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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 155

ICRAB – Chapter 155

Boba milk tea came from Taiwan and was considered an evolution of normal milk tea. The large round balls made of tapioca were very elastic. Also, because they had been soaked in syrup beforehand, they were chewy and sweet.

For the health of the soldiers, Liu Weiwei chose pure milk to add on the green tea or black tea and asked the robot to recommend everyone to choose less sugar option. Sugar-free or less sugar, with sweet big boba or small boba, plus red beans or pudding, the sweetness was just right. It wouldn’t be too greasy and could make the refreshing tea taste not bitter or astringent. Combined with smooth milk aroma it gave a hint of lazy refreshment.

Those who were hot in summer or those who were eager for cool drink, choose to add ice and milky ice cream. This would also make the boba milk tea become a deadly bourgeois dessert, which was full of guilty pleasure, but it was still irresistible.

"Oh? This is Affogato?" Saibandes got the ice-cold plastic milk tea cup. The robot helped him insert the straw and he narrowed his eyes.

"Anna, do you know Affogato?"

Facing the tough science popularization of the giant baby boss, Anna nodded unkindly and refused the offer for explaination.

But the soldiers lined up next to Saibandes were very interested, "What is it?"

Saibandes smiled comfortingly, but when he turned his head, he saw a wolf's mouth next to him. The beast’s mouth was wide open, just as if it wanted to bite off the milk tea cup in his hand.


"Ahaha, don't be nervous, Da Bing is greeting you."

Saibandes quickly put the milk tea straw to his mouth, took a hard sip, avoiding the terrifying gaze of the glacier wolf. "Affogato, in Old Italian, means to pour hot and mellow Italian espresso on top of an Italian handmade ice cream. People then can watch the espresso sink and melt the ice cream... The milky vanilla ice cream and the rich dark black of coffee are mixed in elegant marble-like stripes. It was half hot and half cold, the dividing line allows people to experience both the gentle silky ice cream and intense hot espresso. "

Saibandes took a sip, closed his eyes and enjoyed the milk tea. After a while, he slowly explained to the soldier holding the wolf. "If you want excitement, just breathe it in. If you want elegance, just wait for the ice cream to melt and savor it slowly."

"Unexpectedly, in this drink, the fusion of the aroma of tea and ice cream is also perfect, coupled with the soft and chewy boba." Saibandes was obviously aware of the quality of the goods on his hand. He could taste the high-grade tea fragrance in the boba milk tea. The pure milk flavor of the ice cream had no inferior flavors. It was icy and sweet with a hint of bitterness, which slowly diffuses from the tip of his tongue. This was a very high-level taste. The experience didn’t lost to Affogato's dual experience of ice and fire.

He Junliang, who wanted to leave quickly to head to another meat stall, swallowed. Saibandes gave a tasteful description, which sounded really tempting.

"Da Bing, do you want to have a copy?" He Junliang decided to heed his mental entanglement.

Anna was holding her boba black milk tea with ice cream and grass jelly. After taking a sip, she felt that her pores were irritated and contracted by the freezing sensation. This was indeed a magical drink. The grass jelly was dark, but it was unexpectedly cool. It was slightly bitter but slightly sweet. With the milky aroma of ice cream, it was very greasy and refreshing. In the end, she didn't choose the high-calorie pudding, and it was really wise. She gave herself a thumbs up. But before she could take a second breath, a wolf head next to her leaned forward and sniffed at her.

The glacier wolf looked very beautiful. If a Husky's face was five points handsome and five points cute, then this wolf king was obviously very cool. But at this moment, it did not have the majesty of the wolf king at all. A very scary wolf head slammed into Anna's arm.

"Da Bing!"

"It wants to eat too?" Anna was still very courageous. The key was that she was very familiar with huskies. Seeing that the two look similar and that it was chained, she reached out and touched Da Bing’s head.

"Hey, it wasn't like this before, it's probably running hot just now." He Junliang blushed. The beast initiated people’s sympathy to get food. If this was still the wolf king, he was embarrassed.

He Junliang came up and took the upper body of the wolf king away, "You are usually a lamb-eater, how can you snatch a girl's ice cream?"

As a result, the glacier wolf struggled in every possible way, and refused to leave. The blue wolf eyes beamed at Anna reluctantly, and wailed pitifully twice.

"Is he too hungry and thirsty? Come here. I will give him some food." Hairy creatures, even if they were a bit big, could always capture the sympathy of girls as long as they acted like a baby. 

Even if Anna thought the ice cream milk tea was delicious, she still decided to give it to the poor wolf. She took out an empty cup and poured most of her milk tea into it with the incredible expressions of Saibandes and He Junliang.

"Ah, does it eat boba?"

He Junliang: "… eat." 

In order to prove the words of its shovel officer, the glacier wolf moved quickly. It was wagging its tail, showing off coolly to its shovel officer, and then took a step forward. It rushed to cup. Its whole wolf's head was buried in it and it started to suck wildly. Occasionally, when it was inhaling the Boba, it coughed and choked, but then it slapped and chewed its mouth very humanely. After its sharp teeth tore the Boba to pieces, it swallowed them into its stomach.

