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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 44

 WBVDEC Chapter 44 – Big Promotion

Reading this Weibo, Jiang Yu frowned slightly. School girl? Even when they met, she didn't hear Gu Shenliu calling her like this, as if they were close.

However, what was going on with Gu Shenliu? When the two met, he obviously didn’t talk much. He didn’t show her warm and closeness, but he always made some misunderstandings. What was this? The whole world came to ask her if they were related. She had a mouth but couldn't tell, and he also didn't say anything.

This mode... The wind suddenly wrinkled a pool of spring water. In layman's terms – run away after teasing!

The man had never said he didn’t know her, so he forwarded her lottery post directly. Jiang Yu was fascinated. She only felt that the other party must be a master level. Throwing the ball to her was really sinister!

Jiang Yu was itchy for a while with hatred. She really wanted to call and ask Gu Shenliu what he meant. But soon after, she regained her composure, grabbed a cup of coffee from the side, and smiled slightly. If Gu Shenliu was really interested to her and intended to run away after teasing, then she just needed to stay where she was. Because he would come back.

Furthermore, in the world of mature women, love could only take a back seat. At this moment, what Jiang Yu considered most was the vital benefits Gu Shenliu's Weibo forwarding would bring to her.

At this time, when Bei Xiaoxiao saw Weibo, she jumped up, hugged Jiang Yu, and wiped her neck: "Taro balls, tell the truth! Do you have any affairs with Gu Shenliu?"

Jiang Yu took a sip of her coffee, glanced at Bei Xiaoxiao, and then said quietly: "No, it's just ordinary senior and junior relationship. Didn’t I say that I am helping Gu Shenliu make a suit? I think he is helping me because I helped him with that."

Bei Xiaoxiao looked at Jiang Yu for a long time, and saw that Jiang Yu didn't seem to be lying, so she said: "Taro balls, I don't let you be with him is for your own good!"

"Huh?" Jiang Yu was really strange.

Bei Xiaoxiao smiled and said: "Don't you know? According to the unanimous analysis of fans, we think that our idol is very tough in that aspect! He might be one of the legends of the world that could go all night...Tsk! I won't talk about the more. In short, I'm afraid you can't bear it!"

After speaking, Bei Xiaoxiao shook her head and patted Jiang Yu on the shoulder. Her round face was full of seriousness: "You little body..."

Jiang Yu was thundered and said quickly, "Okay! Just repost the Weibo for me! Your imagination is too rich!"

When Jiang Yu opened her Weibo again, the world had changed. The lottery Weibo that no one cared about had been reposted more than 50,000 times. With Gu Shenliu's assurance, everyone realized that these 1,000 pieces of coats weren't a joke.

That's a big deal! For 1,000 pieces of coats, the winning rate was not so high! Even if it's not the point where everyone would have a share, but if they used a few other side accounts to turn a also forward, there might be a chance! So, everyone forwarded the lottery post one after another.

After that, well-known account such as Durres, Zeng Yanan, and Su Ye also helped forward, making the lottery Weibo became more and more popular.

In addition, Jiang Yu stipulated that winners must mention 3 other user. Those who were mentioned were also shocked. Everyone spread word of mouth and reposted the Weibo, which resulted in more reposts on Weibo that night. It reached 100,000!

Jiang Yu was shocked.

At the same time, a post appeared on Shen University’s forum:

[Have you followed Weibo? Senior Sister Jiang Yu from our Fashion Department posted a lottery Weibo, which even big names like Gu Shenliu reposted. Why noone come to 818?]

——What? Sister Jiang Yu needs forwarding? I'll help!

——I am going too! Senior Jiang Yu is my idol!

——Master Shenliu was also helping!

All of a sudden, the students of Shen University, regardless of whether they knew the issue or not, came to help Jiang Yu to forward the lottery. Causing Jiang Yu's Weibo to went blank for a moment.

Jiang Yu was flattered. She didn't expect everyone to be so kind to her. Because her Weibo was reposted frantically, the stock price of Weibo soared on that day. Even Sina executives paid attention to this matter.

Of course, Jiang Yu's Double Eleven event had also received great attention.

"President Jiang, it's amazing! The forwarding is now over 120,000!" said Miao Miao, one of the customer service staffs.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Okay, ask everyone go to the conference room for a meeting!"

After everyone gathered in, Jiang Yu smiled and said to everyone: "Double Eleven is coming soon. I hope everyone can stick to our goals and support our store’s first Double Eleven! All employees will work overtime together tomorrow! Of course, red envelopes will be indispensable for everyone!"

After hearing these words, everyone became excited. Everyone knew that Jiang Yu was not a stingy boss. Everything was for the company, so everyone had to work hard for their own red envelopes.

In such a tense atmosphere, Double Eleven came.

The arrival of 00:00 meant that this year's Double Eleven promotion event had started. Taobao’s Double Eleven turnover last year was 120.7 billion, and half of the sales came on the first half of the day, especially before dawn. This was because on Double Eleven, midnight was the time when merchants gave the biggest discounts.

Therefore, in the middle of the night, Jiang Yu not only had no sleepiness, but became more energetic instead. She did not go to class today as she asked for leave. She went back to Lu Yuan Community with Bei Xiaoxiao to supervise the Double Eleven. Her teacher knew about the event in her store, even the issue where her Weibo was reposted by Gu Shenliu. Under such circumstances, the teacher did not embarrass her and grant her leave.

