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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 34 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 34 – Copyright (2)

Jiang Yu didn't understand. She squinted, frowned, and asked, "When did I publicize our store?"

"When?" The sales girl glanced at Jiang Yu and said with a smile: "The story of your battle against Chen Bixiang was a good start! The press releases all named Kafan, so who wouldn’t know that you are an employee of Kafan? In addition, Kafan’s WeChat will use you to make recommendations every day!"


Jiang Yu leaned in to the sales girl to look at her mobile phone. She saw a WeChat from Kafan’s official account titled [Stylist Jiang Yu takes you to do autumn moisturizing work.]

Jiang Yu looked at everyone with a complicated expression. No wonder the manager's attitude towards her changed a lot and so were the salespersons. This kind of sales work mainly relied on commissions. Now their commissions could at least be doubled. Each month they could bring home around twenty to thirty thousand, who would be unhappy to see her?

However, Jiang Yu didn’t like others to consume her fame. If she wanted to make money, she would have used Taobao to make a fortune. She wanted to talk to Kafan’s boss about dismissing her current job, but the manager was too busy to pay attention to her.

Durres was busy today and Gu Shenliu wanted her to go to the crew to do suit fitting tomorrow, so Jiang Yu had nothing to do. She quickly left Kafan and go home.

Back home, Jiang Yu lay on her bed, calculated the money on her account and sighed that her wallet was dry!

Excluding the new office’s rental and renovation costs, she only had about 5 million in her account. The amount seemed to be large, but in fact it was not enough to stock up. The current cooperation model between her and Jiang Chao was just labor and production, that was to say, except for special styles, the fabrics were purchased by herself. Everything else from fabrics to production was contracted to Jiang Chao, in this way, although she earned less, but she basically eliminated worry. In case Jiang Chao didn’t make the clothes well, she didn’t need to pay the other party.

Ordinary brands made clothing with high profits. For example, brands like Bosideng had a factory cost of only around 100 yuan but they sold the items for thousands at their stores. The profit was large, so there were more people doing it. Low-price production high sales had become the mainstream. At present, Taobao’s winter clothing market was also very competitive. Interested Taobao customers would notice that the price of Taobao clothing went higher in the past few years. The prices had risen while the sales in each store had not risen but fallen in recent years. Before 2012, many big Taobao stores could sell 20,000 to 30,000 pieces of clothing each day, but now the highest sales volume was only 2,000 pieces. This still didn’t include wholesale buyers.

The Taobao market was getting deeper and deeper and clothes were getting harder and harder to make. But even in such a harsh environment, Jiang Yu still wanted to do a good job in terms of quality. This year's autumn and winter clothes she made were all using good materials and had good quality. A few pieces of her upcoming down jackets even had over sized faux fur collars. They were the kind that could wrap people’s faces when put up. The materials for these collars were expensive but she still didn’t cut corners. The production cost for the down jacket reached 350 per piece but the appearance was very high! Besides her, how many people could do this on Taobao?

Jiang Yu had set unlimited sales for winter clothing on Double Eleven event. In this way, she had to prepare at least 12 million to stock up the clothing. Fortunately, the money wouldn’t be paid in front. She could wait to receive money from the sales on Taobao before transferring the payment to the factory. Only in this way she could barely make this year's winter clothes.

With this calculation, Jiang Yu’s funds were indeed very short. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for her to spend all the money to invest in the drama. After all, the company’s new site was still in renovation and it would inevitably be a big expense. In addition, she now had more than a dozen employees so she still needed to have some deposits just to ensure that her workers' wages would be okay. Because in doing online store, although she could make money, if there was an accident suddenly, who would protect? She had to put risk prevention first.

Jiang Yu talked to Fang Huai about this. She first gave him one million to start and said she would top up later.

Never mind one million, even if it was only one hundred thousand, Fang Huai would still be grateful, but... he sighed: "I asked Jinjiang and they asked a price of 2 million yuan. The copyright fee alone would cost a lot of money."

"Two million?" Jiang Yu thought for a while and asked: "How much money do you have?"

"Where can I get too much money as a poor student? But I indeed found some advertising sponsorship and probably raised 1.5 million!"

