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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 162

ICRAB – Chapter 162

For the evening reception, Liu Weiwei didn't expect the logistics office to directly issue a notice asking Clayton's team of six to eat in the cafeteria. She was shocked by the order. She knew that when higher-level investigators had come to the base, the Marshal didn't let them into the cafeteria, so she didn't expect him to be so generous this time. It was like the kind and calm before the storm, as if he had made up his mind to not let the six people ever go.

Thinking about this, Liu Weiwei admired Marshal Li Er's personality a little. She felt a bit touched. If Chinese cuisine could be loved by everyone and the cafeteria food could become a major consideration for everyone in choosing a job, these were all affirmation of her abilities.

Liu Weiwei then began to work even harder when preparing dinner menu for the cafeteria.

There were many stalls in the snack street and the coverage was wide. It was not something that could be carried by one person, so the power of mass robots was needed. Today, the cafeteria was also lit up, so Liu Weiwei asked for some support from the snack street. She asked them to send some food to enrich the menu. In addition, she also cooked a few big dishes in the cafeteria. She was full of interest, and just waiting for the time when the soldiers came to cook the meal.

Liu Weiwei was quite concerned about the six foreigners. Seeing that the time almost arrived, she specially sent a message to Lu Qingheng, "The food is ready, come and eat. By the way, you can all eat, but if the training scores are not enough, you will have to pay for it. As you arrive in the cafeteria, send your scores to the robots."

Lu Qingheng responded ok soon.

After a while, Liu Weiwei had just finished making Da Bing's dinner when she saw the Special Forces soldiers came in with their arms hanging on each other’s shoulders. Lu Qingheng, who was walking in the front, waved to her with a grin, while the five other team members behind him almost staggered and supported each other to walk in.

Clayton’s team at the back was not much better, even their brown hair was sweaty. Obviously, they were tortured in the afternoon. Their uniforms were soaked from the inside and out, and they were all walking with a limp.

"This is the cafeteria?" Clayton couldn't even move a finger now, but it didn’t hinder the shock on his eyes. They also had a cafeteria in the First Army Regiment of the Western Army Group where nutrient solutions were piled up all the year round. They also occasionally held a festive celebration or gather together to watch a video broadcast. But the cafeteria of the First Army Regiment of the Eastern Army Group showed a different condition right from the gate!

Clayton was so tired that he just wanted to go back to take a bath, then pour a nutrient solution, and then lay down in the dormitory to give the bones that were falling apart in his body a relaxing time. However, as soon as he walked to the entrance of the cafeteria, he smelled the fragrance of food that seemed to be buried in the deepest part of his memory.

Every time Clayton took a vacation, he used his saved money to go to a restaurant to eat. The dense scent that he could smell was the scent of different dishes mixed with rice. It could be said that he was now healed from the exhaustion of repeated training and tasks. Unexpectedly, he was in the military area today, and just after training, he smelled food without even driving out his spacecraft!

In addition, there were many soldiers coming in and out around them. They either looked hurried or satisfied. They didn’t need a human to guide them, and they knew the natural way to go to the cafeteria from the training grounds. This cafeteria was basically within the routine visit of the soldiers here!

"Yeah," One of the Eastern Special Forces named Qiang Zi answered, he was also weak, "Sh*t, I am exhausted today. You guys were very hard to kill! I have to eat an extra bowl of rice tonight, otherwise I will collapse in the bathhouse!"

Ren Hong next to Qiang Zi nodded while supporting him, "I want to order more dishes and recover sooner otherwise I will not have the energy to go shopping in the snack street tomorrow. They all say that the street is very cruel, and I can't take it lightly!" 

"Haha, I look forward to it!"

Nelson touched his head. He did not understand the meaning of snack street, but it was quickly ignored by him. His eyes fell on the hands of the soldiers holding the dinner plates around him, and he couldn't pull them out. "You all have this fragrant food for your meal every day?"

Qiang Zi nodded, "Yeah, what's wrong? Just walked in. Come on, go to dinner with me. Brother will show the way even though you punched me many times today."

Nelson immediately followed up, "Okay, I'll let you punch me back later~" In front of eating, he obviously had no moral integrity. Any disagreements and disputes suddenly disappeared.

Clayton supported George and quickly followed behind Nelson silently. The more he walked inside, the more shocked he was. Outside a horizontal row of glass windows, there were several long queues. The discipline in the army was strict. Everyone moved very fast, there was no skipping queue or conflict. The line looked very tidy.

"Look, the thing against the wall over there is a large bucket of rice. Everyone can refill rice freely, but don't eat too much. If you it too much at night, it will affect the emergency training in the early morning. If this happened, it will affect your rank in the training and you will miss the opportunity to go to the cafeteria in the future. It is not worth the loss."

Speaking of this, Qiang Zi had a sad expression on his face, obviously he had experienced it personally before.

"The long queue at the window over there is for dishes. The normal set menu is two meats, two vegetables, and one soup. You can choose according to your taste. If you don’t know which one is delicious, you can see what the people in front of you have ordered. The taste is all very good, so you will most likely love it."

Lu Qingheng held his hand and stood on the side to make payment to the robot. "Except for Nelson and Clayton, everyone else has to pay for the dinner. I will pay for you first. It’s 50 per person, so the total is two hundred."

