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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 191

ICRAB – Chapter 191

"It doesn't matter. You don't need to be under any psychological pressure. I also recommend that if you decide to adopt, try to find a healthy pet as much as possible so that it can be your companion for a long time in the future. If the pet is physically disabled, it may cause you a burden. After a beast pet is adopted, if it is later abandoned, it will leave indelible psychological damage, far exceeding their physical pain." In the past few days, Liu Weiwei had been in contact with many guests who want to adopt beast pets.

The more Qi Yu listened, the more uncomfortable she felt in her heart. She felt a warm dampness on her hands, and when she lowered her head, she realized that her fingers were in the mouth of the little tiger beast. It had wet eyes, she didn't know if it was tears or what, but it was watery, as if it had been abandoned by someone, so sad and painful. It couldn't speak. It was young, but had no parents, and its body was also suffering. "Can I ask how many beasts have been adopted successfully?" Watching its companions being adopted one by one, but it had been left behind...

"A dozen or so."

Qi Yu's heart suddenly felt sour, "I want to adopt it."

Qi Yu's words not only surprised Liu Weiwei, but even her own brother Qi Fei thought he heard it wrong for a while. "Don't make trouble, this is not a toy that can be bought and sold casually."

"No, I've figured it out. I'm serious. Brother, it doesn't matter if you don't agree. I have my own pocket money so I can always buy dried fish and canned fish for it." Qi Yu's face was serious, and Qi Fei was helpless.

Qi Fei came this time mainly to apologize to Liu Weiwei. In addition, if his cousin Xiao Mo still wanted to learn to cook, he wanted to untie her knot and let her go back to the path of cooking. In fact, since the beginning, the various accidents caused by him should be repaired by him now. He brought Qi Yu because she had been addicted to watching the live broadcasts of various beast pets in this restaurant recently. She gave all the pocket money for half a year to the live broadcast room in just two days. As a brother, he couldn't stand it any longer.

Instead of letting Qi Yu spend a lot of money on live broadcast anchors, it's better to come and let her directly spent money on the beast pets. If she really wanted to adopt and was willing to raise the pet seriously, Qi Fei would also support her. But he didn't expect that as soon as his sister came, she would be so touched that she was going to adopt a disabled beast to go home.

"The cub has not been trained, will it be wild?" Qi Fei looked at Liu Weiwei with some worry. If it was an older beast that had been discharged from the army and understood human nature, although it had no combat power, he was very willing to take it home and support it well.

"As it is a small animal, it also needs special domestication guidance and a physical examination from a veterinarian, right?" Obviously, Qi Fei thought a lot before he came.

Liu Weiwei glanced at Qi Fei with admiration, "Yes, as it is a minor beast pet, it is still in the teaching and learning period. If adoption is desired, we also have high requirements for the applicants and we need to conduct a return visit every two months to check the pet’s situation." She looked at Qi Yu apologetically, "I have no doubts about your kindness towards Xiao Ban, but his body now needs acupuncture, massage, and hot compress stimulation from the veterinarian every week, as well as special diet recipes. It has to go to a high-level veterinary clinic every week and the weekly treatment cost is estimated to be more than 10,000 yuan."

Qi Yu breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this. Her eyes lit up, "Treatment? Then it might recover? It is called Xiao Ban?"

"Well. The chance of recovery is not high, but the veterinarian suggested that continuous treatment before full adulthood will have a certain repairing effect. If there is still a disability in adulthood, acupuncture and massage will also reduce its pain, so we ask applicants to make sure to stick to the treatment schedule."

Qi Yu gritted her teeth but soon felt that the little tiger beast lying on her knees seemed to be shaking slightly. Its hind legs trembled slightly and her heart quickly shattered into pieces. "I-I can!"

Liu Weiwei sighed, glanced at Qi Fei, and then turned to look at the little girl, "I didn't mean to embarrass you but the adoption booklet already stated Xiao Ban's adoption requirements. You need to have a fixed monthly income of more than 100,000 yuan or proof of deposit worth 1 million. Only then do we think the other party is willing to spend so much money for its treatment."

Qi Yu suddenly sat back like a deflated ball. "Brother, can you help me first? Lend me money first and I'll take the New Year's money at the end of the year to pay you back~ I'll also go home tomorrow to find a part-time job, I'll go to work, and I'll make money to treat Xiao Ban!"

Qi Yu was about to cry, "Xiao Mo, do you have pocket money too?"

Qi Fei sighed and was arguing with his sister.

Liu Weiwei took out a blank form and put it in front of Qi Yu, "You should think about it slowly. If you are sure that you meet the conditions for adoption, then fill out the form. If you don't live alone, you need the signature and consent of other people living with you. After all, keeping pets will change the original living conditions of the family. I'll go back to the kitchen first."

Qi Fei glanced at Liu Weiwei gratefully, stood up immediately, and chased after her, "Classmate Liu, I'm here this time..."

