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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 156

ICRAB – Chapter 156

On the other side of the lively snack street, shouting sounds could be heard one after another.

"Salted egg lava buns, ten coupons for three~"

"Universally invincible shrimp dumplings, domineering taste, ten coupons for three!"

"Vegetable meat wonton, rich in nutrition and easy to digest, the bowl is bigger than my face, only ten coupons!"

The children's booths were gathered together. On one hand, they could take care of each other, and on the other hand, there would be a better competitive atmosphere. The third was that these snacks were of the same type. Putting them together allowed soldiers to compare and choose.

They were located at the middle of the snack street. Liu Weiwei’s original idea was that most soldiers would come in from both ends of the snack street in the morning, and they would only come to the children’s stalls after visiting a dozen or so stalls. When they went in at noon, they could eat the staple foods served for lunch. However, she underestimated the soldiers' beastly appetite and their passion for freshness.

Everyone had used up their 100 coupons, but no one wanted to leave and all waited until noon. According to an on-site investigation by the logistics office staff, the activities began at the snack street at 8:00 and the number of people on the street continued to flow until 10:30.

Because there was a children's group competition set up by Liu Weiwei, the office staff also specially interviewed the soldiers who arrived in this area. A single soldier hovering around in front of the six children’s stalls quickly attracted the idea of the live broadcaster, and the microphone was handed over.

"Did you just arrive at the snack street?"

"No, I am here when they opened the door."

"Eat for two and a half hours? Can you still eat more?"

Young soldiers had a good appetite. They were the strongest men. They were also in their heyday in absorbing nutrients. Their metabolism was high and fast.

However, the soldier hesitated. He swallowed his saliva and his mouth was bitter, "I was full before nine o'clock. I gnawed two big pig trotters. Tsk, it was crispy, soft, and fragrant. And… Marshal’s grilled vegetable stall is also delicious, but it’s not that much. The hot and dry noodles next to him are filling and I can’t stop eating the noodles. However, just ahead, I ate another bowl of beef ramen, which was sizzling and refreshing. Then, I saw beef meatball Soup. I thought it would be fun, so I ate again..." This was a conclusion that he couldn't stop.

The broadcasters on the scene had been mentally prepared for a long time, but the more they listened, the more black lines appeared on their faces. On the stall on the left they could see a little fat boy making crab roe siu may. The siu may was drooling. On the other right, Zhang Congzhi had just wrapped the dumpling in his hand into a barely qualified shape. Upon hearing the soldier’s realistic descriptions, he almost crushed the dumpling.

The announcer, as a logistician, also expressed a bit of worry, "Then you are still able to eat more? Take a break, too much food will make you uncomfortable. Although we have medical staff on duty, you still need to digest all the food you have eaten in the morning, slow down and rest."

The soldier was obviously struggling, but quickly shook his head, "No, no, I planned to eat everything in the morning, so that I know what to focus on at noon and night! You can't mess with my plan."

"… You have enough coupons? Did you win any games?"

"Oh, I bought some with my allowance. Anyway, I have no wife so the allowance I saved is useless. Today I am going to eat until I vomit! Playing games is a waste of eating time!"

The announcer was stunned.

Even the little fat boy gave a thumbs up when he heard this, "This soldier is great! Would you like a cage of crab roe siu may? This delicious food will definitely serve you to satisfaction~"

Zhang Congzhi gritted his teeth, looked at the coupons stacked next to him, threw the dumplings in his hand, and glanced at the twin sisters on his left and right. The two little girls were very shy, but they wore a pink skirt and looked very cute when turning around. Two small fists were placed next to their faces and they meowed twice.

"Pork and cabbage dumplings meow, very delicious meow~"

The soldier who was pacing turned red. He immediately moved his gaze away from the little fat boy and his gaze fell on the cat twins, "Then, I will have a portion!"

"Wow, you are despicable Zhang Congzhi!" The little fat boy jumped angrily.

Zhang Congzhi looked down, "You can do this too."

"Us?" The little fat boy stared. He looked back at his two other male team members and suddenly shook his head sadly. And the other stalls opposite them were also working hard.

"Salted Egg lava buns, if it's not delicious we will return the coupons!"

"Char siu rolled noodles, if it's not delicious we will return the coupons!"

"Crystal shrimp dumplings, if it's not delicious we will return the coupons and give you a lucky draw chance!"

The little fat boy crouched and his scalp exploded instantly, "What, can this be done?"

"Wait, wait, if the Crab Roe Siu Mai is not delicious, our turnover today belongs to you!"

As soon as the little fat boy finished yelling, he was beaten up by his two male team members. "Belong to your sister!"

"What nonsense! We have earned more than 900 coupons!"

They made a mess and soon attracted more people's attention. Under the camera of the live broadcaster, many people rushed to these stalls.

Many soldiers lacked coupons. They had their military allowances, but many married ones gave their money to their wives and the unmarried ones gave their money to their mothers. So only a few people had some pocket money on hand.

