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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 48

WBVDEC Chapter 48 – Variety Show

Jiang Yu returned to her residence and dealt with the follow-up issue of canceling cooperation with Jiang Chao. Because when working with Jiang Chao at first the situation was special, the two didn't sign a long-term cooperation contract at all. So it was not too much trouble to terminate the cooperation.

Jiang Yu learned a lesson from this, so she intended to co-operate with Cheng Quanyou for only three batches first. After she affirmed the interests, she then would sign very detailed cooperation terms with him.

Last time, Cheng Quanyou had Su Ye’s dress made for Jiang Yu, and she was very satisfied. The clothes completely exceeded Jiang Yu’s expectations in terms of style and workmanship. More importantly, Cheng Quanyou reported very few defects in the finished goods.

"President Jiang." Zou Xiaoyu walked over and said: "Last time you reported a complaint against several shops that copied our clothes, Taobao officials gave a verdict and deleted the other party's listings."

"Good!" Jiang Yu smiled with her lips curled.

"This is really happy! Don't worry, I will always pay attention to imitations from now on. I will report them as soon as they appear."

"Okay! I will leave it to you to report in the future." Jiang Yu smiled lightly.


Jiang Yu knew that imitations wouldn’t be so easy to erase. From now on, in addition to preventing leaks from the factory, she also had to improve the craftsmanship of her clothes so that small workshops couldn’t even imitate them at all!

The weather was good on the weekend. Although it was late autumn, the sun made people feel like they were in early spring. There was no wind, and Jiang Yu was lazily exposed to the sun. She opened the loft’s floor-to-ceiling curtains and did zumba in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows for half an hour. After this, she planned to take advantage of the opening of her pores and take good care of her skin.

Jiang Yu first applied Kiehl’s Amazonian White Clay Cleansing Mask on her face. This product had a good cleansing effect and was relatively gentle. The white clay was able to clean the dirt from the skin pores and improved the skin's absorption capacity. After 15 minutes, she washed off the mud on her face and applied Fresh Rose Mask. After opening this mask, there was a very nice smell of roses, which made people feel good. The effect of moisturizing was also very good!

Jiang Yu had always liked this mask. Again, she only applied a thin layer and washed it off after 15 minutes. At this time, her skin had been cleansed very thoroughly. Her face had been well moisturized. She touched his skin, it was very hydrated and elastic. After all, she was still young! Although she often stayed up late, she quickly recovered.

After finishing her skin care, Jiang Yu posted the masks to the Internet and recommended:

[If the skin condition is very poor, you can occasionally try to combine cleansing mask with the moisturizing mask or use sleeping mask. You can even combine the three together. But this is only suitable for occasional use as frequent use will cause excessive nutrition. This skin care is especially suitable for emergency treatment before a date.]

After speaking, Jiang Yu took pictures of several good facial masks she used and introduced them to everyone. She was busy on Taobao recently so she rarely posted Weibo. After seeing her post, netizens left comments like crazy.

——Dada, I also like to use these masks.

——Tabo Balls Dada! Why do I see the keyword dating again? Are you going on a date today?

——What a coincidence, my skin care method is the same as Dada!

——Please continue to recommend useful products, Taro Balls!

Jiang Yu Weibo post was just released but Taobao agents such as Su Xiaoqi hurriedly listed the facial mask recommended by Jiang Yu and marked them ‘Temporarily out of stock! Shipped in 2 weeks!’

That's right! The things that Jiang Yu recommended were so hot, it's normal that they were out of stock! Everyone seemed to be used to it.

Jiang Yu smiled and took a cup of coffee. She sat on the sofa to reply to some netizen's messages. She was very grateful as most of the netizens were very kind to her, although she occasionally encountered a few that was scolding her, but it was just a few after all.

At this time, her phone rang. Jiang Yu picked it up and saw that it was Gu Shenliu's call. "Hello." She squeezed her phone.

"Jiang Yu."

