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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 33 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 33 – Web Drama (2)

As she didn’t have to do backend job that night, Jiang Yu scanned the comments of fans to see what skin care knowledge everyone wanted to know recently. Then she realized that although summer was over, there were many after effect, especially the skin becoming oily, dehydrated, etc. There was also problem like blackheads. Blackheads were really a lifelong problem that needed to be consistently taken care of.

Jiang Yu recalled the coup she knew in her previous life, thought about it, and typed on the keyboard:

[If you want to reduce blackheads, you have to pay attention to hydrating and controlling oil, and shrink pores. Thai White Hut Mun nasal patch is very effective in removing blackheads, and it is very cheap. Thai locals love to use it. The local price is about 10 yuan, which already give the result of removing blackheads and it's very good. Of course, some people worry about whether the pores will become larger after the blackheads are removed? At this time, you need a moisturizing mask and Labo Labo’s pore shrinking toner.]

——The order was placed 2 seconds ago, I got it!

——I worshipped the commenter upstairs, I was one step late and didn't get them.

——I am the legendary strawberry nose. I really wanted to use these recommended items. Now I know, before considering shrinking pores or something, I should remove the blackheads first!

As soon as Su Xiaoqi refreshed Weibo, she saw Jiang Yu’s post. She quickly contacted her classmates in Thailand: "Hey, hurry! Jiang Yu recommends Hut Mun White aloe vera gel, so you help to quickly buy it for me! How much do I want? Of course, as much as you can!"

In the next few days, Jiang Yu went to class, eat, sleep, and repeat. The people in the dormitory regard her as air, and her principle was very simple. Since they were not bothering her, then she also wouldn’t bother. Her time was precious, so she didn't need to get together with people that made her disgusted.

Unknowingly, it was Friday again. The Fashion Department usually had no class on Friday afternoon. Jiang Yu finished the class in the morning and was about to go back to Lu Yuan community with Bei Xiaoxiao, but she suddenly received a special private message on Weibo.

Jiang Yu was carrying a bag and couldn't look at it. Because there were a lot of taxi-hailing people just after school, she couldn't get one. She went to take the subway with Bei Xiaoxiao. Unexpectedly, as soon as she got on the subway, she saw a few girls kept staring at her with their mobile phones.

They glanced at the phone, then at her, seemingly uncertain, and then at Weibo for comparison.

Jiang Yu caught a glimpse of them opening her Weibo homepage.

Jiang Yu: "..."

At this time, a primary school student took out a composition book and handed it to Jiang Yu, and said weakly: "Jiang Yu Dada, I am born after 2000, can you sign me? Just sign – Wang Xiaoxue, I wish you success in the exam! All your wishes come true!"

Jiang Yu: "..." Wang Xiaoxue, did your mother know you are so trendy?

After signing, Jiang Yu took advantage of the subway to get to the station and couldn't help taking Bei Xiaoxiao off the subway. She couldn't bear the inquisitive eyes from everyone.

"Sh*t! Taro balls, you are a celebrity!" Bei Xiaoxiao said, covering her heart, "I was shocked by the battle just now. So many people secretly photographed you, just like a celebrity! "

Bei Xiaoxiao smiled happily: "Taro balls, when you become popular, don't forget me!"

Jiang Yu couldn't help thinking that even where she was so famous in her previous life, no one really paid attention to her when she was traveling. In this life, she was just a small internet celebrity, but so many people paid attention to her. Indeed, everything was a matter of physical appearance. She shook her head indifferently and smiled: "Okay! Go back! It's crowded in the subway!"

The two finally took a taxi. On the way, Jiang Yu thought of the private message just now and then opened it. This private message was sent by a person named @Fang Huai, and the other party’s information column remarks as a young director.

Fang Huai said: "Hello, Jiang Yu, I really like your design and the clothes in your shop. Can I talk to you about cooperation?"

Director? Jiang Yu often worked with directors in her previous life. She was no stranger to the entertainment industry. It's just that this boy had a baby face and looked very young. He was actually a director?

Jiang Yu replied: "What cooperation?"

Fang Huai seemed surprised that Jiang Yu replied to him so quickly, and said with joy, "Can you talk in person? I promise you won't waste your time!"

The other party was a big V certified by Weibo and a student of the Film Academy. On his Weibo there was also an interaction between him and other students, so his identity should not be false. Jiang Yu raised her arm and looked at the time. With the newly hired staff, she had more free time, she was not very busy. Thinking of this, she agreed and made an appointment in the coffee shop at the gate of the community.

