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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 152

ICRAB – Chapter 152

When one-third of the people in the barracks were reveling, the Marshal's office was still busy and serious. But soon this seriousness was broken.

"Report Marshal!"


"…Er…Your photos… appeared on the forum. We have controlled it, but it may still be noticed by relevant departments."

"Um?" Marshal Li Er stopped his work, "My photos?" He straightened his back in an instant, reached out and touched his majestic chin, "Which brat admires me and secretly photographed my stalwart and tall back? What was I doing, directing on the training ground, or drawing in the office’s map?" Obviously this was not the first time.

The worship of the chief was human nature.

The soldier had a weird expression, "Neither."

Marshal Li Er looked up, "Oh, I went to a mecha battle yesterday and I was photographed? This needs to be deleted so that the other old men don't see me and say I bullied the new recruits."

"… No, it's not when you are at work." The soldier decided not to let the Marshall continue to guess, gritted his teeth, "You are doing barbecue and roasting vegetables on the road!"

"What? What am I roasting?" Marshal Li Er fished his ears.

"Roasting enoki mushrooms and leeks."

Marshal Li Er stared, "You are f*cking kidding!"

The soldier trembles and his lips move. "…There is evidence."

Marshal Li Er closed the light screen displaying the documents, rolled his sleeves, and said, "Bring it here." Soon, a piece of him with a kind smile, wearing a military uniform, wearing a big apron like a cafeteria staff, with five enoki mushroom skewers in one hand and three leek skewers in the other hand, stood on the grill and flipped the vegetable skewers from time to time. His jaw dropped! It was a high-definition dynamic photo!

With a bang, the table was slapped heavily.

The soldier stepped back and said, "The person who posted the post still now some measurements, that is, the post can be seen only on the forum of our First Army Regiment. It is not visible for other military districts. When the office saw this, it was immediately deleted, and the soldier's network number has been blocked temporarily."

Marshal Li Er's entire face twitched. "It's not plausible! It's not plausible! Restore the deleted post and Let me take a look!"


In his busy schedule, Marshal Li Er spent half an hour staring at the post that was placed on top. It was thousands-story popular post 

"Leek, I was surprised that a Marshal had made my food!" 

"I'm done watching."

"Who wrote this? It's also very literary."

"I've found the IP address too. Marshal, do you need to talk to him or should he be punished directly?"

Marshal Li Er scrolled down and read on. He saw the close-up pictures and text descriptions of roasted leeks on the side. 

They were full of sensuality and expression. The leeks, which were roasted until slightly yellowed, were cut like a neat array of soldiers. It had the same thickness and length, stringed on a bamboo skewers, and looked shiny. They were sprinkled with some chili powder, really good-looking. After being roasted on the grill, the hard leek was slowly soaked by the oil and water. They were roasted until soft from the inside to the outside, lying down on the steel wire of the grill, they looked alluring.

Marshal Li Er's tongue felt a little sour involuntarily, and he began to salivate. There were many people with different IDs in the tall buildings of the post’s comment session.

——This leek is not as spicy and choking as the one I had eaten before. It is fragrant and sweet. A little bit of chili powder makes it crooked.

——The Marshal's craftsmanship is really good!

——Ha, capture a Marshal alive.

——So skilled to the point that he can roast vegetables! The Marshal set an example to illustrate the importance of being more skillful and not overwhelming.

——Such a Marshal, give me a dozen. Free delivery?

——I love that scientist to death, what should I do if a robot like this hits my cute spot?

——What did you say upstairs? That kind of robot does not exist. This is obviously the real Marshal! It is recommended that the comrades who go to the snack street tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, be sure to patronize this stall!

——Applause for the Marshal! The enoki was delicious, no explanation needed.

——The taste is as tough as a soldier! Indomitable and perfect~

The more Marshal Li Er read, the more exciting his expression became.

The soldier pondered for a moment and stepped forward cautiously, "Should we also temporarily banned the network for the soldiers that commented actively?"

Marshal Li Er touched the corner of his mouth suspiciously, "Xiao Gu, when will my snack street coupons come?"

Xiao Gu: "…"

Half an hour later, the Marshal who proved he was still very dignified, pick up Li Sanpang who was jumping in the snack street directly and gave him a severe lesson. He confiscated all 30 coupons on Li Sanpang’s body with storm and thunder. Misuse of one’s identity for one's own amusement, this was something that needed to be punished.

At the same time, a steam punk antique sports car with smooth lines and bright red color stopped at the gate of the military area. The driver trot out of the car and opened the back seat door, but no one got off for a long time. Soon a hand was extended from the back seat of the car.

"Boss, no, I have nothing to do with you. You are kidnapping me! I can sue you, do you know?"

The woman was pushed forward by a man behind her. She could only get out of the car and step on the ground. But when she saw the sign of the military district, she was taken aback for a while. "I want to go back to work! Are you responsible for my salary deduction for being late? Even if I get fired, I won't work for you again! Send me back quickly!"

