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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 185

ICRAB – Chapter 185

Jian Zhe parked the car and pulled the little bun down. He originally wanted to let Dingding stay in the car, after all, its disability brought it a lot of inferiority, so it might not want to go to public places. However, to his surprise, Dingding climbed out of the car firmly, and even used the wheels to quickly walk in front of them, stopeed at the door of the restaurant early, and waited for the slow Jian Zhe.

Little Qin Bei's legs were short, but he was a big man and had always refused the idea of Jian Zhe wanting to carry him. When the two of them finally reached the door of the restaurant, they also saw the menu at the door.

[Breakfast menu: Chongqing noodles, mutton noodles in clear soup, vegetable wontons, shrimp wontons, and various steamed buns and cakes.]

Chongqing Noodles

Mutton Noodles in Clear Soup

Jian Zhe had seen the names of the dishes above in high-end food shows and even in Xiao Bai's several live broadcasts, but he had never eaten them. Hiss... his stomach became even hungrier in an instant.

Dingding walked into the store spontaneously before Jian Zhe recovered. He was nervous and immediately followed. Anyone who kept pets knew that pet owner didn’t exist at all, there was only servants, babysitters, and shit shovelers.

"Dingding, don't run around." Jian Zhe lowered his voice and called softly. Originally, he was afraid that it would disturb the dining of the guests in the restaurant. After all, a goat suddenly ran into the place where people were eating, it was very scary to just think about it.

But as soon as Jian Zhe stepped in, he saw a huge kangaroo sitting on the seat, turning its head and smiling at him. The corners of its mouth were wide open, revealing white and neat teeth inside, which was a very human smile.

If he didn’t know the details of it, maybe Jian Zhe would really believe that the beast was a kind and good boy. But……

"This, this is Da Huang?" Jian Zhe recognized it at a glance. He sutured and bandaged its tail the day before yesterday, which probably hurt it that it sprayed a lot of saliva. It was not until the wound at the tail was treated that the big kangaroo generously reached out and shook hands with him. Its smile at that time looked as harmless to humans and animals as it was now.

However, according to the female veterinarian, this big guy had the third worst temper in the entire beast pet team. Often because of injuries here and there, they came to get treatment with the two other ancestors. Because of this brutal story, Jian Zhe had a particularly deep memory.

"Yeah, isn't this Da Huang too sensible and smart? It's smiling at the new guest and the smile is so gentle and kind~"

"Yeah, even though he has wounds, he still tries so hard to make us happy, what a great beast~"

"No, I can't take it anymore. I want to buy a xiao long bao for Da Huang to eat. The waiter said just now that this is his favorite!"

"Okay, let's go together. I'll pay a share too."

"Well, one person feeds half."

Smart and sensible... gentle...

Knowing the cruel story of this kangaroo from others, Jian Zhe felt his legs twitching and he was a little unsteady. But the little girl next to him was chatting excitedly. She really quickly called the waiter and ordered 500 credits worth of xiao long bao.

"Five hundred!?" Jian Zhe's eyes widened, "So cheap?" He had seen Xiao Bai’s mukbang, so he went to the restaurant to search. Ordinary restaurants usually sell Xiao Long Bao for 5,000 credits a cage while a five-star restaurant even sold them for tens of thousands. 

Only 500 credits here?

Jian Zhe trousers were quickly pulled. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw Xiao Bei proudly puff out his small chest towards him.

"Uncle, I told you that this restaurant is opened to save the world~ My father is a hero, my mother is also a hero, and I will also be a little hero in the future~ Come with me, uncle."

The little bun was very skilled. He found a clean and empty table without any fear, waved hello to the big yellow kangaroo sitting opposite, and then called Jian Zhe to sit down. He almost knelt on the chair and stretched his arms with difficulty to reach the menu that was standing by the table. "Uncle, do you remember the lines?"

Jian Zhe nodded silently, but was quickly attracted by the antique recipe in front of him. He was just an ordinary salaryman. Buying Liu's snacks was already a great luxury, so he had never entered a restaurant. 

Now that electronic technology was fully promoted, paper had rarely appeared. Although the menu in front of Jian Zhe felt like it wasn't made of paper, the booklet that could be flipped through in his hand was still full of freshness to him. Not to mention, the whole restaurant had a charming fragrance that could be smelled from the moment he walked in.

The menu was very thick, and it was also divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner set menus, and even afternoon tea menu.

When Jian Zhe turned over the first page, there was a feeling like he was a mouse that fell into the rice jar. His heart couldn't contain the excitement and happiness.

"There is a stir-fry here?! Xiao Bei, do you know stir-fry? Usually only high-end restaurants sell it, and the price is above 10,000, and some even cost hundreds of thousands. My God, is this menu put wrong price list? King oyster mushroom, I remember other selling it for 25,000, but it's only 600 here!?"

"Is there a zero missing on the prices? Pepper chicken is only 1000? Wait, there are cheaper ones! Saliva chicken is only 500, is it so cheap because it has been spat on?!" (TN: 口水鸡 /kǒu shuǐ jī = steamed chicken with chili sauce, but literal word per word translation is saliva chicken.)

