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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 50 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 50 – Kiss (2)

Jiang Yu smiled and said truthfully: "The wardrobe of my dream has two stories, like a loft-type house. You can see both the upper and lower floors when you enter. I will decorate the lower floor as a place for shoes and clothes, while the upper level is for bags. With such a big wardrobe, I can buy without restrain!"

Sun Mengmeng had a dreamy expression, "It sounds like a wardrobe of my dream also!"

"Okay! Don't dream anymore! If you want such a big wardrobe, you have to find your dream house first then you can turn the house into the mansion in your heart." Qin Chong said. "Now, let's take a look at Su Ye's wardrobe!"

Su Ye’s wardrobe was mainly white, and there were many famous products inside. The host couldn’t explain it himself so he greeted Jiang Yu and asked her to explain. Jiang Yu took out Su Ye’s items one by one and explained the brand and brand culture to everyone. Even when she encountered some niche brands, she also knew it.

Then, the video showed another separate closet on Su Ye’s wardrobe. She looked at Jiang Yu with a smirk.

Jiang Yu was taken aback. She saw a black double-breasted trench coat and laughed: "As for this dress... I designed and made it myself!"

"Oh, I remember, Jiang Yu, you have a Taobao store, right? Your Taobao store was on the news at the time, saying that it had 80 million turnovers on Double Eleven?" Sun Mengmeng asked.

"Yes." Jiang Yu smiled without denying.

Hearing this number, other designers made a "wow" sound.

"80 million in a day, how much profit do you have to make?" Peng Peng asked.

Jiang Yu said truthfully: "Although 80 million sounds like a lot, because there were high discounts and other activities on Double Eleven, the profits are actually very limited."

Everyone nodded. But in any case, this achievement could be regarded as an advertisement for Jiang Yu’s store.

In the next segment, Peng Peng made a dress for Su Ye. Because Su Ye liked to wear skirts, Peng Peng specially designed a rock-and-roll style dress for Su Ye. The upper body of this dress was tight fitting, with rivets and leather jacket, while the lower body was simple jeans material.

To be honest, beautiful people looked good on anything. Although Jiang Yu thought this look was not too different from Su Ye's usual style, but she still looked beautiful.

"Next, Jiang Yu will design clothes for our Teacher Gu!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yu walked onto the stage. She smiled and looked at Gu Shenliu: "Sit down!"

"No need to measure the size?" Gu Shenliu raised an eyebrow.

"No, you just have to sit here and watch me do it!" Jiang Yu smiled and began to make the clothes. 

Sun Mengmeng was surprised. She came over and asked incomprehensibly: "Jiang Yu, why don't you help Teacher Gu measure the size?"

Jiang Yu said, "I already know his size."

"What?" everyone present uttered an "Oh" cry, as if they had discovered some secret.

Jiang Yu realized that they had misunderstood her words, and she explained with a smile: "Senior Brother is going to participate in an important event and he asked me to make a suit for him. I helped Senior Brother measure the size not long ago, so I still remember."

"Oh..." Sun Mengmeng patted her chest and smiled: "That’s what I think! I was initially shocked, how close you to are to be able to know the size of the other person." She deliberately drew important points to the word "size".

Jiang Yu couldn't laugh or cry. She knew well that if she had explained the reason but somehow it got edited from the final episode, many newspapers and the media would not let this findings go easily.

Soon, Jiang Yu finished making the clothes.

Gu Shenliu already put on the inner shirt. Jiang Yu then walked over, took the coat, and whispered, "I'll help you wear the coat."

Gu Shenliu didn't make a sound. He stood straight silently looking down at Jiang Yu. He let her hand put the coat on him, and also let her smoothed the fabric a little bit. She was skilled in her movements and her expression was gentle. It was as if she could not make any mistakes. This feeling gave Gu Shenliu a illusion as if they were old husband and wife who had been together for many years. The wife helped the husband dresses and the husband helped comb his wife's hair. The two perceived love in the details of life.

Jiang Yu helped Gu Shenliu get dressed, then handed him the shoes. 

"Okay!" Jiang Yu looked at Gu Shenliu in front of her, smiled and curled her lips, "It's perfect!" Although she didn’t measure again, the clothes fit Gu Shenliu's figure very well. They made his figure more upright, but with a kind of unruly temperament.

"Now, let's reveal the new look of Gu Shenliu!"

Soon, the curtain opened, and Gu Shenliu walked out from behind the curtain with his hands in the pockets of the coat. Everyone stared at him with the same surprise in their eyes.

To be honest, with Gu Shenliu's figure and looks, he would look good in any clothes. However, Jiang Yu's style for Gu Shenliu still made everyone's eyes shine. It was not because the clothes have unique design, but Gu Shenliu normally liked to wear a suit. His image was serious and had not changed much. He was handsome, but he always made people feel some distance. But today, his outfit made everything different.

Gu Shenliu was wearing simple white T-shirt with frayed edges, casual trousers with folded hem, and a thin woolen coat in gray. The coat was different from ordinary woolen coat. The fabric was very thin and loose, and the styles were different and very casual. This kind of casual fabric made Gu Shenliu looked a little less serious, but he still had a kind of eclectic handsomeness.



"Perfect styling!"