The discounts in Jiang Yu’s store were divided into several waves. The first wave was between midnight and 1 o'clock. All items in her store were half price, which was also the highest discount. After that, the discount would get smaller and smaller. Therefore, customers who really wanted to get the biggest deal would come to buy at midnight, so today's sales could be seen starting from the transaction data at midnight.

Midnight arrived.

Ding Ding Ding... The sound of the transaction kept coming. All employees were staying up all night staring at their computer screens.

"President Jiang, the site is stuck! Many people complained that they couldn’t process their order." Customer service Miao Miao said.

Jiang Yu calmly said: "Send notification on our official blog and WeChat account. Ask the customers to not worry!" According to her experience, it was normal that the link couldn’t be opened and the payment couldn’t be made shortly after midnight.

——I can’t pay, Dada help!

——Dada, I can't pay!

——Dada, my items will not be robbed by others, right? The system won’t let me pay!

Many people left messages to Jiang Yu.

At 1:00 in the morning, Alibaba's official Weibo also released a message, saying that in one hour, the total turnover of Double Eleven exceeded 20 billion! 20 billion! How much of the money had been scoured by Jiang Yu’s store?

By 1:00 in the morning, Taobao's back-end operations were much faster, not as stuck as it was at the beginning.

Bei Xiaoxiao stared at the backend, and suddenly the data was refreshed. She looked at the turnover amount with excitement. She shouted in disbelief: "Taro balls! 20 million! Today's turnover is over 20 million!"

Jiang Yu walked over silently, stared at the amount on the computer screen, and silently counted the zeros. Immediately, she held back her excitement and said: "It's really over 20 million!"

"Yes! 20 million! We got 20 million!" Bei Xiaoxiao shouted frantically in the company.

Hearing this news, everyone jumped up excitedly. In such an environment, all the joy was real! Watching the background data keep refreshing and rising, Jiang Yu knew that her own time has come!

At the end of Double Eleven event, Alibaba's total turnover exceeded 150 billion, and Jiang Yu’s store data was also brilliant. 30 styles of clothes were sold in unlimited quantities, 5 additional styles for mysterious finale, and 5 more styles as encore before 12 o'clock! These were to give back to old fans that were loyal to the store. As a result, everyone was very enthusiastic. Although the main down jackets and coats cost more than 1,000, they managed to sell thousands of pieces. For Su Ye's dress, they sold more than 20,000 pieces! In other words, these two of clothing alone contributed most of the 20 million turnover!

In the end, Jiang Yu's store achieved a turnover of more than 80 million!

This was something Jiang Yu never thought about! She even thought how she could make everyone support her so much! From the analysis of Taobao backend traffic, many people got the info from Jiang Yu's Weibo lottery. In other words, although she spent nearly 800,000 for the lottery prizes, she got far more than this money!

"Taro balls! Congratulations!" Bei Xiaoxiao hugged Jiang Yu and cried: "Awesome! 80 million! This is something I have never thought of in my life, you achieved it so soon!"

Jiang Yu patted Bei Xiaoxiao with a slight smile: "It was still worthless. Although it's 80 million, Uniqlo broke 100 million in less than 2 minutes. Our 80 million a day, isn't it too worthless?"

"It is good enough. I already want to jump the wall!"

For some reason, Jiang Yu wanted to share the good news with others at this moment. She picked up her phone but then stopped her hand again. At this point in time, everyone should be asleep, right? She took out her mobile phone and called up Gu Shenliu's phone number. But after thinking about it, she stopped.

At this moment, Gu Shenliu 121 sent a WeChat message: "How about the double eleven record?"

Jiang Yu smiled: "Just about to share with others, your WeChat message came. It's not bad, turnover of 80 million. I hope that the refund rate in the next period will stay low."

Although there were many deals on Double Eleven, there were also many refunds. It could be said that many customers were attracted by the discounts, so they spent impulsively. After the heat subsides, they controlled their brains rationally and some people choose to refund. Therefore, the after-sales of Double Eleven was also very important.

Gu Shenliu 121: "Congratulations, good results."

"Speaking of which, I want to thank your idol Gu Shenliu." Jiang Yu said with a smile between her eyebrows: "If he hadn't helped repost my Weibo, it would have been impossible to cause such a sensation."

Across the phone screen, Gu Shenliu let out a dull laugh because of this sentence. He came to the balcony of his hotel room and looked at the whole city with a glass of red wine in his hand. Even alcohol wouldn’t make him relax. Tonight was destined to be another sleepless night.

"I'm in a good mood today, would you like to have a drink?" Jiang Yu's WeChat was suddenly sent.

Gu Shenliu 121: "Sorry, I am ready to go to sleep."

Sleeping really early, Jiang Yu received the reply with a smile. She was about to go help pack goods with the employees when her phone rang again.

Gu Shenliu's low voice rang: "Are you asleep?"

Under the light, Jiang Yu's eyes were extremely shining. She came to the floor-to-ceiling window, looked at the light outside, and said: "Not yet, Senior didn't sleep either?"

"I just finished filming. Have supper together?" 

The deep voice was like a good musical instrument, plucking Jiang Yu’s ears. She paused for a moment, and then said with a smile: "Senior ask me to eat, how can there be any reason not to go?"

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