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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 166

 ICRAB – Chapter 166

"Well, according to the guide, after eating salty and spicy, we need to eat sweet... The taste needs to be rotated so that you can stimulate your appetite and eat a few more."

Nelson crazily agreed, "I want to know the brothers who wrote the strategy! It's amazing!"

The fourth oldest laughed silently before hooking his shoulders for a long time, "Let's add a friend. After we find the true identity of the poster, we will tell you." Posts in the chat area of the forum could be posted anonymously. Generally, everyone wore a vest and speaks freely. No one would investigate. Of course, if someone made inappropriate remarks, the army would soon find their true identity.

"Okay, I will add you."


[Six Tigers attack the Eastern Army Group] chat group kept sending out new messages. It was directly muted by Nelson. Bother! Don’t disturb people trying to eat!

Until the start of the training camp at six o'clock, Nelson was still reminiscing the sweetness, softness, and elasticity of the sugar rice cake... Oh, what the robot said was plump, crisp, and bouncy. He thought this description was too vulgar, but he liked it, hehe. He arrived at the training ground with a dark face. Everyone had been there long ago and he rushed over only at the last moment.

"Nelson, where did you go? You didn’t reply the message I sent!"

"You even dare to be late for exchange training, don't lose our face."

"Only the second day and you are already slacking."

Nelson silently watched the six-person chat group. It turned out that many of them were worrying about him. He was full of guilty conscience, "Am I late?"

"Okay, stop arguing. Where did you go in the morning Nelson?" Clayton glanced around and found that Nelson was flushed. He was very strange. "We want to invite you to go to the training ground together, but you were not replying."

Nelson coughed and turned his head away, "I should also report to you during rest time?"

Clayton squinted. "Don't hold us back later."

"Of course not!"

Warren pulled Nelson silently, "Don't be impulsive. We are on the same front."

Nelson lowered his head and kicked the ground. He had also come to teach the Eastern Army Group people. The weaker body in the Eastern Army Group was due to genetic insufficiency. However, they enjoyed the same resource treatment as them, which had always made the generals on Western Army Group dissatisfied.

If these military resources were given to the Western Army Group troops instead and used to develop further, it would make the human defense line stronger. This was the Western Army Group consistent thinking, and it was also the center of contradiction between the East and the West.

But now... Nelson, who was also brainwashed by his squad leader and grew up resenting the Eastern soldiers, suddenly felt that his comrades in the Eastern Army Group were very good. In the past two days, they had beaten themselves bitterly. They were not so weak and lazy. They were not wasting the military resources. With advanced technology, they even cultivated beast pets that could cooperate in combat. The beast pets’ explosive combat effectiveness directly complemented the physical weakness of the Eastern soldiers.

And after being in contact with his temporary roommate in the dormitory, Nelson was now even more unable to say anything degrading the Eastern Army Group. The third and fourth oldest were so nice. He had eaten so many delicacies with them, so he couldn’t ignore them. They also applied special invitation for him to enter Snack Street. The point was that the generals in the Eastern Army Group also approved! They didn't throw him down at the snack street, they shared food strategies with him, and they also lined up with him to buy delicious food.

The Eastern Army Group was full of good people!

Nelson looked at Clayton and the others in the distance. He thought about the conspiracy theory the group of people had talked about in the group last night. It was almost unreasonable.

"Warren, I kind of like this planet." Nelson stepped on the ground again and kicked his cowhide army boots. "Everyone is a soldier. There is no reason to discriminate against each other. I think the people in the Eastern Army Group are kind, but we were the one that have always been aggressive. Just like a barbarian."

"Well, their rations are good," Warren nodded, "I heard that we can go to the cafeteria for breakfast later."

Among the group of six, Warren was obviously a parallel importer, he was paddling with Nelson.

Nelson glanced at his comrades from the same base, and finally remembered the important thing he forgot in the morning! "Warren, I have good news and bad news for you, which one should you listen to first?"

"Huh? The good news first."

