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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 189

ICRAB – Chapter 189

Jiang Zhen wanted to go into the kitchen for an interview, but she failed in the end. It wasn't that the chef or the owner rejected her, but she voluntarily gave up the idea after looking around the restaurant for a bit. She couldn't move because she was too full, but her heart was bubbling, and it was as warm and soft as the snake soup she had just eaten. What kind of person would open a shop here? This area might be affected by war at any time, and there might even be beast attacks at any time. What kind of person was willing to raise these old or injured combat beast pets, so that they have a place to stay?

When Jiang Zhen saw a baby stroller being pushed into the restaurant by a young mother, she was a little surprised to find the arrogant wolf walked over gracefully, stretched out its paws and helped push the stroller, successfully made the wheel that was stuck in a groove of the door move.

Jiang Zhen's heart was warm. She felt that she didn’t need an interview anymore. Many languages couldn’t replace what she had seen with her own eyes. "Brother Orange, are you done photographing the shop? Let's go."

"Don't interview the boss?"

"No need, everyone is busy."

A steady stream of customers, busy waiters, and even injured pets in the shop that take care of children, the elderly, and the weak all had their own tasks. Not to mention the chefs who were cooking in the back kitchen and the owner who was constantly perfecting the little shop.

"I want to go back to the hotel, write the report, and send it to the editor-in-chief for review. I think if I work hard, I can make the headlines today."

The photographer brother was a little surprised, but when he heard the word headline, he immediately stood up, "Then we have to hurry up. The manuscript submission deadline is at 1 pm." As he said this, he threw all his equipment into his space, "I'll drive, you can hurry up and start writing in the car."

Jiang Zhen nodded frantically when she heard this, "Okay, thank you Brother Orange! I'll finish the script as soon as possible." She took her personal barcode net, swiped it against the table, and successfully deducted money from her online banking.

Before Jiang Zhen walked out, she did not forget to rush over and pat the wolf's head again. She successfully aroused its resistance. It let out a low and thick whine of indignation.

But Jiang Zhen jumped out of the restaurant door with a smile, turned her head, and shook her hand at it, "Goodbye, mother wolf."

This full of vitality, vivid, and lively human-wolf interaction was directly captured by the photographer with his light brain low pixel camera.

Back in the commuter car, Jiang Zhen adjusted her smart brain screen, pulled out her dedicated keyboard and voice microphone, and quickly started coding. It was as if she had been brewing the article for a long time, words kept pouring out of her brain, without any trace of lag. "Brother Orange, send me today's photos after you've sorted them out~ I'm thinking like a spring today, I'll probably be able to write the article before we get to the hotel. It just so happens that I can typeset all the photos, and I'll send them for you to take a look later~"

The photographer's brother nodded. Although he was driving the car, he transferred all the photographic photos and videos and passed them all to Jiang Zhen with one hand.

In the end, both were surprised that the last photo when saying goodbye to the wolf beast at the door turned out to be the most conspicuous and saturated one. It was not shot with professional equipment, it was obviously not in high definition, the color was not bright, and because it was in a hurry, there was no lighting. But for some reason, it was more eye-catching than other photos, which made people feel the atmosphere when the photo was taken at a glance.

"The smile on your face is very real," Brother Ornage said with emotion. "There are some slight tears in your eyes, contrasting with the arrogance of the wolf beast and the really fur on its body..."

Jiang Zhen was stunned for a moment and glanced at the photo, and it really was like this. She sat for a while, then raised her head firmly, "Brother Orange, before we go back, let's eat at the Beast Restaurant again."


Jiang Zhen's press release was completed quickly. In the past, she had to revise the first draft and even delete some unsatisfactory words, but this time it went smoothly. When she read the finished draft, she didn't find anything that could be changed at all. She immediately sent the manuscript to the headquarters.

That night, Interstellar Alliance's largest TV Station, CCTV, broadcast a headline.

<The most dangerous but warmest restaurant in the world>

The short five-point video couldn't introduce all the contents of the restaurant, but whether it was the beast pets that were full of personality and great achievements, or a series of delicious food at a low price, these things were enough to directly imprint on people’s heart.

At the same time, CCTV's most popular portal news website also released a top-level article on its website’s front page titled <Eating with Beasts, an unprecedented attempt>. It had been clicked more than one million times.

It was no secret that the army cultivated beasts for combat training, and even resisted attacks together with beasts in this beast wave. It had been publicly reported many times. However, there had always been voices of disapproval on the Internet. Since Little Qin Bei's live broadcast of the winged bird battle, these voices was temporarily suppressed, but there were still some false, spliced pictures, and exaggerated rebuttal voices still.

However, after this CCTV news article, the opponent voices were really slapped in the face.

——Hehe, please come out and shout again! CCTV and news websites have gone to interview the field. What else do you have to say?

