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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 52 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 52 – Burst into Flames (1)

Jiang Yu scratched her chin with a pen. She didn’t hear clearly, so she asked, "Big cake? What cake?"

The girl patted her thigh and said anxiously: "I am a Mahua Big Cake!"


Jiang Yu looked at the girl in front of her in surprise. The girl was wearing round gold-rimmed glasses and she had a fair face. She was tall, thin and tall, with big long legs. She looked like a clean-looking student.

"Mahua Big Cake?" Jiang Yu glanced at the girl’s badge and said in surprise: "You are also from Shen University?"

"Yes!" Mahua Big Cake smiled: "I'm Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu Dada's junior sister! I am also from Fashion Department, but I am a sophomore, and I am also a waste!"

When Jiang Yu heard this, she couldn't believe it. She never thought about such a coincidence!

At first Fang Huai was looking for professional screenwriters to write, but Jiang Yu felt that professional screenwriters might not have as much brainpower as web novel authors. Furthermore, since they could only shoot web dramas, it would be better to let the authors write the plot well to really attract young people.

Jiang Yu had read the novel on the Internet and also from the conversations with Mahua Big Cake, she already thought that the other party sounded young, but she did not expect that the other party was in the same school as her, and also in the same department. All the students in the Fashion Department of Shen University were taking classes in the same building, thinking that she probably ever passed by Mahua Big Cake on campus before, but never know that this person was the author, Jiang Yu thought the world was very small.

"Really you?"

"Of course! Senior Jiang Yu, you are my idol! Actually, I wanted to talk to you face to face, but you were busy with Double Eleven so I was afraid to disturb you. I also happened to be here today to do my homework, and only dare to greet you when I see you."

From the Mahua Big Cake explanation, Jiang Yu could feel that the other party was a big-hearted person. She smiled and said: "What idol! You are that one that is my idol!"

"Huh? Senior sister, don't joke with me."

"I'm serious." Jiang Yu said with a smile: "I have been chasing the novel you wrote. I have read <The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei> a long time ago, and I am also following your new book about rebirth."

"Really?" Mahua Big Cake blushed unexpectedly, "I wrote nonsense there, don't tell others that I wrote it!"

"Why?" Jiang Yu puzzled.

"You never write a novel, so you might not understand. What can I say about this kind of thing, it's shameful! In case my classmates knew that wrote mature novel in Jinjinag, d*mn! I can't imagine how they would look at me. Besides, I have also written Boys Love, Girls Love, and even domineering President Mary Su novels. In short... It was embarrassing to say! Don't expose my pen name!"

Jiang Yu shook her head and smiled. "Then let's talk about the script. I have read your script, but as I talked to Fang Huai that day, I wanted to add more fashion elements."

"No problem."

Jiang Yu took another look at Mahua Big Cake and smiled: "I always thought how you could understand so many fashion jargons in the scripts you write, and there was also information about fashion design. So you are also a student in fashion design department."

Mahua Big Cake scratched her head. "I'm a waste in school. I can't compare with Senior Sister."

"You are good enough! Don't be presumptuous!" After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she said seriously: "What I want is for everyone in the play to have very exquisite styles, beautiful and fashionable pictures, just like the movie <The Devil wears Prada>. After so many years, it’s still classic, so I hope that this drama will have a good reputation and a good plot. This way, it will be good for me and it will also be good for you. Once this drama become popular, your other books will be selling well also."

"Thank you, senior sister."

Mahua Big Cake began to get serious. In recent years, many Jinjiang’s novels had been sold the film and television to be made into TV dramas, but only very few became popular. Most of the dramas adaptation was criticized in the end. Although she was not a famous author that had many fans, where the copyright price could reach the sky-high price of tens of millions, but even if it was a small adaptation web drama, she also hoped that she could do the best until the end. She knew that for a small author like her, it would be very difficult to just get the opportunity to be adapted, so it was even more difficult to be able to adapt it well.

Jiang Yu's eyebrows were smiling, and her words were gentle: "In this play, I will invent a makeup look for the heroine. I hope that the heroine will use this makeup, in which the process will be reflected in the script, to finally shine in the entertainment industry and cause a sensation."

Mahua Big Cake couldn't help nodding: "I think this plot is pretty good, or we could write it like this, when the heroine transmigrated, although she was a favored concubine, she could only paint makeup that was popular thousands of years ago. She drew this makeup, went to the crew and shocked everyone. She was also scolded by the director. The heroine was very angry, so after she went back, she learned by watching videos on the Internet. Finally, she learned about modern popular makeup trends and invented one directly. She would say to herself ‘People haven’t seen the makeup that this old lady invented when she charmed the emperor thousands of years ago! This group of ignorant people of the future!’. In the end, this makeup went viral on Weibo and became popular all over the country."

Jiang Yu listened intently, and to be honest, it was also a wonderful thing to discuss the plot of a novel with the author face to face. "Very good! Mostly, I hope fashion elements can be used throughout the play."

Mahua Big Cake glanced at Jiang Yu and asked cautiously: "Senior Sister, have you ever thought about acting in this play yourself?"

"Huh?" Jiang Yu looked up at her. "Fang Huai also told you?"

"Fang Huai? What? The director also wants you to play?" Mahua Big Cake was surprised.

Jiang Yu smiled: "He mentioned it, but I haven't agreed yet."

