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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 151

ICRAB – Chapter 151

He Junliang could still hold the glacier wolf at the beginning, but he couldn't hold it at all after being dragged. The glacier wolf ran to the kebab stall. Its usual staple food was roast lamb, so it rushed over excitedly and its pair of ice-blue eyes looked towards He Junliang. There was a kind of coquettish spirit in them. It also patted his thigh with its paw.

"You want to eat lamb skewers?" He Junliang sniffed. The scent of cumin and chili powder filled the air with the unique fresh smell of lamb. The oil dripping tender lamb skewers slowly turned golden yellow, turning over and over in the hands of the robot. They made sizzling noise. He swallowed and glanced at his glacier wolf on the ground that was about to reach out to the barbecue grill, "You have this for dinner every day, but you still want to eat it? We only have 100 coupons, okay?"

The glacier wolf seemed to understand He Junliang words. It roared with dissatisfaction. It rolled directly on the ground in a circle.

"Is this different from your dinner?"


"Where is it different? No, wait, okay, okay, I'll buy you a string, okay?" Poor Comrade He Junliang had become a shit shovel officer without any bottom line.

Fortunately, Liu Weiwei had foresight. The distance between each stall was five to six meters. He Junliang took out the glacier wolf's dinner plate from his space and placed it on the ground without affecting other people's walking.

When the coupon was paid, He Junliang discovered that the robot on the barbecue booth was wearing a gorilla's fur. After wrapping up the kebabs, it hammered its chest realistically.

He Junliang picked a bunch of lamb kebab for the Glacier Wolf. They were long and thin. He leaned over and patiently scraped the meat from the skewer to the wolf’s dinner plate. The glacier wolf immediately shook it tail a few times and buried it head in it happily.

He Junliang looked at the remaining coupons in his hand painfully. 5% was gone. He looked at the empty skewer in his hand and saw that there was a small piece of lamb still remained on it. He subconsciously put it in his mouth and squeezed it clean. With the click of his teeth and the roll of his tongue, the lamb almost melted away. The roasted fat had become pure and transparent, and it instantly turned into a fine wine like craftsmanship. It had the refreshing and spicy taste of chili powder and the compelling aroma of cumin. A little bit of lean golden lamb was very small, it disappeared in his teeth when he still hadn’t enjoyed the taste yet.

Men should eat meat, especially large pieces of meat roasted with golden oil! All of He Junliang's saliva was secreted. He didn't want to stay, but just such a small piece of minced meat stimulated all the hunger factors in his body and his craving for meat food. He wanted to eat more kebabs!

He Junliang's footsteps were a bit difficult. The glacier wolf on the ground ate quickly. Such a small lamb kebab was not even enough to stuff between its teeth. After eating, there was no feeling of fullness at all. It was even smaller than its usual snacks. The glacier wolf whimpered. Its eyes full of more desire.

"Okay, let's buy two more. You have one, I have one, okay?"

The glacier wolf grinned immediately, revealing a row of white fangs. This was a smile that He Junliang just learned from the wolf recently. It looked silly, but it made his heart hot. "Today will definitely make you full." But ten minutes later, when He Junliang looked at the last ten coupons in his hand, he almost cried.

The glacier wolf finally got up from the ground with a whimper, holding his small food bowl in his mouth, and stuffing its huge head toward He Junliang's chest. It seemed to know the meaning of the coupons. Every time it ate a string of lamb kebab, the shit shoveling officer exchanged this little thing with the robot. But now the shit shoveling officer only had a few thin pieces left in his hand.

The wolf big head was crooked, and its mouth quickly drilled in He Junliang’s pocket.

"Hey, no!" He Junliang laughed more ugly than crying. He held the wolf's head and patted it painfully. "There are really no more. This is the last ten. This lamb skewers are so delicious, I don't realize that we actually ate so much..." He had eighteen empty skewers in his hand. Happiness came fast and it went away as fast. There were only ten coupons left in a blink of an eye!

The glacier wolf finally showed a frustrated expression. It let out a miserable howl. Like a child who did something wrong, it dropped its head on the ground. At least half of the lamb skewers went into its stomach, but it didn't expect to run out of money before it was full. It sniffed in the air, with a more sensitive nose than an ordinary dog. It immediately smelled all kinds of meaty scents, many of which it hadn't eaten before... it was depressed.

He Junliang cherished the last coupons and hid it, "It's okay, let's think of a way."

When Liu Weiwei and Yang Likun hurried to the snack street with supplementary supplies, they saw a strange sight at the door. An empty dinner plate was placed in front of a glacier wolf, with a wooden sign hanging around his neck, obediently squatting on the ground.

The fierce beast, at this moment, was like a second-class husky. It had its tongue out, pitifully looking at the soldiers passing by.

"What is this?" Yang Likun wiped his eyes. Although the words on the wooden sign were a bit crooked, they could still be read clearly. 

[Level 4 Wolf King, aloof personality, strong offensive power, and strong speed. 
A group photo and a sign, 5 coupons.
Touch head and body for ten minutes, 10 coupons.
The combat sparring for half an hour, 20 coupons.]

