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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 38

WBVDEC Chapter 38 – Imitation Goods

Jiang Yu returned to Lu Yuan Community soon after. 

In the afternoon, when Bei Xiaoxiao saw Jiang Yu, she asked: "Taro balls, where did you go last night? You didn't reply when I sent a message."

Jiang Yu thought of Bei Xiaoxiao's weibo post last night where she said that she wanted to throw stone to the person that drew Mr. Pig. For some reason, she didn't dare to tell her about Gu Shenliu's suit fitting.

After thinking for a while, Jiang Yu said: "I went to a crew to do some styling and stay in a hotel nearby."

"A crew? Taro balls, did you style stars now? That's amazing!" Bei Xiaoxiao praised sincerely.

Jiang Yu entered the house with a smile.

"I don't know who to talk to when you are not here. I was heartbroken when I saw the picture uploaded by Gu Shenliu last night! Now this Weibo has turned fans crazy and everyone is guessing who this woman is!"

Jiang Yu responded with a guilty conscience and opened Weibo only to see that Gu Shenliu's post had been forwarded by 180,000 people and 300,000 comments! The fans below were wailing.

——I feel like I’m broken in love. It was just a picture, I can’t imagine what should I do if my idol sends out the news of love? Should I just jump off the building?

——I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it! This is just your guesses! It's impossible for my idol to fall in love!

Jiang Yu almost had the illusion that she was Gu Shenliu's underground lover. She was a little puzzled. It was a wrong guess, but even if it was true love, this was nothing great. "Aren’t the fans’ reaction too big?"

"You don't understand!" Bei Xiaoxiao sighed and said with a broken-hearted expression, "Gu Shenliu is different from other stars. He has never been reported in a love affair. So when it is suddenly like this, fans can't stand it."

"Oh." Jiang Yu responded indifferently. She closed Gu Shenliu's Weibo and started replying to her own Weibo messages.

Yesterday’s post introducing Syn-Ake eye mask was very popular. Although this tub of eye mask was not look, it was a really good mask. Now there were many different masks on the market. Some women loved cheap products bought masks from the supermarket. They prefer that mask because they felt that there were a lot of essences in the bottle, which should be a good thing. However, in fact, a lot of essences instead prove that the mask was not good. It was because many manufacturers would add industrial gel to the mask. They were thick so looked like the mask had a lot of essence, which gives fans the illusion that the mask was good. On the other hand, the more expensive the mask, the less the essence, it was just like a miser. If the mask was kept always open, it would dry quickly, as if there was no essence at all. The reason was because genuine essence was expensive, no brands would just gave away excess for nothing.

Jiang Yu answered everyone's questions. Because of her Weibo, the eye mask was noticed by many people, which caused it to be out of stock on Taobao.

Jiang Yu suddenly felt that these brands should send her advertising fees.

Unknowingly, the time to launch the new batch of clothes came. This time with more team members, Jiang Yu didn’t need to worry about uploads, typing descriptions, after-sales service, customer service... She just needed to do a good job of overall planning.

"Are you ready for the new project?"

"Of course!" Bei Xiaoxiao said confidently: "Just wait to collect the money!"

It was still released at 8 o'clock. When the time came, Jiang Yu didn't stay by the laptop, but went to the bathroom to take a shower. It was 8:30 when she came out, she asked while rubbing her hair: "Is the clothes sold out?"

Bei Xiaoxiao glanced at Jiang Yu, frowned and shook her head: "Not yet, I don't know what's going on. Today, the clothes is not selling very well. Even on the main item that everyone is clamoring for, there are still more than 500 pieces left unsold. In the past, they would all be gone by now!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu was startled and opened Taobao in disbelief. It's really not sold! It's been half an hour but none of the treasures were sold out.

What's going on here?

Jiang Yu looked at the Taobao page in disbelief and thought about the reason. At this moment, customer service Zou Xiaoyu suddenly opened the door and said anxiously: "Ms. Jiang, it's not good! Something big happened!"

"What's the matter?" Jiang Yu frowned.

Zou Xiaoyu came directly to Jiang Yu’s laptop and opened the search box and typed in the words < Jiang Yu Same Style >. Soon, several of the same clothes popped out. These babies used pictures and clothes taken by Jiang Yu. The clothes sold are also Jiang Yu clothes, that is to say, Jiang Yu clothes now had imitation versions on Taobao.