The yelling woman at the door had wavy brown hair and was wearing a bohemian mopping dress. This was Anna who should have left Planet Lincoln long before. However, two days ago, she was taken away at her home by an unreasonable man. She didn't expect to be taken to a familiar place again today.

Saibandes, dressed in linen casual clothes, straightened his neckline. "Shhh." He stretched his finger. "Dear Anna, I said that I would make up for you and take you to enjoy civilian high-end cuisine. You know, a good boss never breaks his promise." He quickly took out two ink-colored envelopes from his personal space. "Your invitation letter."

Anna wanted to bite Saibandes, but saw her name on one of the envelope. Once opened, it turned out that the logistics office of the First Army Regiment directly issued an invitation to her personally, asking her to come to the snack street of the military area to experience it today. 

"Why would the military district invite me?" Anna was shocked and looked at the elegant tall man beside her questioningly. "I'm no longer your secretary, they must have made a mistake."

Saibandes lowered his lip, "It was not a mistake, my dear. The invitation letter in your hand is worth 300 million. You can only get it if you donate to the army."

Anna: "Are you crazy? Three hundred million!?"

"Yes, good food crazy~ Dear Anna, I officially invite you to experience it. Are you happy?"

Anna stomped her small heeled feet. Three hundred million, she walked into the barracks angrily without mentioning going home again.

As today’s VIP visitors, they also had a robot as a full tour guide. They could also enter from the special VIP entrance of the snack street to avoid extremely crowded areas. There was a coupon exchange booth directly at the intersection.

With a big wave of his hand, Saibandes was about to exchange a check worth one million, but Anna directly stopped him.

"Are you an idiot? Saibandes! The prices on the stalls are roughly ten coupons each, which is ten credits. How can we eat 1 million worth in a day?"

Sebaides spread his hands, "That..."

"Shut up, don't say anything stupid! Please swipe my Light Brain UnionPay card and exchange for 500 credits first, thank you."

"Oh, my dear, how can 500 be enough for the two of us?"

"Shut up, I'm on diet!"

Anna brutally pulled Saibandes’ sleeve directly and pulled him away from the exchange booth!

Saibandes glanced at Anna aggrievedly, but soon his legs could no longer move. "What is this? Oh, Anna, come and see! This amazing food, I have never seen it before."

Anna snorted, trying to taunt Saibandes again, but when she turned her head, she found that the food stall in front of her was indeed amazing. Roujiamo*? (TN: 肉夹馍lit. meat wedged in steamed bun.)

"Bun, does it mean flatbread?" Saibandes was obviously a very curious person.

Anna couldn't answer for a while. She was a person who grew up on a third-class planet. She had seen a lot of Saibandes’ so-called civilian food. She had even seen many incredible expensive high-end dishes when working for him, but she had never seen this.

"Interesting. Boss, give me two!" Saibandes exclaimed boldly.

The selling robot quickly took out two steamed buns and put them on the griddle to sear, then opened the next pot, took out two large pieces of thick red sauced meat, which looked very tender. Holding a big knife, he chopped the meat and stuffed it into the sliced bun’s opening.

"Huh, it's meat wrapped in bread?" Saibandes frowned.

Anna also had a feeling of being cheated, but after looking at the price of ten coupons. It was not expensive, but very cheap.

The hot flat bread was stuffed with shredded fat pork meat. The sauce and fat seemed to be able to seep out of the bun as long as it was pressed hard.

When Saibandes smelled the bread, his eyes lit up, and his questioning expression disappeared immediately. A big mouthful of roujiamo was bitten down and the sauce was about to flow down the corner of his mouth. He didn't care, after a few bites and some chewing, his eyes became brighter and brighter.

Anna knows Saibandes well. This was his rather satisfied expression. She glanced at the stuffed bun in her hand. It looked a bit dry, but it was a little golden and crunchy to the touch. She took a tentative bite and the bun made a crisp sound. The crisp and tenacious taste instantly bounced on her teeth.

This was a very challenging food to eat. Anna thought so, but she bit into the pork belly within a short while. She just saw the greasy fat parts and was a little disgusted at first. She was on diet and avoided such fat, but she couldn't stand the attraction of the crystal clear fatty meat after all. The moment she ate it in her mouth, she knew it was amazing.

The fiber of the lean meat was thoroughly integrated with the fragrance of the sauce, and the fat but not greasy oil added moisture and soft mellow taste. Anna even tasted a bit of smooth and soft skin, which melted in her mouth and almost made her bite her tongue. The steamed buns were crispy and tender, crispy on the outside and fragrant on the inside. They were like ingredients that should naturally be paired together. They were as natural and perfect as bread and butter.

In the end, Saibandes was indeed a big and tall man. After his body was completely recovered, his appetite increased day by day. He finished a whole pork stuffed bun into his stomach in just three to four mouthfuls. "Oh~ satisfied~"

Anna was still gnawing on the remaining half of her bun. She took the paper towel handed by the guide robot, and chewed slowly. As a result, her shoulder was grabbed and she was carried away.

"Anna, what are those, so many people! Fishing goldfish? Hey, interesting, I love fishing too! Anna, watch me get the biggest one to cook for you."


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