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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 39

WBVDEC Chapter 39 – Trouble

Imitation goods were not uncommon, but they were never exactly the same. That was why the coat quality made Jiang Yu thought deeply. The point was that the imitation seller could go on the market at the same time with her. In just one week, after the sellers saw the preview picture she sent, they would need to search for fabrics and then found factories to discuss cooperation to make the imitation goods. So, it shouldn’t be so fast to even be able to do next day shipment at the same time as her, and more importantly…

Jiang Yu took a pair of scissors from the side. She turned the clothes over, cut the lining inside the clothes, and untied the threads, only to find that the color of the threads was also the same from the clothes of her store. If she still didn't realize what was going on, then she would have been in the circle for so many years for nothing.

"President Jiang, is there something wrong with the factory?" Bi Peijun had worked in a clothing company, and of course she understood the reason for this.

Although many factories say that they were only supplying to one company, they secretly supply to others. For a factory like Jiang Chao’s, it was difficult to serve only one family. After all, there were not enough orders. If the factory had the ability to deliver goods in 10 days, but it happened to be delayed to 15 days for Jiang Yu, was the 15 days only used to make the goods of Jiang Yu? It might not be necessary. 

If Jiang Yu ordered 3,000 pieces, the other party would probably produce 5,000 pieces, that’s why it was delayed to 15 days. When all the goods were driven out, some of them would be given to Jiang Yu and the other part would be sold to others on the market. In this way, the factory could both retain customers like Jiang Yu but also guaranteed the profit of the factory. At the same time, it would be said to the public that the clothes was the same with the one in Jiang Yu’s store to ensure that the clothes could be sold as soon as possible.

Jiang Yu naturally knew the twisted roads that had happened. This batch of imitation goods must have flowed out from Jiang Chao.

"Is there something wrong with Boss Jiang? President Jiang, should we go to him?" One of the customer service named Tang Qian was talking.

"Look for him? What if he admits it? Can we kill him? You should know that the goods for our next batch are still in his hands. Now it's no good for us to fall out."

Bi Peijun was a little sensible. After thinking about it, she said: "President Jiang, it seems we have to build our own factory."

Jiang Yu had planned to build a factory a long time ago, but the company was still unstable now, and the funds in her hand were relatively limited. In addition, she had to go to classes and would have to be busy with graduation projects next year. At this time, if she needed to build a factory she couldn’t spare the time.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu said: "Let's take our time in building a factory."

"Then this time..." Bi Peijun asked.

It would be wrong to say that Jiang Yu was not angry. A pig teammate could undoubtedly cause a lot of trouble for her. In fact, plagiarism was a problem that the design world could never solve. Maybe it’s because her designs in her previous life were often plagiarized, she already knew that the road to rights protection was long. After she experienced it too many times, she was not as angry as she was at the beginning. After all, even big name brand like LV wanted to kill brands that rely on plagiarism, such as Zara, Ou Shili, and Daphne, they still couldn’t prevent these companies from making money and also couldn’t prevent customers from buying it.

In the final analysis, the copyright awareness of domestic customers was too weak, the law was not sound, and there were too many people taking advantage of the loopholes. It was too difficult for Jiang Yu to change at once in such a big environment!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu frowned and said, "Zou Xiaoyu."

"Yes, President Jiang."

"Report the shop on Taobao that makes the same style and the reasons for the report are as these: 1. Misappropriating our pictures; 2. Selling fakes."

"Selling fakes?" Zou Xiaoyu recollected for a moment, and immediately understood the meaning of Jiang Yu. Now Taobao had strict penalties for theft of pictures and fakes. Therefore, it was easy for Taobao customer service to intervene if you report them using plagiarism reason. Taobao’s appraisal might be handed over to a general organization, but as we all knew, this type of appraisal was time-consuming and labor-intensive plus it might not even produce results.

"Okay, I'll do it right away!" After speaking, Zou Xiaoyu went back to the computer and began to compile words to report.

Jiang Yu thought for a moment, frowned, and then said: "Peijun, trademark applications and brand registration must keep up. Our company should also recruit other positions especially for design copywriting works."

For some reason, even though Bi Peijun was older than Jiang Yu, she didn't feel the slightest disobedience when she heard the other party calling her first name. She asked, "Want to hire a copywriter?"

