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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 47 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 47 – Beating Someone (2)

Jiang Yu sneered, it seemed that Jiang Chao could not sit still anymore!
She answered the phone, her tone was flat: "Boss Jiang."
Jiang Chao squeezed the phone, not at all calm in his heart, he hurriedly said: "Sister, I want to ask, why you didn’t send the design drawings for the next batch? Please say the reason so that Brother can explain to the workers in the factory that are still waiting for your orders!"
Jiang Yu chuckled lightly, "Boss Jiang, you can take someone else's order first."
Jiang Chao stagnated. His heart sank suddenly. The original terms of the cooperation did not stipulate that the factory could only take orders from Jiang Yu, but now business was not good, and there were many factories in Shencheng. Because of the high rent and high cost, local clothing prices had remained high. Now, among the customers of the factory, Taobao merchants were big clients. Selling on Taobao had always been a low-price competition, so in order to keep the cost down, local merchants basically go to Guangzhou to find factory for production.
It's not that Jiang Chao didn't want to cooperate with others, but he really couldn't find other orders. If he could find it, when the Japanese client broke the contract, his factory wouldn’t be facing bankruptcy immediately.
Jiang Chao was in a hurry and said quickly: "Sister, that's not what I said. If you have the designs ready, you can send it to me first."
To be honest, Jiang Chao had a bad premonition. After all, Jiang Yu had been less enthusiastic about him recently.
Jiang Yu smiled, her tone alienated: "Boss Jiang, don't you have someone else to cooperate still? I already have a new cooperative factory."
Jiang Chao's heart sank. He almost jumped up in a hurry: "No, Jiang Yu, what do you mean? We are cooperating well, how can you find others to cooperate? Why don't you tell me about this in advance?"
"Speak in advance? Boss Jiang passed my clothes around and sold them to others. Did you tell me this in advance?" Jiang Yu was not angry and her tone was still calm. Having worked in the industry for many years, she had become accustomed to try not to engage with others as much as possible. Even to this point, she still cared about each other's faces.
Jiang Chao's heart became cold, as if a basin of cold water was poured on top of his head. He knew that he looked down on Jiang Yu too much. She was only 20 years old but could already make 80 million turnover on Double Eleven. This was not something ordinary girls could do! Because he was able to make a fortune thru Jiang Yu, it made him feel big. He forgot the pain of going bankrupt at the beginning and started to want more money. He forgot to hold the bottom line.
Jiang Chao’s heart was uncomfortable. Jiang Yu was even more famous now, if he hadn't been blinded by greed at the beginning, how could he have done that kind of thing!
Jiang Chao said quickly: "No, sister, give this brother another chance! It was an accident! It was an accident done by the workers in my factory, it wasn't me..."
Jiang Yu didn't believe this. Which worker would steal so many clothes from the factory and went unnoticed?
Jiang Yu smiled: "Boss Jiang, this is it! Let’s not delay each other's time!"
After speaking, Jiang Yu's eyes condensed and she hung up the phone directly. She was a softhearted person and wouldn’t hesitate to help people in need, but if the other party returned the help with betrayal, they shouldn’t blame her for not remembering her old feelings.
Jiang Chao looked at the hung-up cell phone and his heart sank to the bottom. Jiang Yu was really ruthless! She didn’t even leave him a little bit of face! This was the same as if she was pushing him to bankruptcy! However, he also acknowledge if he didn’t do that since the beginning, Jiang Yu would not be so unrelenting.
Thinking of this, Jiang Chao sat on the ground and choked. He suddenly had the urge to weep.