Liu Weiwei stopped and smiled, "I heard that you are doing well now. You have earned first-class merit and will definitely be promoted at the end of the year."

"I'm... much worse than you."

Liu Weiwei shrugged, "There's no way. Who made me a lucky last ranked student."


"Don't mention past memories. If you come to join us this year, I will give you a 20% discount." Liu Weiwei waved, "Go back to eat." With that, she hurried back to the kitchen. She really didn't care about the past anymore.

Qi Fei could only stay in place, watching Liu Weiwei’s disappearing back. When he returned to the dining table, he saw that his own sister was already biting on the pen and filling out the form with great effort.

"Really sure?"


"Okay, I'll lend you money." Qi Fei sighed, "But you have to make an agreement with me, if you ignore the little tiger beast one day and don't raise it well, I will confiscate it and you will pay me back ten times as a compensation."

"Brother, I won't!"

"If that is true it will be better." Qi Fei stretched out his hand and touched the chubby head of the little tiger beast, "Even the last ranked student can counterattack, so it shouldn't be taken lightly."

"Yeah~" Qi Yu nodded greatly, but frowned quickly, "Wait, no brother, it doesn't matter if Xiao Ban doesn't counterattack, as long as it's happy, no sickness, and no pain. What do you want it to counterattack?"

Qi Fei was stunned for a moment and felt his mouth slightly astringent, "Well, it's better to be a rice worm."

"Of course~ there is no worries~"

Listening to the conversation between the two siblings, Zhang Xiaomo couldn't help but smile. She was also very moved by the various cute pets around her, but she was not as brave as Qi Yu, who could take responsibility for a lifetime.

But just as the three were about to leave, the waiter suddenly stopped them.

"Hello, here's a dessert milk pudding complimentary from the chef."

Zhang Xiaomo's hand froze immediately. At that time, she failed miserably in the competition with the amateur chef. Milk pudding... she never made it again and never ate it again.

When the small pudding bottles in the shape of milk jugs were brought to the table, the waiter gave three small spoons, and then he respectfully withdrew.

"Wow, Xiao Ban, do you want to eat too? Don't get excited! Brother, it's about to jump on the table." Qi Yu's voice was flustered.

Qi Fei reluctantly helped Qi Yu hold down the little tiger beast's calf, "Don't make a fuss. You can't even hold it when it jumps on the table, what if it jumps on your bed in the future? You usually like to drink milk on the bed the most. "

"I'm worried that the bottle will hurt its head, I don't think it's dirty~ Come on, Xiao Banban, sister will scoop the pudding for you~ The soft milk taste is delicious." Qi Yu's soft voice, hugging the little tiger beast, brought a warm and soft pink light to her whole person.

Zhang Xiaomo picked up the dessert spoon and watched it for a long time before putting the pudding into her mouth. A little bit of sweetness flows slowly on the tip of her tongue. The pudding seemed to be melted by the temperature of her mouth the moment it entered, turning into mellow milk-like syrup, sliding into her throat, and warming the way along her esophagus until her stomach.

"Wow, Xiao Mo, look at Xiao Banban licking my fingers. Ah, why are you crying?" Qi Yu fed the tiger beast and was attacked by its cutenes, but found that the other party actually took a bite of pudding, and burst into tears.

"No, nothing!" Zhang Xiaomo quickly wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, "I just got burned."

"Is it hot? Xiao Banban, have you been burned? Ah~ open your mouth to show sister, has your little tongue been burned?"

Zhang Xiaomo: ...

Qi Fei was very embarrassed, "I'll go make a phone call." He took two steps, but backed up.

"Liu... Chef Liu is not a stingy person. If you really like cooking, you shouldn't give up." Qi Fei turned around and went out.

Zhang Xiaomo swallowed the pudding with difficulty.

Qi Yu looked at the two in confusion, "Xiao Mo, what are you two talking about? Didn't you say you also like small animals? Come sit down, now Xiao Banban is eating pudding seriously, you can sneak up to pet it."

Zhang Xiaomo sniffed heavily and hummed. Did the chef deliver the milk pudding on purpose just to tell her to get up where she fell?

Zhang Xiaomo was in a trance until she left. When her spaceship had left the planet and the restaurant building kept getting smaller, she suddenly stood up from her seat. "Cousin, I think, I want to go to that restaurant again! I'm sorry, I know it's wayward, but can you stop at the nearest planet? I'll just go back in a public spaceship myself." Zhang Xiaomo pinched the hem of her skirt.

Qi Yu also jumped up as soon as she heard this, "Yes! Like I said, it's fine for my brother to go back alone! Xiao Mo and I have nothing to do anyway, so we can stay for a few more days. As I left, Xiao Ban is probably feeling lonely, it will be sad~ I can wait until the application is approved!"

Qi Fei sighed, looked back at the two girls, and shook his head.

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