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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 160

ICRAB – Chapter 160

Liu Weiwei prepared enough, and the twelve big men ate until they were lying on the red and white checkered tablecloth, unable to move.

"If there is an enemy attack now, I guess I will die directly. I won't even be able to get up..."

"I can't turn my mind, there are shrimps flying in front of me~"

"It seems that there was a heavy rain in a field of golden rain. I am now wet, I can’t even move my body let alone prevent enemy attack destroying the atmosphere, okay?"

The position of cooking soldier disappeared for thousands of years, so now it was a bit distorted. If Liu Weiwei put it plainly, she was an undocumented cafeteria chef who had been on duty for a long time. A lot of things were thought by herself, and she strived to make a nutritious meal that everyone could eat. However, now that she heard the men on the ground speaking, she suddenly felt wrong.

These soldiers were now like the stupid goldfish in a fish tank. As long as they kept being fed, they would keep eating. Maybe they would continue to eat until the moment they die. Even as they were dying, they would be as happy as if they had won a five million prize. But obviously this was harmful to health and even more unfavorable for training. It was also very inappropriate under the rule that a soldier needed to be on guard at all times.

Liu Weiwei used to be in the cafeteria and only served food for more than 5,000 people. Basically, it was rationed, so she hadn't had such a profound experience yet. However, what the big guys from the Western Army Group in front of her said gave her enlightenment. She immediately discovered her mistake.

The first day of the snack street, which she initially thought went smoothly yesterday, made her sweat a little after thinking about it again now. If when everyone was too full or when they relaxed their vigilance to eat, if they really encountered an attack or even needed to go to the battle scene to face the crisis of death, could they still enter the battle in their best condition? If they enjoyed the food too much, then it would be a big trouble!

On the contrary, if it was the cafeteria system set up by the Marshal before, everyone would have a sense of crisis. The people who wanted to taste good food would always be vigilant, afraid of being surpassed by others. Only in this state could the mental outlook of the whole army rise to a better level!

Liu Weiwei suddenly realized this situation and her thoughtful eyes swept across the full-fledged satisfied faces around her. She immediately made a decision, no matter what the situation in the future, it was still necessary to eat in regular quantity only.

These soldiers hadn’t tasted nectar for a long time, so they didn’t know how to control themselves. If they were allowed to add food and vegetables as they liked, they would be in a state where Special Forces soldier couldn’t even stand up.

Liu Weiwei confessed secretly. Immediately after the snack street event, she calculated in her heart on how to make the cafeteria operate better.

At this moment, the soldiers sitting on the ground, basking in the sun, waiting to digest comfortably, didn’t know that their lives would change greatly from today.

Nelson licked his mouth. He squinted to look at the owner of the kangaroo that beat him yesterday. "Lieutenant Lu, is the training food in your First Army Regiment always so good?" He ate three bowls of fried rice feeling the satisfaction of a whole world. Even the depression that his team was defeated in the morning disappeared without a trace, and the bruise on his body seemed to be completely non-existent.

Lu Qingheng was finishing his military cap, and upon hearing this, he glanced at Liu Weiwei who was packing her kitchen utensils, "There is more food in our cafeteria." This was not fake at all. There were even robots in the cafeteria to help Yang Likun. There would be more dishes in the cafeteria and there was also soup every day.

Fruit, milk, or yogurt was also provided after the meal. Sometimes popsicles and mung bean soup were provided during hot weather. Compared to the snack street, this was their normal menu.

Lu Qingheng thought about it for himself and his saliva started to flow down again, "Today is only a small pot of fried rice, usually there are more dishes where you can choose according to your own preferences." He glanced at the big Western men who sat in a circle eagerly with vivid envy and envy written on their faces. He twitched his mouth cruelly. "How many days is your exchange? It's a pity that you won't be able to eat it when you go back. It's a pity."

In one sentence, Clayton and the others changed their expressions. The number of days for their exchanges was of course limited. The original plan was only seven days. So, this kind of food that was only available in heaven could only be eaten for seven days?

"This lunch was prepared by the cafeteria especially for you, lest you never eaten real food before, so pitiful." Lu Qingheng continued to add fuel to the fire, and his heart was secretly refreshed.

"How about the food in the Western Army Group? I heard that the funds are so sufficient they couldn’t even be used up. They recruit the most candidates every year and buy the most expensive and most advanced mechas." The special soldiers next to Lu Qingheng also asked curiously and innocently.

Clayton's group couldn't even lift their heads. They had always felt that their camp was good. Every year, sponsors provided the latest nutrient solution flavors. They had a lot of personal inventory and collections, almost too many to drink in a year. But... compared with the real food they had just eaten, it's as pale as water.

Food was to experience the fullness of filling a whole mouth, and the excitement of felling with all kinds of ingredients bloomed in the mouth! Their food in the Western Army Group was far worse than this, and they were completely defeated. They were all embarrassed to answer, but the expressions were all written on their faces.

"Poor." Clayton was patted on the shoulder. 

"Brother, I knew you didn't have a hot bite. Tomorrow morning, I would divide my buns in half. No wonder you were knocked down by a shot in the morning. You was hungry."

Clayton's heart twitched.

