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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 41

WBVDEC Chapter 41 – Variety Show

Su Ye heard this, went silent for a while, and then asked again: "What's the name?"

"Su Ye Makeup!" Jiang Yu smiled and tucked her hair behind her ears. She then began to help Su Ye with basic moisturizing, "I'll help you put on the base makeup right away."

"Wait..." Was that the point? Su Ye grabbed Jiang Yu's wrist, still couldn't believe what she heard: "Do you really call this makeup Su Ye Makeup?"

"Can this be fake? Didn't I tell you that I explained this makeup on <Weiwei>? Today is the first time Su Ye Makeup appeared on the market. If nothing went wrong, it will definitely cause some discussion on the Internet."

Su Ye was in agitated mood. It took a long time for her to calm down.

A series of light bulbs hung next to the makeup mirror. Looking at Jiang Yu through the mirror, Su Ye only felt that the other person's face was too beautiful. Jiang Yu invented a makeup for her and then named it after her. Su Ye knew that this was a supreme opportunity. Jiang Yu was giving her face. 

Su Ye and Jiang Yu did not have a deep friendship, so she didn’t expect Jiang Yu to do this. The other party could just help her applying makeup and make one clothes. Moreover, Jiang Yu never asked for compensation from start to finish. She did these things only because she found the request interesting!

Naming a makeup look after yourself was something that other actresses couldn’t even think of. When the makeup became popular, people would also mention Su Ye’s name when they mentioned the makeup. With this, even if Su Ye wanted to be low-key, she couldn’t.

Su Ye suddenly felt that she didn't need to be in <Base Camp>, as even if she didn't appear, as long as her studio promoted her correctly, she would be able to become popular again with just Su Ye makeup! Thinking of this, her eyes looked more seriously at Jiang Yu. 

After 20 minutes, the makeup was finished. Su Ye looked at herself in the mirror and she became surprised again. The makeup invented by Jiang Yu changed the position of the blush, which now perfectly blocked the scar on her face! Looking in the mirror, she couldn’t see the scar on her face at all!

At this moment, Su Ye felt Jiang Yu's intentions, and she was very moved. Since her comeback, she had seen both warmth and coldness of the entertainment industry. But she did not expect that Jiang Yu, a person who was not even a friend, could help herself to this extent. What she had done had exceeded the expectation.

Thinking of this, Su Ye sat silently in a complex mood while Jiang Yu helped styled her hair and dress.

The hair style was simple, just tie a part of the hair to the back to form a ball, leave a few strands on both sides of the ears and roll them into small curls with a curling iron. Once the shape was done, Su Ye looked several years younger, but she didn’t give the feel of pretending to be young at all. The hair coupled with the makeup gave a very clean feeling.

At this time, Jiang Yu put the clothes on Su Ye. The color of the clothes was very special. It was a gray-white. The dress was halter neck style where only the shoulders were hollowed out. The two sleeves were lantern-shaped. The upper and lower ends of the sleeves were made of lotus-shaped curls. This dress looked very plain at a glance, but the details were carefully done. When it was worn on the body, Su Ye only felt that the whole world seems to be quiet. The plain color gave a very calming feeling.

(TN: Maybe like this in grey-white.)

Su Ye looked at herself. Very strange, she obviously didn't do anything, why would the person in the mirror made people feel pity? Why it made people unable to help but rush in front of her and wanted to protect her? She had to say that as soon as she wore the dress, she felt that the actresses next door who dressed brightly and wore heavy make-up suddenly became vulgar.

"Very good! Perfect!" Jiang Yu smiled and looked at Su Ye: "Behave when you should behave later, when you have nothing to do, just stand quietly and smile faintly."

"I understand!" Su Ye couldn't help but glanced at Jiang Yu. She really underestimated the girl. She initially thought the clothes made by the girl were not suitable for her, but now she saw that she was very wrong.

"Su Ye, it's time for you to enter..." Su Ye's agent saw Su Ye, but didn't recognize her for a while. She was shocked and then tears began to accumulate. She tearfully said: "Go ahead! Try hard!"

"Yeah!" Su Ye smiled and stepped onto the set.

The program revolved around the private clothes of actresses. Of course, these private clothes were also clothes that were brought along after a discussion with their agents. Because Su Ye usually liked to wear high-end dresses, she was afraid of giving the audience a sense of distance, so Jiang Yu brought some casual clothes for her instead.