"Yes." Jiang Yu looked out the window with her eyes tightly squeezed. In the clothing industry, it was impossible not to be plagiarized. What she could do was to improve the quality of clothing so that she designed, improve fabric, workmanship, etc. to the level that couldn’t be reached by small factories. If she did these things, the cost of producing imitation will increase. The greater the difficulty, it would largely inhibit the prevalence of imitation goods.

On the other hand, Jiang Yu had to label her self-made brand to make the brand’s image taller, maintain customer enthusiasm for the brand, and increase customer loyalty. With this, even if customers knew that there were imitations, they would not buy them. They would think buying imitation goods was a denial of their own taste. 

Because of this, Jiang Yu wanted to recruit a good copywriter. A good copywriter could write some very meaningful words and injected cultural connotation into every piece of design. In this way, when customers bought clothes, they would read the words written in the description. This not only enhanced their feelings for the clothes, but also made them appreciate Jiang Yu’s design and brand more.

But this time the situation was a bit special. It was not other seller who imitated Jiang Yu’s design, but there was a problem with the factory.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu’s complexion suddenly became cold. Her cooperation with Jiang Chao was only a matter interest. She did have the intention of pulling Jiang Chao at first and she even planned to let the other party earn more when her store was expanded. , Who knows that Jiang Chao likes to be clever, she didn't care about the other party last time about sending out defective goods, and she didn't expect such a thing to happen again.

Jiang Yu thought for a while and then asked Bi Peijun: "Do you know a factory with a stronger capability?"

Bi Peijun shook her head, "I haven't been in the clothing industry for a long time so I don't have the resources for clothing factories."

"Then I will figure out a solution myself." Thinking of this, Jiang Yu called Durres and said her intentions.

"Factory?" Durres thought for a while and said, "Taro balls, I will help you inquire, but there is no guarantee that there will be results."

"Okay, you can help me ask!" After talking, Jiang Yu took a taxi and went back to school

On the way to school, Jiang Yu heard her phone vibrate. She took out the phone and took a look, only to see Gu Shenliu's 121 message: "What are you doing?"

"Just about to go to class, how about you?"

"Work." After a pause, he sent again: "Across the screen, I can feel that you are not in a good mood."

Jiang Yu was startled, always feeling that Gu Shenliu 121 was really powerful. It was as if there was a camera installed on her body. "You are right. I'm worrying about the factory. The factory I'm cooperating with has encountered some problems so I want to find a more reliable factory, but I don't know where to start at the moment."

Gu Shenliu paused when he heard the words. He didn't receive a call from Bi Peijun. It was probably because of this matter. Hearing Jiang Yu's story, his thick eyebrows furrowed, and instead of replying immediately, he called Gu Linlu instead.

"Elder brother."

Gu Linlu, who received Gu Shenliu's call, was rather flattered. "Why do you think of calling me suddenly?" He as an elder brother, had always been aware of Gu Shenliu's latest developments from entertainment news.

"I want to ask if you know any clothing factories?"

"Clothing?" Gu Linlu squinted and smiled like a fox. "Since when did you become interested in clothing?"

Gu Shenliu frowned: "A friend needs help."

"Friend? What kind of friend?" Gu Linlu said straightforwardly, "female or male? Shenliu, you know, our parents have no hope for you anymore. As they have talked to you last time, they said you can bring both man and woman back."

"Who said I like men?" Gu Shenliu persuaded this group of people, frowning and said: "If you don't know me, don’t guess!"

Gu Linlu then laughed: "I know a few people who open a garment factory, but this kind of thing depends on relationship so I must give your friend a good introduction. If it is an ordinary friend, I will introduce it casually. But if it’s your girlfriend... then it’s our family’s person! Naturally I will help with my upmost effort as an elder brother."

Gu Linlu was treacherous and Gu Shenliu knew he was trying to force himself to show his attitude. He never liked to hide things from his family, so he said: "Brother! If it's a normal friend, I won't go to this trouble!"

"Oh? Then a female friend?" Seeing that Gu Shenliu didn't deny it, Gu Linlu said again: "When will you take her home for the parents to see?"

Gu Shenliu said, "It's not that far yet."

