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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 186

ICRAB – Chapter 186

Jian Zhe's request almost made the audience in the live broadcast room squirt.

——Poor review, this should be food live broadcast and not pet live broadcast. The point is, I also want to touch... but I can't touch it! Heartache~

——This big brother is a bit stupid, you are here to eat~ Do you remember what you just ordered? That's the point, take it!

——Oh, if I were there, I would order one of each of the cheap recipes!

——Agree with the above, I want to order all the snacks, not to mention bird feathers, even wolf fur can be touched! Is that a real wolf? Anchor, can you move the camera a little bit?

——I can't stand you guys, am I the only one who wants to know the address of this store?

——F*ck, you are right. Let's go to dinner together as a team!

Jian Zhe didn't know yet that his appearance had successfully won the envy of a bunch of people. He was now looking at the eagle next to him, envious and jealous. He even had the cheek to tell the girl at the next table that he wanted to share a table, because he also wanted to stroke the bird’s feather.

"Uncle, aren't you hungry? Xiao Jin won't fly away. Mom said, good children need to eat well~" Having said that, Little Qin Bei also stood up and patted Jian Zhe's shoulder. "You obediently finish your meal. Xiao Bei will help you call Xiao Jin over."

Jian Zhe bit his chopsticks and suppressed his turbulent heart, "Well, eat first!" As it happened, the waiter also came with their food.

Xiao Bei ordered a set meal from the kid’s menu. 

As soon as the plate was placed on the table, Jian Zhe's eyes were attracted. "So cute." He swallowed desperately. He saw the children's set meal was made into a colorful round-eared pig head, showing a naive smile.

Little Qin Bei specially aimed the camera at his dinner plate. "Uncle, the pig's face is a poached egg, the two big ears are made of multigrain pancakes, and the two pig's eyes and nose are vegetable salad~ It’s delicious~ I can give uncle half a pig's ear!"

Jian Zhe used a lot of strength to keep himself from robbing food off of a child, but it was also mainly because his meal was served immediately after, eight-color xiao long bao. He had seen Xiao Long Bao in high-end food magazines. Thin wrapper and tender meat, a packet of soupy dumpling that he had to eat by gently tear out a small opening and then carefully suck out the soup inside. After that, dip in a little vinegar and put in the mouth.

However, what appeared in front of Jian Zhe now were eight mini xiao long bao of different colors. The white xiao long bao he had seen was just one of them. The ones surrounding the white dumplings were emerald green, orange red, black, golden yellow, rose red, light brown, and bright red.

Jian Zhe looked at the steamer in front of him and his mind went blank. The eagle next to him quacked twice, as if mocking his foolishness at the moment. 

If someone had never been to the military area, they would never know that food could shine like a work of art. The words flashed through Jian Zhe mind involuntarily. He had never realize before today why gourmet food had become the patent of the nobility and why various restaurants were so expensive. It turned out that ultimate food was really like a work of art that an outstanding artist had to work hard to complete!

Eight-color xiao long bao, Jian Zhe never thought that there would really be eight colors, and each color was so pure and so gorgeous. The emerald green ones looked like a noble and rare jade, the orange ones looked like the pink cheeks of a girl with blush on, the black ones looked like the sky when night falls, and the golden ones had no impurities like it was directly extracted from gold. The light brown looked like the fabric of the jacket he was wearing today, and the bright red looked like the blood jade stored in the museum, the color was crystal clear!

Jian Zhe finally realized something again. Poverty had limited his imagination. Before today, if someone told him that breakfast could be made into such an exquisite visual enjoyment, he would definitely not believe it, but the truth was right in front of him now. The restaurant was temporarily opened on a battlefield, but it had a high-class feeling that made him feel like he was seating in a five-star restaurant.

Obviously the xiao long bao only cost 500 credits, but Jian Zhe thought it was worth tens of thousands!

"Dear guests, the chef recommends that you start with the original Xiao Long Bao and eat them in a clockwise direction, green, orange, black, gold, pink, brown and red."

"If you taste them from light to strong, the tasting would be better. I wish you a happy meal."

The waiter also put a bowl of duck blood vermicelli soup and politely withdrew.

What the waiter said made Jian Zhe's hand trembled while holding the spoon. "Xiao Bei, this, this thing, even eating is... so particular?" He originally came along with the little kid to join in the fun, but now he felt very nervous. Even the eating order was stipulated, was the nobleman not tired?

Little Qin Bei had already eaten half of his pig's face. He raised his head and there was a little bit of ketchup beside his small mouth. "Uncle, you don’t like it? Do you want me to eat it for you?" He lowered his head and touched his stomach, "Beibei's appetite is larger than ordinary children, so the children's set meal is not enough."

Jian Zhe: "I eat it myself! Fatty Xiao Bei, you should lose weight!"

Little Qin Bei pouted and snorted, "I'm all muscles."


Jian Zhe was so stimulated that he quickly picked up the original white and tender Xiao Long Bao from the steamer. He was not proficient with chopsticks, do together with the spoon, he put down both ends together and finally managed to lift the shaking soup dumpling tremblingly. According to the food guide he saw, he first made a small hole on the somewhat transparent thin skin, and then sucked out the soup inside with a hiss. As a result, he broke the gong in a second.

