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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 181

ICRAB – Chapter 181

[Leader of the First Army Regiment: Beast is also one of us.]

[Soldiers who fought side by side with beasts.]

[There are also good beasts in the world who have sacrificed their lives for us.]

On the third day that the military region called on veterinarians to volunteer, many news reports came out one after another. Many of the reports included video footage of real military pets helping to fend off attacks and even got serious injuries. However, even so, there were many voices of disapproval caught in the praise.

——Beast is a beast after all, and one day it will bite back!

——How many human are willing to give their lives for others, let alone beasts? After being seriously injured, the danger of death and the smell of blood will completely stimulate the beast.

——If there is no experiment, this is making a bet with the human life of the entire planet, betting that these beasts will be loyal to the end!

——I hope the voice of the taxpayer can be heard by the army, and don't make a fool of yourself? We just want to live! How did the beast wave form? Only by eliminating all the beasts can human beings be truly safe.

These opposition parties, the words could be said to be quite sharp and fierce.

When Liu Weiwei saw these comments, she was angry and sentimental. That night she hid in the bed and shed tears.

Xiao Hei had not fully recovered. According to Dr. Li, he was now out of danger, but it would be very difficult to resume walking or even flying. It required his strong willpower, persistent rehabilitation training time and again. Surgery would also be performed to gradually repair the ligaments and muscles that had been injured.

Xiao Hei had the choice to hide far away, just like Xiao Bai, who was greedy but afraid of death, enjoying the sun and eating food. But he was willing to rush to the front line, and even blocked the craziest wave of attacks with his own body. But his sacrifice was reprimanded by humans, and some people even hoped that he would die!

Liu Weiwei really felt sorry for Xiao Hei. The last time he attacked humans, he had deserved the serious injury he received, but what about this time?

Liu Weiwei couldn't fight against the people, and she couldn't change anyone's thoughts, so she could only hold the quilt and wipe her tears secretly at night.

Qin Mo reached out and touched Liu Weiwei’s forehead, "Even the greatest president can't change the minds of ignorant people. He can only use laws to regulate. At least after this incident, the world will never be the same again. Xiao Hei will be included in the list of dangerous beasts under key control, and Teacher is already applying to establish a medical fund for him."

Liu Weiwei sighed and rolled around into Qin Mo’s warm arms, "Xiao Bai has lost weight."

"Well, I agree to this marriage, and I will never break them up again."

Liu Weiwei glared instantly, "It's useless if you want to break it up. Xiao Bai doesn't listen to you at all, let alone Xiao Hei."

"Yes, yes, my status in the family is the lowest. Wait, what about Xiao Qin Bei?"

Liu Weiwei simply convinced her man, "You are too busy. Your son is missing but you just found out."

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows.

"He likes to play with the veterinarians these past few days, saying that he wants to learn from them so that he can give Xiao Hei a rehabilitative massage in the future. I went there at 8 o'clock and saw that he fell asleep in the veterinarian's tent, so I let him be."

"Well, when he was one year old when he learned to shoot, when he was two years old he started to learn medicine from Bu Zhongxin, when he was three years old he ran away from home to study materials with Fatty Li, and when he was four years old, he changed to veterinary medicine?" Qin Mo's face was dark, "This way, I will not be surprised if he wants to be the president at the age of 20. Don't stop me. You have to let me beat him up to let him know what a peace of mind is."

Liu Weiwei hurriedly held Qin Mo’s chest, "This child is worried about Xiao Hei and has a well-intention, how could you beat him? He has been kind since he was a child, so he will not grow crooked when he grows up."

"He was too half-hearted! What have he learned so far? Besides eating snacks, he was just playing with the beasts!"

Liu Weiwei's had a headache, "He is only four years old, what does it matter?"

Qin Mo frowned, "I learned to shoot and swim at the age of four, at that time, my running is the number one among all the children in the military region. What about him?"

"...You interstellar people are really amazing."


"Okay, okay, let's let it be. Xiao Hei hasn't recovered so the little guy has been restless for the past two days. He sees that Xiao Bai and I are both sad that he can't even bear to say that he is unhappy."

Qin Mo was stunned for a moment, then quickly turned over and hugged his wife, clumsily but carefully patted her head. "Xiao Hei will be fine. I went to see him this afternoon. When I was five meters away, he already tried to spit at me. He was in good spirits and he was not disabled. He won't die. He will get better."

Liu Weiwei: … This strangely rough comfort was actually quite effective.

The worried heart that she had been hanging on to, she let go of most of it. Xiao Hei still had the strength to provoke Qin Mo, so he should be slowly recovering.

These four years had really gone by in a flash.

Liu Weiwei had been promoted to third rank cooking soldier and Qin Mo had also been promoted to the rank of Colonel because of his extensive military exploits.

After four years of research by the First Army Regiment, the beast pet team had grown to a scale of 100. After this beast wave, it was estimated that the scale would be expanded again, and it might even be extended to other army groups.

