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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 174 Part 3 of 3

ICRAB – Chapter 174 (3)

Liu Weiwei was still watching the friendly interaction between Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei in the pet park. She didn't know that she had been sentenced to death with a suspended death sentence. She was still visiting Xiao Bai. As soon as the little guy saw her, she rushed over and hugged her thigh. Her little pitiful look seemed to have been abused.

Xiao Hei had a calm face and came over to huddle with Xiao Bai. After a while, the two dumplings rolled together, with their paws and legs entangled, and they looked very loving.

"Unexpectedly, Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei are so close now." Liu Weiwei was relieved instantly. She looked at Qin Mo with eyes full of praise, "You are indeed smarter and can understand their habits better. If I knew that this would promote their feelings, I should have let them stay together a long time ago." She bent over and patted the two little guys’ heads, "This is how the family should love each other. It's good, keep it up~"

Before, Xiao Hei didn't play much with other people, and his personality was too quiet. Now he would take the initiative to pester Xiao Bai to play. In Liu Weiwei's view, this was a great improvement for the Krypton Beast. She needed to praise if he made progress.

Liu Weiwei didn't see Xiao Bai who about to roll her eyes from being pressed by the Krypton Beast at all. Xiao Hei was in a good mood, he patted her head, and actively pressed her to roll around on the carpet.

When Liu Weiwei saw this, she was completely relieved. She originally thought that high-level beasts like Krypton Beast would be bored due to unable to find friends in the pet park. Now it seemed that she thought too much. He played well with Xiao Bai, and it was estimated that he could also play with the other bunnies peacefully. A former full level Beast had already been humbled to this point.

Liu Weiwei was so moved that she didn't notice that Xiao Bai was about to be overwhelmed.

At this moment, in the outside of communication hall, the people gathered in the judges' bench were conducting tastings and scoring hurriedly. When they walked to an incubator, the staff opened the door of the box and took out the dishes inside, leaving everyone stunned.

"This... this is an ancient recipe, the Four Happiness Dumplings in the Manchu-Han Feast?!"

"Is this the work of the master's disciple? The shape, color, and fragrance are all first-class. It could get ninety points even when I haven't tasted it."

"Wait, what's next to the dumplings? This pastry is as elegant and holy as an ink painting, a blooming flower?"

"Hibiscus flower?! Is this a real pastry?"

"My God! Is this Master Cai's incubator? Only he can make such a fine product, right?"

"If this is auctioned, I am afraid that some people will fight their heads and pay a high price to buy this snack, right?"

"Even if you don't eat it, you can just watch it and it's still pleasing to the eye. What an elegant work this is!"

"The quality is too high, far surpassing other players. It's not a contestant at all."

"Master Cai is going to abuse people again this year!"

Everyone was talking about the two dishes. But when the last dish was taken out, everyone was strangling their throats, and they couldn't even make a sound. On the carpet in the hotel lobby, even if someone threw pots and pans on the ground at this moment, these judges might not be able to hear it.

They were just like being paused when in action. Their eyes can't look away from the dinner plate that just appeared on the table. Especially when the staff also saw the appearance of the dish clearly and his hands shook uncontrollably. The judges were sweaty, fearing that he might drop the plate.

They didn’t know who started exclaiming from the body, "This... this... this..." He didn't understand his words, didn't know what he was talking about, but awakened others from the shock.

"This is something from snack theme?"

"I can't believe it, does it use flour?"

"When I came to the exchange meeting every year, I feel that I don't have enough knowledge, but in front of this dish, even if my three or four years experience were added together, I would still be astonished by this dish! Can this be eaten?"

"If this snack can be eaten, it's... it would be like going to heaven!"

"Oh my God, Master Cai will be the next president, it's hard to believe."

"A snack can be made like this... It's almost, almost like glass art! I..."

The judges needed to taste it. They were not able to give scores just by looking at the dish.


"As long as it's not so unpalatable that we couldn’t swallow, I will give this dish full mark!"

"As long as there is no poison, this is the number one in my heart."

"Unless you can choose a second dish that is more beautiful than this one, don't tell me that it is not the highest score this year!"

"We should allow reporters to take photos and write reports."

The staff was also in a daze. He should have brought clean tableware and water to rinse the judges’ mouth long ago. But he was obviously also appreciating the dish. The exquisite appearance was impeccable from any angle, so perfect that people couldn't believe their eyes.

Everyone's first reaction when they saw it was a big question mark hovering in their minds. It's like cutting a small piece of the blue starry sky to be served as food. How did the chef make it? Even after exhausting their brain cells, they still couldn't imagine the process of making it.

It was not until the next chef came to deliver the dishes that the staff returned to their senses and put the tableware into the hands of the judges. The judges present were all well-known figures in the food circle. It could be said that these few people had more say in the matter of enjoying food.

