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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 51

WBVDEC Chapter 51 – Live Alone

"Okay~ No more suspense, let's go..." Gu Linlu sighed while holding his baby son, as if he was regretful.

"Big brother, don't anything anymore, otherwise you will be knocked out by little brother!" Gu Lingxiao kindly reminded Gu Linlu.

"Yes, Lingxiao is correct. Let’s stop lest Shenliu comes to us to complain." Mother Gu reminded.

"Ehhhhhhh..." Xiao Q pointed to Gu Shenliu as if saying, how come Uncle hug a woman and also bite?

The bunch of people talked chaotically. Father Gu really couldn't listen anymore, so he said: "Shut up! If you talk openly like this, where do you put your girl's face? What would you all do if she won't dare to go to our house in the future?! That's it, let them enjoy privacy!"


Jiang Yu felt that her face must be red. She blinked and her beautiful eyes looked at Gu Shenliu's eyes. They were still deep and calm, but his eyebrows were stained with a feeling similar to lust. Gu Shenliu's kiss was domineering and lingering. It bit down and his tongue tangled with the tip of her tongue. It also occasionally slapped her tongue, as if tasting with relish, and it made her confused, but obsessed.

Gu Shenliu either didn’t come at all or once he came, he was unstoppable. Jiang Yu wanted to push him away, but saw her arm was confined by him, and her whole person was nestled in the seat. The man pressed over her and gave her no room to escape.

Jiang Yu was trapped in Gu Shenliu’s smell, and felt that her soul seemed to be inhaled by him. After a long while, Gu Shenliu finally let go of her. She had a long dizzy period before she realized later that she had kissed Gu Shenliu!

Jiang Yu coughed, bowed her head and said, "Your family..." Her face was lost!

"Don't worry about it!" Gu Shenliu smiled with the corner of his mouth and said, "You must have a thick skin if you want get along with them. You will not be their opponent if you have a thin skin."

"Okay!" Jiang Yu was helpless. Anyway, she had been embarrassed to this extend, so there was no need to tangle, it was better to be calm.

Gu Shenliu hugged Jiang Yu suddenly and rubbed his lips against her sensitive neck, "The little mouth is very sweet."

Jiang Yu snorted, "Thank you for the compliment!"

"You're welcome!" After speaking, Gu Shenliu pecked Jiang Yu’s lips again and said, "I haven't kissed them enough."

Soon, Gu Shenliu started the car while Jiang Yu reacted and said in a puzzled way: "Where are we going?"

"Find a good place to kiss."


"Or do you want to continue in the car?"


"Or you want to get out of the car and kiss in public regardless of the eyes of others?"


Gu Shenliu drove and started to enter a high-end villa area. It was only then that Jiang Yu realized that this was Gu Shenliu’s community. In fact, this community called Xiang Song was not too far from Lu Yuan Community.

The two got out of the car and had just entered the door, but Gu Shenliu already pulled Jiang Yu, put her against the wall, put his hands on her side, and pressed her over. He then started sucking her lips crushingly, pried her teeth away, and then stuck his tongue in to intertwine with hers lingeringly. His slender fingers hooked her neck and pulled her closer until she seemed to be rubbed into his body. But even with this he still felt not enough and he still wanted more.

This feeling of eagerness to drag the other party made Gu Shenliu feel like he was over! The kiss was intoxicated, so the two kissed for a long time until they could feel the heat of each other.

The train sound in Gu Shenliu's ears had long since disappeared, and he suddenly felt a wonderful feeling from the bottom of his heart. It was as if Jiang Yu was the rib that God took away from him. With her, his life was finally complete.

The two kissed so fiercely that they entangled all the way from downstairs to upstairs. The two came to the study, where Gu Shenliu lifted Jiang Yu and hugged her directly onto the table. In this way, the two could almost look at each other at the same eye level.

Gu Shenliu looked at Jiang Yu with a faint smile on his expressionless face. "Jiang Yu."


"You are beautiful!" Gu Shenliu said.

Jiang Yu smiled and shrugged, not being polite. "Beautiful? I know!"

"Oh, what else do you know?" Gu Shenliu finished speaking, and took Jiang Yu's hand to his heart.

Jiang Yu thought with a thought, raised her head to look at Gu Shenliu. Both of them saw solemnity in each other's eyes.

Gu Shenliu's deep voice came: "Jiang Yu, many people have misunderstanding about actors. I only hope that you can look at me with your heart, not your eyes."

Jiang Yu looked at Gu Shenliu with serious eyes. She knew that at least at this moment, both of them were serious and prudent. She raised her lips and smiled: "Okay!"

Gu Shenliu held Jiang Yu’s face and his lips brushed across her forehead. He seemed to be depressed and it took a long while for him to whisper onto Jiang Yu's ear: "I really want to eat you."

Jiang Yu trembled, but she just heard Gu Shenliu said more.

"But there is no hurry, we have time." Jiang Yu was too young. Gu Shenliu didn’t want to scare her.

As a designer, Jiang Yu's life had always been very busy. She had lived for two lives without ever cooking, except for things like reheating ready-made meals, boiling water, and soaking instant noodles. Therefore, she was surprised when she saw Gu Shenliu, who was busier than herself, took out vegetables from the refrigerator and started to cook.

"Do you really know how to cook?"