Nelson took two steps back, "Eastern Army Group has been engaging in activities these past two days. In addition to the cafeteria, there is also a snack street that opens all day long. There are more than two hundred food stalls, all of which are cheap and delicious!"

Warren looked up. "The bad news is that we can't eat it at all?"

"No, the bad news is that I went to eat with my roommate this morning and forgot to bring you, my comrade-in-arms."

"...!!!! F.*.C.K!"

When Lu Qingheng came over to announce today's training plan, he saw Nelson and Warren with red bruises on their faces, "Is this allergic reaction to what you eat in the snack street?"

Nelson who secretly ran to eat alone: "!!!"

Four other Western soldiers: …

At noon, Nelson almost collapsed on the training ground. He was just mess of meat being dragged to the cafeteria by Warren.

"Who told you to eat alone! You deserve it!"

Nelson was severely beaten by the other four and Warren was just watching. He then added a final kick.

"I can't believe the shamelessness of these people like Clayton. They say the Eastern Army Group’s giving us food is a conspiracy. But when I don't take them to eat, they beat me? Those shameless men!" Nelson was exhausted, but he still put up his middle finger hard.

Liu Weiwei, who was preparing to enlarge the change in the cafeteria today, looked at her task progress and was surprised to find that one third of the task was completed. Of the six soldiers, two of them had decided to stay? This was only the second day of the training camp!

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but admire the depth of Chinese cuisine, but when she opened the taskbar and took a closer look, she was a little bit dumbfounded.

[Nelson's sense of belonging is 75%, Warren's sense of belonging is 50%, and Clayton's sense of belonging is 25%...]

One-third progress was actually pieced together by six people.

Liu Weiwei took a deep breath, "It's okay. I still have one more big move!" Today's cafeteria lunch was carefully prepared by her.

General Tso’s Chicken and Pig-killing Dish.

General Tso’s Chicken was Chinese fried chicken nuggets. It actually had nothing to do with General Tso, it’s just a name the chef inventor gave the dish at the time. The dish became a sensation because of the praise of The United States former Secretary of State and became the first Chinese food dish that entered the eyes of Americans.

The deep-fried chicken was inferior in quality but fresh and tender. According to the recipe, young hen that hadn’t lay eggs should be chosen. It was then deboned and cut into large pieces before marinate. After high temperature frying, the skin would be golden brown and crispy while the chicken juices would be tightly locked. It’s fresh and juicy. It was then seasoned with sweet and sour sauce plus a little bit of spiciness to make the chicken’s fragrance even higher. Anyone who liked fried chicken and French fries could hardly refuse.

But Pig-killing Dish was even more powerful. This was actually one of the big dishes in Chinese rural villages. Every household, as long as they raised pigs, by the end of the New Year, the pigs would gradually become fat and firm. On Chinese New Year they would then kill these pigs for a feast. The pig-killing dish was a gathering of dishes made from all edible parts of the pig.

Pork bones, head meat, ears, fatty belly, blood sausage, offal,... Some were prepared with various sauerkraut in a stew, some were fried or steamed with garlic sauce. Another was boiled with sauerkraut into a soup, it was a feast – A pig-killing feast.

Liu Weiwei raised her sleeves and held a big kitchen knife. She almost stared at the cafeteria door viciously. Today, if the six soldiers still not follow, they would have no other choice. 

Before meal time, a burst of fragrance drifted from the cafeteria. Passing by soldiers and others that were about to go to the snack street crouched below the cafeteria window. They stopped to look around.

"The lunch menu in the cafeteria today doesn't seem to be."

"It's simple, but also fierce."

"Ah, why would you say that?"

"You haven't checked the cafeteria app? There are only two dishes today, one of which is aggressive and powerful. It's called Pig-killing Dish."

"Wow! Did Yang Likun named this dish? Could it be rougher? But for just two dishes to have such a strong fragrance, it is a foul!"

"If you eat until you are full in the cafeteria, you can only give up the snack street."

