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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 176 Part 2 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 176 (2)

Cai Mingkun was so shocked that he didn't know what to say. "Teacher... What kind of cuisine are you majoring in?" This was not a recipe that snack chefs would learn at all!

Liu Weiwei didn't stop her movements, "Huh? I don't have a major. I don't care so much, just learn as many recipes as I can."

Cai Mingkun: "...!"

"Teacher, I heard that the skill needed to make Buddha Jumps over the Wall covers almost all the characteristics of Chinese cuisine. To put various ingredients such as seafood, chicken, duck, pig and deer into one dish requires the use of various cooking techniques. It is not as simple as stewing all in a pot, right?"

Liu Weiwei nodded. The recipe was unlocked after she conquered 10% of all the cuisines. This was not a task reward. It cost her 100,000 credits to redeem it.

"Do you want to learn?" Liu Weiwei raised her eyebrows, "This dish requires various techniques of frying, steaming, and deep-frying, and you have to be very familiar with the nearly 20 kinds of ingredients that will be used before you can learn it." If it weren't for the fact that there were enough recipes of various types that were already unlocked up to the level of five stars, this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall would still be gray and couldn’t be redeemed.

"Each ingredient will be handled differently. Shark fins, fish lips, abalone, sea cucumbers, ducks, sheep elbows, pig trotters, pork belly pieces, mushrooms, and winter bamboo shoots... each needs to be specially processed. After being processes, they would be put into the pot layer by layer, then boiled broth and Shaoxing wine will be poured in. After the ingredients, soup, and wine fully blend, then it will be time to seal the pot with lotus leaves and bring it to a boil, then let it simmer slowly."

Liu Weiwei was also very tired when she said, "This is also the most complicated recipe I have learned. If it wasn't for the competition, I wouldn't make it casually."

Cai Mingkun nodded again and again. No one would casually cook such a complicated dish. It could be said that finishing this dish was equivalent to spending the chef's efforts to cook nearly 20 high-quality ingredients, which was extremely troublesome. He wanted to learn, but he was a snack chef. He immediately thought of Dou Kou, and then he shook his head. If the other party knew that he would be facing such an ultimate dish, would he still have the confidence to win?

Cai Mingkun looked at Liu Weiwei with admiration. She was young enough to be his granddaughter, but her cooking ability was enough to be his teacher!

Liu Weiwei's movements were fast. In fact, this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall still gave her a lot of pressure. However, she had read the history of her opponent very well, so she did not dare to take this competition lightly. As she spoke, she also accelerated the processing of the ingredients in her hands.

Shark fins were peeled and arranged on a bamboo grate. Put in a pot of boiling water, add onion, ginger, and Shaoxing wine to remove the fishy smell, then take out the shark fins and place the pork belly meat in. Add Shaoxing wine and steam it on a rack with high heat. Put cut fish lips into boiling water, put the abalone into the steamer on high heat and then add bone broth.

Pigeon eggs were boiled and shelled; chickens and ducks were chopped trimmed; pig trotters were plucked and washed; sheep elbows were scraped and washed. All of them then were cut into pieces. Duck gizzards were put in boiling water to let out the blood...

Cai Mingkun finally understood why his students were dumbfounded. His young teacher's hands were too fast. She was just like an old chef who had cooked for decades. The knife was like the extension of her hand and she was resolute in her every moves. She handled many ingredients and condiments one by one smoothly. There was never a moment of pause or even confusion.

If Cai Mingkun hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe that such a young chef could cook Buddha Jumps over the Wall so efficiently, as if she had been cooking the same dishes everyday for many years. Every movement was done without thinking, it was as if they had become part of muscle memory.

Liu Weiwei’s hands were like water, gently brushed each high-grade ingredient, making them just right and charming one by one. Her knife skills, without any hesitation, cut the ingredients into strips or strands, blocks or slices. The speed was fast but still graceful, which was like a moving painting in itself.

Being able to turn the complicated and even brutal cooking process of the back kitchen into such an aesthetically pleasing experience that looked like an artistic creation, Cai Mingkun finally know that he was still inexperienced. His impulsive apprenticeship was probably the most correct thing he had done in his life! Those who laugh at him would probably envy him in the future.

Soon, Liu Weiwei went to the final step, simmering the pot full of ingredients on a low fire. She washed her hands, looked at the timing, and had nothing to do left. In the middle of processing Buddha Jumps over the Wall, she also cooked the seafood porridge.

Growing up, Liu Weiwei was the happiest when she was able to hand in her test papers and left the exam ahead of schedule. She immediately threw off her hands and ran happily to the side of Qin Mo, "It's time to play~"

"It's done?" Qin Mo raised his head, hugged his little wife's waist, lowered his head and sniffed the high-grade seafood smell on her body. He frowned slightly. The natural light fragrance combined with a milky fragrance of Little Meat Bun was more suitable for her.

