

[Congratulations, keep going!]

Liu Weiwei was confused. But when she looked up and saw her husband leisurely wearing sunglasses and holding a camera at her, seemed to be recording, she was a little bit shy. Facing the camera, she gave a V sign and smiled.

"She's really here to play, right?"

"Does she look down on Cheng Wei? Look down on us?"

"I have never met such a chef who doesn't take a competition seriously."

"She is a new mother, so be tolerant."

"She should go home with her husband quickly."

[Host, you have successfully attracted the attention of the 24 chefs present and the hostility of 13 chefs.]

[Congratulations, keep going!]

Liu Weiwei looked up awkwardly, and she saw a circle of people staring at her with very unkind eyes. Was it a crime to show affection?

Fortunately, Cheng Wei relieved the somewhat weird atmosphere, he directly picked up his own plate, "I cut the radish into slices, the judges can observe." He immediately attracted the attention of the group of people. 

None of those present were fledgling kitchen apprentices, so at a glance, they knew Cheng Wei's knife skills had improved. The radish slices, which were as thin as a cicada's wings, were almost completely transparent. In the green dishes, they were neatly arranged in semi-circular fan-shaped way. From a distance, they look like a proud male peacock with a beautiful feathered body...

"This knife skill has reached the limit."

"It is almost beyond the capabilities of robots to achieve such speed and quality."

"Very precise."

"There is no error without even measuring with a ruler."

Liu Weiwei also cast her gaze curiously. Her knife skills were completely trained in the system, so she had no teacher in reality. In the initial stage, she relied on the chef's demonstration of a single recipe in the training classroom, learning to imitate their knife holding posture, knife angle, and the use of wrist strength. In the later stage, she obtained the secrets knife skills and a professional systematic learning method.

Through the different flow rates of the system and real time, Liu Weiwei had spent a lot of time for practice. She had never specifically counted the specific time, but in the training classroom, she experienced a total of millions of hours, nearly ten years of non-stop hard practices. Moreover, in reality, she was still constantly busy in the kitchen. The combination of theory and practice had achieved her basic skills today.

Among Liu Weiwei’s current apprentices, only An Hao was the most solid in knife skills. Yang Likun had a strong body and was good at using knives, but he had a long-standing habit and soon encounters an upward bottleneck. As for Zhen Nuli, the practice time was not long and he was often distracted.

Liu Weiwei was very curious about the level of the other chefs in this era. Her chrysanthemum tofu skills on the Internet had received countless praises, but on ancient China, there were a bunch of chefs who could do this skill.

Liu Weiwei approached and finally saw the sliced radish in Cheng Wei's bowl. She couldn't help but blurted out, "That's it?" 

That was the same level as An Hao who had finished practicing potato shreds and started to cut radishes. Not only did Liu Weiwei required the slices to be thin, consistent in size, and constant speed of the knife, she also asked him to cut into shreds after slicing, and put in a basin.

It's just slices of radish. Where was the amazement from?

Liu Weiwei didn't mean to find faults, but Cheng Wei was too arrogant at first and came to provoke her. She thought he would be amazing, but now the gap of expectation and reality was too big.

"That's it!?" Cheng Wei's brows squeezed. He almost got stuck in his chest with these words and wanted to vomit blood. He looked at the woman in front of him and wanted to pinch her to death. "What do you mean? What do you mean by ‘That’s it’? Do you think it’s easy?"

Cheng Wei laughed furiously and Liu Weiwei glanced at him strangely, wasn't this just normal radish slices?

Cheng Wei sneered, picked up the plate, and sent it to her. "Woman, don't underestimate others!" He almost gritted his teeth, "Can you find two pieces that are not exactly the same? I will give up if you can find any!" If the other party was not a woman, he wanted to hire someone to beat her up!

However, Cheng Wei's thought had just come into being, but he was suppressed by a terrible murderous intent. The female chef’s family member wearing sunglasses, who had been sitting in his seat, waiting leisurely for the dishes, screwed one hand on his wrist holding the plate. The weight that seemed to be heavy, suddenly pressed on his joints!

Cheng Wei's face changed drastically, he had no doubt that as long as the man with sunglasses only used a little bit of strength, his hand could be abolished.

"Be respectful. The word ‘woman’ is not something you can use to my wife." Qin Mo was cold, and the physique of a mad demon protecting his wife directly caused Cheng Wei to sweat on the spot.

Cheng Wei wanted to break free, but couldn't move at all, as if his wrist was tightly clamped by iron pliers!

When Qin Mo let go, Cheng Wei could no longer hold the plate. His hands were shaking like a sieve, but he didn't see any red marks on his skin. He was obviously frightened.

