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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 33 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 33 – Web Drama (1)

In general clothing customization, if the clothes were already ready-to-wear, it could mean that this shop was likely just pretending to provide customization but actually provide semi-ready clothes. In the purely hand-made customization process, at least three fittings were required. Each fitting would make the customer experience better, especially in producing suit, which needed to be very precise to let the customer feel comfortable.
Before going to bed, Jiang Yu wanted to make fitting appointment with Gu Shenliu. She sent a message to Gao Jing and asked him to determine the time.
Jiang Yu slept with no dream all night. When her alarm clock went off the next morning, Jiang Yu felt a bit dizzy, as if she hadn't slept well. After washing her face with cold water, she finally regained her energy. After a brief wash, she hurried to take a taxi to Shen University for class.
Early self-study was the tradition of Shen University. Students had to arrive at 7:30. When Jiang Yu arrives in the classroom, it was just the time that the bell rang.
Gao Jing's message was sent at this moment: "School girl, your senior is going to be filming this week, he doesn't have time for the time being. Don't worry about the fitting, can we make an appointment on the weekend?"
Jiang Yu replied with the word "Okay". 
As soon as Jiang Yu sat down, she saw a school girl approaching. The girl was holding a recorder very shyly and saying: "Senior Jiang Yu, finally waiting for you! I'm Shanshan from the school radio station. Can I interview you?"
Jiang Yu put down her backpack and was about to refuse, but the smile of the young school girl made her unable to say no. After thinking about it, she never accepted interviews so she smiled: "It's fine if it’s just answering a few questions for the interview."
Shanshan happily yelled: "In this case, then I will be the first person to interview you!! Exclusive interview!"
Everyone in the classroom was looking at Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu said in a convenient way: "If you want to ask, please hurry up! There will be class later."
"Okay!" Shanshan excitedly took out some papers filled with questions: "Question 1: Senior sister, why did you choose fashion design major?"
"Because I like it."
"Well, it's straightforward!" Shanshan asked again, "Question 2: Senior sister, how does it feel to be a high face-valued fashion designer?"
Jiang Yu was amused by the young girl, what interview was this?
She smiled, thought for a moment, squinted and said seriously: "It feels like... staying up all night to draw drawings every day, being tired like a dog, do you think I still look good? Since the day I became a fashion designer, I have been out of face value, what is face value? I have no idea!"
Shanshan was amused and asked, "Senior sister, do you have a boyfriend?"
"Senior sister, how did you come up with out of bath makeup?"
Jiang Yu thought for a while and said truthfully: "I think girls are the most beautiful when they just took a shower, so I thought of inventing such a makeup look."
"You are amazing! Did you design the clothes for Su Mang by yourself?"

