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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 34 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 34 – Copyright (1)

——Dada, have you applied for V? From today, you are also a big V on Weibo.

——Congratulations! Now let’s see how Fu Ting taunts you! To say that you are not a big V is really out of style!

Jiang Yu smiled. To be honest, watching her Weibo got V, it indeed felt a bit of an upgrade. As for Fu Ting... she didn’t really know. Recently, Fu Ting seemed to be very afraid of her. Not only did Fu Ting delete the Weibo that attacked her before, but she also sent a message asking her not to do things too extreme. This made Jiang Yu feel inexplicable, she was innocent, okay?

At this moment, @Sina Shanghai Official suddenly sent a private message over: "Hello Jiang Yu Dada, I am the editor of Sina Shanghai. Sina Shanghai recommends some big V accounts to local users every time. This time, we want to recommend you."

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, and after thinking about it, she understood what the other party meant. When people apply for Weibo, they would receive friend recommendations pop up. The recommendations were big V accounts, celebrities, movie stars, etc., for fans who didn’t know, they basically followed all these people with one click. Because of this, followers of many people could rise so fast. The reason why several famous big Vs on Weibo had such a big influence was the recommendation of official accounts behind them.

Although the activity of these followers was not particularly high, as they would delete the unknown people they follow later. But at least, the total number of followers after receiving recommendation seemed to rose a lot. With this data, they would be helpful for branding and promotion of the drama Jiang Yu just invested.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu replied: "Okay, what do I need to do?"

"You don't need to do anything, let me do it for you!"

Jiang Yu replied, "Thank you."

"No need to thank me as long as you add more new styles next time. You know that I have tried to grab several times but haven't got any." The editor said embarrassedly.

Jiang Yu laughed. She didn't expect the other party to buy clothes at her store. She smiled back: "Give me your address. Next time I update, I will send a few to you."

"Don't! This is against the rules. You only need to know that I'm silently supporting you." After a pause, the editor seemed a little hesitant, and then said after a long while: "Dada, I have a suggestion, I don't know if I should say it or not."

"Huh? Just say." The other party was a professional who runs Weibo, so her suggestions must be very useful.

The editor made a cute smile and said: "Dada, your certification is a stylist. I have also seen that you often post your Taobao store update on Weibo but you will also recommend some cost-effective and easy-to-use cosmetic products. But if you rely on online stores to make money, you should post more daily personal posts. "

"Daily posts?" Jiang Yu pondered these four words and immediately understood what the other party meant. In addition to the update and preview of the clothes, she seldom posted selfies.  Sometimes she didn’t even post Weibo for several days. For a big V, no update would definitely not work.

"Yes, since you are leading the trend in makeup and styling, fans will definitely want to know what you wear every day. The clothes in your store, such as a T-shirt and jeans you wore to take a photo always sell more. If you wear a short skirt next time, maybe everyone will clamor for a short skirt. Sometimes the clothes you wear are good-looking, so you can make them and sell them if the fans are loud!"

In fact, Jiang Yu understood the editor’s opinions, but she was lazy. Coupled with the fact that she had never lived by appearance in her previous life, she was still a little unaccustomed to using her current appearance to attract attention in this life. But she knew that the editor's suggestion was very pertinent.

Jiang Yu thanked the editor and said, "Thank you, I accept the criticism and will change it immediately!"

The editor was flattered: "Dada, It’s good that you didn’t dislike my suggestion."

Jiang Yu pulled out a pile of clothes from her closet thinking about which one to wear, but suddenly her phone rang. It was Kafan's manager.

"Jiang Yu." The manager said with a smile: "When are you free to visit the store?"

If it weren't for this call, Jiang Yu almost forgot that she and Bei Xiaoxiao were still Kafan employees.

"Manager, what's the matter?" Jiang Yu smiled.

The manager said very eagerly: "Nothing! I just called to ask how you are doing?"


The manager coughed and said, "I know that you are busy lately. You are busy doing business and going to class. Actually, every time you take photos of your Taobao clothes, your neck is bare and you have nothing in your hands. You should add a brand-name bag and change your to a well-known brand. How can I put it, I think you should also have some decent accessories. This can add points to the look!"

Jiang Yu, a stylist, of course knows the importance of clothing accessories. She said with a smile: "So?"

"So… our Kafan always treats our employees preferentially. You are a Kafan employee. Kafan certainly has to support you in your business! Kafan is also the most comprehensive imported store brand in China, from skin care products to mother and baby products to brand-name bags, we have everything you want. Will it be possible for you not to find something you like in our store of thousands of square meters? Jiang Yu, I’m not criticizing you. If you have any difficulties, you have to open your mouth. As long as you have something you like, Kafan will definitely send it to you! Okay? It's decided. You just send me your address later and I will ask the staff to send you some accessories!" After speaking, the manager directly hung up the phone.

Jiang Yu stared at the phone inexplicably. She didn't understand. What kind of action was the manager doing? It made her scared!

Jiang Yu gave the address to the manager and the manager did what she promised. Within half an hour, she sent a lot of things to Jiang Yu. There were bags from Fendi and Celine, jewelry from Cartier, retro headscarves, and accessories from Hermès.

"This is..." Jiang Yu couldn't hide the surprise in her eyes.

The clerk who came to deliver the things smiled with a spring breeze: "Jiang Yu, you can go sit in our store if you have nothing to do! Remember to use these accessories! Call me when you are done using. I will take this batch back and send you some new ones."

Jiang Yu was so puzzled that she didn't know what happened? What's wrong? Was Kafan’s boss doing charity? The boss dared to send something worth more than 200,000 yuan to her, not afraid that she would swap these genuine goods like Chen Bixiang? However, these accessories did come in time. She felt that her body was bare when taking pictures, lacking bright colors. With these things, her style would be much better and the compelling quality of taking pictures would also improved a lot.