In a big counterfeiting country like China, it was normal to have imitations. Jiang Yu was not surprised at all. In fact, since she posted the design drawings and clothing photos on Weibo in advance, she thought such a day would definitely came as the design drawing was not kept confidential. The reason why she was not afraid of being copied by others was because even if she didn’t display the design drawing in advance, the same thing will still happen. If other people really wanted to make an imitation version, they only needed the picture. This was why it could be successful. There were so many merchants on Taobao who stole pictures directly from Korean websites to make clothes in China.

Jiang Yu was not afraid of being copied by others. If no one was copying her brand proved that she had no attention. Now, her self-made brand was like a small sapling. It would definitely be inseparable from the wind and rain in its growth process. In places like Taobao, plagiarism was impossible to prevent, but fortunately, her clothes could generally be sold out in half an hour, so the loss wouldn’t be big.

But if it was a physical store brand, Jiang Yu would definitely not operate in this way. The physical store brand had to prepare clothes six months or even a year in advance, as ordering meeting was held in advance. In such a company, the entire year's operation of the company would be in chaos if the design drawing were leaked. It would not only bring losses to the company, but could also potentially make rival company earn a lot of profits.

"Ms. Jiang, you have to know that some of our customer services were all mad at seeing this situation! We worked so hard to photograph the clothes but they copied it directly!" Zou Xiaoyu said anxiously.

Jiang Yu's complexion did not change. She pondered for a moment before asking: "I remember Taobao can directly complain about stealing pictures?"

"Yes, we have already filed a complaint, but we have to wait for Taobao to accept it. Maybe it will take two or three days. In these two or three days, these fake stores would have sold a lot of clothes already."

Jiang Yu didn't say anything. She clicked on the page with the number one sales. The store sold Jiang Yu's newly released black long coat. The coat reached mid calf and looked great. It was of a good quality just like big name brand item.

But, what was strange was that the price of the imitation coat was actually 899 and available to purchase right away.

It shouldn't be! Generally, such merchants would wait for the original clothes to be shipped and then used that to make imitation. It should take at least 2-3 weeks to complete. Therefore, such imitation items would need to be set to preorder only. If compared with the original clothes, most people would definitely not choose pre-order over Jiang Yu’s ready stock items. But this one was different. The merchant named < Shencheng Wholesale Mall > actually promised to ship within 3 days.

Jiang Yu noticed something was wrong, she used Zou Xiaoyu's trumpet to log in and then clicked on the store to chat with the seller: "Boss, your clothes are the same as those of Jiang Yu's?"

Silky Rain: "It’s the same my dear. The quality of my clothes is exactly the same as that of Jiang Yu’s! If you don’t believe me, you can buy from both stores and compare them. I will guarantee to return money if not the same!"

Jiang Yu frowned. This seller was actually quite "considerate"!

Little Rain from Zou Family: "Are your clothes also ready stock? Everyone knows that Jiang Yu's clothes are designed by herself. How can yours be exactly the same as hers?"

Silky Rain: "Don't worry about trivial things. Anyway, I have the ability to get it for you so you can buy it quickly! This clothes sells very well. The important thing is that Jiang Yu sells at 799, but I only sell 650. It's nearly 150 yuan cheaper!"

Jiang Yu's brows frowned even more tightly. When imitation clothes were produced there was a risk of lowering quality to be able to sell cheaper but still afford the workers' wages. The cost of a piece of her clothing was already very low, so she didn't expect the other party to do a price war.

Little Rain from Zou's family: "Can you ship tomorrow?"

Unexpectedly, the seller said that she could.

"Taro balls, what can we do?! It’s no wonder that the sales are so slow this time. There are already so many imitations and their prices are lower. For more expensive clothes like coats, many people will think it’s good to be able to save more than one hundred yuan. They never thought about the different quality!"

Jiang Yu didn't make a sound for a while. She suddenly said, "Xiao Yu, you use your account to buy a piece of clothing and send it here." After speaking, her expression became colder: "I want to see where the clothes came from!"

"Okay, Ms. Jiang." Zou Xiaoyu quickly placed the order with her mobile phone and the seller promised that the goods would be delivered day after tomorrow at the latest.

At this time, there were already 3 styles went out of stock in Jiang Yu's store. Although it was slower than before, it gave her a little bit of relief.

At this moment, Jiang Yu received a private message on Weibo.

"Sister Jiang Yu, are you there?"

"I'm here." Jiang Yu replied.