Under the bright lights, Su Ye just stood quietly on the stage. She was dressed very plainly and was under the suppression of the bright colors of other actress. The clothes she wore were not conspicuous at first glance, but for some reason, everyone on the scene including the camera brother thought that Su Ye's dress was very beautiful today. Although she didn’t talk much, she made people feel distressed until they couldn’t help but turn their attentions to her. Therefore, Su Ye had a lot of shots today.

When it came to exchanging clothes as gifts, the guests were all people in the entertainment industry. Who wanted to wear other people's clothes even if they were new? But what Jiang Yu did not expect was that the clothes she designed were robbed by other stars, which was an unexpected thing. Normally, a regular variety show would be broadcasted a certain period of time after the recording, but this episode happened to catch up with the promotion of a TV series, which was on going on the same TV station, so the broadcast schedule of the program was moved forward. It fell just before the Double Eleven.

Because this episode was the first variety show Su Ye participated in after her comeback, it caused heated discussions on the Internet as soon as the show was broadcast. What’s surprising was that just because of this episode, Su Ye’s Weibo followers actually increased by 10 million in just one evening!

This number was amazing. For a time, many media rushed to report and tried to analyze the reasons why the episode was hotly discussed. In the end, everyone was surprised to find that the reason why Su Ye was able to win the favor of so many people and turned so many people into fans was precisely because of her looks. When people looked closely, she made people feel very refreshing. Her looks was like a wisp of breeze when it was hot and it made people feel a cool sensation. Su Ye didn’t give the feeling that she came to fight or grab attention. She was just like a daisy that was secretly blooming, made people feel pity.

The audience watched the show and only felt that Su Ye’s air time was unfair. After all, other stars tried their best to get shots, but Su Ye actually just stood aside and smiled faintly. She didn't know how to play for herself, it was too stupid! Many people felt it was unfair to Su Ye.

At this time, the female audiences who liked to make-up found something again.

Wait, what kind of makeup Su Ye had? Why I’ve never seen such a makeup before? The blush was moved to the middle, which looked strange at first, but when looked closely, it was very pretty. There was a kind of contradictory girlish feeling! In addition, Su Ye skin had an airy texture, and her lips were two toned, which made people feel good!

Everyone flocked to Su Ye's Weibo.

——Su Ye, the makeup you put on the show looks so good! May I ask how it was applied? Is there a tutorial?

——Su Ye when dressed like this seems to be 10 years younger, but it still does not violate peace at all.

——I give full marks to this stylist and ask for the stylist to be given more chicken legs! The stylist should be Su Ye’s own team, right?

——Really good-looking, I'm kneeling! The photos of your participation in <Base Camp> have been set as screensavers! I'm a fan!

Although there were tens of thousands of fans clamoring for Su Ye to give a tutorial for the makeup, Su Ye had agreed with Jiang Yu to not announce her participation in advance. She also took this opportunity to whet the fans’ curiousity.

The next day, <Weiwei> new issue went on the market.

<Weiwei> was a monthly magazine, this kind of beauty magazines being listed every month, except for loyal fans, usually no one would take it seriously. Although everyone bought the last issue, it was because of Jiang Yu. If it weren't Jiang Yu, who would pay for this kind of magazine? Why not just went online to search for makeup tutorials? In the new issue, netizens didn’t hear that Jiang Yu will contribute. Even if she did, Jiang Yu would not be able to launch new makeup again, so it didn’t matter whether they buy it or not.

Therefore, the entire Weibo was quiet throughout the morning, and no one discussed the magazine. 

But at noon, a little account named @Su Ye Family posted a Weibo: "Is anyone paying attention to this issue of <Weiwei>? It surprised me! There is actually an article by Jiang Yu on this issue, which is about her newly invented makeup. Can you guess the name of this makeup?"

This was the end of Weibo. Below was a photo of Jiang Yu's article.

——Jiang Yu invented new makeup again?

——Oh my God! Jiang Yu invented new makeup again? And it was named after Su Ye? Called Su Ye Makeup?

——Isn't this the makeup wore by Su Ye on <Base Camp>? Is it possible that this makeup was also invented by Jiang Yu? Jiang Yu is so powerful?

