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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 159

ICRAB – Chapter 159

At noon, Liu Weiwei also specially came to deliver food to Lu Qingheng. She took a cafeteria robot, opened the protective cover, and crossed the front line of the exchange training. She spread red and white checkered tablecloths on the ground, took out her cooking table and materials, then started to prepare for on-site cooking.

Liu Weiwei looked at the new mission that she had just received again, and she couldn't decide to laugh or cry.

[There are six Westerners who have come to your site, how can you just let them go back like this?]

[New task released: Entertain them with Chinese cuisine!]

[Task requirements: Cooperate with the voice of the commander of the military region to leave them behind. For the sake of good food, serving outside is not as good as here, isn't it?]

[Task reward: Spread prestige to the West; Apprentice Vacancy +3; physical and mental power increase by 10%]

Last night, Liu Weiwei finished working at the snack street and went to the second cafeteria outside to entertain diners. There, she received this new task. The progress of bear child task currently showed completion rate of 78%. It had unexpectedly increased tremendously. As she was in a good mood, seeing the new task was also pleasing to the eye.

When Liu Weiwei got home, she asked Qin Mo and then she knew the decades-long feud between the Eastern and Western Army Groups. The bad relationship that had been impossible to change since Marshal Li Er first enlisted in the army. The Marshal's temper led to further deterioration of relations between the two sides in recent years.

"Last year, many of our new recruit candidates were robbed by the Western Army Group. This made the Marshal very upset that the conflict between the two sides was intensified. This exchange was initiated by Marshal, and 80% of it is to show off. It is estimated that we will use taming beasts to scare those people from the West. If he asks you to do strange things, I wouldn't be surprised." When Qin Mo talked about his teacher, he was obviously too helpless.

"He must be planning something." Qin Mo said with certainty.

Liu Weiwei was washing and cutting the ingredients while recalling what Qin Mo said. The Marshal planned to make the Westerners !


Liu Weiwei was still entangled in whether to apply for leave last night, but in the end she received a task from the logistics office to take care of the visiting guests from the Western Army Group. If she didn’t have time, she could askYang Likun to go.

Liu Weiwei immediately accepted the task.

The two teams were seriously doing exercises to rescue the hostages trapped in the spire of the communication tower. One team acted as the enemy, occupying the commanding altitude attack point, and the other team acted as a latent rescue team. After one drill, they switched positions.

Lu Qingheng, who was more familiar with the terrain, had already led his team to take down the communication tower and was destroying the enemy when Liu Weiwei arrived. As long as she looked up, she could see laser guns that kept flashing.

After the soldiers’ nerves were intensely tightened, they needed to relax, and they also needed to supplement their carbohydrate, protein and fat energy requirements.

What Liu Weiwei prepared today was the advanced version of fried rice. Shrimp heads were specially cut and fried in a hot pan to force out all their orange essence which was then used to dye and add freshness of the fried rice. Large, fat, and tender shrimps were mixed with some scallops and stir fried together. Finally, the finished fried rice was topped with a yellowish sunny side up and pan-fried luncheon meat that had slightly crispy skin.

This kind of fried rice had both nutritional value and deliciousness. The fresh flavors of sea and were all gathered inside the big bowl. Because it was stir-fried with natural shrimp oil, the aroma was very strong, far exceeding ordinary egg fried rice.

Clayton was slammed with a spear on his chest, seeing that his blood tank was empty, he couldn't help being extremely depressed. He wondered if the Eastern Soldier had evolved and become so fierce by taking some magical medicine in the past few years.

And just at this time, a charming fragrance that could only be found in the sky drifted to the tip of Clayton’s nose. And then he felt like his throat was being drugged. It constantly secreted saliva, and his nose began to desperately sniffing around. Walking out of the tower, he glanced at the place where the fragrance came.

George, who was tied up by two soldiers was humiliated, he was stubbing his neck in a very unconvinced manner, but his face soon changed. "It smells so good..."

"What smell is this?"

"It seems to be the smell of sea prawns? But why is it so fragrant, shouldn't it be smelly?"

Nelson was not shot, but in the end the hostages were rescued. Also, a laser cannon hit him on his back, so he could only walk to the clearing with both hands up. "Is it time for lunch?"

"What new nutrient flavor is this?"

Lu Qingheng snorted and pinned the gun in his hand to the waist of his trousers. And then, like an aggrieved two hundred catties child, he whined and rushed to the Liu Weiwei tablecloth in the distance. "Sister-in-law, I'm not..., I'm really not."

Liu Weiwei was cooking a vegetable dish, which was the classic Disanxian. The eggplants and potatoes were quickly and skillfully peeled by her with a knife then cut into pieces, and the seeds of the green peppers were also removed and then cut into small pieces. She laughed as soon as she heard Lu Qingheng, but kept moving, "Love is free."

"..." For a second, Lu Qingheng wanted to rush back to beat up those big foreigners again. He was upset!

"I joined together with Old Lin just to be able to eat more varieties. Those guys who can’t even taste half of the food in the snack street won't understand!" Lu Qingheng twirled on the ground.