Everything was difficult at the beginning, but Jiang Yu would not be stumped by this little thing. She thought about it and said: "Let's find someone to discuss the copyright first! The author is a newcomer, and this will be her first drama adaptation. See if it can be cheaper."

"Okay." Seeing that Jiang Yu wasn't discouraged, Fang Huai was so excited. He patted his chest and promised: "I will go to the copyright editor to discuss the price now."

Fang Huai quickly sent a message and sighed: "Jiang Yu is very big, sorry, I didn’t manage to lower the price. The other party said that Jinjiang will not lower the price for a certain book, saying that two million is the lowest price. But she also said we can ask the author's opinion."

Mahua Big Cake was not a popular author in Jinjiang. Jiang Yu felt that the price could still be negotiated. After thinking about it, she asked for the editor’s Weibo account from Fang Huai and went directly to communicate with the other party.

Seeing Jiang Yu looking for her, the copyright editor who had seen the big wind and waves were also taken aback. Jiang Yu was an Internet celebrity and she was very popular. She also had Su Mang's red carpet dress to prove her compelling status. The editor had also seen Jiang Yu’s live video and learned to draw out of bath makeup from Jiang Yu, but the other party didn’t seem to have any intersection with her. Why did this Dada find her suddenly?

The copyright editor felt that she had just seen the world, but she calmly said: "Do you have something to do with me?"

Jiang Yu thought for a while and typed on: "Hello, I want to talk to you about the copyright of Mahua Big Cake’s book."

Mahua Big Cake? Recently, a young director also talked to her about this author. The director was a newcomer and didn’t have a dedicated team to talk about copyright fee so he personally entered the battle. With such a lineup, the editor felt that even if the copyright was sold, the book would be difficult to catch. She was basically not hopeful. However, now Jiang Yu also asked about this book, was it possible that they were together? "You know Fang Huai?"

"Yes, I want to invest in the drama adaptation of this book." Jiang Yu is straightforward.

"You want to invest?" The editor was obviously surprised. She knew that it’s hard to get broadcasting rights on transmigration subjects so it most likely would end up as web dramas. Now there were many web dramas in China. Just like reality shows in previous years, web dramas were the current trend. The production of web dramas was generally very rough and rarely gets hot, but if Jiang Yu invested on this, the crew wouldn’t need to worry about styling and makeup. The online drama world also relied on word of mouth. Once the word of mouth was good, it would be easy to be hot. "Well, let me ask the author's opinion."

At that time, Mahua Big Cake was sitting at her table gnawing apples. Suddenly, her penguin chat app sounded and her editor asked:

"Someone wants to buy your new book, please let me know if you are online."

Mahua Big Cake almost squirted out her apple. Her new book? The Mary Su transmigration book? D*mn! She was just playing with her brain when she wrote that book! "Who bought it?"

"A new director, I guess you wouldn’t know him, but there is an investor that you may have heard of..."

"Who?" The twist cake blinked.

"Jiang Yu."

"Cough, cough, cough..." Mahua Big Cake suspected that she was having hallucinations. It took a long time for her to type on the keyboard excitedly: "My goddess!!! Our only clear stream in the world!!! Editor, you tell the goddess I don’t need any money for the book, let her shoot it!!"

"... Mahua, be reserved! Well, if I remember correctly, you also from Shen University?" the editor asked.


"Although it is your college mates, we still need to settle accounts. The other party now hope the price can be lower."

"Tell her I will not take money! Let her take it for free! She is welcome!"

Seeing that Mahua was too excited, the editor sighed: "Forget it. I suddenly felt that the 1.5 million that the other party offered was good enough!"

Jiang Yu never expected that she would settle the matter in a casual chat.

Since investing in the drama, Jiang Yu still had the task of making more money. She thought about it and felt if the overall styling for the drama was done by her alone, she would be too busy as she still had the company and school to juggle. She definitely couldn't do it by herself. Thinking of this, she felt that she could take this opportunity to build up her studio and form her own styling team! She asked Bi Peijun to search for some experienced makeup artists and stylists.