"Yeah." Liu Weiwei looked at the time. She turned her head and said to her new apprentice. "I'll go shopping first, can I left bringing the pot to the judges' seat to you?" For the next step, as long as the pot continued to simmer, there was no need for her to monitor at all. When the competition ended after three hours and the judges spent another hour evaluating other people’s dishes first, her Buddha Jumps over the Wall would be almost done.

As a veteran of the association, Cai Mingkun deeply admired her brain hole at this moment, "Can I... ? Okay, I'll tell the staff."

"Well, tell them not to start too early. They can start to taste it at four o'clock but it will taste better at five o'clock."

Cai Mingkun gave his disciple a look and asked him to negotiate with the comittee on behalf of him. Holding the teapot himself, he once again walked to the cooking table of his old friend Dou Kou, "West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy?"

"Well, I also added an exclusive secret seasoning. I made two, do you want to have a taste first?"

"Hehehe, no need."


"Take care of yourself."

The recipes in this world were born with their own advantages and disadvantages. Just like the martial arts, different sects had their own five-star unique skills and entry-level skills. West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy, an ancient Hangzhou cuisine, was rated five stars by the Chef Association. But compared to Buddha Jumps over the Wall... how could a fish win the taste of more than 20 kinds of high-grade ingredients that were integrated but independent of each other? This was the level restraint a recipe was born with!

"Hit a stone with an egg, tsk tsk." Cai Mingkun turned around and came up with such an evaluation. He just found out that the disciple of Old Gao, who was competing with his young teacher, actually came down to cook seafood dishes in person this time. He shook his head sarcastically.

When the judges stood up and started to give points around the judging table, they first went to find Chef Liu's cooking. They were all shocked by how she also informed the best time to taste the dish in a competition.

Cai Mingkun came over, smelled the pot, then checked the time, "There's still half an hour. You guys go to score the others first."

The judges were speechless, but they were also willing to give face to the chef. There was no need to entangle for just a short time. But when they began to turn around, a sudden retort sounded.

"Since it's already on the judges’ table, it means it's done. Can you continue to let it cook? Will this be fair to others?"

Cai Mingkun looked back and frowned, "I know your teacher. This recipe couldn’t be reproduced even if your teacher is present. Waiting for another half an hour is harmless but it can let the recipe achieve its high-level ultimate taste. Issue of fairness doesn’t exist." He was very sure that Liu Weiwei's level was simply beyond the level of other seafood chefs. If it was not even at the same level, how could there be a fairness issue?

"Elder Cai, I respect your valuable opinion, but for other young chefs, today's exchange meeting is very important and may change their lives, so I hope you can follow the rules and don't use power for personal gain."

"I... use power for personal gain?! You little... your teacher doesn't even dare to say that to me!" Cai Mingkun was so angry that his beard cocked.

Qian Jun, however, took a step forward and looked around, "Anyone present that agrees to Elder Cai’s request to delay tasting for half an hour can raise their hands."

Only a few people moved, less than one tenth. Most people didn’t care about themselves and hang up high, and some people have the idea of defeating Liu Weiwei from the beginning.

Cai Mingkun snorted, "If you do too much injustice, you will kill yourself!"

Qian Jun hooked the corner of his mouth, pretending he didn't hear, and gave the judges a gesture. He could no longer care about so much at this time. Even if he offended a famous chef, the most important thing was that the female chef had already stood on the opposite side of him! He had to bring her down, even step on top of her and went to a higher place! There was still half an hour before she said her cooking would be complete. What would happen if the pot was opened ahead of time? He almost laughed at the thought.

However, Qian Jun smile soon died in his belly!

As the judges lifted the sealed lid on the pot and opened the lotus leaf tightly wrapped around the opening, a strong fragrance wafted out immediately. This kind of aroma instantly overwhelmed the finished dishes of everyone on the stage... It was like a king that ordered his servants to fall to their knees and bow their heads in submission!

Qian Jun's eyes were full of surprise, but it soon turned into a strong jealousy!

This kind of smell that permeated the audience had a tangy old wine fragrance, which was refreshing, but also had the rich fragrance of seafood. There was also a fresh taste like the best chicken and duck... Various smells penetrated each other, but they still maintained a touch of independence. Layer upon layer, it stretched endlessly!

"This, is this Buddha Jumps over the Wall?" Qian Jun was struck by lightning. And his words also shocked all the judges and chefs who heard it nearby!

"Buddha Jumps over the wall? That super five-star, billion-dollar ultimate recipe?"

"My God! Could she be... the illegitimate daughter of the president?"

"I have eaten at five-star restaurants, but I have never eaten Buddha Jumps over the Wall!"

"My drool... No way, who will give me a spoon?"

"Don't move! I'll call the president first! It seems that his long-lost daughter has been found?"

"...You guys stop talking! Let me have a taste of the dish!"

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