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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 172 Part 3 of 3

ICRAB – Chapter 172 Part 3 of 3

"Make up the hotel money? Naive! This is not a hotel where any cat or dog could stay."

Liu Weiwei turned her head and saw a male chef with a black bow tie on his chest. The chef was looking ironically at her with his arms around his chest.

"This hotel is the top 100 in the universe. If it weren't for the honor of the Chef Association, the hotel would never accept bookings from civilians like you."

Liu Weiwei hadn't said anything, but a poor sign was stamped on her forehead.

Qin Mo had put down the menu in his hand, looked up at the arrogant guy in front of him whose legs were not as thick as his arms, thinking about where to start. But the young male chef, not knowing that danger was coming, boldly walked to their table, glanced at Little Meat Bun in the stroller, shook his head, and sneered.

"What female chefs are most afraid of is getting married and having children. Prolonged maternity leave and physical decline will affect their sense of taste and smell, as well as their arm strength and the ability to provide long-running banquet meals. I really admire your courage."

"My name is Cheng Wei, a senior chef. In tomorrow's exchange meeting, I will choose you as my opponent. Don't think I am cruel. Meeting me is at least better than being slapped by a special chef. You should thank me."

Liu Weiwei blinked and looked at Qin Mo across the table with a confused look, "What is he talking about?"

Qin Mo looked down, "It's probably a declaration of defeating you tomorrow." He reached out and touched Liu Weiwei’s head, thinking that his little wife's confusion was also cute in his eyes.

Liu Weiwei let out an ahh and finally understood, "It turned out to be PK! It’s the first time I participated, I didn't know the rules at all."

Cheng Wei stared at Liu Weiwei with his arms around his chest, "Are you a newbie that participate for the first time? No wonder you don't even wear a chef's uniform!"

Liu Weiwei ignored Cheng Wei and turned over the exchange schedule again. "So, the three games in the morning, middle and evening above are actually three PKs."

"Well, that is the case for me. As for a newcomer like you, you don’t need it. If you lose to me in the morning, you can go on vacation with your husband and child. Weak people are not qualified to stay in the exchange meeting. Only recognized chefs in the Association can stay until the last day of the exchange meeting!"

Liu Weiwei felt that there was really snake disease everywhere, so she probably had to do something. Sure enough, after she was quiet for a while, she heard the system's mean voice.

[You are the woman who wants to become the master of Chinese food, and the Chef Association is your enemy. So, defeat these annoying fleas!]

[Main task: A chain of kicks and punches to the face!]

[Task requirements: Provoke and anger one hundred chefs during the exchange meeting (0/100) , defeat ten chefs (0/10), and make more than fifty chefs yield (0/50).]

[Task Reward: Regain the loyalty of the defeated chefs; insert your faction little red flag into the restaurant where the defeated chef is located and get 5% of their operating income.]

Liu Weiwei knew that the system would do these things. Her ultimate mission was to have an irreconcilable and hostile relationship with the Chef Association.

"I accept your challenge, young boy." Liu Weiwei put down her tea cup and looked at Cheng Wei who was still chirping beside her.

"Young, young boy?" Cheng Wei pointed to himself incredulously.

"Get the tissues ready, if you lose tomorrow morning, don't cry." Liu Weiwei glanced at the task and used all the provocative words and sentences she had learned. "Or, if you want, I can send you back to your hometown tonight. It's not impossible. ."

Sure enough, Cheng Wei was so angry that he laughed, "You? Want to provoke me, trying to make my furious culinary skills out of standard? You think too much, a female chef who just took maternity leave!"

Liu Weiwei thought she was a badass, but now she felt it would be a pity not to stupefy the arrogant young chef. What’s wrong with maternity leave? As a woman who was depended by the world to be only one that could bear children, did she deserve to be despised?

"Very well, a male chef who despises women, you successfully angered me," Liu Weiwei raised her head and gave Cheng Wei a very two-way look, "Don't waste time. It’s just happened I have time before dinner, let’s have a match!"

"You can decide the theme and the judges." Liu Weiwei gave Qin Mo an apologetic look, "I can solve him in 30 minutes. Dear, you can eat first."

Qin Mo, who loved his wife infinitely, nodded, "Then I will study the menu first."

Of course Cheng Wei was not a brainless person. He came to provoke Liu Weiwei and decided to attack her tomorrow because he heard her conversation with her husband and saw the newborn child. For his first battle, he deliberately chose a soft persimmon. But he never thought about making trouble and adding another game to himself. Liu Weiwei's book of war was completely beyond his expectation. However, her voice was too loud. Three or four tables around heard the movement and looked at them with interest.

"Cheng Wei, I'll be the judge for you."

"I'm just happened to be bored. I really want to try the new dishes you developed this year. I heard that your mayor likes them very much."

"I can give you the place to cook on another table."

The essence of the exchange meeting was competitions to screen out the chefs in the upper circle and get more resource support from the Chef Association next year. The chefs who come to participate were all potentially hostile to each other. If someone competed in advance, people could see the progress of the other party's cooking skills and then they would prepare early to increase their bargaining chips in the next competition. This was why many chefs present were happy to see the situation.

Therefore, not only did they not think Liu Weiwei was reckless, but they also stood by her side and supported her challenge to Cheng Wei.

Cheng Wei was immediately on the spotlight. "Huh, I came early for vacation today. It won't be a hurry to begin the competition tomorrow." He gritted his teeth and refused. He decided to use all his strength tomorrow and made the female chef regretted this!