Because she was busy with Taobao, Jiang Yu didn’t have time to go to Fang Huai to stare at the casting of the TV series.
There was no class this Friday afternoon, so Jiang Yu went directly to Fang Huai's.
"Jiang Yu, are you here?" The small crew was short on staff and the staffs were all students. Fang Huai himself had multiple roles. He sighed straight at Jiang Yu: "Here, see for yourself! Although there are many people applying, none of them can be used!"
There were few opportunities to get ahead in the entertainment industry. Although it was a small-cost TV series, there were still many people who sharpen their heads and drill in.
There were quite a few people who came to apply for the female lead role, but there was no one with special characteristics. Jiang Yu saw that all the girls present seemed to be coming from the same hospital. Even though their faces were rectified, they did not make people comfortable. No wonder Fang Huai couldn't appreciate them. If he hired such a female lead, then the drama would definitely not be popular.
Jiang Yu made money on Double Eleven so she now had more money to do things well. Now that she was confident she had enough, she plans to invest more so that the drama could be filmed decently and become a live advertisement for her brand.
"Then what do you think?" Jiang Yu asked.
"Actually..." Fang Huai only felt a headache. "The script hasn't been settled yet and the casting also not satisfied. I have a chaotic rhythm!"
"It's really not good..." Jiang Yu thought for a while and frowned, "You can find professional actors to act. The kind who are not well-known, but have good acting skills, we can offer more pay."
"How much?" When Fang Huai became a director and almost a producer, only then did he realize that money was easy to spend, but hard to make! Their drama was originally produced at a low cost because the theme was very difficult to pass the review test. If it couldn’t be broadcast in the end, it would still be a problem to get back the investment spent. He didn’t want Jiang Yu to lose money, therefore, he tried to save as much as possible.
"Jiang Yu." Fang Huai pushed the round eyes on the bridge of his nose, "Do you think we can really make this drama?" To be honest, he was beginning to lose confidence. Professional actors didn’t want to act in low-cost dramas while the people that wanted to have no acting skills or their appearance were not good. If he found someone that met his requirements, the pay was a problem.
Fang Huai was even a little discouraged.
Jiang Yu was not intimidated by all this, she warmly encouraged: "Fang Huai, don't be discouraged. Everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as things are settled down, the rest will go smoothly."
Jiang Yu was at the level of a goddess, when she encouraged Fang Huai at close range, he blushed directly.
Jiang Yu said again: "Let's finish the script first. Actually, I have an idea."
"What idea?"
Jiang Yu groaned: "There are too many online dramas now, and every website can produce many dramas in a year. But after the online dramas are filmed, mostly the audience doesn't even know whether they are broadcast or not. I always feel that from casting, actors, and stories, web dramas are all inferior. Also the most important reason is that these dramas have no special features and cannot stand out compared to TV dramas."
"Features?" Fang Huai pondered over this word repeatedly.
"Yeah! Just like clothing, what everyone needs is really eye-catching things, not clothes that can be seen everywhere on the street. So I thought about it and planned to use 'fashion' as the theme of this drama. From dressing to makeup, our show is trend-leading, creating a real fashion show!"
This idea was indeed very attractive, Fang Huai admitted that he was upset by Jiang Yu's words. However, the reality was cruel. "Do we have that much capital?"
"Leave all the makeup and clothing to me!" Jiang Yu took the difficult things down.
Fang Huai was a little moved, but he still said, "But you will be too busy if you do it alone. There are so many people in our play!"
This was a problem. Jiang Yu had also thought about it so she asked Bi Peijun to recruit people. Bi Peijun recruited a lot of professional makeup artists, but it’s not easy to find designers. Many available designers in the market didn’t have their own ideas and those who really had ideas had gone to big companies. She didn't like the ones that were left.
"Allow me to think about it again. Now the urgent matter is to get Mahua Big Cake to perfect the script, highlight the fashion elements, decrease the drama of the heroine in the entertainment circle and focus on the heroine’s fashion after she had transmigrated instead. Change the theme into a counterattack process of becoming the queen of fashion."

Fang Huai nodded straightforwardly: "You have a good idea! Can I give Mahua Big Cake your contact information and let her contact you?"
After the two talked, Fang Huai went to interview lead actresses and Jiang Yu went around.
At this moment, an actress came in for an interview and Fang Huai watched from the camera. The actress was in front, but somehow, his eyes was more attracted to Jiang Yu who was standing behind.
Jiang Yu was tall and she had a different aura even in flat shoes. She was young and her face was tender. Although she had light makeup on, the collagen on her face still rushed straight out, as if it was about to overflow from the screen. Her face was small and her body looked thin, but her face was a bit fleshy. This made her facial features very three-dimensional. In terms of appearance and temperament, she could be considered first line in the entertainment industry.
Fang Huai couldn't help but shook. He suddenly he had a bold idea from the bottom of his heart.
Jiang Yu turned around and basically agreed on the details of the play's styling. She was about to leave, but saw Fang Huai hurriedly ran out.
Fang Huai gasped and said, "Jiang Yu, wait!"
"What's the matter?" Jiang Yu smiled. "Are there any satisfactory actors?"
"No! Jiang Yu, I don't know if I should say or not."
"Huh?" Jiang Yu smiled and stared at Fang Huai, "Just say it."
Fang Huai looked serious: "Um... Have you ever thought of playing the heroine by yourself?"
"Play by it myself?" Jiang Yu was startled slightly. She had never thought about this question. Gao Jing had always wanted to sign her before, but because she was used to the entertainment industry and she felt that she had no reputation and backing, she didn’t even think about it. She knew she wouldn’t be able to climb up without backing, so she rejected Gao Jing. When Fang Huai said this, she still subconsciously refused: "I don't know how to act at all. My major is fashion design."
"I know, but who born knowing how to act?" Fang Huai deserves to be a director. With first-rate eloquence. He persuaded: "Furthermore, the heroine's setting is of an ancient person who has traveled to the present. As a concubine, she must first have a beautiful appearance. Do you think it is easy to find beautiful actress? So far, those who have come to audition all makes me think ‘oh, this kind of person becomes a concubine, is the emperor blind?’ If the heroine is not beautiful, the audience will not have a sense of acknowledgement and it will be uncomfortable! This drama will be doomed to be unpopular! In terms of appearance, needless to say, even blind people can acknowledge your beauty!"
Jiang Yu was dumbfounded: "Not so exaggerated!"