——Gosh! I didn't expect this makeup to be Jiang Yu's invention? With this makeup, will out of bath makeup take a back seat?

——My God! I'm going to buy the magazine! I want to learn!

Zeng Yanan watched the discussion on Weibo with a smile. She forwarded the Weibo of ‘Su Ye Family’ and said: "The secret is out. Su Ye’s makeup was indeed invented by @Stylist Jiang Yu. Do you want to know the specific tutorial? The answer is in the latest issue of <Weiwei> magazine! You can go to nearest newsstand to buy it, or you can buy it online at this link#274$&EW, if you want it, buy it as soon as possible!"

As soon as this Weibo was published, fans rushed into <Weiwei> official Taobao store. In less than an hour, the online sale reached 30,000 copies!

Three hours later, Zeng Yanan received a call from distributors: "Hello, this is Zeng Yanan! What..."

On the side, assistant Xiao Qiao guarded Zeng Yanan nervously. Seeing Zeng Yanan hung up the phone, she quickly asked: "Editor Zeng, how's it going? How's the sales volume?"

Zeng Yanan glanced at Xiao Qiao, glanced around the editorial department, and then exclaimed excitedly: "The 300,000 copies that we printed for this issue are all sold out! Notify the printing factory and ask them to print more immediately!"

"Hooray..." Everyone stood up and applauded frantically: "Editor-in-chief, you're so awesome! It is a good result in less than one day after the release!"

"It's everyone's credit! Of course, the person we should be most grateful to is Jiang Yu..." Speaking of this, Zeng Yanan was a little emotional. All of this felt like a dream. Only 2 months ago, she even wanted to submit her resignation. She felt discouraged that there would be no more spring for paper media, but she did not expect Jiang Yu to be able to change all this!

"Editor-in-chief!" At this time, Mengmeng, the customer service responsible for e-commerce operations, shouted excitedly: "Our Taobao inventory of 50,000 copies has been sold out! Today's online sales have reached 1.2 million!"

The hot sales of <Weiwei> brought substantial benefits to everyone. The past two issues had been out of stock, which made <Weiwei> a lot more compelling. The crazy sales performance also made the magazine became an industry myth.

The hot sales of the magazines made Su Ye Makeup popular. The popular posts on major forums that day were all about this makeup. The three words "Su Ye Makeup" became most searched in Baidu today. Su Ye name had been mentioned by countless people.

Su Ye... what a beautiful name, as if it was destined to be the name of this makeup. People were learning the makeup and discussed the techniques on many forums. They also went to Jiang Yu's Weibo to ask her directly as the person who invented the makeup.

Of course, Su Ye’s studio also didn’t stay silent. On the same day, Su Ye’s agent asked someone to draw up a draft. In the evening, Su Ye posted a Weibo about her fate with Su Ye Makeup:

[Three years ago, something happened to me... After my comeback, I was very afraid of failure. At this time, I met Jiang Yu. In order to make the scar on my face no longer obvious, she specially invented a new one for me. This makeup makes me feel loved as I am wearing it..."

In Su Ye's post, she and Jiang Yu sounded like very good friends. When Su Ye was helpless, Jiang Yu the savior fell from the sky and stood up to protect Su Ye. In order to cheer up her friend, Jiang Yu invented this makeup look. As a result, Su Ye Makeup became synonymous with love and friendship, and Su Ye and Jiang Yu became symbols of good girlfriends. This tear-jerking story was made by Su Ye.

For a while, the fans were in an uproar. They cried as they read this. Unexpectedly, even when Su Ye was more than ten years older than Jiang Yu, there was still such a fate between the two!

The invention of Su Ye Makeup was so touching!

"Woo..." Bei Xiaoxiao wiped her tears with a piece of paper. She cried while reading Weibo: "Taro balls, since when did you become good friend with Su Ye? It's so touching!"

Jiang Yu couldn't laugh or cry, this kind of fake story... Bei Xiaoxiao actually believed it? Wasn't WeChat full of such sour celebrity stories when promoting adverts?

Celebrities composed stories to create an image and to meet everyone's imagination. This story was not entirely fake but the true story was definitely not so sensational! It could only be said that Su Ye's team was quite powerful and could write good story too!

However, this story had also brought tangible benefits to Jiang Yu. Because just the morning after this story was released, she opened Weibo and saw that her followers had exceeded 10 million!

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