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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 158 Part 1 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 158 Part 1 of 2

On the second day of the snack street, at exactly three o'clock in the morning, a spacecraft stopped on the apron of the Planet Lincoln Star Station of the First Army Regiment. Soon, six men in white military uniforms, almost all tall and mighty, jumped off the spaceship and strode to the only bright light in the night.

"First Army Regiment of the Western Army Group, Clayton and George."

"Second Army Regiment of the Western Army Group, Warren and Nelson."

"Third Army Regiment of the Western Army Group, Bill and Rogers."

"Come to report for exchange!"

The Western Army Group sent outstanding officers to conduct a seven-day training exchange. This was the invitation that Marshal Li Er had previously sent to the other. These six people were all at the rank of first lieutenant and second lieutenant, even in the early hours of the morning, there was no exhaustion.

"We should now do training exchanges without rest. Complete mutual learning earlier so we can go back and continue to participate in our own team training." Clayton, who took the lead, took a step forward unceremoniously. He directly stood in front of the two instructors of the First Army Regiment of the Eastern Army Group.

The instructor nodded, "Come here to pick up the supplies for the week and go to your bedroom to put your luggage."

Clayton squinted and suddenly felt his fist was hitting cotton. But as the group went to the dormitory, they soon discovered that the First Regiment of Eastern Army Group was not as simple as they had imagined. The six of them were assigned to different dormitories and they came for in-depth exchanges.

It was very common for soldiers in military districts to communicate with each other, experience different training in other camps, and even compete with each other. They didn't care about the exchange actually, but they didn't expect that the despicable Eastern Army Group would split and disintegrate their small group from the beginning. By splitting the six of them, it seemed that they were about to defeat them one by one.

Lieutenant Clayton gave the other five people a look, pointed at the communicator, and entered the dormitory first.

The six of them came from different camps, but they had communicated in the First Army Regiment on Western Army Group a few days ago. They had cultivated a tacit understanding in the competition. During the boring time of flying, they also established a chat group [Six Tigers attack the Eastern Army Group].

Clayton: Everyone should have a good rest today and get enough energy. Tomorrow we will give a lesson for the sick and weak boys in the Eastern Army Group!

George: Ha, no problem. I just saw the instructor’s thighs, they are not as thick as my arms! Weak guys!

Bill: Three years ago, the Eastern Army Group came to our team to exchange, and a guy was hammered by me and went directly to the clinic. Haha, it is estimated that he is now discharged from the army due to fright.

Warren: Even if I don't sleep, my punch can still break their legs. This Eastern people cannot stop it!

Everyone chatted a few words quickly, but they didn't continue too long. They quickly made up their own beds. They took out the dry cleansing and dentifrice from their space, spray it directly without taking off their military uniform, and lied on the allocated single bed with their clothes.

Clayton felt a little worried when he saw his teammates relax their vigilance. However, he soon felt nothing. They were the fastest promoted soldiers in the Western Army Group in the last four years, and they were the ace special forces of their respective legions. It was absolutely impossible for them to overturn the ship in the gutter. Even if all the Eastern Army Group’s soldiers in this dormitory were to attack together, there was no way to threaten them.

Clayton thought of this, relaxed a little, closed his eyes and fell asleep. However, he just turned over and was about to reach out and pull the quilt to his chest, but he came across something wet.

Clayton's feathers stood up, his muscles were tense, and he immediately retracted his hand to turn on his light brain lamp. However, the thing was faster than him, and it jumped onto his bed with a snap. It even stepped directly on him, making his chest tight enough to vomit blood.

"What!" Clayton sat up immediately.

A stench of heat and the scent of detergent suddenly hit Clayton. He turned over sharply, and immediately turned on the lamp, but he then saw a cruel dog's head leaning in front of his face. With sharp teeth, the smell of blood came out of its open mouth. The sharp blue ice eyes looked at him coldly.

"Wow!" A wolf howl resounded through the dormitory immediately.

Clayton almost rolled off the bed. A sharp claw, between lightning and flint, lashed towards his back with the momentum of thunder, which intensified the speed of his rolling.

"Wolf King Beast! Beast wave attack! Attack!" Clayton was almost slapped to the ground and suddenly shouted. He had known for a long time that except for the well-known Major Qin Mo in Eastern Army Group, everyone else was unknown people with thin arms and legs. He had heard that the soldiers couldn’t resist the Level 7 beast king and their weakness made a mess. But he didn't expect that a dignified military area base would be weakly unaware of the beast wave attack. He almost died at the mouth of a wolf king, but there was no movement in the entire dormitory?

"Wake up, you all wake up!" Clayton wished he could kick on the bed next door. The Level 4 wolf king had already jumped down from the upper bunk at the moment, and his limbs and wolf claws were all stepping on his chest.


Clayton felt that the wolf could break one of his breast bone. When he was desperate, all the lights in the bedroom were turned on. He finally saw the whole picture of the wolf in front of him. Its whole body was white, its eyes were sharp and cold, and it was around 1.67 meters tall. Its stepped on him with great power. He didn't have to doubt that in the next step, its bloody teeth could bite his neck.