Jiang Yu found a knit dress from her closet. The knit dress was very revealing. The most wonderful thing was that the left thigh was split to the base of her thigh. When walking, her leg looked faintly sultry. But a single knitted skirt would be too ordinary, so she took out the silk scarf she just made. The silk scarf had animal prints. Silk animal print scarf was everywhere but a special feature of Jiang Yu’s design was that the silk scarf was also in the shape of an animal. In this series, she designed a total of four animals: cat, leopard, panda, and puppy. 

The silk scarf was narrow and very versatile. Jiang Yu put on a cat-motif silk scarf around her neck and a leopard silk scarf around her wrist. She also wrapped a panda silk scarf around the Fendi bag handle. She then put on retro turban and earrings also sent by Kafan. Wearing a pair of pointy diamond heels, her whole look was perfect!

Jiang Yu looked at the retro girl in the mirror and curled her lips with satisfaction. Not everyone could wear a beige knitted dress and style it like pinup girl! Especially her current temperament was especially suitable for the army green scarf, this made her very satisfied. Her current light lips were not suitable, so she took red colored lipstick from the makeup box next to her and applied it.

"Xiao Xiao, take a photo for me!" Jiang Yu called Bei Xiaoxiao over.

"Wow! Goddess, this dress is not bad, it's very sultry, quickly take it off and bring to the factory to make a pattern, make more for the Double Eleven!" Bei Xiaoxiao said. Looking down, she also saw Jiang Yu's multi-purpose silk scarf.

"Oh! This silk scarf is so special! I want it! I want it! Take it down and send it to make a pattern!"

Recently, Bei Xiaoxiao helped Jiang Yu to design some Double Eleven clothes and clamored that she would go to Jiang Yu's company to help her.

Jiang Yu couldn't decide to laugh or cry. She said hurriedly: "My dear, you keep asking me to take off my clothes!"

"Taking clothes off won't kill!"

"Okay! Then take a picture of me first, okay?"

Soon, Bei Xiaoxiao helped Jiang Yu take a photo. She had to say that a goddess and a fairy were just the difference between lipstick color. Normally Jiang Yu dressed very plainly in class. She was beautiful, but it didn’t have this ecstatic charm. Now, she painted Dior's 999 flaming red lips! Gosh! No man would dare to look directly at her.

Jiang Yu did not edit the photo and posted it directly on her Weibo with the text: "The weather is good, try the color on the newly bought Dior 999! Have a look!" She didn’t directly say that she wanted to show pictures, but just pretended to show her lipstick casually. As for the fans' speculation, she couldn’t control it.

Jiang Yu thought, once Weibo was posted, a bunch of people would definitely clamor for her clothes and accessories. As soon as the Weibo was posted, there were indeed a lot of people commenting, but the focus was not right!

——I never think I can be bent instantly, but I can. (TN: Being bent in slang for not straight. If you understand what I mean :p)

——Jiang Yu. Like 1000+

——I was bent into a mosquito coil instantly because of Jiang Yu’s body proportion.

——Do you know how beautiful you are? The red lips look aggressive! My little heart thumped and thumped, and it was tenser than my first kiss.

——Isn't she beautiful? This is a sub-question.

——Dada, listen to me! Don't think it's great to be beautiful! Be careful that I'll pounce on you! Besides, I want the clothes, silk scarves, and bags!

——National husband is you! I want to enter your harem!

Jiang Yu looked through these comments. The more she looked at it, the more she wanted to cry. Things seemed to be different from what she had imagined. What the hell was it bending into a mosquito coil?

Jiang Yu selfie was quickly reposted, and many fans posted the topic of #National Husband Jiang Yu# that night. Huh? There seemed to be something wrong!

Su Xiaoqi, a competent small purchasing agent, immediately left a message on Jiang Yu’s Weibo: "Authentic French purchasing agent. For Dior 999, go to Taobao and search keyword #Small Purchasing Agent Su Xiaoqi."

That afternoon, Jiang Yu passed by Kafan and wanted to go in to express her gratitude, but saw that Kafan was full of people. The manager and waiters were busy and sweating profusely. Kafan’s things were not cheap, so usually there wouldn’t be this many people in the shop, but now it was so busy.

Jiang Yu couldn't help but glanced at the signboard again, but it was indeed the correct Kafan! Could there be a 10% discount? Otherwise it was impossible for a luxury goods store to be crowded like a vegetable market like this.

"This is the same bag that Jiang Yu wore? How much? 20,000? I want it!"

"Jiang Yu seems to be wearing this headscarf. It looks pretty good. Give me one..."

"I think Jiang Yu looks great in this bag, you can bring it down for me to try."

Jiang Yu: "..." When did she have such a big influence?

Jiang Yu was taken aback for a moment, and walked to the manager's side. The manager saw her, as if seeing a relative, grabbed Jiang Yu's hand and greeted enthusiastically: "Jiang Yu, you are here? You should have say hello in advance, there is no good tea here to entertain you."

"..." Jiang Yu, a Kafan employee, came to work at the company. How could she be treated like she was a leader doing inspection?

"Sister Jiang Yu, thanks to you!"

One sales girl took Jiang Yu aside, poured some tea and pointed to the other busy sales person. She said: "Thanks to your help to promote our store, now our store is very popular today. The turnover is 4 times that of when you were here. The big boss also asked us to set up a Jiang Yu counter, which sells the things you recommend on Weibo. We have sold more than a dozen brand-name bags that you used in your post."

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