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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 47 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 47 – Beating Someone (1)

To deal with the villain, people had to use a special method. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu suddenly sneered: "I don't know that Yiyi knows me so well. You said I was nurtured?"

After saying this, Jiang Yu took out her mobile phone and clicked on the record button: "Yiyi, I didn't hear clearly just now so please repeat it again. I will record it and hand it over to my lawyer to solve. You can't talk nonsense willy-nilly. People should be responsible for what they have said!"

Seeing Jiang Yu said lawyer, Yao Yiyi panicked for a moment. But then she gritted her teeth and said: "Why do I have to say it again!"

"There is something you, Yao Yiyi, didn't dare to? Today, if you dare not repeat what you were saying previously, you just admit that you have no guts!"

Yao Yiyi stagnated and her expression was a little unnatural. Jiang Yu was no longer the little girl she used to bully. Now Jiang Yu was famous and rich, so she was difficult to deal with. Besides, Yao Yiyi really had no evidence that Jiang Yu was nurtured, everything was her own guesses. But she never expected that Jiang Yu would say the next sentence.

"Yao Yiyi, don’t think I don’t know. Are you afraid that I will tell everyone your ugly affairs? That day, you got into a black car that was not your boyfriend Sun Jincheng’s. I am not sure who is in that car. So... After I saw this, you were afraid that I would reveal your scandal so you spread my rumors everywhere."

After hearing this, all the girls talked a lot. Everyone stared at Yao Yiyi in disbelief. Yao Yiyi’s boyfriend was indeed called Sun Jincheng, but if Yao Yiyi had affairs with other men while still in relationship with Sun Jincheng... Gosh! 

"You are talking bullsh*t!"

Jiang Yu's complexion was cold, her voice condensed, "Who has evidence to prove that I am talking nonsense?"

Yao Yiyi could feel what it was hard for her to argue back. She was so angry that she almost cried, so she rushed forward tried to slap Jiang Yu. 

However, Jiang Yu was taller than Yao Yiyi and she had expected Yao Yiyi would go crazy a long time ago.

Seeing Yao Yiyi rushed over, Jiang Yu stooped to dodge. Yao Yiyi was wearing 7-inch high-heeled shoes and she couldn't stand firm after she rushed forward. She slipped and fell straight to the ground. On the fall, her face hit the ground. When she stood up, the classmates were dumbfounded.

Wu Jiatian, who was close with Yao Yiyi, pointed to Yao Yiyi’s face in disbelief: "Yiyi, why is your nose crooked?"

"Nose?" Yao Yiyi held her painful face and took a look at her nose with the reflection on her mobile phone. Sure enough, she saw her nose crooked from the base and something similar to prosthesis could be seen poking out. No wonder it hurt so much.

Yao Yiyi cried on the spot and she said angrily: "Jiang Yu! You wait for me! I won’t spare you!"

Jiang Yu blinked and shrugged innocently, "Yiyi, don't wrong an innocent. I didn't do anything. You didn't stand firm and fell down, how can you blame me?" After speaking, she smiled kindly, patted Yiyi on the shoulder and said: "Yiyi, where did you make your nose? It seems that the clinic hasn't done it well. I see how crooked your nose is, I think you have to repair it again. Go to the hospital to see a doctor! It won't be beautiful if you do the repair too late!"

"You…" Yao Yiyi was so angry that she couldn't speak! It would be okay if Jiang Yu directly scolded her, but Jiang Yu didn't say any swear words. She only smiled with that nasty smile! Yao Yiyi couldn't wait to go up and tear her face apart!

The classmates all started to talk. Yao Yiyi had always been very arrogant in the class. She pretended to be a person from a big city and had always looked down on Jiang Yu. She always says Jiang Yu was a country bumpkin and very homely! She also looked down on people who had done plastic surgery. Every day she said that this star had plastic face and that internet celebrity also had plastic face, but in fact she also had something done to her face as well.

Thinking of this, the minds of the students suddenly became more subtle. At this time, Teacher Zhou entered the class, he glanced at the situation in the class, didn't seem surprised, and only said coldly: "The classroom is a place to study, not for messing around! Whoever doesn't want to attend class, just go out!"

Jiang Yu sat back in her position and looked at Yao Yiyi coldly.

Yao Yiyi stood alone, bowed her head, and burst into tears.

Teacher Zhou asked impatiently: "Yao Yiyi, what are you crying for?"

Yao Yiyi said angrily, "Jiang Yu bullied me! She made me fall like this!"

