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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 36

WBVDEC Chapter 36 – Gentle Caress 

Soon, the three of them came to a nearby restaurant, and Jiang Yu received Bei Xiaoxiao's WeChat as soon as she sat down.

Bei Xiaoxiao sent hundreds of crying faces and yelled: "I don't want to live anymore!"

Jiang Yu was taken aback and hurriedly sent a message asking: "Xiaoxiao, what's the matter?"

Bei Xiaoxiao cried and said, "Taro balls! I don't want to live anymore! My family Gu Shenliu seems to be in love! Now the fandom is about to fall out, and everyone is wondering which little fairy he was deceived by! "

Jiang Yu looked up and glanced at the man in from of her. When she came out this time, Bei Xiaoxiao was on the company so she hadn't had time to tell the other party. She didn't know that Jiang Yu was with Gu Shenliu.

Jiang Yu thought for a moment and wondered: "No, right? It doesn't look like he is in a relationship. Why do you guess like that?"

"Why not?! Go see Shenliu's Weibo! Gu Shenliu posted a Weibo full of pink bubbles! Anyway, I don’t want to live anymore! Don't stop me! If I know which little fairy is taking my Gu Shenliu away, I will smash her window in the middle of the night!" Bei Xiaoxiao cried and said. (TN: Cough… please always be a reasonable fan everyone. Your idols are human too, let them love whoever they want.)

Jiang Yu had a bad premonition. She secretly searched Gu Shenliu's Weibo and opened it. Sure enough, the latest post was exactly the picture of Mr. Pig she drew. But when she scrolled down, she saw that his previous Weibos were basically very simple. Except for posting film promotion, he only posted a few words, not even a picture, except for her drawing.

Jiang Yu clicked on the comments on Gu Shenliu’s latest Weibo. His fans had shed their cocoons and had searched all over the Internet to see who drew the picture. Many people clamored the wanted to jump off a building.

Jiang Yu couldn't help shivering. She thought these fans had thought too much! Gu Shenliu liked her? Not so much! She was about to close Weibo, but when she looked up, she saw Gao Jing leaning in front of her. He was smiling wickedly.

"School girl, what are you watching? Is my Shenliu’s Weibo good-looking?"

Hearing this, Gu Shenliu raised his eyebrows. He stared at Jiang Yu and smiled slightly: "School girl is watching my Weibo?"

After being caught, Jiang Yu tugged at the corners of her mouth, but instead of being nervous, she smiled: "Just to see if you really posted that picture."

"Good works should be appreciated by everyone."

Jiang Yu could saw Gu Shenliu's detrimental skills, but she was not a vegetarian, so her face was calm as usual. She smiled and said, "Yes."

"Next time you want to see, just watch it openly!" Gu Shenliu stared at Jiang Yu with a smile.

Jiang Yu shrugged, "Nothing to watch. You don't even have any selfie on Weibo."

"I am in front of you, so what kind of Weibo are you watching!"

Jiang Yu said in her heart that it was because Gu Shenliu in front of her that she was embarrassed to watch. His expression made her feel like a little white rabbit that was going to be swallowed by the wolf.

Illusion! It had to be an illusion! Jiang Yu reminded herself!

Gao Jing almost couldn't help clapping his hands as he watched from the sidelines. Jiang Yu was one of the most powerful players who could not be killed by Gu Shenliu in three sentences!

The three of them were eating Jiugongge hot pot, and it was almost ten o'clock after they finished eating.

Jiang Yu always liked to eat hot pot, plus Gao Jing kept joking around. The atmosphere during the meal was very good, so it was inevitable for her to eat more. In mid-October, the evening breeze was faintly cool, slowly blowing her face, added with light shining, those made her feel like she was in a dream.

Not long after the three of them left the restaurant, they saw a few people approaching headed by the lead actress Su Ye. Su Ye saw them, greeted them, and chatted with Gu Shenliu a little bit. It was not really a chat, Su Ye kept talking while Gu Shenliu occasionally responded.

Su Ye glanced at Jiang Yu and then smiled suddenly: "The dress that Miss Jiang designed for Su Mang is very beautiful."

She didn’t know whether this praise was sincere or not, so Jiang Yu just listened to it seriously. She smiled and said, "It’s the first time I did it. I don’t have much experience."

"No experience wouldn’t be able to achieve this level, Miss Jiang is really a genius!" After Su Ye finished speaking, she didn't know what to think of, and suddenly asked: "I wonder if Miss Jiang will be free tomorrow? I would like to ask Miss Jiang’s help."

