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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 49 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 49 – Transform (1)

Soon, the recording of the <Star Wardrobe> began and the cameras began to roll. The host Qin Chong and Sun Mengmeng, ‘Cute Pet’ couple, came up and said their opening remarks: (TN: Cute Pet in here is 萌宠/Méng Chǒng. Homonym words to the two names combined.)

"Hello, dear audience and friends, I am Qin Chong."

"I am Sun Mengmeng."

"Celebrity wardrobe has many patterns! Celebrity private style is on sale! Welcome everyone to <Star Wardrobe>!"

After speaking, Qin Chong smiled and said: "We have received a lot of suggestions from everyone since <Star Wardrobe> program was launched. The audience interest is our goal. Therefore, we listened to you and revise the program. In this episode, everyone will see the new version. In this issue, we have invited Gu Shenliu and Su Ye to help out. Welcome everyone!"

Gu Shenliu and Su Ye came to the stage hand in hand, a handsome male and a beautiful female, there was warm applause in the studio.

When <Star Wardrobe> first aired, it hired a team of 8 designers to design clothes, but since the beginning of the show, the audience's freshness had declined. Therefore, from this issue, an trainee designer was be scouted. This trainee designer would compete with 8 formal designers. Whoever able to attract the star would design the star's clothes.

At this time, the host Qin Chong smiled and said: "Next, please let our trainee designer come out!"

Jiang Yu looked towards the middle of the stage with a smile. She applauded with everyone. She didn’t know who the trainee designer was in this issue. 

When the others saw this, they stared at the still Jiang Yu in amazement.

Seeing everyone staring at her, Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment. She asked inexplicably: "Why is everyone staring at me for?"

"Why is everyone looking at me with that look?" she asked again.

Gao Jingji said: "Junior sister! Why are you talking about? It's time for you to enter! You are the trainee designer in this issue! You just stand here motionless, of course everyone is looking at you!"


Jiang Yu was taken aback! How was this possible? Trainee designer?! No one had ever told her about this. Besides, shouldn't the staff tell her about the process in advance before the show? She was used to give styling for celebrities in her previous life, but it would be a first time doing it on variety shows like this!

Gao Jing said anxiously: "Gu Shenliu didn't tell you? Just now when the staff came to check the process with you, he asked the staff to leave."

Jiang Yu shook her head. Only then did she understand what kind of work Gu Shenliu was talking about. She looked back at Gu Shenliu, and saw him sitting in the seat next to the host. He had a calm expression and a calm look. He even nodded to her, as if saying ‘this kind of small program still needs to be said in advance’?

Jiang Yu smiled bitterly in her heart. Gu Shenliu was so sure that she could be on the stage? Wasn’t he afraid of her just running away? Besides, she didn't have time to dress up today, so she came out with a casual dress. If she knew she was going to record a show, she would definitely prepare a most suitable look.

"It doesn't matter. You enter first!" Gao Jing pushed Jiang Yu, and she staggered into the camera's shooting range.

Although unexpected, looking at the familiar staffs around, Jiang Yu seemed to have returned to her previous life. At that time, she often helped artists to make styling and then stood outside the filming set to watch from a distance. Although she had also attended some TV shows, she was not outstanding in appearance, so there was no big response, but now…

Jiang Yu suddenly curled her lips and smiled slightly. She looked around the audience and greeted everyone with a smile. A show that was going to close down? It didn't matter! An unpopular variety show? It's ok! She would conquer everyone with her strength! Let everyone knew that it was no longer a fairy tale to transform an ugly duckling into a white swan with excellent stylist special magic power!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu stepped onto the set with confidence. To conquer the entertainment industry, she would start with this show!

The atmosphere suddenly relaxed.

The host asked Jiang Yu to sit in a seat beside Gu Shenliu.

"This is Miss Jiang Yu? My God! I hear your name often these days!" Qin Chong said.

"I also remember her..." Sun Mengmeng pointed to Jiang Yu suddenly and said in surprise: "Yes, that's her! Isn't she the same Jiang Yu who invented Out of Bath Makeup and Su Ye Makeup?"

Sun Mengmeng turned to Su Ye to verify: "Is that right, Sister Su Ye? I heard that she is still a student!"

"Yes! It's her. My good friend Jiang Yu." Su Ye said with a smile.


There was a shock at the scene, and other designers all said:

"She is so beautiful, even more beautiful than the picture! She doesn’t have any bad angle at all!"