" hot!" 

The tip of Jan Zhe tongue was scalded and numb. His whole mouth hurt. But soon, a delicious and slightly sweet soup passed his lips like a clear spring and flowed into his mouth. The sharp but numb tip of the tongue and the base of the tongue that was scalded, felt like an electric current rushing through instantly. They were instantly stimulated by an unprecedented taste experience.

Wonderful... Words could no longer describe how Jian Zhe felt at the moment. It was like there were many fireworks blooming gorgeously in front of him, very colorful. If it was said that life without food was the monotonous main color of black, white, and gray, then now his eyes had become a colorful world!

Jian Zhe's face was instantly cold. When he touched it, it turned out to be wet. His face turned red. He lowered his head and silently swallowed the whole Xiao Long Bao into his mouth, even forgetting to dip it in the vinegar. But even so, the initial taste of the Xiao Long Bao was extremely sweet, and the fresh meat in the soup dumpling was neither greasy nor oily. It was as if it had awakened the vitality of his whole person who hadn’t slept all night, his vitality was filled to the brim.

Jian Zhe thought that he wouldn’t be satisfied with the cheap snacks before. But after tasting beef jerky and vegetarian duck, if he were to choose the top ten outstanding people of the Interstellar Alliance now, he would definitely choose the owner of the small snack manufacturer. He would never forget how excited he was when he saw vegetarian duck snacks that cost only 500 yuan for the first time. How excited he was when he first tasted such delicious food.

Now after eating the xiao long bao that hurt his mouth but warmed his heart, Jian Zhe knew what hot food was and how good it was. He thought burger was already the pinnacle of taste, but compared to thexiao long bao, it was far worse.

"Uncle, are you crying?" Xiao Bei finished eating his last multigrain pancake, and his pig head meal had no ears anymore.

Jian Zhe blushed, "No! My eyes are itchy all of a sudden."

"Oh." Xiao Bei nodded, "My mother said the same when she cried."

"Eat your kids meal!"

Jian Zhe wiped his eyes fiercely, and launched an attack on the next Xiao Long Bao, which looked like jade. As soon as he opened his mouth, he closed his eyes.

"It turned out to be like this. After fresh meat, fresh-flavored vegetables were used as a continuation of the sweet and fresh meat flavor. With such a tasting sequence, the whole mouth is like riding a roller coaster, ups and downs."

Jian Zhe was concerned about the live broadcast before. He was paying attention to his face and planning to eat elegantly look good. But now, he had put all of that behind him.

The steamer had eight Xiao Long Bao with different colors and fillings, like a magical kaleidoscope, people never know what kind of surprise they would get next time they eat one. Jian Zhe took a deep breath and wiped the Xiao Long Bao out one by one, and his chopsticks skill became smooth. Many times he frowned in confusion, completely ignorant of the ingredients he tasted in his mouth. Fortunately, the little kid sitting across from him was like an expert in this field.

"The green one is filled with loofah, which my mother said is good for the body. The orange one is foie gras, which has a crunchy, soft, and glutinous high-grade taste; the next one is black truffle, which has the same fragrance as mushrooms. The yellow one is cheese and milk. It is fragrant and creamy, followed by crab, garlic, and spicy fillings."

"Which flavor does uncle like best? Xiao Bei still likes meat filling the most. Next is the fresh crab~"

Fresh meat, loofah, foie gras, black truffle, cheese, crab, garlic, spicy. Eight-color Xiao Long Bao, eight flavors. Jian Zhe's worldview had been expanded by a large piece. It wasn't until he secretly searched the Internet with his intellectual brain that he realized that this was an innovative Xiao Long Bao that merged Chinese and Western Cuisine. For an ignorant guy like him, this kind of Xiao Long Bao was a grand slam, giving him the satisfaction of eating eight dishes in an instant.

So happy!

Jian Zhe was almost paralyzed in his seat, unable to pull himself out of the delicious world.

"Uncle, I thought you were going to feed Da Huang, but you ended up eating it all. Da Huang will be angry."

Jian Zhe was stunned for a moment, and then he remembered his original intention of choosing the dish. He chuckled in shame. As soon as his voice fell, a snort from behind was accompanied by hot air spraying on the back of his neck.

As soon as Jian Zhe turned his head, he saw a huge kangaroo head, resting on the back seat, staring straight at him with round black eyes and long eyelashes.

"Puff puff……"

"Ah, don't spit at me!"

"Uncle, Da Huang thinks you are despicable!"

"Wait, wait, I'll buy another one! Stop spraying, I'll get angry!"

Ten minutes later, Jian Zhe looked satisfied, took a sip of the delicious duck blood vermicelli soup with a spoon in his left hand, and stroked kangaroo’s fur with his right hand. Only occasionally his face throbbed. The big yellow kangaroo ate Xiao Long Bao in one bite. It chewed so much that its mouth that was full of saliva sprayed everywhere. It also ate while shaking its head. "It has eaten three plates, three plates!"

"Don't worry uncle, Da Huang said it will only eat two more plates~ The last time you stitched it, it hurt, so after eating two more plates it will forgive you. It also promises not to beat you next time."


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