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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 172 Part 1 of 3

ICRAB – Chapter 172 Part 1 of 3

Liu Weiwei didn't even think about how Xiao Hei would like snail noodles, but she had already heard the notification that the tas was completed.

[Rewarded: Xiao Hei wound repairs 10%, and Xiao Hei's favorability for all beasts has increased to 60%.]

On the mini-body of Xiao Hei, the original two small sarcomas became just a big circle after eating a bowl of snail noodles. The system seemed to have indeed repaired a part of the wounds.

Xiao Hei slurped up the last soup noodles in his bowl, and then lowered its head while arching on Liu Weiwei's trouser legs. This well-behaved look was almost unprecedented. Although Xiao Hei was small and cute looking, he usually had cold expression.

A pot of snail noodles made by Liu Weiwei quickly reached the bottom when it was divided by everyone. 

The six people from the Western Army Group all received a message of sudden interview by their instructor. As soon as they saw this, their expressions changed and they hurriedly said goodbye. Before leaving, they all took out the gifts they had prepared in advance with a little embarrassment.

"This is a doll for your puppy. I saw it ranks first on the Internet."

"Mine are three puppies molar sticks and chicken drumsticks."

"This is tennis ball machine, a training device to make it strengthen its athletic ability."

"This is the most comfortable doghouse on the market."

"This is the bestseller puppy angel wings."

Liu Weiwei accepted the gifts thankfully, "You can visit often in the future, the cafeteria will welcome you." She just took the time to take a look at the task and found that the six men’s sense of belonging had reached 5 out of 6. It was likely that when the instructor talked to them later and explained the benefits they would get in Eastern Army Group carefully, they would decide to stay.

Liu Weiwei was in a good mood and sent the six men to the door. It's just that Xiao Hei looked at the gifts very unpleasantly, and its two paws tore on the bow of the boxes, making them scratched badly.

"It’s almost time for the dormitory to turn off the lights now, you should go back." Qin Mo emptied his second bowl of snail noodles, put down his chopsticks, and issued an order to everyone without hesitation.

"Is it? But it’s not nine o'clock yet?" Li Sanpang, a single dog, couldn't hear what the Major implied. But fortunately his boss was here.

Qian Dongmei stepped forward and pinched Li Sanpang’s arm, "Go, your old man has gone back, but you still want to stay here for nothing?"

"Not for nothing. I also brought a gift, it’s a fur cleanser, it will be clean with just a spray..." Before Li Sanpang could finish speaking, Mu Ming who was sitting on the opposite side gave him a hopeless look.

Li Sanpang was taken away directly by Qian Dongmei but he was given a pair of hairy crabs by Liu Weiwei.

The others looked at the male host's expression, and quickly say goodbyes.

In the interstellar era, all cleaning and housework could be handed over to the robot. After the dinner, there was no need to clean the house, no need to tidy up the table, and no need to wash the dishes. Liu Weiwei couldn't help feeling that the greatest invention in the development and progress of human wisdom was the housekeeping robot.

Liu Weiwei then decided to reward herself with a comfortable jacuzzi, and then happily laid on the bed while applying a face mask.

Qin Mo looked at his child's mother humming a light tune, flying around the room happily like a butterfly, feeling that her heart was really big. She was raising the most ferocious beast as a dog, and mailed snail noodles to ignorant netizens she didn’t know... Until now, the woman didn't know that he was the netizen she had chatted happily online but had never met. The point was that she had never even guessed it.

Qin Mo silently pulled out an antique paper book from the shelf, turned a few pages, and took a few deep breaths. If he didn't say it, Liu Weiwei probably wouldn't be able to find out in her lifetime, so he needed to endure! He needed to see when she would find out.

In the evening, Qin Mo was particularly fierce, and Liu Weiwei thought he was eating too much and wanted to exercise.

Because the snail noodles made the house smelly, the housekeeping robot sprayed air freshener back and forth three times. But until now, Xiao Bai still refused to go to the first floor. Even Qin Mo asked to try a new position, and Liu Weiwei reluctantly accepted. Next time, she would be careful when cooking snail noodles. 

Three days later, Liu Weiwei finished arranging kitchen work everywhere and finally she was able to set off to participate in the exchange meeting held by the Chef Association.

Qin Mo also changed into casual clothes and wore sunglasses. He rolled up his sleeves early in the morning, sorted the luggage they needed for three days, checked the list meticulously, and threw them into his personal space by category.

Liu Weiwei visited Qin Mo private space and found that he was very organized. His entire space was filled with large and small labeled storage boxes, very clear and tidy. Even inside, she found special counters for changing clothes and diapers, place to prepare milk powder and nutrients, even small white and small black feeding cabinets for the Little Meat Bun. The arrangement was perfect.

This situation made Liu Weiwei cover her private space tightly and decided to arrange a day to sort it out.

Qin Mo wore sunglasses and a black cap. His casual outfit was very low-key, mainly gray and black, but even so, Liu Weiwei felt that he had a very strong male lead halo, which made people notice him in the crowd at a glance. His figure was tall and straight, with his cold face, he was standing like a pine with sharp edges and corners that were comparable to interstellar celebrity when he wore the sunglasses.

Liu Weiwei looked at Qin Mo for a while and then silently opened the beauty value interface of the system. She then remembered the beauty points that had been left unused for a long time. She decided to apply it all later.