When Gu Shenliu called Jiang Yu's name, his voice was low and magnetic. It came from the other end of the phone and entered Jiang Yu's ears, making her feel that her ears almost got pregnant, and her body was numb. "Yes?"

"Come down and go to a place with me."

"Ah, okay." After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she picked up her bag and went downstairs.

Sitting in the car, Gu Shenliu looked up and saw a tall and thin girl approaching. She was dressed up but she didn't seem to be dressed up. She was just wearing a blue striped shirt with tight jeans. The neckline of this striped shirt was wide, and it looked like she was wearing her boyfriend's clothes. Her jeans and shoes were also ordinary at first glance, but they all looked very stylish.

To be honest, if this shirt was worn on an ordinary person, it wouldn’t feel outstanding. But when Jiang Yu wore it, her legs were thin and straight, and her hip line was high. Her whole body revealed an indescribable sexy feeling. This sexiness was not because of the lack of fabric, but from the self-confidence.

Gu Shenliu raised his lips and smiled lightly. Presumably, because Jiang Yu had such a face and figure, she wore anything just like wearing haute couture.

Gu Shenliu opened the car door for her. After both of them were seated, Jiang Yu asked, "Where are we going today?"

Gu Shenliu said, "Work."

"Work?" Jiang Yu could understand after thinking about it for a moment. With Gu Shenliu's popularity, there would be no time for a vacation at the end of the year. How could he spare a day alone to play with her?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu smiled without objection.

Gu Shenliu glanced at Jiang Yu and chuckled impenetrably, "You have to do me a favor today!"

"Okay, if you need my help, just say it."

"It's not a big deal, you just need to go into battle easily, don't be nervous."

"So mysterious?" Jiang Yu was puzzled.

Gu Shenliu didn't answer.

Waiting for the car to stop, Jiang Yu was surprised to find that they had stopped in front of Aiqiqi video website’s building.

Aiqiqi was a domestic video website. With the prevalence of the Internet and the popularity of smart phones, there were more and more video sites. Aiqiqi was one of the most popular websites in the industry, and Jiang Yu also often watched videos on it.

Gao Jing greeted them. When he saw Jiang Yu, he waved his hand: "Little Junior Sister, we meet again!"

Jiang Yu smiled and jokingly said: "Evil fate!"

"Haha! What nonsense!" Gao Jing glanced at Jiang Yu's clothes and smiled inexplicably. He said: "Little Junior Sister's clothes are quite appropriate today?"

Jiang Yu glanced at Gao Jing inexplicably. It's just visiting a TV station. What appropriateness?

Jiang Yu didn't say anything and the three entered the affairs department. And then, a staff member named Xiao Qian took them to a backstage dressing room.

Seeing Gu Shenliu, everyone in the audience stared at them, not just Xiao Qian. They stared with a vaguely excited expression.

The producer came immediately and greeted enthusiastically: "Shenliu, you are here!"

"Producer Chen." Gu Shenliu's expression was faint.

"Shenliu, it's great that you can come! You know the situation of our show as I have talked to you. If we continue to do this tepidly, I'm afraid this show will be cut sooner or later, and my heart felt bad."

Producer Chen had a good relationship with Gu family and he had a good relationship with Gu Changming, Gu Shenliu's father. Therefore, Producer Chen invited Gu Shenliu through Gu Changming. He wanted Gu Shenliu to give him a face and participate in this show.

Gao Jing explained in a low voice to Jiang Yu's ear: "The concept of <Star Wardrobe> is quite good, but for some reason, this kind of variety show is only popular abroad but it has not been able to make splash it in China. You also know that our Chinese celebrities have big persona, and the show requirements are too much for them. Many people found it hard to present their true side to the audience regardless of privacy. When this kind of show was made in South Korea, people would be able to see the celebrity’s real wardrobe, as even a condom will not be hidden away by the Producer. But it is different in China, no one knows whether the wardrobe they see is the real wardrobe of the celebrity. Therefore, the audience is not too enthusiastic with this show."