Jiang Yu was really innocent. She still showed a generous smile to Yao Yiyi, as if no matter how mad Yao Yiyi was, she would not be familiar with the other party. "Yao Yiyi, the whole class can testify for me. I didn't do anything. You wanted to beat me, but I dodged. You didn't stand still and fell down, was that my fault?"

As soon as these words came out, the whole class did not speak. Teacher Zhou knew that Jiang Yu had not lied, so he said: "If your problem can't be solved, report to the class teacher to solve it. And you, Yao Yiyi, don't always target your classmates."

"No, Teacher Zhou, I..."

"Stop!" Teacher Zhou ignored Yao Yiyi's tears and said in disgust, "Student Yao Yiyi, this world is not centered on you! I hope you don't make the class atmosphere become misty and ruin the friendship between the other students…"

These words were very serious and the class immediately calmed down. Everyone did not dare to speak out.

Teacher Zhou finished speaking and asked Jiang Yu sternly: "Jiang Yu, why didn't you sign up for the Youth Design Competition?"

Jiang Yu sincerely admitted her mistake, "Sorry Teacher Zhou, I missed the registration!"

Teacher Zhou sighed and reminded: "Don’t lower your demands on yourself just because you are famous. The Youth Design Competition is an opportunity to prove yourself! This contest was very fair and will show people your pure talent and ability. You can’t just rely on the internet, only by winning a championship and speaking with strength, you can prove that you are really strong! Moreover, the first place in this competition will not only get a 150,000 yuan prize, but also get the opportunity to study abroad!"

After hearing this, the eyes of everyone present became bright. 150,000 was not a small sum, but studying abroad and going to a prestigious school like Parsons Design Institute was everyone's dream. Jiang Yu was no exception.

After hearing this, Yao Yiyi finally had a hint of joy in her heart. Yes! No matter how talented Jiang Yu was, she didn't even apply for the competition and was not qualified to compete with her at all! Thinking of this, Yao Yiyi's lips overflowed with sneer.

At this moment, Teacher Zhou sullen face frowned. He pulled out an application form and handed it to Jiang Yu: "I still have a recommended registration quota. You can fill in the form and hand it to me together with the homework!"

Yao Yiyi was startled. She stared at Teacher Zhou in disbelief. "No, Teacher Zhou, this is not fair!" The registration was obviously over, how could Teacher Zhou still have recommended places? Also how could he give this place to Jiang Yu?!

Teacher Zhou frowned even more. He said in displeasure: "The whole class has signed up, only Jiang Yu didn’t. Yao Yiyi, don't think that I don’t know what happened here! I don't care what you usually do, but with my knowing, I will never allow you to engage in school bullying! People like you in the past, was what we call an abominable school bully!"

After hearing this, Yao Yiyi cried directly. Teacher Zhou's words didn't give her any face.

Yao Yiyi was humiliated. She stared at Jiang Yu, clenched her fists, and said angrily: "Jiang Yu, don't think it's great for you to have Teacher Zhou backing you up, you wait for me!" After speaking, she ran out without looking back

"Great, taro balls!" Bei Xiaoxiao sighed, "I thought you couldn't sign up. The youth design competition is the most important event in the clothing industry. If you really get the first place, with this affirmation, your brand can go further!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yu raised her lips, "Okay! Let's work hard together!"

"I, my level..."

"Xiaoxiao, don't be presumptuous!" Jiang Yu smiled and patted Bei Xiaoxiao on the shoulder. "The clothes you designed are great. Didn’t you also sell more than 5,000 pieces of clothes on Double Eleven? Speaking of which, I will you the commission later today."

Five thousand pieces, the commission only would be tens of thousands yuan. Sure enough, there was meat if she get eat along with Jiang Yu! Bei Xiaoxiao smiled so that her eyes were narrowed together. She held Jiang Yu and rubbed Jiang Yu's neck: "My good taro balls! Thank you for encouraging me! Following you, I am a rich little woman now!"

"You…" After listening to the two’s conversation, the girls on the side bowed their heads, secretly regretting in their hearts. Although most of the girls in the class did not directly bully Jiang Yu, but their default behavior of letting Yao Yiyi go was tantamount to contributing to this school violence.

Thinking of this, everyone regretted in their hearts. If it weren’t for Yao Yiyi, they would definitely be doing well with Jiang Yu. After all, Jiang Yu was kind. As long as they didn’t provoke her, she would always be good to them. Just like Bei Xiaoxiao, if they also got along with Jiang Yu, would they also make a lot of money? It would be great if they could also make so much money...

For a while, everyone blamed Yao Yiyi!