"Can do home-cooked dishes." After Gu Shenliu finished speaking, he looked to Jiang Yu and said, "Do you know Mu Ran, God of Cooking winner?"


The country held God of Cooking Competition every 5 years. In the history of the competition, only two Gods of Cooking had ever been produced. One of them was more than 70 years old and the other was Mu Ran. Mu Ran opened his own restaurant later. This restaurant didn’t even have a name, but people still had to make reservations a few months in advance. This year, Mu Ran moved the restaurant to Japan for more than two months in order to be able to buy fresh Japanese aquatic products and provided high-quality raw fish fillets and sushi.

"He and his wife also live in this community. I will introduce you to them later." As Gu Shenliu said this, he began to cut tomatoes and beat some eggs. Soon, a plate of red and yellow tomato scrambled eggs came out of the pot. Although they looked ordinary, they had an amazing aroma. 

Gu Shenliu quickly fried another dish of salt-and-pepper shrimp. When he poured the finished products into the serving plate, he whispered: "The refrigerator only has these ingredients, so let's eat!"

"Well, a Movie Emperor’s cooking, of course this little girl has to give face!" Jiang Yu smirked.

Gu Shenliu hummed lightly, smiling.

Under the dim light, the two sat next to each other and ate simple home-cooked dishes, as if they had known each other for many years.

Jiang Yu lowered his head and smiled imperceptibly. In fact, if it was an average girl, she might like Gu Shenliu just because of his figure, appearance, and family background, but for her 35-year-old soul, she didn’t really care about external things at all. What she cared about was a soul that fits hers, and it was this kind of satisfaction where she could be grateful for life even if they simply eat together.

At this point, Jiang Yu could feel that she had a similar soul to Gu Shenliu.

"How's the taste?" Gu Shenliu asked, constricting his eyes.

"Not bad." Jiang Yu said sincerely: "Much better than mine, obviously! I can't do anything except holding fabric scissors."

"That’s okay." Gu Shenliu nodded and gave Jiang Yu a piece of shrimp.

"Why?" Jiang Yu asked.

"Only one person cooking in a family will do. Adding more person is a waste of resources!" Gu Shenliu said seriously, and he added again: "Your hands are for designing. Leave the washing vegetables and cooking, these kind of rough works to me!"

"..." Jiang Yu laughed, who said that a famous actor would not tease? 

After eating, the two rushed to clean the table. Gu Shenliu insisted on taking Jiang Yu’s bowl, knocked her on the head, and said: "Do you think I wash by hand?" He turned on the dishwasher: "Do you think I will let the situation of ‘who wash the dishes’ happen in my life?"

Jiang Yu smiled.

The two of them looked around after they loaded the dishes in the dishwasher. Gu Shenliu took Jiang Yu to see his study, the vinyl discs he collected, and went to the wine cellar to taste some red wine.

Listening to music and tasting red wine, feeling this kind of thing called love, Jiang Yu suddenly has a steady stream of inspiration. "Oops! I have inspiration!"

Gu Shenliu pulled out a sketchbook from under the table. "No hurry, you can draw slowly."

Jiang Yu sat on the ground and started drawing on the paper. Gu Shenliu stood on one side, drinking coffee, and looked down at her sketches.

The two just get along with each other quietly. Even as time went by, they didn’t feel bored.

When Jiang Yu returned home, it was already ten o'clock in the evening.

Bei Xiaoxiao did not go back to the dormitory and planned to go with Jiang Yu tomorrow morning. Seeing Jiang Yu came in, Bei Xiaoxiao greeted her and asked worriedly: "Where have you been? I called you but it was not connected, I was so worried!"

Jiang Yu dodged Bei Xiaoxiao’s eyes, hesitating whether to confess or not that she and Gu Shenliu were together now. "My phone is dead."

"I knew it was like that. Huh? Taro balls, what's the matter with your face?" Bei Xiaoxiao stared at Jiang Yu curiously, "Why are your lips swollen and your face flushed?" And with the mist flickering in the eyes, Jiang Yu had a different kind of charm.

Jiang Yu coughed: "I ate hot pot just now and it was too spicy."


"I'll go wash first." Jiang Yu said and went into the bathroom.

At this time, Jiang Yu heard her phone notify a WeChat message. She opened it and saw Gu Shenliu 121 send a message: "This weekend, are you back to school?"

"Not yet."

"What are you doing?"

"Ready to wash." After a pause, Jiang Yu asked again: "Remember that I told you before about the man with an overly indulgent face?"


"We are together now and we also kissed."

"Oh." The other party was in a low mood.

"That's it? This reaction is different from what I expected." Jiang Yu smiled.

"So, should I ask you how the kiss felt?"

Jiang Yu thought for a while, "I think I'm very satisfied."

"That's good!" Someone whose technique was affirmed was satisfied.

"Do you think we... ah forget it, nothing." Jiang Yu smiled. She was not a tangled person, although she would have troubles, but once she wanted to open her mind, she would be very open-minded. The same was true in her relationship. Now that she had decided to be with Gu Shenliu, she would not worry about gains or losses. However, she still wouldn’t disregard her goals because of men.

The next day Jiang Yu went to school. After lunch at noon, Jiang Yu went to the classroom to draw some more designs.

At this moment, a girl leaned over and shouted excitedly: "Senior Jiang Yu! I'm Big Cake!"

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