However, today their imagination was obviously broken by this work. When they used a small fork to gently cut a small piece of starry sky into their own clean dinner plate, an idea of wanting to take it home to collect unexpectedly emerged. They were not willing to eat at all. The vast sky with layers of blue, from light to deep, with dense nebulae, was a beautiful sight visible to the naked eye. It was like a high mountain without light pollution. After night fell, they quietly watched the red glow receding, the starry sky suddenly appeared, and the sky was still dark and there was still a corner of the blue superb view. At this moment, the air seemed to have become fresher.

When they put the starry sky in their mouths, even a strong thought flashed crazily. This was not the starry sky, but the sea. It was an endless coastline under the sun and the full blue waves where starfish were dancing and fish and shrimps were floating lively. Under the sea, there was fine sand, soil, and then the hard and dense center of the planet...

The dish took them to the starry sky for a while, and then brought them to the underwater world! This was simply an enjoyable meal that couldn’t be described in words.

"I can eat such food, even if I die tonight, I am satisfied."

"The entrance is sweet, creamy, and a little soft. It's obviously a cold dish, but it could give such a warm taste. It gives me the satisfaction of eating the sky and the waves."

"This kind of delicacies makes the hunger and thirst disappears completely."

"I heard the voice of my soul, I want to go to the beach to surf and enjoy life..."

The judges held their forks one by one, showing drunken expressions. From the eyes of the people next to them, this was simply inexplicable. People even suspected that they have been poisoned collectively.

However, when the judges wanted to score by scanning the barcode next to the dinner plate, the information that jumped out shocked them again.

"Master Cai must be the first place, it's proper. I will write... Eh? Chef Liu!?"

"Old Xu, what are you talking about? Chef Liu didn't come this year."

"That's right... Ah, why isn't this person named Cai Mingkun!"

"Liu Cheng didn't come this year. Liu Enwen didn't get the exchange quota this year, right?"

"The name is Chef Liu? It's funny!"

Liu Weiwei was invited by the Chef Association and approved by the military. In her name column, the logistics department filled only Chef Liu in order to protect the privacy of cooking soldiers. Although the staff of the Chef Association found it strange, they did not dare to embarrass the military so they did not ask for changes. So, even Qian Jun didn't know that she was Liu Weiwei. Otherwise, it was estimated that no matter how bold he was, he would not dare to come over and do unspoken rules.

Others didn’t even know who Liu Weiwei was. She had never shown her face in any public places and always wore a mask when cooking.

This strange name made the judges scratch their heads and couldn't figure out which master it was. As they continued grading, the real chef Cai Mingkun’s work was brought in. When the judges saw the vivid Longevity Peach Bun, the brightly colored Green Crab Siu May, and the mung bean cake with rose pattern on the surface, they couldn't help sigh.

The recognized chief of snack dishes, lost...

The judges hadn’t even tasted the taste yet, but just in terms of appearance, the beauty and rich imagination that the dish brought to people, the degree of arousal of appetite, they lost cleanly. Even if it was delicious enough to make them go to the sky, it was no better than the soul shock made by seeing a piece of sky in a dinner plate before.

This level of quality at the beginning had doomed everyone to the end of this competition. Winning or losing was too obvious.

"The title chief of snack dishes will be changed..."

"Hey, the master was too godly. This made people nowhere to escape. Master Cai will have a mortal ending this year."

"Next year... Chef Liu might just have incredible strength this year, but if next time were physically weak, maybe Master Cai will be able to win again next year."

The judges sighed. They were too irritated, they were too involved, they didn't notice a guy standing next to them with a shrunken head. After listening for a while, his complexion changed a lot, and he left in a hurry.

This sneaky guy soon arrived at a clean and tidy marble counter. "Teacher."

"Why? It's the turn to evaluate my work? What did the judges say? Today's three desserts have meaning on the outside and the universe on the inside. Last year they said that there is no room for improvement in my dish. They didn’t know that our snack recipes have no end at all."

The person who was asking the student was Cai Mingkun who was very confident in himself. What he did this year was obviously a proud work. There was a kind of itchiness called skill itch. He couldn’t wait to show it to others, couldn’t wait to get compliments. So as soon he was finished, he asked his student to observe the judges' bench where he could tell the compliments from everyone's expressions and words.

"Teacher, they haven't tasted it yet, they... they have reached a conclusion." The student didn’t dare to look at his teacher's face now.

Cai Mingkun wasn’t shocked when he heard it, but instead he laughed, "They didn't taste it and came to the conclusion? Are they all shocked by my work? That is also great. I made a very lifelike Longevity Peach Bun, it is so similar that it looks flawless. They were stunned by this work, right?"

"They are so good," Cai Mingkun couldn't hide his pride, "you didn’t wait for them to eat and come back because you have so much confidence in the teacher?"

The students' head was getting lower and lower, "Teacher, no, they, they said... you lost.

Cai Mingkun was humming in a small tone, "Lost? Of course, this is me— wait what!?" The rolling pin in his hand fell to the ground with a bang.

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