Even Liu Weiwei was dumbfounded. She couldn't believe it, "This... you don't have to be like this if you are short of coupons, right?"

He Junliang looked ashamed, "Sister-in-law." He really can't help it.

"I discussed with Da Bing and it agreed with me to write that way. It wants to eat the sausage and the roasted pig's knuckles inside..." He Junliang swallowed, "Of course, I... also want to eat."

Liu Weiwei was stunned. This was simply selling dogs for food! One person and one pet were still doing this voluntarily, this was full of desperation.

Yang Likun coughed, walked two steps, and then stopped, "Well, can I touch it?"

Liu Weiwei: ... As cafeteria staff, they also had coupons.

"Yes, yes! Come, come, Da Bing!" He Junliang called out happily.

The glacier wolf instantly sent its head forward with a tragic face, as if death was coming.

Yang Likun stoked a circle of fur crookedly. He didn’t really craving for any of the food today. As a cafeteria staff, he had tried a lot of things in advance. His coupons were still unused, however, a Level 4 beast, not everyone could get a chance to stroke its fur. The opportunity was rare.

Yang Likun’s face was full of happiness. He was obviously a fan of furry animals. He enjoyed the soft and furry touch of the glacier wolf and then looked at the mighty and domineering wolf king. It tearfully begging at him, making his heart unknowingly broke into pieces.

"Twenty for you!" Yang Likun was generous.

"Wow!" Glacier Wolf immediately called out happily, rubbing its head against Yang Likun’s palm.

He Junliang was also sincere, "How embarrassing it is! It's too much!" He said this but he put the coupon in his pocket immediately.

"You are welcome to come back next time. When do you want to do it, feel free to inform me."

The glacier wolf also howled in response.

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. She couldn't see it anymore. It's really painful for the fierce wolf king to fall into food this way.

"Xiao He, you walk inside with Da Bing. There are also some games that give coupons if you win such as shooting guns. If you win, you can get coupons."

"Huh?" He Junliang looked dumbfounded.

"The coupons allocated to everyone are definitely not enough so we have designed other ways to make up for everyone. You can buy coupons in the small house next to you with credit coins or you can win games." Liu Weiwei touched the glacier wolf's poor head and said, "Don't sell yourself here. With your strength, you should be able to win some games."

He Junliang's eyes lit up suddenly, "Win in shooting guns can get coupons? There is such a good thing? Thank you for reminding me, I knew that those b*stards intentionally didn't tell me!"

Liu Weiwei smiled and touched Da Bing's head, "Go and play. Have fun."

The glacier wolf quickly followed He Junliang, trotting all the way.

Liu Weiwei squinted and smiled. Many soldiers around her also heard the conversation. They greeted her with ‘sister-in-law’ and rushed in, obviously all going for the games stalls. But when she was about to leave, she heard a scream from the side.

"I want a string of grilled enoki mushrooms, a string of grilled leeks... ah!"

The screams and fear were unprecedented, so Liu Weiwei hurriedly turned her head in surprise. As soon as she saw it, she found that the soldiers at the door of the stall were all standing upright. They couldn’t even speak clearly.

"Mar, Marshal!"

"Sen, Senior Official, Hello!"

Their calls quickly attracted the attention of many people. At this moment, a wave of salute and greetings was formed. But after a while, everyone noticed something was wrong.

"F*ck, why doesn't Marshal Li Er speak?"

"Have you noticed the weird smile on his face?"

"Wait, why does he have a big beard?"

"The Marshal is roasting enoki mushrooms, my eyes are blind! Isn't this an illusion? Why does he act a bit like a robot?"

"D*mn! The Marshal's hand is stuck! My enoki mushroom seasoning has just been half-sprinkled..."

The corner of Liu Weiwei's mouth couldn't help but rise. Fortunately, after the ‘Marshal’ got stuck for a while, a fat man in a white coat ran from a distance and patted him directly. 

"Sorry! The battery board just loosened. It's okay, let's continue roasting." As Li Sanpang said this, he also picked up a bunch of enoki mushrooms that had just been made and stuffed it into his mouth.

The soldiers outside were dumbfounded.

Li Sanpang finally waved his hand humanely, "I didn't jump in the line, I paid the money early in the morning, see, I got the card! Number twelve!"


Marshal Li Er’s battery panel was fixed and he began to run again. The roasting of vegetables in his hand quickly became fluent. It was somewhat chic. 

Soon, the focus of the soldiers' attention was shifted.

"I didn't expect that in my life, I would be able to eat roasted leeks made by the Marshal... Although it is fake, what's is this happy feeling in my heart?"

"Hey, this taste makes me want to shed tears! After the leeks are grilled on big charcoal fire, the juice is still locked in while hot oil coated the outside. It is sweet and salty in the mouth. It can be completely crushed in the mouth and it is super enjoyable to chew!"

"The enoki mushrooms are also delicious, grilled until golden brown. After applying the oil, the Marshal sprinkled some seasonings. But why did I taste meat? The Marshal is awesome! Ooh, the more I bite, the more delicious they are!"

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