When Jiang Yu arrived at the coffee shop, she found that Fang Huai had arrived. After seeing her, Fang Huai stood up all at once and said excitedly: "Jiang Yu, hello! I'm Fang Huai!"

Although Fang Huai had a baby face, a height of 180, and he had god facial structure, but he was not a handsome guy in the traditional sense. He was a tender face.

"Hello." Jiang Yu smiled, straight to the point: "Why are you looking for me?"

Fang Huai was a little nervous, and it took a long time for him to find something to say: "Well, I want to shoot my graduation work this year. Our film school stipulates that if student make a film or television work, that work can be directly used as a graduation work. I usually like to go online, and prefer to read online novels. This time, when I saw an online novel, I was particularly fascinated by it, so I wanted to adapt this novel."

"Novel adaptation?" Jiang Yu paused, and the corners of her mouth raised: "And?"

"I want to make this a TV series, but you also know that I am a college student with insufficient funds. Even if I am looking for new actors, it is difficult to sustain this drama, so..." Fang Huai scratched his head embarrassedly: "I think the clothes in your shop are all beautiful! I want to borrow the clothes in your shop for free for the actors to wear, and if possible, I would like to ask you to also do styling for our crew. Of course, we will definitely endorse your contribution at the end credit and also endorse your Taobao store."

In fact, after Fang Huai started, Jiang Yu had already guessed what the other party was going to say. She smiled and said, "It's not impossible to make styling and borrow clothes, but why should I trust you?"

Fang Huai was taken aback.

Jiang Yu said with a smile, and continued to ask in a gentle tone: "Why should I believe that you can make an excellent TV series? Although I am not well-known now, the time and cost to help a TV series was not a trivial matter, it takes a lot of time from beginning to end."

"I know I know!" Only then did Fang Huai understand what Jiang Yu meant, and Fang Huai took out a few things with some embarrassment. It was the award certificate from his film school, the award-winning video from a competition, and so on. In the end, Fang Huai also took out a video containing the major online movies he had made.

Jiang Yu clicked to play and watched it for a while. She was surprised to find that Fang Huai looks harmless, but the things he made were very thoughtful and sharp. His big movie told the story of a young man who traveled to the Tang Dynasty, drinking with many famous poets and famous writers, called them brothers and sisters. Afterwards, the young man came back to modern China, and because he missed his friends in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, he began to study Tang Dynasty literature and trace those lost civilizations.

The film was remarkable. Although there were many problems, it showed what a young man thought about the traditional culture of the country.

Jiang Yu glanced at Fang Huai. She didn't expect him to be quite thoughtful.

"How is it?" Fang Huai seemed to look forward to Jiang Yu's comment.

Jiang Yu smiled. With this smile, Fang Huai only felt that all the sunlight in the world fell in the coffee shop.

Jiang Yu pursed her red lips and said with a smile, "It is okay."

"Really?" Fang Huai was very happy: "The matter of cooperation..."

This person really acted like a child... Jiang Yu shook her head and said with a laugh: "Before we cooperate, can you show me the original novel? If it is a novel that is destined to fail, I definitely have no intention of cooperation."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't think about it!" Fang Huai secretly scolded himself. He was actually attracted by Jiang Yu's face and almost couldn't find direction. He quickly sent the name of the novel to Jiang Yu's private message. "This novel is from Jinjiang Literature Net (jjwxc), and the author is called Mahua Big Cake. It is a novel about ancient person transmigrating to the modern world."

"Transmigrator? Okay, I'll go back and have a look. I will reply to you when I finish reading, okay?"

"Okay!" Fang Huai stood up and watched Jiang Yu walk out of the coffee shop. 

At this moment, three boys stood up from behind Fang Huai. They stared at the door of the coffee shop dumbfounded, and said in surprise:

"Wow, this is the Internet celebrity? She looks better than the photo!"

"She is so beautiful... Her features are exquisite and the eyes are attractive. Although her expression is a bit cold, I can automatically block it!"

"She looks very good? Fang Huai, does she have a man?" The one speaking was Che Cheng, Fang Huai dormmate. Che Cheng was a local, and his family owned a company. He had some money. Che Cheng’s father bought a Panamera Porsche for Che Cheng. He drove into school when he was enrolled in his freshman year and so many people are envious! Che Cheng was a good-looking person, and he also had money. During school, he changed women like he was changing clothes.