"It's the first time I met such teacher Gu, I always feel very handsome!"

Everyone praised the clothes.

Sun Mengmeng smiled and asked, "Teacher Gu, what do you think of this look?"

Gu Shenliu nodded slightly: "Not bad!" As long as Jiang Yu the one who did it, it's fine!

After finally finishing the recording and saying goodbye to the staff, Jiang Yu, Gu Shenliu and Gao Jing came to the underground parking lot together.

After Jiang Yu got in the co-pilot and Gu Shenliu came to the driver's seat.

Gao Jing followed closely and was about to open the rear seat, but saw that the door could not be opened. He was confused, so he pulled it several times. "Shenliu, open the door!"

Gu Shenliu glanced at Gao Jing and said quietly, "Take a taxi and go back by yourself."

Gao Jing suddenly exploded: "What? No, what do you mean? Gu Shenliu, you unscrupulous guy! You want me take a taxi back by myself while you and the girl take the car...?!"


The car drove away leaving Gao Jing standing alone. He stomped his feet with anger: "Gu Shenliu! I curse that when you have sex in the future, the condom will break!"

Jiang Yu glanced back and said, "Isn’t this a bit cruel?"

"This is for his good!"


"It's no good for him to be a light bulb too often."

Jiang Yu: "..." Because of this sentence, she really didn't know what to say. When they were on the road, she said: "By the way, why don't you tell me in advance about the show today?"

"I'm afraid you will be nervous." Gu Shenliu looked at Jiang Yu seriously. "Furthermore, I already asked you to do me a favor, and you agreed."

Jiang Yu recalled for a moment, it seemed that there was such a thing. "Fortunately, I am clever, otherwise what should I do if I smashed your trust? You don't worry about the ratings?"

"I trust you."

"..." Jiang Yu was stunned. Should she say thank you?

When they arrived at the gate of Lu Yuan Community, Jiang Yu was about to get off the car, but after trying for a long time, her seat belt just couldn't be taken off.

"What's wrong with this belt?" Jiang Yu tried to pull the lock of the seat belt again.

Gu Shenliu frowned and approached. The car could be considered a famous car, but it would have such a low-level problem? He bent over to help Jiang Yu.

The two were very close. From Jiang Yu’s perspective, she could see Gu Shenliu's strong figure under his black shirt. At this moment, Gu Shenliu's body was lowered a bit, his brows were furrowed, and he looked at the belt jack seriously. The two’s bodies almost stick together in the car seat that Jiang Yu even had the illusion of being trapped domineeringly by the manly arms.

There was a unique taste that belongs to men, it made Jiang Yu’s heart rippling, and her breath was slightly chaotic. She almost couldn't help herself from swallowing. She, who had never tasted meat in her two lives, now understood why some women said they couldn’t live without meat.

"Little brother, hurry up, if not this big brother will be angry!" There was a man's voice.

"I think we should pretend not to see anything and walk away quietly." Then a woman's voice.

"Don't you want to know if they kissed or not today?" Then the voice of another man.

"Kiss Kiss..." Finally a baby's voice.

Jiang Yu's expression was stagnant, and she looked out the car window in surprise. Outside the slightly opened car window, four adults and one child blinked and looked at her innocently.

"Ah..." Jiang Yu was taken aback. Who were these people? When did they come? All of them had extraordinary temperaments, and she was not stupid enough to treat these people as passers-by.

Jiang Yu looked at Gu Shenliu subconsciously. But with this head turn, she only felt that her lips had touched something soft. It was Gu Shenliu's lips.

Gu Shenliu's complexion was slightly condensed, but the corners of his lips curled up indistinctly.

"Bravo!" Gu Linlu put his hands in his trouser pockets. He grinned like a fox: "Shenliu, you should be grateful to this big brother! If it weren't for my help, I'm afraid you won't be able to kiss today?"

"Go on, Son! You finally got the hang of it! Mother is so happy!" Said the person who looked like Gu Shenliu’s mother.

"Little brother, eldest brother insisted on coming. If you wanted to get angry, go to the eldest brother!" Gu Lingxiao cleared his involvement.

"You all rogue bunch!" Gu Changming, Gu Shenliu's father, hurriedly said. He was pretending to be serious: "Go! Don't disturb the young couple when dating! This is immoral!"

"Eh eh..." The baby also had something to say.

Gu Shenliu frowned, but hedidn't even look at them. His eyes stayed on Jiang Yu's lips.

Jiang Yu’s lips had been carefully maintained and were soft and moisturized. She applied a thin layer of lip gloss today, so when Gu Shenliu looked at it, he only felt that her lips were sparkling and shiny. This made him unable to help thinking some hooligan thoughts.

Jiang Yu wanted to be calm, but in this case, her face was really not that thick. Gu Shenliu's eyes seemed to say that he wanted to eat her! She couldn't help but tremble.

The two saw the deepest throbbing in each other's eyes.

"The voices of the audience are too loud." Gu Shenliu's voice was hoarse and soft.

"Huh?" Jiang Yu was puzzled.

In the next second, Gu Shenliu lowered his head and bit down hard.

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  2. Lol. His “helpful” family is hilarious! I guess he has so much experience ignoring noise, maybe that’s why he can block them out and still go for the kiss 😂


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