The Little Girl Said Excitedly: "Thank you sister for replying to me. I really want to buy a piece of clothing from your house, but I am feel it’s not a good deal!"

Jiang Yu was taken aback and realized that the reason why the clothes in the store were not selling as good as before was not only because of the imitations, but also because of another important reason, double eleven.

In recent years, because on the day of Double Eleven most merchants would give at least 35% discount, this had caused people who love online shopping to develop a habit. They would just add the things they wanted into their shopping cart and on the day of Double Eleven, they would set an alarm to arrange what to grab at 0 o’clock, what to grab at 1 o’clock, and what to grab at 2 o’clock. Therefore, in the weeks before Double Eleven, everyone would suppress their desire to shop in order to save money by buying it on D-Day. Even if they wouldn’t save money, everyone seemed to feel that buying in advance was a disadvantage.

Jiang Yu suddenly realized that she was dealing with clothing shop in her previous life, but she was not proficient in e-commerce. After thinking about it, she replied: "These models of mine will not be available again on Double Eleven. You also know the rules of my store, each model only available one time and they will be gone when they sold out. I suggest you buy them if you like them. After all, there is a backlog of double eleven logistics and it will take a long time before you receive the goods."

After hearing this, the little girl no longer hesitated, she said: "I think so too. Then I will place an order now and look forward to your Double Eleven discount!"

"Definitely!" Jiang Yu assured.

Soon, the girl’s ID placed an order.

Jiang Yu realized her mistake, smiled, and reposted this chat on her Weibo saying: "Many people wonder if there will be discount on Double Eleven, I'm here to tell you – there will be discount for sure, but not these models! All the styles for Double Eleven will be new designs, so those who like the new batch don’t hesitate to buy early and wear it early! Otherwise, you won't know when you will receive the goods on double eleven!"

Because of this Weibo, the voice of "Ding Ding Ding" suddenly came one after another. People kept placing orders.

After 5 minutes, Jiang Yu reopened the Taobao backend and saw that the "Items on sale" column was already 0. In other words, all the clothes were sold out!

When Jiang Yu refreshed the store, she saw that the web artist had changed the setting and set the Taobao homepage as the preview of the next issue.

Jiang Yu took advantage of everyone's desire to buy, released the next issue of the selection map on Weibo, and took the opportunity to bring the Taobao link. For a while, the traffic on the Taobao stores reached a new high record.

However, even when the clothes were sold out, Jiang Yu's heart couldn't be calm for a long time. She thought about the words of Silky Rain and felt a bad premonition.

This thing troubled Jiang Yu for two days, so much so that she was absent-minded in class these two days. Two days later, she suddenly received a call from Bi Peijun: "President Jiang, it's not good!"

Bi Peijun's voice was a little anxious.

"What's the matter?" Jiang Yu asked quietly.

"You come back and have a look!"

There were not many classes this afternoon and Jiang Yu only have one elective course. The teacher was playing professional-related advertisements for everyone to appreciate. Jiang Yu had seen these advertisements many times in her previous life, so she asked Bei Xiaoxiao to help her watch, skipped class, and returned to Lu Yuan Community.

Jiang Yu entered the company and saw Bi Peijun walking over with a black coat: "President Jiang, look!"

Bi Peijun handed the coat to Jiang Yu.

For a long time, Jiang Yu felt that no matter how good an imitation was, it wouldn’t be as good as the original one. For example, brand-name bags were imitated very frequently in China, especially bags like LV. But still, they were only similar at a glance. Technically they were still far away from genuine goods.

Another example was sports shoes such as Nike and Adidas. Imitation shoe technology was simply at their pinnacle. This fake shoes industry could even make rival like Adidas and Nike join forces to fight counterfeiting. This could show how crazy it was. It was really hard to tell the authenticity of the fake sneakers from the genuine ones. Therefore, for a while, Alibaba’s foreign platforms were flooded with Chinese fakes. These fakes were bought by foreigners thinking it was genuine, but still, these shoes wouldn’t be as comfortable as the genuine product.

Therefore, when Jiang Yu first saw someone imitating her own clothes, she was not worried. She felt that the workmanship of her clothes was difficult for others to imitate. Besides, who else could make clothes from scraps at no cost like her?

Unexpectedly, when Jiang Yu touched the coat, she suddenly felt a throb in her heart. The fabric and feel of the coat were exactly the same as the original one!

Jiang Yu's complexion suddenly sank.

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