"You're right. Some people dare to talk nonsense across a screen and a internet cable. These online violence cannot be seen with any logical scrutiny and shouldn’t stop anyone from progressing. If I let these keyboard warriors come to the front, I guess they won't even have the courage to say half a word."

Their courage to speak up about the shortcomings of the army was commendable. However, most people didn’t really have the courage, they just hid behind the vests called anonymity.

"Internet cable?" Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, "You mean 7,000 years ago, the cable that is now lying in the history museum make everyone can access the Internet?"

Liu Weiwei: "...It's time to go to bed, my dear." She turned over and then honorably received a system task that had not appeared for a long time.

In the past two years, there had been fewer and fewer system tasks, but every time they appeared, they were about big things. Sure enough, when Liu Weiwei saw it, she rubbed her forehead and directly lost sleep.

[As the head of gourmet food, you are not a small person who is alone. This is the correct way of doing things that conforms to your identity.]

[Who dares to say that the beast pet of the army is not good and not brave? Wake them up with your apple pie!]

[New mission: Awaken the foolish!]

[Task requirements: The beast wave has receded, and the planet has begun to gradually rebuild. Let's open a small beast pet food store. The store is full of cute beast pets~ Let 10,000 people in the interstellar enjoy food, addicted to brushing and petting beast fur until they can't extricate themselves (0/10000); open a beast pet food store blog, receive 1 million likes online (0/1000000)]

[Task reward: Attracted netizens will become fans of your food faction; repair of the body of the krypton beast by 30%; the first army regiment's public sentiment will increase by 10%.]

Liu Weiwei really admired the system this time. A second ago, she was still troubled by her powerlessness and even felt a little self-blame. Although the task of the system now seemed difficult, it was a clear path.

As a chef, of course, she could only solve problems with food!

This was what she could do!

Jian Zhe had not been idle for the past three days. During the day, he treated the wounds of all kinds of big beasts almost non-stop in the big shed. Later, when the number of injured beasts decreased, he was responsible for physical examination of other beasts. After going back and forth, he was now familiar with many beasts, and even their nicknames like Xiao Qing and Ah Huang.

"Uncle, so many people scold Xiao Hei, they are all bad."

The chubby little boy had been sticking to him a lot these days. Jian Zhe had become a good friend with the little guy after sharing the snacks with his brothers. He always felt that the other party's chubby figure was direct results of these small snacks, so as a responsible adult he had to help him share some.

The chubby boy wanted to learn about veterinary medicine. Jian Zhe saw that the guard soldiers and the veterinarians didn't stop him, so he taught him while he was working. The two were in pairs every day.

But the little guy's question obviously made Jian Zhe not know how to answer.

"Their imagination is limited. Many adults are like this." Jian Zhe blushed a little. He also attacked the rumours about the food in the military region on the Internet before, but it turned out that he was too ignorant.

The little guy was obviously very unhappy, "Lack of imagination? Isn't there a video?"

Jian Zhe was speechless when asked, "Maybe it's because the news reporting time is relatively short, so it's not as impactful as what we see with our own eyes every day." To tell the truth, from the veterinarian's point of view, if he hadn't arrived at the scene, even he would have felt that the news was exaggerated.

But what Jian Zhe had seen with his own eyes in the past few days, not only him, but also the other veterinarians were so amazing. There was even a guy who was going to go back and use this method of training beasts on cats and dogs. He even asked Dr. Li to know how to tame these big beasts.

Jian Zhe sighed, "Xiao Bei, it's like Xiao Bai's live broadcast. We can just say that a rabbit can eat more than ten kilograms of food, and no one will believe it. But if you live broadcast it, everyone will see the whole process with their own eyes. Not only believe it, but will also think it's cute."

The little guy tilted his head and frowned for a long time before slowly raising his head, "Uncle, then... let's go to Uncle Lu tonight~ Let's make a live broadcast for everyone!"


Jian Zhe didn't expect his words to make the little chubby guy come up with such a bold idea.

The most important was……

"No, it's too dangerous! If you are like this, I'm going to tell your mother to let her take you home."

"Uncle, do you still want to eat snacks? I still have raisins, five spiced beans, and small walnut... There will be no danger. Let's bring Xiao Bai~"


Jian Zhe didn't know what would be the use of bringing Xiao Bai with them, but he went with the brat in the end. It was not because of the temptation of snacks, absolutely not, but he firmly believes that Uncle Lu would definitely be able to stop the little brat!

Jian Zhe did all the calculations, but he didn't even calculate that Uncle Lu would be more unreliable than him. On the other side of the person's shoulder was a bright captain's rank, but he had a baby face.

"Xiao Bei, if your dad knew he would kill me."

"Uncle Lu, I brought Xiao Bai."

"Xiao Bai... um... Then you brought food too?"

"Well, my mom's snack cabinet is all in my space~"

"Uh, you are still amazing." 

"Uncle Lu, I will give this to you, the milk chocolate that my mother secretly made for my father~"

"Yo, it tastes good~ Come with me!"

Jian Zhe: …

What was this captain, fake!

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