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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 175 Part 2 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 175 (2)

Liu Weiwei touched Meat Bun’s two little feet and when she saw that the crowd was too terrifying, she retreated a little.

"Is this your child?" The female chef quickly noticed Little Meat Bun on Liu Weiwei’s chest. "Having to take care of the child and take part in the competition is very hard, right?"

Liu Weiwei smiled at the female chef, "It's okay. During the competition, the child is left to his father to watch." After she finished speaking, she wanted to turn around and leave, but was quickly blocked.

"Chef Liu?!"

"Look! That ingenious female chef showed up yesterday."

"Ah, where?"

"It's her! The one holding a baby!"

"Too young isn't it?"

The female chef next to Liu Weiwei was frightened. The place where they were standing became more crowded than the judges' seat. Soon, the female chef even saw the famous snack master Cai Mingkun walking towards them with a mighty force.

"You are Chef Liu? Is the sea of stars your work?" Cai Mingkun could hardly believe his eyes. According to the person who witnessed the ultimate knife skills yesterday, it was a young female chef who came with a child. Yesterday, she had a dispute with Old Gao’s close disciple. She was deliberately arranged in the competition with him this morning, so that she would be lost in one game. Snack rookie, snack genius, was this Chef Liu? Was she this female chef holding the child in front of him? Too young! Really too young! He felt that she was younger than his littlest apprentice.

"The Sea of Stars?" Liu Weiwei looked confused. She took a while to react, "You mean Starry Sky Red Bean Yokan?"

"Starry sky red bean?" Cai Mingkun repeated, nodding again and again, "I did taste the taste of red beans. It really is based on the transformation of yokan." As he spoke, his expression gradually became solemn. He walked forward to Liu Weiwei.

The wife-protecting mad demon Qin Mo was already looking at Cai Mingkun angrily and wanted to stop him from approaching. However, he did not expect Cai Mingkun to stop one meter in front of Liu Weiwei and bend over directly, which was a standard bow.

"The ancients said that when three people walk, there must be my teacher."

"Although my ancient prose is not good, I also know the meaning of this sentence. I, Cai Mingkun, started studying snack sixteen years ago thinking that I had reached the peak of the top of the mountain, but today I found out that I was just a frog at the bottom of a well."

"Chef Liu, are you willing to teach me?"

Liu Weiwei was completely stunned. At the same time, she also heard the sound of the cheap system again.

[Progress of the slap in the face: During the exchange meeting, provocatively angered one hundred chefs (25/100), defeat ten chefs (2/10), and made more than fifty chefs submit (108/50).]

[Congratulations, you have captured the approval of a snack chef wil your beautiful dishes!]

[Trigger a new mission: Apprentice, do you dare to answer when I call your name?]

[If you turn the powerful old guys in the Chef Association into your apprentices, won't the Association be over soon meow~]

[Task requirements: Receive three super chefs as apprentices (0/3).]

[Task reward: Let the scumbag lose his reputation; +20 points for beauty; Advanced skill book for snack; Advance skill book for fire control.]

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth, not knowing what to say.

Others at the scene thought they heard it wrong. Cai Mingkun used to be the number one snack chef, and many people even thought that he was the candidate for the next president of the Association. Now he wanted to be an apprentice? The object of apprenticeship was still such a young female chef!

Liu Weiwei faced the strange eyes of the audience and immediately stepped forward to help Chef Cai Mingkun up, but Qin Mo, who liked to be jealous recently, was one step ahead of her. He helped Master Cai upright with one hand.

"Yes." Liu Weiwei bit her head.

Cai Mingkun was happy and excited, "Teacher, I have eight apprentices under my name. When you have time, I will let them come to salute you. Today at noon, I will hold a banquet for the apprenticeship. I invite teacher to come and enjoy it. " 

Qian Jun had been paying attention at the scene and realized that something was wrong since the judges got together, but now seeing the scene of apprenticeship, his jaw dropped.

"Teacher, do you need me to tell the president?" Cai Mingkun saw Liu Weiwei squinting at Qian Jun, and couldn't help asking, "Such an immoral person is completely unqualified to stand here. Teacher has defeated me, so you can already quit the race.” 
Liu Weiwei shook her head, "I will go according to the rules of the exchange meeting, he can do whatever he wants." For a scumbag, she was too lazy to say a word. After watching Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei got together, she realized that cherishing the kind people around her was the most important thing. "I'm here to participate in the exchange meeting, it doesn't matter how many sessions." Without the competition, her mission will not be completed.

Eight more people to beat.

Liu Weiwei looked at the arrangement of the second competition, "My next one seems to be a hot dish, and the title is seafood." After speaking, she couldn't help frowning. There were a total of three competitions today, even if she won all of them, plus the one last night, she would end up only defeating four people. She would only be halfway through the task. "Can we change the rules?"

Cai Mingkun was also the honorary chef of the association, so he looked at Liu Weiwei respectfully as soon as he heard this, "What advice does Teacher have?"

"The chefs to compete in pairs and those who lose will go home. It's unfair to some people with poor luck to lose in the first game. It's better to do this. Who wants to challenge me for the second game? I will be waiting at my cooking table."


"There is no limit to the number of opponents, how about it?"

Cai Mingkun was stunned. He looked at Liu Weiwei with admiration, "Teacher, I heard yesterday that you are proficient in knife craftsmanship. It seems Teacher is also confident in hot dishes." Not only was she proficient in snack, but she could also cook other cuisines. In the chef circle, except for the old guys who had lived for a long time, there were very few others that could do this. And she was so young...