"Okay, let's talk about a realistic question. Don’t you want this drama to advertise your brand? Don’t you want to improve your brand’s reputation? But have you ever thought that the clothes you design are relatively a style more suitable for a tall girl? Most actresses can’t meet your requirements! Can you imagine your clothes worn on someone who is not suitable for the design? I’m afraid that when you regret it, it will be too late. If the drama become a negative advertisement, the audience will have no desire to buy!"
Fang Huai looked harmless, but he was really good at getting things done. He almost moved Jiang Yu with his remarks. Yes, she absolutely couldn't tolerate the clothes she designed to be worn unsuitable heroine, but where could she find an actress who has model-like figure?
Thinking of this, Jiang Yu hesitated for a while, but after thinking about it, she still refused: "No, I am very busy with work! I am also busy with my studies! I have no time at all!" If she passed preliminary selection of the Youth Design Competition, then she wouldn’t have any free time at all.
"It's okay!" Fang Huai tried his best to persuade: "This drama is full of newcomers, so we can perfectly match your time. Besides, this is a drama that you invest yourself. No one will criticize however bad your act is. Don’t you feel tempted? Don’t want to give it a try? Becoming an excellent popular actress will not prevent you from becoming an excellent designer. On the contrary, more experience will make your design better and your popularity will also make your brand more popular."
Finally, when Jiang Yu hesitated, Fang Huai came to the ultimate lore: "In short, if the heroine is not you, I don't think this drama is destined to become popular!"
The sky was gray and the cold wind hit. Jiang Yu gathered her coat together, feeling a little finally. Fang Huai's words kept echoing in her heart. Be an actress? Filming a drama? Was this kind of thing that was not in her life plan really need to be done?
Jiang Yu was not sure. She returned home and thought about it for a long time. On a whim, she sent Gu Shenliu 121 a WeChat: "Are you busy?"
"In a bad mood?" Gu Shenliu 121 asked immediately.
Jiang Yu marveled at the tacit understanding between them, she smiled and said: "It's not that I'm in a bad mood, I'm just very hesitant. I invested in a TV series, but now the director wants me to play the female lead role. The crux of the problem is that I never thought about being an actress."
On the other line, Gu Shenliu frowned when he saw the WeChat. Jiang Yu invested in a drama? This should be what Bi Peijun should be talking about. This type of drama would probably only made into a web drama. Jiang Yu was a person with no experience in the matter, how could she invest in a drama casually? But with him, it would be different.
Gu Shenliu tapped his phone with his fingers one after another. Jiang Yu was a very opinionated person. She asked him this way just to get support on the decision she had made in her heart, she needed someone to push her.
Gu Shenliu 121: "A Weibo big V designer will not be blamed for not being a good actress."
After reading this, Jiang Yu suddenly laughed. Gu Shenliu 121 knew her too well, but in fact all she wanted was an approval.
Gu Shenliu put down the phone, thinking about Jiang Yu. The woman he liked was going to the entertainment circle. If he couldn’t even arrange this little thing, how could he be qualified to chase her? Thinking of this, he remembered that <Star Wardrobe> program group had asked him to participate, but he refused. He remembered that the other party said that he could take an assistant designer with him.
Then, let him pave the road for Jiang Yu and let her come to see the scenery in the circle.

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  1. It's getting out of hand like why do the characters keep asking her to do things. Like he is the director and now like they can't act on their own and need the fl to solve everything. Kinda annoying. Same with the magazine it's their job and they don't even have a topic to publish and ask their model to think of a topic like what. But i guess they need the FL to be OP and solved everything.


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