On the side, Liu Weiwei was about to clean up. After thinking about it, she left a sentence, "What are you simulating today is an extremely hot environment map?" She stood there for a while but already felt sweaty. The heat in front of the pot made her suspect that it was at least forty degrees, and the soldiers' uniforms were also all sweaty. (TN: 40o C = 104o F.) 

"Yeah." Lu Qingheng nodded, "A random map of Sardar's tropical area."

Liu Weiwei nodded, "I will bring you cold drinks for afternoon snack."

"Thank you sister-in-law!"

"Oye! Long live sister-in-law!"

"Wow, I want to eat~"

"Sister-in-law, I seem to have strength all over suddenly!"

"I can still fight sixty more enemies!"

The special soldiers who were familiar with Liu Weiwei all cheered.

Even the six men from Western Army Group including Clayton smiled at each other in surprise. They looked beyond expectation. Cold drinks sounded like desserts such as ice cream. Did the Eastern Army Group also had such a luxurious supply of afternoon snack?

"Well, the old rules of the cafeteria apply. You can only enjoy it by being the top ranking personnel during the training." Liu Weiwei quickly said cruelly.

Lu Qingheng was taken aback for a moment, but he quickly pulled the corner of his mouth, "Okay, sister-in-law, the winner will still be us. I want to eat a strawberry-flavored today, thank you sister-in-law."

"I want to eat chocolate flavor~"

"Dongbei Daban Original flavor!" (TN: Original flavor is vanilla.)

"Chocolate for me!"

They were already familiar with the rules ‘survival of the fittest’, and they quickly accepted it. They immediately looked at Clayton’s team with bad intentions and began to gear up.

On Clayton's side, even though he didn't understand what Dongbei Daban was, but fortunately he could understand the rules. The winning side would have delicious food. This was enough to make his team instantly full of vigilance and hostility. They looked at the people who were sitting together eating and chatting just now.

Nelson made a fist, "Kill them!"

"Daban, chocolate, strawberry, original flavor, they all sound good! Brothers, I have to eat them this afternoon!" Bill was also eager to try.

The muscular men's battle was on the verge. The laid-back state of old-age care was gone forever.

Liu Weiwei hummed a song, very pleased. Following the voices of the soldiers, she went straight to the cafeteria to prepare the production of Dongbei Daban Ice Cream. 

In ancient time, among a bunch of luxurios ice cream, ice cones, and popsicles, this brand of cheap ice cream stood out instantly and captured the hearts of many foodies. How could there be an ice cream that was full of milk in dog cold days?

In the Northeast, even in summer, the house is heated, and the warm floor heating was turned on. This made people feel hot from the heart to the body surface. There was no better reason to eat a refreshing cold drink. Throughout the year, people would eat this as long as they wanted it. They could enjoy it whether the weather was hot or cold outside!

Liu Weiwei was in a good mood today. She felt that she had prevented a big mistake in time so she wanted to make an ice cream stick to celebrate. The strawberry flavor selected by Lu Qingheng was also her favorite.

Put some strawberries in a blender to make a strawberry paste, add milk, cut a few small pieces of strawberry, and freeze them in the mold together. When people bite down the popsicle, they could eat both sweet and sour frozen strawberries, perfect.

This original flavor reminded her of fresh milk she drank when she was a child.

And for the chocolate flavor, she put a lot of cocoa powder and only added a small amount of sugar to ensure that the final taste was not too sweet and greasy. This was more in line with the preferences of the tough soldiers. Even Xiao Hei liked this kind of slightly bitter but slightly sweet chocolate flavored ice cream more. He could even eat three sticks in one time.

Liu Weiwei also tried to create banana popsicles. Banana was many people’s earliest childhood snack, while Banana Milk a smash hit on later date, was the perfect match made in heaven between bananas and milk. It was sweet and delicious. Both male and female, young and old, liked this flavor.

Liu Weiwei made 50 each of original flavor, cocoa, strawberry, and banana popsicles. She decided to send the rest to the staff on duty at the snack street. After she got everything done, she went home to see the Little Meat Bun, fed him a supplementary food, and changed his diapers. Then, she took the Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai out.

They had a keen sense of smell, so they smelled the milk ice cream in Liu Weiwei’s space. They had been following behind her since she entered the house.

At this moment on the training ground, all the Special Forces men who were playing until they were covered in dust were eager to finish the battle. The two hostile parties finally shook hands and made peace for a while. They then sat together in a friendly manner.

"Brother, when does afternoon snack usually come?" Clayton asked Lu Qingheng with a particularly good temper.

There was black green bruise on Lu Qingheng's face. There was a melee just now, so he didn’t know who beat him. "Does it have anything to do with you? Loser!"

Clayton: "..."

Nelson screamed instantly, "Is this okay? Didn't the chef say that the top 25% will have snack? I was ranked third! Clayton is the second!"

Lu Qingheng snorted, "But both of you are dead. Those who are dead can only eat fart!" He touched his face, "I'm the only one who lives, so the ice cream is all mine, understand?"

Even the other five members of the First Army Regiment wanted to exterminate their comrade righteously at this moment.

Nelson slowed down a little. He went silent for a long time before jumping instantly, "Shameless!"

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