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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 40

WBVDEC Chapter 40 – New Makeup

During this time, the school was calm. Although Yao Yiyi often stared at Jiang Yu with very gloomy eyes as if she was brewing something, in the end no one came up to trouble Jiang Yu. She was happy when she attended the class and after class it’s time to go to Weibo and post. Peacefully, a week passed quickly.

On the weekend, Jiang Yu and Durres made an appointment to take photos of the inside pages of < Weiwei >.

"Little taro balls, what have you been up to lately?" Durres asked.

"Double Eleven, tomorrow you must make time to help me took the photos for the next few batches."

"Okay! I'm sure I won't let you down on the appointment tomorrow!"

When the two were talking, Zeng Yanan walked into the studio. She hugged Jiang Yu with joy: "Jiang Yu, thanks to you last time, you helped me fight a beautiful turnaround! The sales of <Weiwei> have been on the rise recently. The upper management is very happy and praised us at the meeting."

"That's good, Sister Zeng, you already have the ability so the increase in sales is the result of your hard work."

Everyone liked to listen to good things. Seeing that Jiang Yu was not like the kind of person who was arrogant, Zeng Yanan smiled and said: "The reason for the good sales of magazines is all because of you! Not to mention that you were also promoting the magazine's flagship store on Weibo, your love, sister has won! But..."

Speaking of this, Zeng Yanan looked sad: "Because the sales volume of the previous issue was so good, the leader actually said that the sales volume of this issue must maintain a growth trend! I knew we would not sell so many copies in the previous issue if not for you. It is difficult to sell magazines nowadays. It is simply impossible to exceed the sales volume of the previous period."

Zeng Yanan was so sad! Some people didn’t think while talking, and now they had to make the sales of this issue exceed the previous issue. The sales volume of the last issue of <Weiwei> magazine was one of the highest records in the industry. The number was even higher than the sales of <Weiwei> in the past six months combined. This was simply impossible!

Jiang Yu glanced at Zeng Yanan expression. She smiled and comforted: "Sister Zeng, in fact, it's not impossible!"

"What do you mean?" Zeng Yanan stared at Jiang Yu in astonishment, "You mean, it is possible to exceed the previous period? Jiang Yu, do you know what the previous issue's figure was?"

"I know." Jiang Yu still smiled calmly.

"And you still think it is possible?" Zeng Yanan felt that Jiang Yu was obviously a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers!

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Sister Zeng, I forgot to tell you something."

"What's up?"

"Actress Su Ye asked me to help her make up for her appearance in <Base Camp>. I am planning to use a newly invented makeup to help her. If everything went smoothly, her <Base Camp> appearance will be broadcast the day before the publication of the magazine, if you move my manuscript in advance to the issue in November, Su Ye’s upsurge on TV can happen to drive the popularity of <Weiwei>. When you promote the issue, you can bring Su Ye and <Base Camp>, fans will definitely buy it. Plus Double Eleven is about to arrive, you take the opportunity to launch a promotional event in the flagship store. With this fans will be mad and then the sales of the magazine will not be lost, instead might even exceed the previous issue?"

Zeng Yanan paused for a long time before realizing what Jiang Yu meant. She couldn't believe it and asked, "You mean, Su Ye asked you to put on makeup?"

"Yes! Makeup!"

"The makeup..."

"I am going to provide you with the makeup painting method in the issue!"

"..." Zeng Yanan's brain froze for a few seconds before exclaiming excitedly: "Jiang Yu, you are really my lucky star!"

The popularity of <Base Camp> plus Su Ye, such free popularity is simply not easy to find. Although Su Ye had been injured, she was also a big-name movie queen. This was something other people couldn’t even ask for, but she got it so easily. After Zeng Yanan got excited, she recovered her calm soon, she smiled and ordered: "Xiao Qiao, bring the equipment and write down the whole process of Jiang Yu's makeup."

Jiang Yu smiled. Soon, she prepared all her cosmetics and tools, and after moisturizing, she began to put on makeup.

"Jiang Yu, what makeup are you going to apply in this issue?"

Jiang Yu said mysteriously: "Keep it secret first, you'll know later!"

"Then first tell me what you think when inventing this makeup?"

Jiang Yu smiled and said seriously: "My original intention of inventing this makeup was that girls, no matter how many times they were hurt, no matter what difficulties they encountered, they could start all over again. After crying, they could apply makeup to make themselves beautiful, give themselves courage and strength! "

Listening to Jiang Yu's words, Zeng Yanan suddenly felt that the makeup had become taller. Many things were like this. As long as you give them a connotation, it would become worthy of a praise. "As you said so, I can't wait to know how you apply the makeup."

Xiao Qiao's editor was ready to record and Durres was ready to take pictures. 

Upon seeing this, Jiang Yu skillfully picked up a brush to apply primer. "The focus of makeup this year is no longer on the eyes. False eyelashes are out of date and outer eyeliner is no longer favored as before. What we have to do is to make a primer to keep the skin moisturized. Create a transparent makeup look! Then, draw inner eyeliner to make the eyes more energetic. In this way, the makeup is halfway to success."

To be honest, Zeng Yanan didn't think it was so good just after listening to Jiang Yu's words. But actually, all the makeup was nothing more than a few steps that was changed and improved a little.

Therefore, Zeng Yanan even doubted whether Jiang Yu’s last bath makeup was purely a fate to lead the trend. After all, for a makeup artist, one sensational makeup look was enough to support a lifetime career, but now Jiang Yu wanted to feed for two consecutive weeks, how could she get a particularly good makeup?