Jiang Yu was flattered, "If there is anything I can help, please feel free."

The two parties said goodbye and part ways.

Famous actor like Gu Shenliu were always accompanied by paparazzi. The entertainment account of the first paparazzi in this circle called ‘Dog King’. Dog King once said he would get Gu Shenliu's black material, however two years later, it was still the same. Nothing happened.

It's so late so Jiang Yu certainly couldn’t do the suit fitting now. Also, if it was photographed by paparazzi, it would be trouble. Gu Shenliu sent her to the door of the hotel. He put his hands in his pockets and said in a low voice, "Good night."

"Good night."

Such an atmosphere seemed ambiguous.

Gu Shenliu stared at Jiang Yu for a moment, but in the end he said nothing. The dim light of the corridor shone on him, lengthening his figure.

Jiang Yu watched Gu Shenliu leave and then slowly closed the door.

Back to the room, Jiang Yu hurriedly took out her design book and began to draw. After drawing, she called Jiang Chao to communicate the production progress, and then hung up the phone when she confirmed everything went well.

Now that the Double Eleven batch had all been put into production, although it would be in a hurry, fortunately, Jiang Yu paid high overtime pay. In this was the workers were happily willing to rush their work. 

Double Eleven was Jiang Yu’s first battle in Taobao. Although she had been amazing in term of sales for now, this was nothing compared to Double Eleven. On the day of Double Eleven in 2016, Alibaba's total turnover was 14 billion USD. Among that, the brand Three Squirrels had a turnover of more than 500 million on Double Eleven within just a few years since establishment! On the other hand, clothing brand Handu had become the top three in women's clothing, and was comparable to big brands such as Uniqlo! 

When Jiang Yu saw these numbers, she felt a little excited. She should no longer be the woman behind Ma Yun, she wanted to be the woman in front of Ma Yun. She wanted to make her own brand achievement in Double Eleven. Let the sales figure become an important data for her propaganda and hype in the future!

For a long time, Jiang Yu had not promoted her own brand too much, because she felt that the brand was still small and there was no strong number to support. But as long as double eleven showed brilliant results, it would surely push the Jiang Yu self-made brand. She could then go offline, eventually occupied a place in the women's clothing industry, and even let her company go public.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu continued to draw double twelve design drawings, occasionally thinking of good designs for spring and summer clothes. She could draw sketches first and save them for later use.

Before going to bed, Jiang Yu flipped through her Weibo. Although the Weibo editor's suggestions seemed ordinary, the response was good. As soon as her very lifelike photo came out, fans liked it very much. Now the simple dress-up Weibo had more than 30,000 reposts, which was more than the reposts amount of celebrities with more than 60 million followers!

More importantly, everyone liked to watch this kind of life-like beautiful photos and everyone has the desire to peek into the privacy of others. From such photos, everyone could guess what kind of life Jiang Yu was living.

Jiang Yu turned through her private messages again and found that there were many messages asking about skin problems recently, and some of them were asking about skin care products. One comment caught her attention:

"Dada. Although I'm only 25 years old, I have a lot of fine lines on the corner of my eyes and my smile lines are also very deep. What skin care products and facial masks can alleviate this symptom?"

To be honest, wrinkles account for a large part on a person’s genetic. Some people had more wrinkles at the corners of their eyes, and the smile lines were also deeper. If they were too obvious, doing medical beauty procedure would be better. But for ordinary lines, they could still be relieved with eye mask and facial mask.

Jiang Yu thought for a while, searched for a series of useful brands in her mind, and finally found a slightly more cost-effective one. She forwarded the comment and replied:

[I recommend Syn-Ake Spa Treatment Eye Mask. There are not many eye masks on the market and this one is better. This mask is added with HAS. HAS refers to the human adipose stem cells, which can repair damaged skin and make the skin become full and supple, especially suitable for people with wrinkles, dullness, and dark circles under the eyes. It also has a good effect on smile lines. Although it is not cheap, it has 60 sheets in a tub so it is very durable.]

Once the Weibo was posted, when Jiang Yu refreshed her page again, there were already more than 1,000 comments.

——I am using this one too. It works very well. It feels a little hot when I first use it. Is this normal?

Jiang Yu saw this comment and replied: "Because it is a snake venom eye mask, slight hotness and stinging are normal, but the premise is that you buy a genuine one!"

——Well, I’m thinking about buying eye masks. I didn’t pay attention to maintenance when I was in school so now I found wrinkles.