Cheng Wei tried to leave after speaking, but was directly blocked by an outstretched long leg. He raised his head and looked at the man who was sitting at the table wearing sunglasses. The person who was not so impressive just now made him felt the pressure of a huge mountain standing in front of him.

"My wife wants to compete with you," Qin Mo picked up the table knife on the table and turned it around in his hand. The light reflecting on the knife instantly interlaced into a net, "After the competition, you can go."

Cheng Wei took a step back in an instant. A layer of goose bumps suddenly appeared on the back of his neck. He was a chef, so his combat effectiveness was not strong. But in the interstellar age, there were physical and mental training courses since childhood, which everyone needed to study. He immediately noticed the terrifying coercion when he realized that the man in black could pinch him to death just by reaching out his hand.

Liu Weiwei stood up decisively and put a countdown alarm clock on the table, "There are still 29 minutes, hurry up."

Cheng Wei had no choice but to grit his teeth, "You will regret it."

"Oh, let's talk about it later, who will regret in the end."

Cheng Wei glanced at the group of people waiting to see the commotion around the restaurant. He couldn't help but sneered, "Since it's not a real exchange meeting, there is no need to open the fire. I see you are also a chef in the Chinese cuisine department? Then let’s go basic knife skills! The same time, the same ingredients, the same knives, who can handle it better."

Knife skill was a compulsory course for Chinese food chefs. This kind of content of the test could be said to be the most fair, as it excluded all the personal factors of the judges' taste preferences. However, it was also very despicable, as men’s wrist control, arm strength, and endurance were better than women genetically.

Of course, this was the unified perception of the entire chef industry. Female chefs were inherently disadvantaged, and it was difficult to match male chefs in other operating steps such as spooning. The innate advantage of a female chef lied in the precision of seasoning and the delicateness of the dishes.

Cheng Wei's choice to compete in knife skills was somewhat invincible, but he was determined to teach the female chef a lesson. "Since you asked me to set the theme, then there should be no opinion? Obviously, this will also not let other chefs see our specialties and keep them until tomorrow."

Liu Weiwei nodded, "Okay." She was very pleased seeing Qin Mo stretched his feet. She then smiled "It won’t even take half an hour, ten minutes is enough."

Cheng Wei laughed in anger, but didn't refute anymore.

Everyone quickly made room for the two, and at least a dozen people were willing to serve as judges. Cheng Wei picked three and let Liu Weiwei choose four.

Cheng Wei took out two identical kitchen knives from his space, "This is a basic kitchen knife. As for the ingredient, just use a white radish which is also a material for junior chef's exam. Seeing that you don't even have a chef's clothes, I will guide you to get better."

Liu Weiwei took the knife indifferently. But the weight of the kitchen knife made her frown slightly. The knife didn’t look special, but it was heavier than what she usually used. It should be a private kitchen knife made of special metal. She usually didn’t pay attention to tools and used whatever knife she found, but many senior chefs would find well-known craftsmen to make kitchenware that suited them. This Cheng Wei was obviously one of this.

Liu Weiwei glanced at Cheng Wei and didn't mention the problem with the knife. But most of the chefs present were experienced chefs who had guessed the situation. Many people cast a sympathetic look at Liu Weiwei, but no one came out to speak.

The weak would eventually be eliminated. Who would be defeated, the result would decide.

Qin Mo was very confident in Liu Weiwei. He heard she said that it would only take ten minutes to solve the problem, so immediately began to study the menu in his hand. And then he called the waiter to order, "Took them out in ten minutes."

Cheng Wei was so angry that he vomited blood, but soon he also took out a cooking table in the vacant place, "Go ahead."

Liu Weiwei nodded, but she only took out an empty plate from her space and put it on the dining table in front of her. She stood by the table, holding a radish in her left hand and a kitchen knife in her right.

It was said that at a contest between knife masters, not only chefs couldn’t see the depth, but an ordinary people also could. As long as the chef started, even people who didn’t know how to cook could see how solid the basic knife skills of the chef were.

The moment Cheng Wei's knife plunged into the radish, his hand speed suddenly broke out. Just like an electronic instrument that was suddenly activated, his had rapidly sliced the radish almost as thin as cicada wings. The slices flew in the air and fell on the chopping board…

Everyone, even the waiter, was amazed.

"Cheng Wei's level has long passed a senior chef, but he has never participated in the promotion qualification exam."

"This knife skills, even I dare not fight him."

"Last year he was a dark horse. This year, his knife skills have gone to the next level. Seeing this posture, he must be aiming at the laurels of special chefs, he might even want to challenge the glory of super chefs."

"His level is not comparable to that of the female chef. Obviously, his strength is at least in the top 1%."

Everyone sighed for Liu Weiwei, their eyes could hardly move away from Cheng Wei's knife. After placing themselves in a comparative position, most of them felt a little dazed. However, when they came to a conclusion and directly pronounced Liu Weiwei’s defeat, they turned their eyes. But then, they almost dropped their jaw by her seemingly lazy movements.

Liu Weiwei's fingers were slender and as white as jade. She leaned against the window, and her five fingers holding the knife had a sacred halo just like they were dyed with brilliance. In the sun, her reflective kitchen knives moved a bit slower than Cheng Wei, but if people looked closely, it made people seem to be indulged in her rhythmic movements. The more they looked, the more they become frightened.

Beauty! The knife in Liu Weiwei hand gave people the illusion that it had been integrated into her body and became a part of her arm. This was a level of proficiency that couldn’t be achieved easily even after decades!

When everyone finally put their eyes on the radish in Liu Weiwei’s hand, they were so shocked that they couldn't even speak.

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