Bad angle was a common problem of Internet celebrities, but Jiang Yu obviously didn’t have this problem.

Sun Mengmeng asked: "Jiang Yu, have you watched to our show before? Why did you come before now?"

Jiang Yu answered with a smile: "I didn't dare to come before."


"It is said that the show <Star Wardrob> has the most beautiful casts. I am afraid that I will be killed in seconds if I came, especially by Mengmeng and the other female designers." Jiang Yu was full of smiles.

Jiang Yu was a beautiful person and she seemed to be a very straightforward person. This type of appearance and straight-forward personality were more popular now. People didn’t know since when everyone no longer prefer weak little girl persona.

Coupled with Jiang Yu’s ability to speak, Sun Mengmeng and several female designers were immediately captured by her.

Sun Mengmeng smiled and bloomed. She was covering her face and said: "I had said that I look pretty! You still don't believe me!"

"Ha ha…" Qin Chong laughed most happily. 

Afterwards, Gu Shenliu and Su Ye also joined the conversation. The movie emperoe and queen's ability to mingle was strong and they joined everyone up in a few words. The scene was both funny and harmonious. 

Fortunately, Qin Chong brought the topic to back to the right path. He smiled: "Today is the first issue of our <Star Wardrobe> after program revision. In this issue, we have invited two amateur guests who are looking for change of style. These two guests have been troubled by appearance since they were young, so they asked our program team for help. I hope we can help them to get a new look! Next, let us invite two amateur guests for this issue."

Soon, two amateurs walked onto the stage. When they came to the stage, even a knowledgeable person like Jiang Yu was taken aback. They were big. Jiang Yu visually observed that the girl named Ya Ya was at least 160 jin, while the boy named Huang Xiang was at least 200 jin. (TN 160 jin = 96 kg = 211 lbs, 200 jin = 120 kg = 264,5 lbs)

Styling for big size people was not as easy!

In the end, Gu Shenliu picked the amateurs first. He took a glance at the two amateurs and finally chose Ya Ya. He chose Jiang Yu for the styling.

Sun Mengmeng heard Gu Shenliu’s decision, gave him an ambiguous look. She said: "I heard that Teacher Gu and Miss Jiang are from the same university?"

Sun Mengmeng knew that audiences like to watch this kind of gossip.

Gu Shenliu curled his lips: "Yes, we are from the same school. She is my junior sister."

"Really?" Sun Mengmeng asked Jiang Yu again: "Miss Jiang, how does it feel to be at coming from the same school as Teacher Gu?"

Jiang Yu thought about the words in her mind and finally smiled: "I think the whole Shen University feels very much about this. It's that feeling of ‘Oh! He is also from this school, why he is so good, but I am still a scum.’"

Everyone was amused by Jiang Yu, and Qin Chong said, "You are also so powerful. If you claim you are a scum, then other people will have to cry miserably!"

After that, Su Ye chose a female stylist named Peng Peng. And then everyone went to the topic.

Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu came to Ya Ya. They looked at each other and Gu Shenliu looked serious: "I think Ya Ya's body is slightly plump, so she shouldn’t wear skirts with lace. She will look more bulky."

Ya Ya was very shy and has low self confidence. She lowered her head and said: "My height is 160*, but my weight is also 160. In fact, I have tried very hard to lose weight, but I don’t know why, but I just can’t. Since junior high school, I also have been getting acne. The acnes on my face make my face red everywhere. The pimple then leave scars and it my face looked pitted. Since then, I have been squeezed out by the people in my class. Everyone called me pockmark girl! They said I was a monster and looked like a cone." (TN: 160 cm approx 5'3".)

"I remember Lu Xun’s article describing women as ‘cone’ and ‘teapot’. These two articles are my nightmare, because when I got to school, everyone in the class looked at me. I will always remember their mocking eyes at that time. After I finished school and went to work, employers ignored me because of my appearance even though I performed well in other aspects. They still felt that I looked awkward and unsuitable. Yes, I am fat, but is it a crime to be fat? I didn’t kill anyone or I commit arson, but why did people isolate me just because I am fat? Although I am fat, I want to seek change!"

After speaking, Ya Ya started to cry.

Ya Ya’s cry made Jiang Yu feel very sour and unpleasant. For a moment, sheu even felt that this feeling came from the original owner. The original owner was subjected to school violence all the year round and felt pity for Ya Ya. It was precisely because of the original owner's feeling that Jiang Yu now had a strong desire to change Ya Ya. 

Change Ya Ya's life!

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