Clayton struggled to pull out the gun in his space.

"Da Bing!"

Clayton heard someone yelling. Soon the gun in his hand was stopped and someone helped him up from the ground. The surrounding bedroom seemed to have heard movement, turned on the lights, and even climbed out of the bed.

"Beast wave, where?!"

"Beast...? Where did it come from?"

Everyone squeezed to the door of the 102 dormitory.

The other big men in the 102 bedroom also woke up. When they looked to the ground, they looked at the new brawny man from Western Army Group suddenly and speechlessly.

The people in the bedroom next door understood the situation and sneered in contempt.

"Big brother, it's just a wolf. Do you want to pee off in fright and fall off the bed?"

"What a waste of feelings in the middle of the night!"

"So coward! Is Da Bing going to bite you? Seeing that your face is pale, you are so timid!"

"Ah*t, I was pulled up for training at two o'clock and just fell asleep at three o'clock. Now! Such an unimportant thing woke me up again!"

What do you mean... coward! Clayton collapsed with anger, his face was colorful. He looked at the men around him almost as if he was looking at crazy people. This was a Level 4 Wolf King, these people didn’t report to the top and instead saying that he was making a fuss?!

"What's your name, did you just arrive?"

"Don't be nervous, Da Bing is a beast pet of our dormitory chief. As long as you don't grab its food, it won't bite you."

Clayton's mouth twitched, "Da Bing?" He looked down at the cold wolf, whose fur seemed to be fluffy, but was actually as hard as metal when angry. He then also looked at the young soldier who touched the wolf's head while speaking.

The Wolf King didn't respond, it just protested in a low voice, and silently moved its head away from the hands. Obviously it didn't want the man to touch it, but it didn't bite or attack.

Pet?! Level 4 Wolf King as a pet?

Clayton's heart was immediately pinched, "Is this the dormitory of Major Mu Ming?"

"You are thinking too much, brother. Major level has a separate dormitory, how can he sleep with us?"

Clayton was stunned, "Who tamed Level 4 beast? His mental power level is very high, why have I never heard of him?"

The young soldier chuckled, "Go to sleep, brother. There are some things you shouldn’t question about, otherwise it will be very scary."

Another soldier who had already climbed into bed also yawned, "Yes, go to bed early. The head of the dormitory is on duty. We should collect enough energy to go to the snack street tomorrow, and Da Bing whould go to bed too."

Snack street? What's that again?

Clayton took a look at the glacier wolf that had already leaned back into its den. He found that it had closed its eyes and curled its head and tail together obediently.

Sh*t! What’s going on here?!

Clayton's head touched the pillow, but he couldn't sleep anymore. He became more and more awake, so he could only open the [Six Tigers attack the Eastern Army Group] chat group.

Clayton: Level 4 glacier wolf appear in the bedroom, everyone should be careful.

He was about to turn sideways after sending it, but he didn't expect the chat group to flash soon, and many messages flooded in.

Bill: I have a fox here, damn it, and was a Level 4 beast!

George: You guys... I thought I was the only one who met a beast. The bed next to me is a... gorilla... Level 4!

Nelson: Ah! There is an extremely dangerous kangaroo here, it wven hit me! But everyone says this is just a pet, tell me not to be afraid...

The bad premonition in Clayton's heart turned out to be true. Why were there so many beast pets in the dormitory of the Eastern Army Group? And seeing the people around him accustomed to the beasts, it seemed that they were the only ones making a fuss.

After a whole night in a daze, Clayton smelled an incredibly strong smell of roasted meat early the next morning. Like a shadow, it made people unable to refuse. Like a long journey of thousands of miles and then finally seeing a golden-colored roasted whole lamb, the smell irritated people's stomach and made it gurgling madly. The smell left him drooling madly soaking more than half of his pillow. He wanted to eat meat!

Clayton had been in the army for seven years and had not married a wife. He was single and all his savings had been spent eating in restaurants during his annual vacation. The scent was strong, and it was almost like the roasted lamb shank that he spent half of his yearly allowance eating before. The charming smell was unforgettable.

Clayton's strong self-control let him know that this was a dream. He opened his eyes, ready to clarify the beast incident today, so that the people in the Eastern Army Group would know that even if one or two beasts were added, they would still be no match for the Western Army Group.

However, when Clayton saw the opposite bed fully awake, he found that the scent was more intense. He even heard the sound of biting bones, tugging tender meat, and then the movement sound of chewing.

Clayton got up in shock, and for the first time he saw the pot on the ground. It was indeed a golden, oily, tender and crispy roasted lamb that he had imagined!

"Wake up, brother?"

"We are going to the snack street. You can amuse yourself in the meantime."

Clayton was dumbfounded. The other men were all already dressed when he was still asleep. The glacier wolf on the ground raised its head and glanced at him. The eyes of the ice blue wolf contained the raging ferocity of beasts and the un-erasable wildness. He felt a little bit in his heart, but before he could make a defensive action, the glacier wolf lazily lied back on the ground. It tilted its head and bit the fat and oily leg of lamb, chewing and enjoying the food.

Clayton: ...

The food that he spent half of his yearly allowance on was bitted by the wolf!

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