Thinking of this, Zeng Yanan couldn't help but feeling a little worried. When Jiang Yu finished the foundation and applied eye makeup, she felt that the makeup was really nothing special! Yes, it was very tender, moisturized, and give people a faint strong feeling, but... This makeup was really not much different from other makeup! If this kind of makeup was introduced separately and said that it was invented by Jiang Yu, she was afraid that the magazine society would be hacked to death by readers! The readers would scold them for using any tricks in order to make money. At this time, she heard Jiang Yu continue to say:

"The following is the essence of this makeup. Move the blush that has always been painted on both sides of the cheeks to the middle to make the facial features feel more concentrated. At the same time, apply highlights to make the facial lines clearer and the facial features more three-dimensional. It will be good, you will know when you look at the end result!" Jiang Yu picked up the blush brush, mixed it thoroughly, and swept it horizontally under her eyes. Unlike normal, her makeup didn’t sweep the blush around the cheekbones.

After the blush was applied, Zeng Yanan was surprised to find that the Jiang Yu in front of her was suddenly different. After Jiang Yu applied the warm colored blush, she saw a strange girlishness. 

After that, Jiang Yu applied the orange lipstick to her lips but then bite a tissue to wipe the excess. And then she used a lighter color lip gloss. In this way, her lips were not only moist and juicy, but also looked layered. Usually, such makeup would look very girly and sweet! But it's not! Because the eyebrows and eye makeup were very clean, although the makeup looked warm, it also made people feel a little sad. It gave people a feeling of sadness and strength. It was very wonderful!

Zeng Yanan was startled by the made up Jiang Yu in front of her, and only after a while she said, "This makeup is very beautiful and very strange!"

"That's right." Jiang Yu smiled and said truthfully: "This makeup was specially invented for Su Ye! I was inspired by her experience. I searched a lot of her news on the Internet and knew that she fall of a horse. It must have been very painful, so I had the idea of applying such a makeup look. I hope my makeup can give her strength. As for why I moved the blush to the middle, that’s because the scar on Su Ye’s face is under her eyes. The blush position happens to be able to block Su Ye’s faint scar. Of course, the story I’m telling you has also obtained her consent, so you can publish it in the magazine as it is."

Zeng Yanan was silent for a long time before speaking. The makeup was very beautiful, but what was even more amazing was that Jiang Yu could have such a heart!

Zeng Yanan was deeply shaken and her eyes were warm. She hugged Jiang Yu and said with emotion: "Good girl!"

Jiang Yu was startled, then smiled and hugged back.

Upon seeing this, Durres touched his arm and shivered: "You women! My goose bumps are all up!"

Jiang Yu and Zeng Yanan looked at each other and laughed in unison.

"By the way, Jiang Yu!" Durres did not forget to ask: "What is the name for this makeup?"

Jiang Yu had been busy designing clothes for Su Ye and because Gu Shenliu's suit was also not finished yet, two of them were being made at the same time. Both clothes required heavy labor, making her very busy during this time. Even so, she finished the clothes very carefully.

Soon it was time to record the show.

At the request of Su Ye, she brought the clothes and went to the recording site of <Base Camp> with Su Ye.

Jiang Yu entered a TV station for the first time. When she walked in, she saw stars and staffs coming in and out. Watching them wearing all kinds of clothes with all kinds of styles, Jiang Yu was silent. She promised in her heart that one day she would become a hot and well-known stylist again, and write her story in the circle.

Su Ye went to the dressing room, and after saying hello to everyone, she sat down in front of the makeup mirror and readied herself to be styled by Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu took out the clothes she had made at this time.

Seeing the dress, Su Ye was stunned. She hesitated for a moment, then asked: "Jiang Yu, although this dress is beautiful, isn’t it too plain?" She was obviously dissatisfied!

"No!" Jiang Yu said with certainty.


"But this dress will not look dazzling enough under the suppression of other stars? Won’t it look dull and disputable?" Jiang Yu continued Su Ye words.

Su Ye was stunned for a moment, and then smiled, "Since you know my mind, you shouldn't bring such plain clothes!"

Jiang Yu seemed to have expected Su Ye to say this, she smiled and said very seriously: "Su Ye, think about it. For an injured movie star, even if you don't fight or grab attention with others, the audience will unconsciously pay attention to you. At this time, if you are dressed up very brightly, the audience will be able perceive your thought that you want to compare with the others."

Su Ye fell into deep thought when she heard these words.

Jiang Yu continued with a smile: "Have you ever thought about how to dress up for this occasion to attract the audience? Do you think other stars wouldn’t dress brightly? So, what we have to do is to act against the current. Don’t fight or grab, just stand on the side, smile faintly with a slightly sad expression. This kind of image conforms to the image of a queen who returns as a butterfly. With this, when the audience sees you, they will feel sorry for you their heart. Oh! Su Ye is so pitiful standing alone looking so lonely! Has the injury make a great impact on her? But the dress she wears is so beautiful, d*mn! Then everyone will be your fans!"

Su Ye suddenly laughed when she heard this. She was completely persuaded by Jiang Yu. "How do I feel that you know the entertainment industry better than me?"

"Thank you for the compliment! I just think about the problem from the audience's point of view." After speaking, Jiang Yu continued to smile: "With the makeup I specially invented for you, I promise you can have a beautiful turnaround."

"The makeup specially designed for me?" Su Ye was obviously surprised. She looked back at Jiang Yu in confusion, "What is the name of the makeup you invented for me?"

Jiang Yu squinted her eyes, the corners of her lips raised, and three words came out from her red lips: "Su Ye Makeup!"

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