"Yes." Shanshan wanted to continue to ask questions, but was stopped by Jiang Yu. 
Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Sister Shanshan, the teacher is here."
"Ah? Sorry, senior sister, I will go now! After all, I have already got your interview!" After speaking, Shanshan took the recorder and left.
On the first day of class after the holiday, everyone's spirits were not very good. They were all lazy during class and no one answered the teacher’s questions voluntarily.
In class today, Jiang Yu found that the teacher repeatedly looking at her, and after thinking about it, she knew that the teacher probably knew about Su Mang's dress.
"Jiang Yu." Little thief Bei Xiaoxiao hugged Jiang Yu secretly: "My taro balls are amazing! The dresses designed for Su Mang have been seen by all Chinese people! I am so proud of you!"
Jiang Yu was amused. She pushed Bei Xiaoxiao away, "Nothing much, it's just a piece of clothing."
"You underestimate yourself, your dress is even praised by foreign websites! Everyone says your dress is like a Valentino dress."
"This is not accurate." Jiang Yu thought for a while and said seriously: "I think my design is more elegant."
There were only two classes in the morning. After class was over, Jiang Yu was about to leave, but the head teacher suddenly came over.
"Jiang Yu, come here for a while." The head teacher called.
Jiang Yu walked over, but saw the head teacher called her with a smile: "Jiang Yu, the school knows that the clothes you designed are going international. This is the glory of our fashion department so they asked me to ask you for a photo. They want to make a column for you and post it on the school's bulletin board."
The school’s bulletin board was on the side of the playground. Generally speaking, some important notices would be posted there. Sometimes the principal’s interviews and deeds of school alumni would also be posted. All students could see this glorious bulletin board so everyone wanted to be posted there.
The head teacher was very excited about this. In the past few days, Su Mang’s dress became popular internationally, and her relatives also asked this issue: "The clothes this female celebrity wears was designed by someone from your fashion department?" The head teacher was surprised to find that the person who designed the clothes was actually the female student Jiang Yu who was not outstanding in her eyes. However, Jiang Yu has changed a lot this semester. She thought about it, nodded and said, "It's a student in my class."
"Oh! You are so good, and all the students you brought have gone international? Tell us, are your students very good at ordinary times?"
She didn’t know if it’s because of the better impression of Jiang Yu, the head teacher proudly told others: "She is usually very low-key and never likes to make publicity. I used to think she was not outstanding. Until recently, she started to show herself. She is amazing!" In the past, the directors of other departments died of pride because they brought out such a proud student as Gu Shenliu, now she could also be proud. Her student Jiang Yu was also not bad!
Jiang Yu thought for a while, pursing her lips and smiling slightly: "Okay, so just give a photo?"
"No! It's better to also introduce yourself and your works or something."
Jiang Yu nodded and agreed. Taking advantage of no class schedule, she chose one of the photos that Durres helped her to take and chose the most artistic one. The photo was taken in the art district with a black wall in the background. She was raising her head and looked decadent. She was also wearing black clothes, which looked very sensual.
Jiang Yu edited some text and handed the prepared materials to the head teacher.
The next day, Jiang Yu's reports were posted all over the bulletin board.

The top were photos of Jiang Yu and self-introduction, below were photos of Su Mang walking on the red carpet. There were also several good reports on this dress by foreign websites. After that, there was a magnified view of the production process of the dress with Jiang Yu providing explanation on the design. This situation was similar to the announcement of the excellent students in elementary school.
Jiang Yu stood in front of the bulletin board and looked at her photos for a while, only to see other people staring at her. The people also secretly talked about her:
"The clothes she wears are her own designs?"
"She is so beautiful and also very talented."
"Jiang Yu's self-made clothes seem sold on Taobao. I have been paying attention. This piece on her looks like a new product in the next issue."
"New product? It is still available? I want to buy one!"
"Do you think it's easy to buy? Jiang Yu's clothes are very small in quantities, and they all rely on grabbing. I have tried several times and haven't grabbed any yet."
Everyone looked at Jiang Yu with envy, which made her embarrassed. She felt everyone's kindness and went back to the dormitory early in order not to hinder others. In the past few days, the female students in her class seem to have slightly changed their attitude towards her. Since the last time those girls indignantly said that Jiang Yu cheated the scholarship and it turned out to be a misunderstanding, the girls seemed to feel that they had gone too far. For a few days, they showed her kindness intentionally or unintentionally, and no longer treated her as air like before.
Jiang Yu didn’t actually care what other people think of herself, she was just immersed in design. Now, what she was doing was winter clothing. In order to ensure a hit, she didn’t make many new designs. She mostly just took the famous winter clothing from her previous life and revised them a little bit. She really felt that time was tight! Every day she seemed to be in a race against time!
Occasionally in Jiang Yu’s free time, she would open WeChat to check Gu Shenliu 121. Since the last time she said that Gu Shenliu had an overly indulgent face, Gu Shenliu 121 disappeared. It’s strange, did she knew she was talking about her Idol?
When there was no class on Wednesday afternoon, Jiang Yu returned to Lu Yuan Community to communicate with her employees.
Bi Peijun arranged things very well, and the signature work was also proceeding in an orderly manner. Jiang Yu specifically ask her to hire several assistant designers.
"Boss." Seeing Jiang Yu, Bi Peijun came over to ask for instructions on work.
"Huh?" Jiang Yu looked up at her.
"Well, I followed your instructions and posted a post about recruiting Taobao artists. This is what I selected from the candidates. If you found any that is acceptable, I will inform the candidates to re-examine." Bi Peijun said.