"Okay, then take your time." Gu Linlu seemed to be satisfied with today's conversation. He smiled: "I will surely take care of family as long as you take the girl home! The girl named Jiang Yu, right? I remember she learned fashion design?"


"That's good. I will immediately ask my secretary to make a list of factories for her to choose."

"Okay." Gu Shenliu quickly received the document from Gu Linlu and he passed the document directly to Jiang Yu.

When Jiang Yu received the document from Gu Shenliu 121, she jumped from her seat in shock.

Gu Shenliu actually listed to her several factories with good craftsmanship in the city. The list also named a few factories with good reputation. Such list undoubtedly helped Jiang Yu a lot. Jiang Yu replied in surprise, "How do you know so many people in clothing factory?"

"Family connections."

Jiang Yu never expected that Gu Shenliu 121 would help her, but after thinking about it, she also knew that a person who could reward millions to an anchor like her wouldn’t be just normal citizen. It showed that the other party's family condition was not bad. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu sent a symbol of love.

Seeing this symbol, Gu Shenliu curled his lips and smiled slightly. Jiang Yu giving him her heart, that's what he really wanted.

Jiang Yu: "Should I invite you to dinner?"

Gu Shenliu 121: "No, let’s see each other in the future."

With the list given by Gu Shenliu 121, it was much more convenient for Jiang Yu to do things. She quickly called all factories on the list to inquire about cooperation. Because Double Eleven was approaching, all factories were working overtime, most of the factory owners had no time to talk to her. Fortunately, one boss from Jianing Garment Processing Factory named Cheng Quanyou answered the phone and answered her politely.

Cheng Quanyou spoke slowly, unlike ordinary factory workers, and the words he used were also very deep. Jiang Yu talked with him a few words and she liked him more and more.

"Ms. Jiang, may I know when you will require the goods?"

"I have to do delivery in December!"

"December?" Cheng Quanyou thought about it. Generally speaking, Taobao double eleven goods would have to wait at least one month for delivery, but because he was not good at managing e-commerce resources, so most of his factory’s partner were stalls. Although he also had several partners doing Taobao, they were all small businesses, so he could handle it. "Yes, then do you have time to come to our factory?"

"Okay, I'll talk to you in detail when I come."

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she couldn't help but laughed. She shouldn’t put all eggs in one basket. Jiang Chao already made trouble, but he didn’t know that she already have backup plan. It's time for Jiang Chao to understand her temperament!

After finding the factory, Jiang Yu's mental dilemma was put down. She opened Weibo and read the comments of he followers. At this moment, Fang Huai sent a private message.

"Jiang Yu, are you there?"


Fang Huai said happily: "Well, I basically negotiated cooperation with Jinjiang and bought the adaptation copyright of Mahua Big Cake for 1.5 million yuan, but I was a little worried… If I find a screenwriter to adapt the script, I have to spend more money. This is also not a small expense."

Jiang Yu thought for a while and said, "I remember that there are often original authors who adapt novels and switch to screenwriters. Have you communicated with Mahua Big Cake?"

"I have this idea too, so I will find time to ask again." After a pause, Fang Huai said again: "Right, Jiang Yu, what do you think about the casting?"

Jiang Yu thought for a moment. Such youth dramas didn’t require high acting skills. It could be performed as well with only newcomers. The key was that the protagonist’s face must be recognizable.

Fang Huai said, "There are quite a few young actors who come, but I didn't find any suitable ones after watching them perform. Can you come to help me check this weekend?"

"Okay, see you this weekend!"

During this period of time, Jiang Yu went to school wearing clothes designed by herself, mainly because she was too busy and rarely had time to go shopping. In addition, she always looked at clothes from the perspective of a designer, so she became pickier with the clothes she wore. She rarely liked other people’s design so she just wore her own. She had long legs and good figure, so she looked good no matter what she wore. Every time she wore her own clothes to the cafeteria for meal, other students would point and discuss when they saw her.

"The clothes that Jiang Yu wears look so good!"

"Sure enough, the fashion department is different. The clothes they wear are very design conscious."

On this day, Jiang Yu went to eat in the school’s cafeteria where there were relatively few people. After she sat down, she asked Bei Xiaoxiao to take a picture of her.