Liu Weiwei smiled and nodded, "Okay, I see. I did the same with my girlfriends before. Everyone shared a cup of milk tea. At that time, I was poor and also worried that I would be too fat if I drank a whole cup."

"Sister-in-law, I knew it, only you understand me!" Lu Qingheng's face was red and black. What a mess this was! But if time could be turned back, he would still do the same thing.

"After some time everyone will understand that we don't have anything!" Lu Qingheng watched other people coming one after another, and quickly shut up.

Liu Weiwei felt funny seeing him like this, "Okay, I'll introduce you to a little girl next time." 

Liu Weiwei put some oil into the pot and put the potato pieces in when the oil was hot. The sound of hot oil suddenly sounded. The potato pieces were all covered with oil and quickly floated to the surface. They were now golden. When the eggplant was put in again, they were also slightly browned. The gradually softening skin was covered by oily light, which looked very pleasant.

Liu Weiwei felt like it was almost time, so she put green peppers in the hot oil. Green peppers were the thinnest so they required the least time for frying. If overcooked, they tend to lose their slightly crispy taste, and they also tend to lose moisture. This would affect the texture and even produced a burnt taste.

Liu Weiwei drained all the oil very efficiently, and then added green onion, chopped garlic, plus a spoonful of chicken broth for freshness into the pot. After mixing a few times, she added light soy sauce, salt, and some sugar, and then stir fried again a few times. Last, she added a little cornstarch water to thicken the juice.

The scent overflowed instantly, the frying pan kept sizzling, and spices flavored white steam was floating in the air.

Disanxian. The three common ingredients mixed together, turned into a rare and delicious dish.

"Are you hungry?"

"Come and eat."

It was another system task and also a task from the logistics office. Liu Weiwei smiled harmlessly at the six tall westerners who she had met for the first time.

Clayton swallowed a big mouthful of saliva. He was actually not hungry. In the morning, Lu Qingheng and the others ate steamed buns and they were extremely hungry. After that, almost everyone filled two to three bottles of nutrient solution to their stomachs. So now they were actually not hungry at all.

But... they were greedy to death!

Delicious smell was the most illegal temptation. It was grabbing their shoulders, holding their arms, dragging their legs, and screaming ‘eat. eat me’. It’s irresistible, especially for poor Nelson. He was beaten by the kangaroo last night and this morning, but now he didn’t feel any pain anymore. In his eyes, there was only this dinner plate delivered by slender hands.

What a beautiful color! Nelson sighed obsessively. The rice grains were orange and red, and the bright colors greatly stimulated the appetite hidden in his body. The square luncheon meat was slightly browned on the surface. It lied on the rice arbitrarily, next to the tender and plump sunny egg that had lovely yellow center. There were also a few fat prawns buried in the small golden rice mountain. He didn't know when he picked up his spoon and stuffed it in his mouth.

For a moment, it seemed that he was the only one left on the training ground. Nelson was now on a planet full of golden yellow rice fields, the rice that he could touch with his hand, and he could even stepped forward to bury his whole person in them.

Delicious! The rice was very fragrant. Nelson had never eaten such a rich tasting rice. After being stir-fried over open fire, the grains were separated and each of them had the aroma of fire! As he ran, he could see prawns suddenly appearing in the rice field, bouncing one after another, and then eggs rolled past his eyes from time to time... and then… luncheon meat fell directly from the sky in chunks, exuding a beautiful taste of heat!

Nelson's eyes straightened. He couldn't tell whether it was reality or dream. He stuffed fried rice into his mouth so fast it looked like he was just swallowing them without chewing.

And the others were not much better.

Bill and Warren on both sides of Nelson frantically sucked in the fried rice, and in the end they buckled the empty bowls on their faces without wasting any bit of rice. The yellowish sunny egg, as soon as bitten down, the soft and smooth yolk instantly gushed out in the mouth, and the rice grains were engulfed in an egg tornado.

"Taste also this Disanxian. Eat them while they are hot." Liu Weiwei looked at the big men holding their empty rice bowls in a daze, feeling that they were very pitiful.

A few people recovered after hearing Liu Weiwei voice, and because their skin was white, some blushing could be seen. But they had very strong psychological qualities, so they immediately recovered. Tempted by the fragrance, they dug out a large spoonful of Disanxian and sent it into their mouths.

The skin of the potato still retained a bit of crispness, and after seasoning, it became noble and charming as if wearing a noble clothes. After the eggplant had been fried, it was full of broth and wrapped in a layer of transparent and crystal hot oil. It still retained the heat that made people squeeze their mouth. After a bite, the juices would spread and they would be scalded to the chest. It was hot, but still moving and delicious.

In Disanxian, the green peppers were feared by the Westerners as they thought it was spicy. But after careful chewing, they could taste a refreshing sweetness. The peppers were like the youngest girl in the whole dish. Not too greasy, but still retained a sweet innocence.

Clayton held the bowl and spoon in his hand tightly. He had only one thought at the moment. The people in the Eastern Army Group really took fairy medicine to evolve!

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