Jiang Yu took a look, and the screenshot of the webpage sent by the first artist showed that her style is relatively Japanese, which belongs to the style of excessive Photoshops. The model was made like a doll, and the layout of the webpage was also very cumbersome. After a few glances, she felt dizzy. Maybe someone liked this style, but it's not her taste.
In addition, the photo Durres gave was sent after he finished repairing the picture so the work of the website artist should be much simpler, but if someone wanted to make a more matching page layout for Durres's pictures, and plan the style of the Taobao store, this also required the artist to had considerable taste. Otherwise, if she didn’t say it, she was afraid that Durres would be disgusted to death, and he would spit the artist to death.
Jiang Yu looked on another screenshot. The second artist had her own style. From the page, the artist must have pursued minimalism. The page was very simple, pure white and pure black. Although Jiang Yu herself liked this style very much, things that were too simple looked like indifference, which could reduce the customer's desire to buy. Anyway, Jiang Yu felt that this style was suitable for appreciation, but not suitable for Taobao stores.
The style of the third artist was varied. The examples given in the screenshot show Japanese style, European style, Dark style, and Chinese style. But the taste of the artist was very ordinary. Jiang Yu thought that she was a grandma that only liked old country style!
Jiang Yu looked at the screenshots three times in a row, and the more she looked at it, the more she frowned. When she reached the fourth artist, Jiang Yu looked at it a few times, and suddenly her eyes brightened! The screenshot of the fourth artist was retro style. Different photos were used by the artist in the screenshot, with discount information on the side, but the colorful skirt the usually looked strange not looked very concise. After the planning of the artist, the whole Taobao page looked very refreshing.
Looking down, the artist also listed the dresses, T-shirts, pants, underwear, etc. clearly. The main categories were clear, when clicked, the bub categories page was also clear at a glance. More importantly, the artist had her own ideas and it matched Jiang Yu’s style.
Jiang Yu suddenly became excited, what she wanted was this kind of talent! "This one!"
Bi Peijun smiled and said: "I think she is also the most suitable. I read the resume of this girl and it is very good. The only down side is that this girl requires off day on weekends every week!"
Generally Taobao work was 1 day off only. Sometimes there were also night shifts and there would also be times where double shifts would be required. But Jiang Yu's requirements now were quite relaxed. When the company was officially established, she would recruit more employees and create a more formal company system. She pondered for a moment: "Weekends off are fine, but you have to tell her in advance that for Double Eleven and Double Twelve, she needs to adjust the page in time. If needed, she must cooperate with overtime!"
"I understand." Bi Peijun said: "I'll put all the ugly things on the front, let's see what this girl says!"
"Good." The salary offered by Jiang Yu was not low, and the salary offered to Taobao Artist was nearly 10,000. If Jiang Yu also needed the artist to Photoshop pictures, the salary wouldn’t be considered high. But Jiang Yu didn’t include picture Photoshop on the job desk and once the Taobao store web template was set, there would be no need to change every period. Therefore, Jiang Yu thought that this salary should be able to attract good workers.
Soon, Bi Peijun replied to her, saying that the other party agreed. That was to say, Jiang Yu's Taobao store finally had its own artist!
After finishing her busy schedule, Jiang Yu rushed back to school to deal with the night rounds. It was a bit tiring to run back and forth like this. Given her current work intensity, she was a little overwhelmed.
Jiang Yu intended to take the time to talk to her head teacher about living outside.
It’s good to have Taobao artist now. That night, Jiang Yu used her laptop in the dormitory to surf the Internet and opened her Taobao store. She found that the store had changed its appearance. She had to say that professional was different! The beautifully crafted Taobao gave a much taller impression, giving people the feeling of just one word – advanced!
The price of such a Taobao store could go up by at least one level!
Jiang Yu was very satisfied with this artist.

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