"The ratings of the show are not good and face the risk of being withdrawn. Because of this, Producer Chen wanted to revise the show in this issue. In order to start again, he hopes that this issue with Shenliu can help him raise the rating, and he hoped to see if he can use Shenliu’s star effect. The show is ready and Su Ye makeup is also very popular recently, so Producer Chen also invited Su Ye to come along."

Jiang Yu nodded secretly when she heard these words. She looked around, but she didn't see Su Ye. She secretly searched the Internet with her mobile phone. It turned out that <Star Wardrobe> was a fashion design show. A celebrity's wardrobe was moved as it was. The host revealed them on camera and then a team of designer analyzed the style of the items in the wardrobe to make clothes for the celebrities on the spot. They needed to change the look, let the celebrities take different styles, and made them shine.

"How will this issue be revised?" Jiang Yu asked in a low voice.

Gao Jing took out the program itinerary to take a look. He kept shaking his head: "Can a revision make the show go viral? I don’t think so! Everyone knows that this show is going to be closed soon! Originally, Shenliu said that he would not come, but he suddenly changed his mind for some reason. By the way, the itinerary said that this show is going to invite a pair for male and female amateur with a bad style. They will then ask Su Ye and Gu Shenliu to designate a stylist to help them change their image and make big transformations."

After listening to this process, Jiang Yu felt that it was much better than the previous show. After all, the previous show was really difficult to broadcast for a long time as there was no exciting point. Even she who was in a fashion department wouldn’t to watch that kind of show

"Taro balls!" Su Ye's voice suddenly came.

Jiang Yu looked back and saw Su Ye wearing a tube top and printed long overall skirt, even though it was late autumn. Although it was printed, the skirt fabric was very high-quality, not cheap like ordinary printed materials. It was dark blue color with green flowers, so it looked very retro and elegant. More importantly, the clothes were from Jiang Yu’s store.

Jiang Yu looked around Su Ye for a moment with a smile: "You are so beautiful! It's getting more and more beautiful!" The skirt was matched with Su Ye Makeup, so when Su Ye wore it, she looked like a poster girl.

Su Ye smiled, "Your clothes are beautiful! By the way, I only drew light makeup, and didn't do any hair styling. It just so happened that you came here, can help me with it?"

"Of course!" Jiang Yu finished, smiled, and helped Su Ye fix her makeup. She wiped off some places that were not applied properly. When she looked at Su Ye in the mirror and found the makeup satisfactory, she then started to help Su Ye with her hair.

Su Ye had medium length hair, so Jiang Yu specially picked a headscarf band that resembled the fabric of the overall and tied it on Su Ye's head. She braided Su Ye’s hair and blended it with the band. She also changed Su Ye's lip color to red. The result was, Su Ye's whole person became so beautiful! People couldn't help but think of her as a female star of Audrey Hepburn's era, living on the black and white screen and left people with such an unusual feeling.

Su Ye was taken aback. She didn't even know that she could be so beautiful. "Jiang Yu, you really have a pair of hands that turn stones into gold! Your hands can make magic!" She praised it sincerely.

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "What nonsense! Obviously you are originally beautiful! You can use this dress to conquer men later!"

Both of them laughed.

At this moment, Gu Shenliu frowned slightly and asked in a low voice, "Are you okay?"

Jiang Yu was startled. Gu Shenliu was sitting on the side motionless. He also glanced at her steadily, was he asking her to help with styling?

Su Ye blinked at Jiang Yu from the mirror. Gu Shenliu’s meaning was clear.

Jiang Yu coughed and walked over. This Gu Shenliu! What's so cool about being a Tsundere! If he wanted to ask her to do styling, just say it straightaway, if not, how could she know it!

"Little Junior Sister, there is no heating in this room, why are you blushing?" Gao Jing teased deliberately.

Jiang Yu glanced at Gao Jing. Her face was as usual and she smiled lightly: "You must be mistaken Brother Gao! You can go to the hospital's eye examination!"

"Eye examination? Little Junior Sister, the saying about turning black for being close to the ink is really true! When did you become as poisonous as Shenliu?"