"Oh! Senior sister!" Mahua Big Cake suddenly took Jiang Yu's arm, and said coquettishly: "Senior sister, just go and act! You may not know it, but actually I was thinking about you when I was writing the novel. The heroine was made based on your image! It can be said that my heroine is tailor-made for you. A beautiful concubine transmigrated into 18-line small actress, breaks into the entertainment circle, and becomes a movie queen. Don’t you think the heroine’s way to fame is very similar to you? If you look again, the heroine in the novel has long legs and three-dimensional features. Isn't that a copy of you?!"

Jiang Yu was shocked, never expected that there would be another person seducing her to become the heroin. "It is true?"

"Of course it's true! As long as you agree to act, I will adapt the script properly, and write the heroine image well. I will make sure that one the drama is released, all female fans would want to enter your harem."

Jiang Yu laughed and said, "You young people..."

"Then are you acting or not?"

If Jiang Yu had some worries before, after being with Gu Shenliu, all her worries had been dispelled. Now she could ask Gu Shenliu about things she didn't understand, and ask him to guide her act.

Jiang Yu was so entangled by Mahua Big Cake’d begging. "Okay! Isn't it just acting? I will do it!"

Not long after Mahua Big Cake was gone, Fang Huai knew that Jiang Yu had agreed to take on the heroine role. He was so happy that he directly asked Jiang Yu to do make-up photos of the female protagonist.

So Jiang Yu started to be busy with filming. At the same time she had to wait for the announcement from the Youth Design Competition, had to be busy dating, and she also had to pay attention to her Taobao store. For a while, she could help but wish she could split herself apart to do different things at once.

At the end of November, after a heavy rain, the temperature dropped significantly. Gu Shenliu didn't sleep all night and he came back after early morning run. He was about to shower, but his eyes fell on pink luna cleansing device placed on the table. 
The little cleansing instrument was very cute and pink, it didn’t go with his image at all. But Gu Shenliu froze for a moment before finally picked up the cleansing device and used it. The effect was really good. After washing, he felt that his skin was much cleaner. 

Looking at himself in the mirror, Gu Shenliu couldn't help but lift the corners of his lips. Why did he have the illusion of being touched by Jiang Yu when he used the luna device?

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Gu Shenliu opened the door. He then saw Jiang Yu standing at the door.

"Morning." Jiang Yu was wearing a black double-breasted trench coat, carrying LOEWE blue color-blocking bag, and a pair of short boots. She stood at the door, curled her lips, and smiled: "Mr. Gu, can I come in?"

"You can’t!" Gu Shenliu crossed his legs and stood at the door with a smile: "My girlfriend will be here soon. If you come in, it will be no good if she misunderstood."

"Your girlfriend is as beautiful as me?" Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows.

"Much prettier than you." The corner of Gu Shenliu's mouth raised.

"Where is she prettier than me?"

Gu Shenliu pulled Jiang Yu, closed the door after she entered, and pushed her behind the door with his hands. He even got into the play and said: "My girlfriend has prettier lips than you, but I think you look a bit like her, let me verify it."

After Gu Shenliu finished talking, his domineering kiss fell on Jiang Yu’s lips, and the warm tongue quickly attacked. Jiang Yu only felt her body temperature rise, and she suddenly became hot. She groaned and couldn't help but moan. His breath entangled around her neck, making her inevitable, and she could only be imprisoned in his arm.

After a long while, Gu Shenliu tasted the sweetness before letting go of Jiang Yu. He lowered his head and looked at her blurred eyes with satisfaction. "Well, I have verified it after kissing. The way you opened my mouth was the same as my girlfriend."

"You hooligan!" Jiang Yu waved her hand, pushed Gu Shenliu away and went into the house. She put down her bag, thought about filming, and said: "I want to hear your opinion about something."

"Huh?" Gu Shenliu poured Jiang Yu a cup of coffee.

Jiang Yu thought for a while with bright eyes and a serious tone, she asked: "I want to act in a drama!"

"Act?" Gu Shenliu didn't seem surprised, "Okay, what kind of drama do you want? I'll get some scripts for you."

"No, I have invested in a drama, but it may only become a web drama. I am also in charge of the costume and styling." Jiang Yu pondered: "I just don't know anything about acting and filming. I don't know if short-term training is enough for me to get started."

"Don't be nervous." Gu Shenliu said, "It's not difficult to film a drama. Then, you still need to sign a contract with Gao Jing. I will let Gao Jing arrange other professional matters for you."

Jiang Yu thought for a while, nodded, and said, "Okay!"

At this moment, the door opened and Gao Jing walked in. Seeing Jiang Yu, he was puzzled: "Little Junior Sister, you came to do suit fitting with Shenliu again?"

Jiang Yu smiled and didn't answer.

Gu Shenliu took a sip of coffee and said solemnly: "Gao Jing, my girlfriend wants to enter the entertainment circle, you can arrange it for her."

"Your girlfriend?" Gao Jing was critically hit. He was frowning subconsciously: "Wait? Who?"

Gu Shenliu moved, raising the back of his hand, and then Gao Jing saw his hand fell on Jiang Yu's shoulder. Gu Shenliu then hooked Jiang Yu into his arms, and Jiang Yu fell on his shoulder.


 Ha ha ha. Gao Jing was expressionless. The man was handsome and the woman beautiful, so they match well. But why no one told him when these two people get together?

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