Clayton just wanted to say that he didn’t mind paying, but immediately opened his mouth, "It's so cheap!"

Lu Qingheng rolled his eyes, "I'm upset so I don't accept questions! Qiang Zi, take them to the food, I will eat noodles today."

"Okay!" Qiang Zi immediately responded. Looking at the four soldiers from the western region who had to pay to eat, Qiang Zi suddenly felt a sense of pride flourishing in his chest. "This is the rule of our cafeteria. Just like this afternoon’s mock battle, only soldiers ranked in the top 25% during training are eligible for free meals. Letting you outsiders come to the cafeteria is the extra care given to you by the logistics office."

Bill stared, "Today you ranked fifth and you lost to me!"

Qiang Zi stood tall and said, "In the cafeteria, we are ranked according to the training results of the whole week. I am ranked in the top 10%, hehe."

Nelson sighed and glanced at his other teammates who had to pay, "Then if we are all in the Eastern Army Group, we will definitely be able to make to the top 25% in training ranks."

Qiang Zi laughed slyly, "Unfortunately you can’t. The colors of our uniforms are different."

The six people were so depressed that they wanted to vomit blood, but fortunately, a meal of fifty credits was not expensive at all. They could eat hundreds of meals every month with their monthly allowance.

"But what does Lieutenant Lu mean by eating noodles? He will not eat with us?" Clayton looked around, just like a curious baby. The line was very long. As the front was crowded with people, he couldn't see the situation behind the glass windows at all.

"Well, some people like to eat noodles, so there is a separate window for it. The one on the far left is noodles. There are about five to six toppings to choose from every day, such as beef and lamb steak, poached egg, veggie chicken, and spicy pork chili sauce. "You see that there are more people in the noodle’s queue. It is because there is only one window. The other nine windows are all normal rice dishes and hot soup." Qiang Zi explained.

In the meantime, Ren Hong, who had left the team long ago and walked to the front to observe, finally returned. "This rice dishes in this window is good, so let's queue here."

Qiang Zi nodded immediately, "Okay, I read the notice from the cafeteria, it should be right."

Clayton was at a loss again.

Ren Hong smiled and slapped Clayton on the shoulder, with a hint of sympathy in his tone, "We have a cafeteria app where the menu of each window will be announced two hours before the meal so that everyone can choose which window to line up. Each window's dishes are slightly different. But, it’s useless to tell you this. You will leave in seven days, so it’s useless to try to figure it all out."

Clayton swallowed, "Cafeteria App?" There was such a thing in the Eastern Army Group?

"Looking at the menu every day, we always looked forward to training. The most feared thing was to have the dishes you wanted gone by the time you finished training, hahaha! I live on three meals from the cafeteria!" Qiang Zi said and laughed.

They quickly came to the front.

Clayton’s team finally saw the rich dishes in the large metal plates behind the glass window. Green stir-fried vegetables, red hot peppers, black and white stir-fried vegetables... If it weren't for the big signs hanging above the dishes, they wouldn't know what the names of these foods were!

"Two meats and two vegetarians, remember! I will give you a demonstration." Qiang Zi lined first. He smiled at the cafeteria robot, "I want to stir-fry green beans, moss meat, taro chicken, and stir-fried tree mushrooms. Thanks, No.1."

The robot server was very fast in serving food. Its portion was standard, "I am not No.1."

"Ah..." Qiang Zi touched his head in embarrassment, "No. 6, you look too much like No.1."

"Well, we are produced in the same batch." The robot was wearing a mask, so chatting did not affect its work. It did not forget to serve some soup, and finally put a can of yogurt on the tray, "Next."

Qiang Zi took a breath of the fragrant dishes and quickly retreated with his dinner tray.

The next one was Clayton. He was nervously looking at seven or eight different dishes in front of him, and suddenly fell into entanglement. "The same as him, thank you." His face blushed.

Nelson followed closely and gave Clayton a thumbs up, "You are wise!" He blurted out to the robot, "The same as them, thank you."

Robot No. 6 seemed to have also updated its information and knew the Westerners’ identities, "Oh, welcome foreign guests. Today’s fried bacon with garlic sprouts tastes good, and Kung Pao chicken is also a classic dish in this cafeteria. I suggest you try it."

Nelson uttered an ah and was immediately influenced, "Okay, then I will follow your suggestion."

It was only when the six Westerners all finished ordering food in a panic and found the big table where Qiang Zi was sitting that they felt their heart beat came back to normal.

"Just now it was more stressful than the task."

"Why do I feel like doing an unmanned planet survival task? I can't figure out which vegetable dish is what."

"Fortunately, the cafeteria robot is very smart. It recommended me to try tomato scrambled eggs."

"Huh? It recommended me chicken and bacon."

Qiang Zi looked up at them, "Don't be shocked. The recommended dishes said by No. 6 are all its own dishes. As for the dishes that other robots or the real chef in the cafeteria cook, they are never in its recommended menu."

"What, what!?"

"The cafeteria also pays attention to performance, so robots also have to grab resources to get chip upgrade. This, I forgot to tell you, hehe. But it's okay, you know now, so tomorrow remember this and choose what you wanted instead."

The six soldiers from the Western Army Group were all stunned. This robot simply asked to be killed!

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