Of course, Jiang Yu had no time to appreciate the careful thinking of the other girls. Now that she got the opportunity from Teacher Zhou, she would not waste it.

Jiang Yu participated in similar competitions in her previous life and won the championship, but at that time she was already well-known in the circle. She didn't even know whether she won the championship because of her talent or because of her fame. In this life, she was not well-known, and she was also a newcomer in the fashion design industry. Since she had the opportunity to participate in the competition, she had to cherish it.

In general clothing competitions, in addition to looking at the talents of students, it also considered an important aspect – the ability to design a series of clothing.

In a clothing brand, a designer shouldn’t just be able to design clothes, but should also be able to design a series, because most clothing brands had their own theme every season. For example, if the theme of one clothing brand this spring was [Full Spring] then people would see a lot of patterns with bright colors such as flowers, birds, insects and fish on the new spring products of this clothing brand. These main elements would run through every spring designs, even if it was not obvious. T-shirts, knit wear, jeans, and skirts, clothing brands always used special themes to make their new products unique.

Therefore, Jiang Yu thought for a while and planned to design a series of clothes to be submitted to Mr. Zhou as entries. If she wanted to make a series of clothing, she had to come up with a theme first. So...what would be a suitable theme for the entries?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu fell into deep thought.

The cold wind roared outside the window, hitting the glass from time to time. The students all went to eat during break, but Jiang Yu just sat in the classroom. Watching the depression outside the window, she couldn't help thinking of her own situation. She was reborn after a sudden death in her previous life, so... 

Jiang Yu suddenly had an inspiration, how about she call this work [Rebirth]?

Rebirth, the start of new life, redefine life! Thinking of this, the theme of a work that broke through the cocoon and turned into a butterfly gradually became clear in Jiang Yu’s heart. Fabric, style, fit, silhouette...

Once the theme was determined, all her designs would have a base. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu picked up her pen and began to draw.

"Jiang Yu, how is the progress for your drawing?" Zhou Zhou walked into the classroom and asked.

After working for two days in a row, Jiang Yu had finished drawing. She squeezed her eyebrows, a little tired, "It's okay. it's done."

"Where is it? Can I take a look?"

Jiang Yu didn't refuse. She turned on her laptop and said, "The manuscript and artwork have been made, you can read it yourself!"

Zhou Zhou and a few other male classmates gathered around. Everyone picked up Jiang Yu's manuscript and looked at it for a long time. And then everyone fell silent. They looked at each other and they all saw the same amazedness in each other's eyes.

In the design drawing, Jiang Yu took [Rebirth] as the theme. She explored new uses for all fabrics. Black and white was the main colors. In the design, the clothes boldly walk the edges and let everyone realize that they wanted to be reborn. They wanted to break the cocoon and become a butterfly! Just by looking at the design drawings, they could see the obsession to break the bondage from the sketches on the paper!

The level of Jiang Yu was already so high? Originally, they thought that Jiang Yu was famous because of good luck, because she was beautiful. The reason why she could design clothes for celebrities was just coincidences, but now that they saw Jiang Yu’s design drawings, they suddenly noticed the gap between themselves and her. If they were still preparing tools to climb the pyramid, at this time Jiang Yu was already standing on top of the pyramid, enjoying the high-altitude scenery.

"Jiang Yu, can you give us space to live?" Zhou Zhou said for a while.

"That's right! If you go to the competition with this, will there still be suspense about the result?"

"I also think Jiang Yu's work is better than last year's champion! It's over! I originally thought I could at least get in the top three, but now I may not even get the top ten."

Jiang Yu smiled: "Don't be discouraged, don't underestimate yourself. You never know how good you are, so let's cheer together! For the honor of the school, we must also win the championship!"

After hearing this, everyone was refreshed! Yes! Even if they lose to Jiang Yu, there was nothing to complain about. After all, Jiang Yu's works had already gone international.

In the second half of the month, Jiang Yu was free, which was rare. On Double Eleven, the customers could buy everything they want to buy, so, everyone in the team was very tired. After she signed a cooperation contract with Cheng Quanyou, to give her staffs some time to rest after the Double Eleven, she delayed the release of two batches. This was to make a buffer, both to give the factory some time to produce and to give time to tie up all Double Eleven remaining works. Because of this free time, she had some rare time to improve herself.

During this time, Jiang Yu read many foreign fashion articles and books. She found many new inspirations. The sun was shining on her warmly, making her couldn't help being sleepy.

The phone rang suddenly. Seeing the number displayed on the phone screen, Jiang Yu got up from the sofa, raised her lips, and smiled blankly.

It was a call from Jiang Chao!

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