Licking the hair on his nose, Da Bing raised its head. The beard on its handsome wolf's mouth was covered with foam. It tilted its head and approached its shovel officer. It then rubbed its mouth on his army pants and wiped it clean.

He Junliang lowered his head: "…"

"Puff!" Saibandes snorted and soon it turned into a laugh that couldn't stop. "What a smart wolf! If there are such beast pets for sale outside, no matter how much money, I’ll pay. Everyone would be willing to buy one as a companion, it's so interesting and interesting!" He laughed for a long time, tears streaming out of his eyes ungracefully. He then took out a silk scarf and wiped his eyes. He then stretched out his hand to Anna.

Anna rolled her eyes, but still handed him more coupons.

Saibandes took the coupons and gave them directly to He Junliang, "I admire the wolf, so use this to buy it some meat. Poor guy, it seems that it is too hungry."

He Junliang's face twitched. The meal of this wolf king was almost entirely come from the tip of the entire military personnel. His daily food was not even one-tenth of the wolf king.

But as soon as he lowered his head, He Junliang saw the pretense in his Da Bing’s face, as if it had been hungry for eight lifetimes and it also screamed so miserably.

He Junliang had no face to receive the coupons, but they were bitten by the glacier wolf. It then stuck its head into his pocket.

Saibandes also stretched out his hand and stroked the wolf's head, feeling very comfortable.

The Glacier Wolf didn't resist at all. On the contrary, it knew that this was its gold master. It wagged its tail and wanted to follow all the time. He Junliang, the shit shovel officer, looked very dark.

Fortunately, Saibandes was a dog lover, and he didn’t dislike the wolf. If he bought any delicious food along the way, he remembered to set aside some for the beast. The coupons were not enough, so he went to exchange five thousand. He gave He Junliang a bunch, and the Glacier Wolf was so excited that its tail was shaking.

They finally parted ways because the glacier wolf smelled the scent of big trotter and refused to leave while Saibandes wanted to eat clam cake that he felt more elegant.

He Junliang said goodbye to the two with a look of regret. He turned around and patted the glacier wolf's head with one hand, "Da Bing, you are really…" A gold-sucking beast! He blushed and walked away, but he did not forget to remind the wolf, "Do you remember his smell? We will have to repay this meal in the future." He hadn't counted the coupons, but thought that there were at least a thousand pieces. It was a thick wad.

"When the evening is over, let's follow the smell to find him, and you will show him Gōngxǐ fācái?"

The glacier wolf flicked its tail and howled twice to agree.

‘Gōngxǐ fācái’ was obviously learned from Liu Weiwei.

But the two only walked for a while before they met Mu Ming and Qin Mo who had just crossed the side path. They had a thick stack of coupons in each hand and a pile of game prizes under their shoulders.

"Hehe, Xiao He has done a good job." Mu Ming smiled brightly. He had something in both hands today so he couldn't touch his bangs, but it didn't affect his flawless beauty. But then he sniffed the air and frowned suddenly. "How did I smell the fragrance of money corruption?"

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and looked at He Junliang with a look of embarrassment, "Going to roasted pig trotter stall? Go, it tastes good. Don't miss the daily training after eating."

He Junliang shouted yes and fled.

"Wait!" Mu Ming lifted his foot and blocked the path of the Glacier Wolf. "Did you just meet a man with a slightly worse appearance than mine?"

"Huh?" He Junliang was stunned, but he sighed suddenly when he turned his head. Just now, he only cared about eating and fell into the temptation of money later. He didn't notice that the gold master he met just now looked a lot like Major Mu Ming. But now that he saw the Major, he suddenly woke up. He dully wanted to slap himself.

Mu Ming understood He Junliang expression and gritted his teeth immediately, "That guy is back? He even could come to our internal activities? Just to eat more?"

The glacier wolf on the ground was defending its gold master. Hearing the gold master being scolded, it howled unsatisfactorily. Its fur was about to explode and its back was arched nervously.

Mu Ming took a step back and gave way, "Where did he go?"

He Junliang thought for a while, and silently pointed to the opposite direction.

Mu Ming turned around and glanced at his partner, "Go find your sister-in-law. I'll go find the old guy who doesn't even have a face."

Qin Mo nodded, took the big white bear plush toy directly under his arm, and threw it on Mu Ming’s back, "That has always been my intention."

Mu Ming:  ̄へ ̄

He Junliang watched Mu Ming leave, pulled the glacier wolf who couldn't wait to trot, and glanced enviously at the coupons in the Majors’ hands.

"Major, did you guys go to play games? That big plush bear is..."

"The ring casting, I hit ten times."

He Junliang opened his mouth wide. "That's a super difficult game. No one succeeded in the first two hours!"

Qin Mo stopped raising his army boots, turned his head, and raised his eyebrows, "Difficult?"

He Junliang nodded, "The birds always move, change direction, fast speed, and fog interferes with our line of sight."

Qin Mo hummed, indicating that he knew it.

But when He Junliang turned and retreated, a grim voice sounded behind him.

"Instructor, starting from next week, everyone will get additional rope casting and shooting training. Everyone should arrive one hour earlier."


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