——Such a cheap dish, do you want to say it's a scam again? I'm sorry, I'm going to eat it tonight! You black hearted guys are only fit to drink nutritional supplements all your life.

——Who else is against it? Did you see the address on the report? Go to the scene, keep your eyes open, and come back and talk to me! Otherwise, I will drown you next time.

——The picture is PS, the live broadcast is splicing, is the restaurant is a scam? I've even thought out the lines for you, idiots!

——Looking at these photos, I feel like crying and I'm not in the mood to quarrel. Whoever talks more, I'll kill him!

——Hehe, when you have saved more than 20 people and caught more than a dozen criminals, you can come beep here again!

——No broken legs, no broken arms, those of you who are trash at home, don't scold my Xiao Jin, or I will beat you to death through the intellectual screen!

The voices of those who respected the combat beast pets on the Internet instantly became louder. Not only that, the ferment of the situation soon exceeded the imagination of the restaurant owner, Liu Weiwei.

Liu Weiwei originally just wanted to take this opportunity to let the people accept these retired beast pets, and by the way, give them a sheltered harbor, so that they could continue to live carefree with their human partners. But she didn't expect that even the worst-tempered and fiercest looking tiger beast in the restaurant would soon have a fan base of more than 10,000 people.

On the Interstellar Alliance Weibo and Forums, there were all kind brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, even parents and grandparents of the violent kangaroo to the principled Xiao Jin the bird. From cute alpacas to Tsundere wolf beast,... all had huge fan bases.

Liu Weiwei originally just wanted to open a restaurant, but she didn't expect to become the manager of these beast pet celebrities in the end. Of course she didn't have time to do this, but Xiao Bei the bun happily set up an official beast pet social account, and posted photos of these pets interacting with guests in the restaurant every day.

#Tiger: You can't touch my butt but I will forgive you if you give me dried fish! #Holding a little dried fish and looking back with a smile.jpg

#Bear Cub: I love to drink milk~ milk, milk, milk~ #bathing in milk.jpg

#Wolf Beast: Only accept the teasing of little babies~ #Touch babies’ fists with a claw.jpg

#Alpaca: I don’t ear ordinary grass… #Gnawing fried vegetables.jpg

Almost every newly released photo had been reposted and commented by many people, and some people even kept rewarding.

——Bear Cub, Mama loves you~ Although I can't come to you to hug you and feed you milk, but Mama will always support you and give you 10,000 pocket money, drink anything you want!

——My baby alpaca, doesn't it seem like your facial paralysis is getting worse? Auntie will come to see you in a few days~ I'll buy you as many vegetables as I want~

——My tiger is so proud and its little ears that are so high in the sky! A box of fresh dried fish has been mailed, let the chefs cook it for you~"

——My Xiao Jin is really smart. Sister bought you a multi-layered bird's nest so you can hide a lot of spiced beans in there!

——Bear Boy's toy, Little White Bear, will be delivered in 23 hours!

Liu Weiwei's task progress was like sitting on a rocket. Most of it was completed quickly.

[When 10,000 interstellar people enjoy delicious food, they are addicted to brushing and sucking the beasts’ fur and can't extricate themselves (5749/10000); set up a beast pet restaurant, and received one million online likes (684885/1000000)]

When Liu Weiwei lamented that the Internet was indeed the most powerful whenever and wherever, a steady stream of fans rushed to the restaurant from all corners of the planet. The shop was upgraded to a fully renovated restaurant and finally had to increase the number of seats in the open air to meet the guests who came to eat every day.

And the six beast pets were quickly fed and fattened, so Liu Weiwei had to urgently apply for another batch of beast pets from the base to participate in the adoption activities to share the pressure of other pets.

In the real-time evaluation of the Interstellar Alliance food circle, the battlefield restaurant had soared all the way from an unknown into the fourth place, second only to the three old restaurants with a century of prestige.

Zhang Xiaomo, who had just stepped into the restaurant, was almost stunned when he saw the menu.

"Huangqiao Sesame Cake... Is this Elder Cai's signature?"

"Cold pot beancurd fish... This, is this the famous dish of Elder Gao?"

"Black bean, grilled fish with black bean sauce... Happy, happy restaurant’s special!?"

Zhang Xiaomo opened her mouth wide. Her hands that wanted to stroke the tiger beast’s fur stopped in the air. She blushed instantly and lowered her head, pulling up her collar in an attempt to cover half of her face.

"Little Mo, what's wrong with you?"

Zhang Xiaomo smiled bitterly and shook her head again and again. But sitting across from her, the exquisite and beautiful cousin was so excited that she took the menu.

"It is said on the Internet that there are dishes that these little guys like, so we must order them today. We will order some casually, just eat and eat~”

Zhang Xiaomo was stunned for a moment, and then nodded slowly. Her proud cousin, who used to be domineering, now had such thoughtfulness. After all, she had misunderstood a chef profession before. The business of cooking was much greater than she imagined and was enough to change a person...

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