——I also need an eye mask. There are many face masks on the market, but there are really few eye masks. Thanks for the great recommendation!

——Buy online! It only takes 30 seconds! Fortunately I got it! I dare not delay even for a second when buying recommended items now. If I delayed the entire Taobao will be robbed and I will not necessarily have my share then.

Seeing everyone’s comments, Jiang Yu was amused. She really liked this feeling of helping others, especially watching them become beautiful and become more confident. She was happier than anyone else, maybe this was what a stylist should feel?

Su Xiaoqi, a small Taobao agent, was also dedicated to reviewing the comment section. Since she specialized in the items recommended by Jiang Yu, her Taobao store’s turnover recently doubled, and now the daily profit could reach more than 800 yuan. After so long, she had finally achieved some results. She thanked Jiang Yu from the bottom of her heart.

After a good night dream, the next day, Jiang Yu got up early to put on makeup for Gu Shenliu. She thought she had gotten up early enough. What surprised her was that when she left the hotel, she happened to see Gu Shenliu who had returned from exercise.


"Morning." Gu Shenliu in sportswear stopped, looked down at Jiang Yu and said, "Wait for me first, I'll be there soon."

"Okay." Jiang Yu waited for ten minutes, and then Gu Shenliu came. His hair was still wet, and there was a faint smell of shower gel on his body. He should have just finished taking a shower.

In this weather, it was changing between hot and cold, so it was easy to catch cold with wet hair. So Jiang Yu picked up the hair dryer and started drying Gu Shenliu’s hair.

The two were silent. The noise of the hair dryer soon came. Jiang Yu inserted her hand into Gu Shenliu's thick hair and pressed her fingers against his scalp. She only felt a strange feeling in her heart. It seemed that there was an extremely small electric current running down her fingers. They were sharp and little by little crawled into her heart.

Gu Shenliu's hair was thick, very dark, and of good quality. Jiang Yu was afraid that the hair dryer would make his scalp sore, so she moved the hair dryer farther away and covered his scalp with her hands.

The voice in his ears had disappeared, and Gu Shenliu, who hadn't slept all night, felt that the whole world was quiet. With the warm wind blowing, Jiang Yu’s little hand stroked his scalp back and forth, Gu Shenliu couldn't help but squinted like a satisfied cat, enjoying the service.

At this time, Jiang Yu came to the front of Gu Shenliu and blew the hair on his forehead. "Should I follow the style you have yesterday?" She asked him, but didn't get a response after a long time. She couldn't help but looked down and then saw Gu Shenliu's eyes closed. His thick eyelashes were down and he seemed to be asleep.

This person... why did he always want to sleep as soon as he met her? Jiang Yu couldn’t decide to laugh or cry. She didn’t look so hypnotizing, right?

The styling had to be done, otherwise it would delay the progress of the filming. With Gu Shenliu's professionalism, he would certainly not tolerate lateness. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu decided to apply the makeup first.

In about twenty minutes, the whole makeup was over. Jiang Yu was about to see if she should blow Gu Shenliu’s hair up, but he suddenly opened his eyes. His face was tense, his brows furrowed, and an undercurrent flashed in his eyes.

Jiang Yu was startled and hurriedly asked: "What? Did I hurt you?" What she couldn’t tolerate the most was to make customers feel pain. After all, some customers were too shy to say so they would just endure it all the time. If this happened, it was the negligence of a stylist.

Unexpectedly, Gu Shenliu suddenly closed his eyes and said in a dark voice, "Go out first!"

"Huh?" Jiang Yu frowned slightly.

"Go out!"

Jiang Yu was lost for a moment. As a well-known stylist, she actually made customers dissatisfied? She was about to speak to make amends, but when Gu Shenliu frowned, he made it clear that he didn't want her to say anything.

Jiang Yu was silent, put down the tools in her hand, and left the dressing room.

Gu Shenliu's narrow and deep eyes opened again until there was no one in the room. He frowned and lowered his head in disbelief. Jiang Yu was just helping him with makeup and hair styling. Such simple touch was a job requirement. In the past, the hands of his makeup artist touched him the same way almost every day. He didn't respond to others, but Jiang Yu just touched it a few times and his body actually reacted. His cock was shamelessly hard!

Gu Shenliu couldn't imagine how Jiang Yu would react if she stayed for another second and saw what he thought of her. But... what he did just now seem to hurt her?

Gu Shenliu sighed secretly. At a critical moment, even his Little Shenliu didn’t help him!

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