Hearing what Che Cheng said, Fang Huai felt a little uncomfortable, as if his goddess had been desecrated. He said hurriedly: "Che Cheng, don't think of Jiang Yu. She is different from the women you are used to!" After finishing, before Che Cheng could speak, he said again, "Hey, let's go! Go back to school!"

Jiang Yu returned home and replied to a few Weibo comments. Thinking of Fang Huai's incident, she downloaded Jinjiang Literature App. Who knew, she was kicked from the app a few times when she opened it. She needed to enter the app several times. Sh*t... this kind of user experience! People that still persist need to truly love! (TN: The author lowkey scolding jjwxc bad app :p)

After Jiang Yu went in, she searched for the novel "The Entertainment Circle of Chong Fei [Ancient Transmigrate to Modern]". Looking at the introduction, the novel was about an ancient beloved consort Ruolan crossing as the modern 18-line actor Lan Xiaoxiao, the story of breaking into the entertainment circle.

Jiang Yu clicked in and read a few chapters. She found that although the language of this novel was a bit naive, the plot was really attractive. The first chapter told about Lan Xiaoxiao being hit by a script by the director because of poor acting. He scolded her for not acting and told her to not come if she couldnt perform well! Unexpectedly, Lan Xiaoxiao had a car accident on her way home and the beloved consort Ruolan, who died of a cold, crossed to Lan Xiaoxiao amidst the emperor’s cries. Ruolan was an ancient person and was of course not accustomed to modern life. A lot of jokes were made.

For example, drinking tap water, fighting with an electric toothbrush, being scared by the screen on the TV... However, as a beloved consort, Ruolan could champion the harem, besides her beauty, of course the most important thing was to rely on acting! So Ruolan went to the crew and began to use her superb acting skills to help Lan Xiaoxiao act.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu was about to continue reading, but saw that the Jinjiang app suddenly jumped to the charging page, that was to say, it cost money to continue reading the book. She hurriedly filled some money, click to continue reading, this time, unknowingly, she read until the middle of the night.

This novel does not have too many intrigues or family feuds. It was dominated by light comedies. Lan Xiaoxiao started from a small 18-line actor, with superb acting skills, from supporting roles A, B, C, D, to the leading role, and finally won the best actress award. Of course, in the end, Lan Xiaoxiao also reaped love. She had a positive relationship with the overbearing president Zhuang Xuxiu.

Jiang Yu seldom read novels, but at this time she felt that she also liked this drama. Although in her previous life, she wouldn’t agree to cooperate with such a small-cost TV series, but for some reason, after reading the novel, after being fanned by the author, she suddenly felt itchy hands and wanted to help styling the actors for the drama.

To be honest, with Fang Huai’s current budget, the drama would inevitably not become a hit drama when it was filmed, but Jiang Yu was different. She could at least allow the actors to get beautiful makeup and wear beautiful clothes.

With this idea, Jiang Yu replied to Fang Huai the next morning: "I agree to cooperate! However, I have a request..."


Jiang Yu thought for a while and replied seriously: "I want to invest!"

"Investment?" Fang Huai jumped out of bed in shock. A student like him couldn't find investment for filming. He said he wanted to make a TV series, but he didn't even have the money to buy the copyright of the novel! Jiang Yu actually said she wanted to invest?

The investment was decided after Jiang Yu seriously thought about it. Since she wanted to sponsor the clothing, it was better to do it thoroughly. After the investment, she became the producer and would have the right to speak. At that time, her clothing brand could be implanted in the entire play. In addition, the investment in this drama wouldn’t be too large, and even if it couldn’t be sold in the end, she still wouldn’t lose money even if it was simply broadcast as a web drama.

It was an investment in TV dramas, but in fact it was also an out-and-out advertisement for Jiang Yu's brand!

What Jiang Yu spotted was that this drama would definitely be popular! Furthermore, with her current fame, even if she couldn’t make the show popular, at least she wouldn’t let the show lose money. Jiang Yu opened Weibo and began to interact with netizens in earnest. If she promoted well on Weibo, only then this drama would become popular.

At this moment, Jiang Yu suddenly received a private message:

"Congratulations! You have passed Sina certification. Please do not change your username at will after certification..."

Jiang Yu hurriedly returned to the homepage and refreshed her Weibo page. With this refresh, there was already a golden V pattern next to her username, which means that from today, she was a real Weibo big V!

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