After he finished speaking, Gao Jing continued to laugh: "Su Ye, look, isn't the face of Junior Sister very red?"

Su Ye just smiled silently.

Just when Gao Jing was proud, he heard Jiang Yu say again:

"Brother Gao, you should really go to the ophthalmology department! There is a kind of cosmetic called blush, you don’t know?"

"You bully!" It was obviously not blush! But Gao Jing couldn't say that and had no choice but to hide aside. He was drawing circle to curse Gu Shenliu's final appearance after styling to be low!

This was not the first time that Jiang Yu make a styling for Gu Shenliu. She was a familiar, but she still glanced at Gu Shenliu's face, a little surprised. Gu Shenliu's skin was originally pretty good and there were no dark spots or other things, but somehow, this time she noticed that his face had a few small blackheads. She swept her eyes and couldn't help asking, "You have been very busy these days?"

Gu Shenliu closed his eyes, enjoying the rare silence. He didn't know when he started to fall in love with the feeling of being close to Jiang Yu. She not only made his ears quiet, but also made his heart quiet. "Yeah." He was really exhausted as he was busy rushing to finish filming recently.

Su Ye answered: "Recently everyone is very tired. The movie has to be released in time for next year's National Day, so everyone is rushing. We hope to finish the filming soon and leave the rest of the time for post-production."

Jiang Yu responded and said: "There are a few blackheads on your face. From the position, it should be caused by improper cleansing or because of wearing makeup for too long. Plus, when people are tired, the condition of their skin will naturally deteriorate."

"Then?" Gu Shenliu did remember getting up this morning and found a few small pimples on his face, but he didn't care. Although he was in the entertainment industry, he only regarded acting as a job. He was a man and didn’t really pay attention about skin care every day.

Jiang Yu thought for a while and said: "Ordinary washing methods can only wash out one-tenth of the dirt on the face. Improper cleansing can cause pores to become clogged. This is Foreo Luna facial cleansing device I just bought. You can use it to wash your face. This cleanser can wash all the dirt out of your pores and it can also be used remove blackheads. It won’t hurt the skin, so I will give it to you." After speaking, she took out the face washing device from her bag.

At this time, Jiang Yu bought a few from abroad. She bought a few more to give one for each person, Su Ye, Durres, and Bei Xiaoxiao got one. The one on her hand was for herself and originally planned to use it herself, but she hadn't opened it yet. The reason why she gave this face washing device to Gu Shenliu was very simple. Because he really needed it! 

Secondly, Gu Shenliu had helped multiple times and Jiang Yu had never had the opportunity to thank him. Although the device was not expensive, it was also her sincerity.

Su Ye laughed in a low voice: "I also received one. You are blessed, Teacher Gu!"

This kind of thing! How could he use it?! Gu Shenliu frowned and was about to refuse. But he saw Jiang Yu had stretched out her hand and placed a round cleansing instrument in his plain white palm. The instrument was small, pink, and looked exquisite. It was very cute and very girlish.

Gu Shenliu was very disgusted, his brows became tighter, and his expression was very awkward.

Su Ye looked at him, dizzy with a smile. She smiled and said, "Teacher Gu, hurry up and accept it! This thing matches you very well!"

"Haha..." Gao Jing laughed until his stomach hurts. He said, "Shenliu, wash your face with this pink facial cleanser every day, your skin will be better!"

Gu Shenliu glanced at Gao Jing and snorted coldly, "I think you are purely jealous!"

"Jealous! You said I was jealous of you?" Gao Jing rolled his eyes and muttered: "You think I was jealous of you using a pink luna facial cleanser? Or jealous that you chased a girl several times but haven't caught up yet? You think I will be jealous at these things?"

Gu Shenliu's face sank.

Jiang Yu imagined that she was an invisible person. She wanted to find a hole to get in.

Su Ye blinked at Jiang Yu, as if she was saying the fact had spoken.

In the end, Jiang Yu said: "If Brother Gao likes it too, I will give you one later."

Gao Jing was stunned!

Gu Shenliu smiled.

Hahaha… Su Ye laughed again.

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