"Oh, I'll just take a look, can't I? Don't yell!"

Many conversations like this were going on at the entrance of the cafeteria. However, they were all wrong, and only those who entered the cafeteria that day knew. Pig-killing dishes were like course meal, it came one by one, and they could hardly stop eating. A table for every six people had a few pork hot dishes, a few appetizers, and finally a sauerkraut pork bone soup, each of them ate until their mouths turned greasy.

Liu Weiwei had been hiding in the back kitchen. She stared at the progress of the mission, watching the sense of belonging of the six soldiers of the Western Army Group rise, she finally smiled.

In the afternoon, Liu Weiwei was called by the logistics office.

"Clerk Liu, thank you for your hard work this year. We just released the ‘most ideal bases in the hearts of soldiers’ list and the ‘bases with the most sense of belonging’ list. We got the first place in both of the lists. Establishing the cafeteria, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival activities, and the snack street on Alliance anniversary had triggered a strong sense of belonging among the soldiers."

When the comrades in the logistics office saw Liu Weiwei, they almost shook her hands in excitement.

The Logistic Director had never been so refreshed. "The Western Army Group was always the first place in the past few years, but this year we are finally proud. We are recruiting a new office, so I said that we can do a big job this morning. I want to thank you specifically. The Marshal said that you will be a temporarily member of our department. I will also sent you a promotion report."

Liu Weiwei was instantly shocked, "It's all I should do. It's my job to make everyone happy." In her mind, a cooking soldier’s duty was originally to cook for the soldiers, but only now she achieved her original intention of applying for the profession.

Liu Weiwei really didn't think she was so great. If she hadn't had the system, she would still be melancholy for not being able to enter a university.

"I called you today to talk about this, but we also received a notice on the other." Director Liu opened the light curtain.

A line of eye-catching headlines came into view.

Liu Weiwei frowned, "Chef Association?"

"The activities we held, especially the small restaurant that we opened outside the base, have received a lot of praise on the Internet. It is no secret that we have you as a chef. Yesterday, the Chef Association sent an invitation to the logistics department. At the end of the year, there is an opportunity for chefs to exchange and learn. The Association invited our chef representatives to participate."

Liu Weiwei was filled with resistance. According to the ultimate mission of the system, she was a chef whose goal was to overthrow the Chef Association. If she went to the exchange meeting, she would be a villain!

Director Liu was obviously very embarrassed, "I also know that you are busy at work. You can't left behind the rations research of the Scientific Research Bureau and the pets. You also still have to handle the cafeteria and restaurant, so I want to hear what you think. If you don't want to go, I will reject them."

Liu Weiwei clutched her aching head, "How long is it? I will think about it."

"One week."

Liu Weiwei immediately shook her head, "No, Director Liu, my son is still young, if it is a necessary military mission that involved everyone's well being, I will do it. However, such exchanges will not benefit my cooking. I didn't want to leave my son just for this."

Director Liu was taken aback for a moment. He didn't expect that Liu Weiwei would reject so directly, "Okay then, I will reject them. Your son is indeed a too young still." Liu Weiwei's self-confident look, as if she could single-handedly challenge the momentum of the Chef Association, was also very surprising to him. But thinking about the food he had eaten several times, it really made him speechless.

Before Liu Weiwei left, Director Liu brought good news. "Last time you applied for additional chefs to help cooking in the small restaurant. We have approved it and you should be able to receive the confirmation letter in the afternoon. I have also received many letters from the residents here. They are especially grateful to us for providing cheap food that has improved their happiness index. However, they are a little disappointed by the daily limited amount and the long queue. Many people ask that we provide three meals a day and erase the limit."

"Oh yes, Director Liu, coincidentally I also want to make a report to change the restaurant open time into three meals a day."

"Good then. The approval documents will be given to you in the afternoon."

When Liu Weiwei left the office, she sent the good news to her two apprentices. As for the invitation from Chef Association, it was completely forgotten.



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