Qin Mo steadily caught the fallen dinner plate and placed it on the table. He glanced, then walked back and hugged his child's mother's waist, "It's really not very good. He is not as good as you."

Cheng Wei: "!"

"My radish was sliced two times!" Cheng Wei was so tight that he finally stopped selling the radishes. When someone found the shining light, "The second time I sliced it, I cut it out with my eyes closed! This is my original secret technique! Twice cutting, cut first with open eyes and then closed eyes, no one can tell the difference. Only I can do it!"

As soon as Cheng Wei said this, there really was a tumult in the restaurant.

"What?! Closing your eyes?"

"That dish of radish slices, without any difference, can still be done like this?"

"In just one year, Cheng Wei has improved so much!"

"This is a record, right? This is not something ordinary humans can do!"

"Cutting ingredients without seeing, is he crazy?"

Cheng Wei finally raised his head arrogantly amidst the eager voices of the crowd. With his left hand covering his right hand, which had been trembling until now, he looked at Liu Weiwei triumphantly and mockingly, "Female chef, what about your work? You said ‘That’s it?’ to my products, so what about your masterpiece?"

At this point, no one thought that Liu Weiwei could win anymore. Everyone was waiting for Cheng Wei to slap her in the face, waiting to see her embarrassing defeat, but Liu Weiwei disappointed everyone. She walked back to her position with a smile, and brought the basin with white radish soaked in it.

Cheng Wei only glanced at it, and then sneered, "You have the foresight, knowing that you will definitely lose so you didn't do it? That's good, I don't want to waste one of my high-quality radishes."

Liu Weiwei smiled, looked through her space for a while, and finally found a magnifying glass in the corner. She handed it to the first judge very calmly, "Please."

The first judge was a senior male chef just like Cheng Wei. The moment he saw the magnifying glass, he thought of the carving of ingredients techniques that they thought might not exist anymore. The magnifying glass he received was as heavy as the entire mountain in an instant, making his hand paused a bit in the air.

The reaction of others at the scene was the same as his. Under what circumstances would a magnifying glass be used to judge knife skills? The answer was almost immediately available!

The first judge finally looked through the magnifying glass and looked down into the water basin. As a result, he took a deep breath, almost the whole person was shaking with excitement.

"Sea... sea..."


"What sea!"

"Old Bi, what did you see!"

"The sea!"

Bi Shuchang was trembling, almost unable to speak, but at the end of everyone's urgent urging, he shook out, "Sea... A mirage! This is a mirage!"

"What? Impossible, right? A mirage?"

"Old Bi, really? Show me."

"I have a magnifying glass myself, let me see myself!"

"Old Bi, get out of the way. You have finished watching, it's my turn next!"

The words that Bi Shuchang exploded made the audience in chaos. Everyone frantically crowded towards Liu Weiwei's basin, and Cheng Wei, who was surrounded by the crowd, immediately became unattended.

Bi Shuchang was pushed by many people, but he remained motionless and refused to give up his seat at all. "Art...This is what the previous president said... An art created during the best time in the cooking world..." His hand holding the magnifying glass was steady, but his voice was shaking. Before his eyes at the moment, there was a magnificent sea.

On the sea surface, it looked like mist, but it reflected an almost suffocating scene. The high-rise buildings similarly distorted in the water waves, carefully looking through the magnifying glass, people could see clearly even the glass windows on the surface. The waves swaying in the basin suddenly became undulating waves. The white skin of the fresh radish was like a white curtain, but it seemed to be a sacred building surrounded by mysterious mist...


"This is simply a miracle!"

Bi Shuchang tightly held the edge of the water basin and looked at Liu Weiwei with crazy eyes, "Which master are you? How long have you practiced this craft? You should not be older than forty..."

The expression in Liu Weiwei's eyes suddenly became very resentful. Forty? She just redeemed beauty value yesterday to make her skin beautiful. The effect was comparable to many skin care procedures, which gave the same result as if she had just did microdermabrasion. She was obviously a beautiful girl of only eighteen!

"No, you are not even thirty years old!" Bi Shuchang quickly saw her hands clearly. A chef's hands were not deceiving. Practice with a knife day and night, the gradually enlarged joints couldn't be repaired by the best hand cream or skin repairing scientific instrument!

Liu Weiwei's hands were really white and slender, even comparable to his daughter who had just entered high school. This was not a pair of hands that had been worked for a long time at all.

"How old are you? When did you start practicing sword skills?!" Bi Shuchang took the magnifying glass and rushed towards Liu Weiwei frantically. He was about to grab her by the shoulder, but was stopped by the guardian madman.

Qin Mo was wearing sunglasses and inserted himself between Bi Shuchang and Liu Weiwei unceremoniously. "Do you have something to say?" Being so close to his wife, even an old man couldn't do it!

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