"What?" Qin Mo was sitting in the cockpit, and as soon as he took a cigarette out, he turned his head and saw Liu Weiwei's small entangled eyes.

"Huh?" Liu Weiwei was dazzled by the ruffian look and the roots of her ears instantly heated. There was a rush in her heart. Little fresh meat was really not as attractive as a mature man. Especially people who were usually so serious and composed suddenly took a cigarette out like a social gangster. They were full of charm.

Liu Weiwei blinked, thinking that the way her man was smoking a cigarette was really handsome.

Qin Mo noticed Liu Weiwei’s gaze locked on his body and quickly threw the cigarette from his mouth. He leaned over to help her fasten her seat belt.

Liu Weiwei looked at the cigarette that was thrown into the trash can, feeling that it was a pity.

"The route has been planned and we should arrive in five hours."

The spacecraft's automatic navigation system made an activation sound. Qin Mo got up, looked at Little Meat Bun who was sleeping dimly in the small bed and he stretched out his hand to check the diaper.

Liu Weiwei turned her head and saw Xiao Hei chewing on a dog bone gifted by the soldiers. Other puppies usually played with the bone and ate it slowly, but Xiao Hei took a bit mouthful and wiped out all the bones within two minute. After that he showed an extremely disdainful look, but his claws still pulled the next bone closer.

As for Xiao Bai, she was lying next to the glass window in the cockpit. Her whole rabbit body was laid out leisurely like a dough rolled over by a rolling pin. She was sunbathing lazily and occasionally tilted her head and licked a small cup filled with ice water.

Liu Weiwei instantly felt a kind of comfortable holiday feeling. She also dreamed of being freed from the busyness of various kitchens, and wanted to just be paralyzed like Xiao Bai... So, she sincerely thanked the Chef Association!

Liu Weiwei lazily loosened her bundled hair and began to study her unused beauty points with joy. She had left the points obtained from tasks unused for quite some time. The insensitivity of the Major and the busy days made her throw this great thing aside.

Liu Weiwei now had more than a hundred beauty points... She applied twenty points on her skin in one breath. No woman would dislike their skin being softer, more watery, and pore less! She then added height by one centimeter, no, two centimeters. Height was always the point where she had the most heartache.

Then Liu Weiwei gave her tired hands 20 points. After washing and cutting vegetables for a long time, her fingers became rough, and her joints also had thin calluses. With the points, all of these flaws were eliminated~ Finally, she erased the dark circles and the slightly growing eye bags under her eyes!

Liu Weiwei used up more than 80 points instantly, she took out a small mirror to take a look from side to side, She found that her face was more tender on at least two degrees, even she wanted to pinch it. The change seemed quite obvious, so she took a moisturizing mask and put it on her face while Qin Mo was not paying attention, and then she also applied a hand mask.

This was also a reminder to Liu Weiwei. The last twenty points, she applied on her two feet and calves. After cooking while standing for a long time, the back of a Chef calf usually had protruded veins, and even the calf muscles gradually appeared thicker.

After everything was done, Liu Weiwei laid on a chair while admiring her figure in the system. She was satisfied with everything. Thinking about her last life, at first she was busy with work and then she was busy with her boyfriend, so she forgot to be nice to herself. In the end, her belly came out and there were faint eye wrinkles and even her neck wrinkles at a young age. Her calf was also thick... and she was rejected by her boyfriend.

When Liu Weiwei thought about it now, she was still a little sad. Although there was beauty value cheat key now, what about in the future? Could the system give her a lifetime of beauty?

Liu Weiwei bitterly called up her schedule and wrote hard on the screen.

"Get up at six, drink water, and prepare breakfast."

"At six thirty, do yoga for 30 minutes."

"At seven o'clock, take a shower, apply body lotion, apply a facial mask..."

"Rely on yourself to maintain your beauty!"

Liu Weiwei listed firmly. As life went on, beauty would eventually fade with the years. But she could have one more day of youth, one more day of youthful mentality, she would definitely get a better mental outlook! At least, her heart would never grow old.

Liu Weiwei clenched her fist, banged it on the screen, and decided to be an inspirational female compatriot on her own. Beautification could rely on the system, but maintenance need to rely on herself!

"What do you plan to do doing domestic violence to the air?" 

With a chuckle, Liu Weiwei’s small fist was wrapped in a big palm. She was shocked and tried to take it back, but she was pinched to death Qin Mo.

"Maintain beauty?" Qin Mo looked down at his little wife from above. He couldn't help narrowing his eyes. Even after the light intensity of the sunglasses was reduced, he could see the relaxed and comfortable appearance of his little wife wearing a face mask and hand mask, but the snow-white skin exposed on the neck seemed to be more moisturized than usual. It was delicate and white.

"Do you want to become a little fairy?" Qin Mo's voice was a little hoarse.

Liu Weiwei: "!" She didn't, she didn't want to, she wasn't trying to... But the moist mouth exposed by the mask had been kissed by the possessed Major.

"Let’s try the new pose again?"


"These masks are useless. The most important thing is to balance the yin and yang energy. Look, you don't get acne in the past few days, it means that this is the result of my hard work these days and nights, understand?"

Liu Weiwei: "!!!"

Liu Weiwei failed to resist the attack of the Major who switched to a werewolf mode in the end. The point was, this was not at home!

They were still in a spacecraft...!!!

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