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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 43 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 43 – Mutual Flirting (1)

In the interaction between Gu Shenliu and Jiang Yu, anyone with a discerning eye could see that something was wrong. Was the stylist and the actor just working together? I'm afraid it's not that simple! A good actor must have very outstanding insight, good at observing words and colors. As a movie queen, Su Ye felt that she still had this insight.

Su Ye sent Gu Shenliu's picture to Jiang Yu, and said with a smile: "Taro balls, your Gu Shenliu is going to change careers to become a director!"

Gu Shenliu in the photo discusses the filming with the director and looked serious. 

It was not unreasonable to say that men who work hard were the most handsome. Jiang Yu's thoughts moved slightly, as if a cool breeze was blowing. She looked at the photo for a while, and then she responded, "Xiao Ye, you are kidding again! Since when did he become mine?"

"Why isn't he yours?" Su Ye snorted. "Silly girl, who can't tell Gu Shenliu's thoughts on you?"

Why did everyone say this? Jiang Yu didn't know why this group of people would think too much. It would seem that because Gu Shenliu over-indulged her, other people's feeling indeed could easily went to that direction. But she wouldn’t be arrogant. Even if she thought she was worthy of someone, she wouldn’t directly think that the other party would also have a good impression of her.

Jiang Yu smiled faintly: "You, it's a pity that are not an author with your ability to write a novel!"

"You still don't believe it?" Su Ye said with a smile: "Or we make a bet? Within half a year, you absolutely will plunge into Gu Shenliu's arms!"

"Okay! Come on! But you must know, my friend said Gu Shenliu belongs to everyone and cannot be taken over!" After speaking, Jiang Yu ended the conversation.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu looked at the picture of Gu Shenliu sent by Su Ye. She thought for a long time before finally clicked the save button.

Now that Su Ye agreed, Jiang Yu would not delay. She opened her chat and said to one of her customer service staff named Miao Miao: "Miao Miao, ask the new copywriter to match Su Ye's dress with text."

"Okay." Miao Miao returned with a smile: "President Jiang, do you want to sell the clothes Su Ye was wearing?"


"Great! I really wanted to buy that dress! Do our employees have internal discounts?"

Jiang Yu smiled. These girls always bought a lot of pieces for themselves a month. If this went on, they wouldn't make enough money. "Yes! Factory price for you!"

"It's great!" Miao Miao was happy: "It saves us a lot of money!"

Bi Peijun’s newly recruited copywriter was not a professional copywriter, but it was fate. Bi Peijun was unable to recruit anyone a few days ago when she came to Jiang Yu and told her about this. Jiang Yu then said: "You don't have to look for a professional copywriter for a Taobao store. Just go to a place like Douban and check a few, as long as the words have aura you can hire."

Bi Peijun took the order and strolled around. Sure enough, she saw a girl who wrote in Douban. The girl's writing made people feel quite sensible.

"Especially deep! I can't even understand it!" This was Bi Peijun's original words.

When Bi Peijun sent the girl's text to Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu couldn't help but smile. This girl named Jia Simi just bought a piece of cloth from Taobao and shared it with everyone. She wrote this text:

"The low-grade fever makes the mind dizzy, makes my lust flourish. A low-grade fever about lust, runs to the end of the world, and lets the body bloom on the tip of the tongue, confused, perverted..."

Although this text was not very good, it was exactly what Jiang Yu wanted. It had a sense of distance and a sense of superiority. This feeling was the key to allowing customers to get curious. She liked this kind of faint pretense...

Afterwards, Jiang Yu asked Bi Peijun to dig up Jia Simi, who was working as a front desk at another company.

When entering the job, Jiang Yu and Jia Simi had a chat. The two were very speculative. They chatted from Dreamland to Hitchcock. If continued they might even talk for three days and three nights.

Jia Simi’s job was to write and write! Therefore, she could contribute words to Jiang Yu at any time. She quickly wrote a paragraph about Su Ye's clothes: "The shudder hidden under the skin is because we are in our bones."

Of course, there were more than a dozen lines of words written by Jia Simi. Jiang Yu asked the other staff to copy these words in the clothes details. Put text on the top and photos below. In this way, the entire clothes description page became complete.

In fact, the reason why Jiang Yu’s store sells well was not because her brand followed the popular route. In fact, it was just the opposite. Her clothes were very small in quantities, and the reason why they sell well was due to her recent high popularity. Fans who liked her style had always kept up behind her. Every time there were new batches released, they would join in. It could be said that the loyalty of Jiang Yu's homemade brand’s customers was very high.

Jiang Yu asked Jia Simi to compose the text to increase fan loyalty and benefit the long-term development of her brand.

Soon, the team sent a preview of the dress worn by Su Ye on <Base Camp>.

"President Jiang, the preview has been posted, what's the price?"

The fabric of Su Ye’s dress was made by Jiang Yu people from Hong Kong. It was a high-quality fabric and was hard to find. The cost of such a dress was about 600 yuan. Also because the lace on the cuffs was not simple and required extremely high craftsmanship, the shipment would be very slow.

At such cost, the price of the dress if in Jiang Yu’s previous life must be more than 5,000. It was normal to set the price of clothing to be 10 times higher than the factory price, but now…

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu first called Cheng Quanyou. The two had chatted before and Cheng Quanyou had heard more or less about Jiang Yu’s popularity. Furthermore, probably because of Gu Shenliu 121’s introduction, Cheng Quanyou was very polite to Jiang Yu. He always promised that he would do the things Jiang Yu explained well, and Jiang Yu was very touched.

"Boss Cheng, Su Ye's dress, I have shown it to you and you quoted 600 yuan per piece, I want to know if anyone on your side can make this dress?"

Cheng Quan heard the words and said with a smile: "President Jiang, don't worry. Like I said, as long as you order things, even if I can't do it, I will still get someone to do it for you! There is absolutely no reason to shirk!" This was not bluffing. He had been knocked by Gu family, saying that this girl Jiang Yu was a member of Gu family. Although Cheng Quanyou's factory didn’t have a cooperative relationship with Gu family, because his son held an important position in Gu Company, Gu Linlu had introduced him to many businesses. 

If it weren't for Gu Linlu, Cheng Quanyou factory would have closed down a few years earlier. A person should be grateful, coupled with the influence of Gu family, Cheng Quanyou would definitely not slacken his efforts when helping Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "The fabric of this piece of clothing is expensive and cannot be stocked, so give me a few days first, and I will tell you the exact quantity."

"Okay Ms. Jiang."

Jiang Yu hung up the phone with a smile, and then she sent a Weibo:

[Everyone asked me for the same dress as Su Ye. The cost of this dress is very expensive, so I never intended to mass produce it. But because there are too many imitations on Taobao, I thought about it more. Rather than let others imitate it, I will just make it myself. But because the fabric of this dress is difficult to buy, after I asked the situation from one high-end fabric supplier in Hong Kong, I found it will take at least 15 days before it can be shipped to the factory for production. So this dress will need at least 20 days to 1 month to ship. If you can accept this condition, you can order on the store! The original price of the clothes is 1599. During double eleven it is 999 after the discount!]

——So excited! Only 999? I can accept this price. Although it is a bit expensive, this style is really the only one!

——I will support you too. If nothing else, just take it as I am sending you some money for afternoon tea with Su Ye.

——I really like this dress, the key is that it looks really nice with Su Ye Makeup.

——Does this dress really look good? Why don't I think so?

——Oops! I found that many people have the same taste as mine, but we are still girls from the Jiang Yu family!

Soon after this Weibo was released, more than 30,000 people responded to the comments below, and many people said they wanted this dress.

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