"Oh! Your leg is at least 1.8 meters long!" Bei Xiaoxiao smiled.

In the photo, Jiang Yu had light makeup and had good complexion. Her white skin seemed to be tender and watery. The light rose red lip gloss made her look youthful and compelling.

Jiang Yu tied her hair up today, and her fragmentary bangs drooped at will, giving her a kind of lazy beauty. She wore a dark blue baseball shirt with embroidery on the back, spliced mesh material at the cuffs, and a very hip-shaped denim shorts. Matched with Gucci embroidered white shoes, it was a sporty style.

Jiang Yu directly posted the picture on Weibo with the text: "The meal in the cafeteria is delicious!"

——Meal? where? I only noticed a sweet taro ball! Hug Jiang Yu!

——The beauty is amazing! Everything you wear looks good! I want to buy everything you wear!

——Taro balls Dada, come on! I will always support you!

——Your legs are so long? How tall are you?

Jiang Yu replied: "170 cm 104 catties." (TN: 170 cm approx 5 ft 7 inches, 104 catties approx 62,4 kg or 137 lbs.)

Because of her slender frame, even when Jiang Yu weighted more she didn’t look bloated. She got curves in all the right places. It was the kind of body that looks good even without Photoshop.

Jiang Yu looked at everyone's comments and they felt very heartwarming.

Suddenly, a school girl approached and asked: "Senior Jiang Yu, are any clothes you wear available in the store?"

Jiang Yu smiled very kindly: "It's in stock, but you have to wait until Double Eleven!"

"Huh? Is this a new product for Double Eleven?"

"Yes." Jiang Yu said with a smile: "I have no clothes to wear recently, so I just wore them out."

Designers like Jiang Yu actually complain that they had no clothes to wear? The school girl suddenly understood why every time she complained that she had no clothes to wear, her mother always looked at her cabinet full of clothes and looked at herself with a caring eye for the mentally retarded.

"Senior Sister, is there a limit on Double Eleven? I often can't get your clothes."

"Unlimited." Jiang Yu smiled: "You come to grab it on Double Eleven. The clothes are 40% off that day, so you can get more!"

"Really? So do you have special offers for Shen University’s students also?"

Jiang Yu tilted her head for a while and suddenly said: "Let's do it! When the workers deliver the goods in the future, I will give you gifts for every alumni of Shen University!"

"Senior sister, you are so kind!" The school girl was so excited that she ran away holding her dinner plate.

Recently, the weather had turned cold and her skin had become very dry. Jiang Yu returned to the dormitory that night and took out Nuxe Multi-Purpose Oil that she had just bought. It's shiny, and it's full of gold dust inside. After using toner and essence, she dropped the oil into her face cream, massage it on her face after blending. Her dry skin then immediately become supple and the cream was also easy to absorb.

Jiang Yu smiled and took a picture of the oil, took a selfie to let everyone see her skin condition, and then posted on Weibo:

[Nuxe Multi-Purpose Oil contains gold powder. The oil can be used together with face cream before sleep or can be used with foundation in daytime. It can be applied on the hair or on the body to hydrate the skin... There are a lot of uses! More importantly, this golden oil has a very good appearance, and when applied to the body, it will have a sparkling effect under the flash, which can make your skin look brighter and suitable for friends who like to go to nightclubs.]

Jiang Yu just posted a selfie at noon and now she posted another product review post. Her followers were very happy.

——Dada, you have to post more Weibo, I’ll buy all the things you recommend, I don’t know why, I just believe you very much.

——I have used this one, it looks golden, but after applying it, you can't see the gold powder because the gold powder is very fine.

——I will apply this on my body and then lie on the beach to tan. I heard that this is easy to tan after applying a lot of it.

Jiang Yu replied: "A large amount of application will help in tanning, but a small amount will not affect in any way."

——I bought it! The price is more than one hundred.

After reading a few comments, Jiang Yu closed Weibo with a smile.

At this moment, Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly sent a WeChat message: "Jiang Yu, open your Taobao store."

Jiang Yu was taken aback and opened Taobao. There were already two blue crowns in her store's reputation column. The crowns were shining. Jiang Yu stared for a long time, and the corners of her mouth rose. 

It's great, her store now had two crowns!

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