"Fried small yellow croaker costs 600 for such a large plate? Steamed mandarin fish, 1500? Xiao Bei, the price of this recipe will not be in thousand, right? Or is it in ten thousand?!"

Little Qin Bei supported his head with one hand and touched Dingding the goat with the other. The eagle in the distance saw him, fly over, and perched on Diingding’s horn to brush its feathers.

"Uncle, we are broadcasting live."

When Jian Zhe looked up, he saw Xiao Bei Baozi's mouth shape, and instantly thundered. Broadcast live? D*mn, he hadn't looked in the mirror to check if his hairstyle is messy, but the live broadcast already started?!

Jian Zhe stared back, and soon saw the camera suspended high on their table.

"Beibei," Jian Zhe didn't want to reveal the kid's full name in front of everyone, but now he really wanted to spank him, "Isn't this bad? If you want to live stream, you have to tell the owner first, so let's turn it off first. "

The point was, when he finished feeling shocked he should clean up so that he could take a picture of his handsome eating expression!

Soon the sign standing beside the table was moved over.

[We welcome live broadcast, but please don't disturb other people's meals, thank you.]

Jian Zhe: !!!

"Uncle, let's order some food~" Xiao Bei was obviously not afraid. "In the morning, my mother said that I needed to eat a little lighter but it still should be rich in nutrition. I will choose set A, sweet soy milk + multigrain pancakes + poached eggs + vegetables salad in the kids menu.”

"Okay, then I-I want an eight-color xiao long bao + duck blood vermicelli set."

Jian Zhe was very curious, the big yellow kangaroo liked xiao long bao the most? As a veterinarian, all his intellectual curiosity was piqued. He couldn't grab Dingding's food, but he could always spend money to eat xiao long bao on the menu here. He just wanted to know if the food and snacks of the beast were really inspired by human food? Was the taste even the same?

Soon the waiter placed the order for the two.

While waiting for the food to be served, Jian Zhe also looked around because he was bored. Soon he saw that there were some familiar wounded combat beast pets, who were lying on the ground or on tables and stools like cats at this moment for the guests to touch.

Of course, there were also some particularly arrogant ones, such as the wolf beast, who was not soft at all. The girls only dared to touch its fur with the help of the waiter in the restaurant. The wolf saw that the guest had bought some ham meats for it, so it still let itself be touched. If there was a guest who hadn't bought it anything to eat, but still wanted to give touching a shot, they would immediately be scorned by the wolf beast. It wouldn't attack, but it would jump to the cabinet instantly, so that the guest couldn't touch it at all.

And the tiger beast, which looked similar to a big cat, was nicknamed Maomao, and now it really meowed like a harmless kitten. As long as someone was willing to buy fried yellow croaker and feed it a small piece, it would lie down on their dining table without thinking and show them the skills of rolling and biting its tail.

Jian Zhe turned his head and looked at the eagle that had been perched on Dingding, "Should we buy a snack for Xiao Jin too?"

Xiao Bei raised his head, reached out his hand calmly and grabbed the bird's wings. He held the Level 3 Beast in his hand with ease. He lowered his head and opened its wings, touched the bird's belly, and shook his head at Jian Zhe, "Bulky, it is full."

Jian Zhe snorted. As a veterinarian, he didn't even notice that. Of course, he didn't have the guts to hold the ominous bird in his bare hand. 

But the little girls next to them saw Xiao Bei’s cool behavior, and they all exclaimed and looked at him in admiration. "You are so amazing, this bird has not been touched by anyone until now. It was just squatting proudly and refused to fly down. We bought it a small snack of spiced beans, but it didn't eat even one."

Xiao Bei nodded, "Xiao Jin is very smart. He only eats a certain amount of food each time. Before you, someone has already fed him. After he is full, he will stop eating."

"Ah... just like a human being."

"Where are the snacks you bought?"

"Here!" One of the girls immediately raised a small plate of spiced beans on the table.

Xiao Bei immediately pulled out a small cloth bag from his space and handed it to her, "You can put it in and give it to Xiao Jin. It likes to build a nest to hide food, but the food should be wrapped cleanly, it will get dirty if it is just scattered."

Jian Zhe was dumbfounded, he had never heard of such a particular bird. Bulk beef jerky, as long as it was cheap, he would also buy it!

But the next moment the girl just put the cloth bag in, the eagle seemed to understand what the humans said just now and knew that this was the food reserved for it. It flew out of Xiao Bei's hands like a bullet.

After three rounds of tweeting around the ceiling, it finally landed on the girl's desk. It lowered its head and gently rubbed the girl's hand holding the cloth bag. The girl exclaimed excitedly, and it also chirped softly. As soon as its wings were lifted, it quickly moved the cloth bag under its buttocks and squatted on it. It didn't even fly. It looked like a landowner who had enough food and everything. It looked at the cloth bag with contentment and let out a soft cry with satisfaction.

The girls who thought it was a waste of money buying the snacks, immediately moved their hands happily, stroking Xiao Jin’s silky and beautiful feathers from top to bottom, and the originally fierce bird didn't resist at all.

Jian Zhe: I probably went to a fake veterinary school... and went to a fake university!

"Beibei, I also want to stroke bird feathers~" Jian Zhe cried and looked at Xiao Bei who was madly sucking sweet soy milk.

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