Bi Peijun was worried after receiving this instruction. Experienced? Which experienced person would agree to come to a small studio? Besides, it was just a web drama. This was simply embarrassing her, okay?

Bi Peijun was worried but suddenly thought that she couldn't worry about this alone! She need to worry everyone together! Thinking of this, Bi Peijun called Gu Shenliu.

Gu Shenliu had just finished filming a fight scene. He was covered in dust.

Gao Jing took out Gu Shenliu cell phone and said, "Why did Bi Peijun call? Something to do with the company? Should I pick it up for you?" He still didn’t know that Bi Peijun went to Jiang Yu Company.

"No need!" Gu Shenliu who was hurt by Jiang Yu's ‘over indulgent face’ judgment recently chose to paralyze himself by filming. He frowned and answered the phone: "Hello."

"Boss?" Bi Peijun asked while holding the phone.

"Yeah, say."

Bi Peijun couldn’t figure out where this resentment tone she heard come from. Weren’t Boss and Jiang Yu in good relation? Why was it so heavy? "Boss, Miss Jiang Yu gave me a problem. She wants me to recruit makeup artists and stylists, experienced ones. Where do you say I can recruit so many people for her?"

Gu Shenliu took off the wire equipment he was wearing, frowned, and asked, "Why is she recruiting suddenly?"

"Jiang Yu seemed to be investing in a web drama. She wants to make a styling team for this web drama!"

Gu Shenliu pondered for a moment and said quietly, "I see, I'll arrange people for this."

Bi Peijun was overjoyed and said happily: "I know you care Boss. Speaking of which, you are really good to Jiang Yu, really, when a man meets such a beautiful girlfriend, who doesn't want to tie her to his body!"

Gu Shenliu looked slightly awkward when he heard these words. He seemed to say inadvertently: "These few days she..."

Bi Peijun quickly said: "She is fine. Apart from the director of the web drama, she basically has no contact with other men!"

Bi Peijun felt that she was too competent to be a little spy! The boss should give her a raise.

"That's good." After a pause, Gu Shenliu said: "She is scheduled to come to me tomorrow, remember to help her prepare!"

When the boss hung up, Bi Peijun stared at her phone suspiciously. Prepare? What to prepare? Was it possible… Bi Peijun's eyes widened suddenly. Was it possible that the Boss was suggesting that he wanted to eat Jiang Yu clean? She needed to prepare Jiang Yu to be delivered to the Boss to eat? The boss wouldn’t be such a beast, right? Oops! Should she put a set of protection in Jiang Yu's bag? After all, as an actor, it would be inconvenient for the Boss to go out and buy such things.

Bi Peijun suddenly fell into entanglement

Gu Shenliu hung up the phone, opened his WeChat page, looked at Jiang Yu's account, and was silent for a moment. After a few days, he really wanted to pull her over and ask what did she meant by over indulgence!

Gu Shenliu thought while holding the phone. It's not his style to progress this slowly. He really should do something.

At this moment, Gu Shenliu’s make-up artist Xiao Gao kept wiping his nose. Gu Shenliu stared at her for a moment until Xiao Gao felt flustered, he said slowly: "Xiao Gao, I haven't seen you on vacation for a long time?"

Xiao Gao nodded like pounding garlic.

Gu Shenliu curled his lips and smiled faintly: "I am not an inhumane boss, so you will pack your things tonight and go back to rest for a day."

Xiao Gao was stunned but she didn't delay even for a minute. She directly went busy packing things and ran away in a hurry.

When Gao Jing entered the dressing room, he saw the scene of Xiao Gao holding her makeup box and running away. He asked incomprehensibly: "Shenliu, where is Xiao Gao going? There will be another scene to film tomorrow!"

Gu Shenliu raised his eyes and said quietly, "She has running nose and ask for leave."

"What?" Gao Jing's lens wrinkled tightly and sighed: "What's wrong with Xiao Gao recently? She has to ask for leave for rhinitis? Isn't her rhinitis always attacking? Where can I find someone to replace her when she asks for leave? Other makeup artist, you are not used to it!"

Gu Shenliu seemed to feel the same way and his tone was low: "Yes, how come makeup artists nowadays are always making things wrong!"

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