"Eh? No." Liu Weiwei looked cute, looked at the fearful eyes around her, and felt so wronged, "I'm very weak in hot dishes. I can't do it well because I don't have the strength. It's would be mostly luck if I can win this second game." "I'm not strong, really!"

Cai Mingkun:  …

The second match was at 1:00 pm.

As there was still time before lunch, Cai Mingkun was going to cook a bowl of noodle soup in person and asked Liu Weiwei for guidance.

Liu Weiwei was actually very thin-skinned, but she still knew to respect the old and love the young. She was embarrassed to let the old man cook, so she went to the back kitchen to make a special dish.

It was originally a home-cooked meal for a family and Liu Weiwei didn't mean to show off her skills. She made the cumin beef that Qin Mo liked and taking into account Cai Mingkun's age, she stewed some pork belly for him. She also made again the shepherd's purse tofu soup that the major praised yesterday plus added steamed some eggs with minced meat and shrimp.

Cai Mingkun brought out his noodles and saw a table of dishes. "You ordered for hotel delivery?" His beard trembled.

Liu Weiwei's flamboyant chef uniform had not been changed, and the dishes on the table were simply exquisite.

Cai Mingkun had received many receptions, so it was not the first time he came to this hotel, but if Liu Weiwei really cooked all these dishes herself, her actions were really... too fast. He just have enough time to knead the dough, proof it, and made oily noodles.

"No, my husband said the food I cooked is delicious," Liu Weiwei shyly said, "Sit down first while he went for a walk. By the way, he will also bring our pets back from the pet park for meal."

Cai Mingkun's hands trembled. In his early years, he also learned cooking first, and then he took up the practice of making snack by accident. He also knew about cooking. If someone prepared the ingredients for the chef and the chef only needed to cook, it would be true that ten minutes of cooking time was usually more than enough. But Liu Weiwei was obviously alone in the hotel, however she had completed three dishes and one soup in less than an hour?

"Ah, I also made rice," Liu Weiwei smiled apologetically, "You can be free, don't be restrained."

While they were talking, Qin Mo also came back. He was holding Little Meat Bun with one hand, followed by Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai. According to the rules of Interstellar, Xiao Hei needed to put on dog leash, but Xiao Hei put the dog leash in his mouth and led himself into the room.

When Cai Mingkun saw this, he immediately stuffed an exclamation back into his stomach, stood up, and apologized repeatedly, "Chef Liu, I have disturbed your vacation." The rhythm of dragging a baby with a pet was clearly a vacation time. He had ruined other people's family meal time.

Qin Mo was wearing sunglasses, so his face looked cold and unchanging.

Cai Mingkun was also embarrassed, "You can try my noodles, I won't stay for dinner." Originally, he was going to invite the teacher for a banquet, but now he found unnecessary and planned to withdraw. It was too strange to stay in the private time of a husband and wife.

"It's alright, I've made all these dishes," Liu Weiwei dragged Qin Mo to sit down, sprayed disinfectant on his hands, and handed him the chopsticks, "Eat together, don't waste everything."

Cai Mingkun's oily noodles, she once did it herself. The handmade noodle could immediately show the other party's noodle skills, and it was indeed the best she had ever seen. The strength and taste had achieved the ultimate, even she couldn’t surpass it. Excellent noodles, a single piece could make people extremely satisfied. It could heal the soul that had been rough for a long time, whether it was a bite to keep out the cold in winter, or a refreshing bite in hot summer, it was an unparalleled sense of happiness.

"You have rubbed all the vicissitudes of your experiences into the noodles, giving this bowl of noodles a soul." Liu Weiwei said with certainty, "This is the heart of a chef."

Cai Mingkun looked excited, "Yes, yes... After seeing Teacher's work, I finally understood the chef’s heart that I almost forgot."

"Then you can also try my cooking skills~" Liu Weiwei pointed at the table with a smile.

Cai Mingkun was excited to find his soul mate and mentor. He no longer shied away, and directly took a piece of fermented bean curd pork belly that was so tender that it shook. When he put it in his mouth... tears soon flowed down his face.

A Chef’s heart.

The moment he put down the honor and was willing to call a young man a teacher, he picked it up again. The taste, he tasted the taste of warmth that made him cry.

The fermented bean curd meat was full of the warmth of home, the skin was like a hard line of defense, the fat meat was like the comfort and softness of home, and the firm and sweet meat was the most important family who would always support and become the backing.

Cai Mingkun burst into tears. His student looked hesitant and at a loss. He also ate a piece of fermented bean curd meat. He thought it was very delicious as it melted in his mouth, but he did not cry. Obviously, he had not yet reached the level of Cai Mingkun, and he was not as sincere as Cai Mingkun as he found his chef’s heart.

The easiest was often the hardest. The things that made people happy were actually around.

Qin Mo ate three bowls of rice in the evening, and Little Meat Bun ate a bowl of steamed egg by himself, which made his face messy all over. He was finally hugged by Xiao Bai and licked clean.

But Xiao Bai was soon dragged aside by Xiao Hei and forced to eat the cumin beef on his plate... The rabbit was miserable.

Cai Mingkun smiled throughout his meal, eating half a bowl of rice more than usual. Meanwhile, his student almost hollowed out the last layer of rice in the rice cooker.

Everyone was satisfied, and Liu Weiwei was in a very beautiful mood.

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