Most people wanted to make money from games, if even Saibandes couldn't resist the temptation of winning the games, let alone soldiers who originally had confidence in marksmanship. But basically they all returned with a halberd and ended in failure. They also lost a lot of coupons on these games.

Under hard pressure, many people borrowed money from the rich while some people even started to think of ways to sell art on the street and asked for coupons as payment. Now when they heard that if the food was not delicious they would return the coupons and even gave away lottery chance, everyone couldn't help it anymore.

"Refund? Give is one!"

"Give me a lottery chance? The highest prize is a 100 coupons? Come on, give me one!"

"Give us two copies!"

The announcers blushed, thinking that these soldiers were probably desperate. They even took advantage of the children. But soon the announcer saw these people began to have distorted faces, almost scarlet eyes, and trembling lips. They almost cried out in front of the stall.

"Difficult... very difficult... I can't tell! In the salted egg lava bun, there is really a fresh and tender gold like lava, hot in the mouth, ah, delicious~"

"salted egg lava bun, why is it so good?! It clearly looks like an inconspicuous bun, just like the meat bun I ate in the cafeteria, but it is lava! Why my vocabulary is is so bad? An essence like a gemstone attacked but I couldn't say anything to describe its deliciousness!"

"Uuuuuuu, my coupons... Char siu rolled noodles, the sweet gravy is completely integrated into the soft and white rolled noodles, like a streamer dancing in the wind on a fairy, stroking my little heart! Curiously, I close my eyes as if I'm going to fly with it... delicious, delicious, no matter how many times you ask me, this is the answer!"

"Within the whole mouthful of the crystal shrimp dumplings I can feel the fresh beating of the shrimp tails. It is full of vitality and had plenty of energy. It is also wrapped in such a transparent and crystal skin. Can you give me a little more vinegar? I seem to be hungry again when I just finished eating pig trotters. My stomach is about to move again!"

The announcer was shocked. 

As the on-site staff member today, he just drank the nutrient solution hastily and didn't have time to taste the food on the street. Smelling the scent all morning, looking at all kinds of brightly colored and attractive foods, he was already on the verge of forbearance. Just one straw could overwhelm the last insistence of reason, and now it was completely collapsed!

The announcer looked at this, looked at that, really wanted to throw away his work and put himself in the eating team. He couldn’t bear it. He couldn’t bear it at all when he heard the descriptions from the soldiers. What essence, what fairy, what vitality? Really too much! The military’s training for civilization building in the past few years must have been really good. When did everyone learn so many adjectives, sh*t!

However, this was not the most explosive. When the announcer could not bear anymore and decided to leave, the steps he had just taken shuddered. At a glance, he saw two tall men standing side by side. One was handsome and thin, the other handsome and vigorous. The two figures standing together looked unexpectedly harmonious.

The announcer trembled quickly. The greetings he wanted to say was immediately swallowed.

Not far away, the thin Lu Qingheng stretched out his hand to wipe off some golden liquid from salted egg lava bun from the vigorous man’s mouth. He then put his finger directly into his mouth.


It was quiet around until someone’s wonton box fell to the ground. The soldiers scattered and squeezed together quickly and tremblingly, as if they had seen a ghost.

Soon, forum posts that were urgently filtered by the logistics office appeared again!

[I Like you. I just want to eat the custard at the corner of your mouth.]

[Snack Street opened the door of the devil!]

[Cafeteria: This is not my fault, don’t blame me!]

[F*ck, I just learned what is 0 and 1, it’s terrible...]

[Sorry, because I want to eat the salted egg lava bun, I bent myself.]

[Salted egg lava bun, it turns out that you are such a bun!]

Various water stickers and various high-definition photos with mosaics quickly occupied the soldiers’ forum of the First Army Regiment. Several other troops from First Army Regiment which were not at the base Planet were very puzzled.

Just after the inexplicable Marshal’s barbecue stall post was deleted, there was internal news of such a hot special unit 0 and 1, all of a sudden everyone was madly asking questions.

What exactly is this snack street?

What is Salted egg lava bun?

Is custard a new type of nutrient?

What happened? Why did Lieutenant Lu bend at a young age!

Sure enough, military life led soldiers to become bored and it is harmful!

Everyone was not aware that the posts become more watery. Tall buildings were erected just within ten minutes. Various internal chat groups were also flickering.

Before long, Marshal Li Er who was about to go to the snack street to try personally received an inquiry from Marshal Kaige from the Second Army Regiment next door.

[Lao Li, your little lieutenant looks like a talent, just how much did you torture him until he bends like that? This is not good. You are going to take the blame and resign, right?]

[Retire and change career to be a barbecue master? Hey, I heard that you have practiced your craft well. Don't be afraid, after you resign, I will take care of your business. Give me five stings of leeks every day. I want them to be spicy.]

Marshal Li Er: "!!!"



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