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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 172 Part 2 of 3

ICRAB – Chapter 172 Part 2 of 3

In the tool room next to the cockpit, Xiao Bai, who still maintained a paralyzed posture, was stunned. She was suddenly locked in a small toll room. What did this mean?

Nearby Xiao Hei snorted in his nose, moved his seat, and sighed calmly.

Xiao Bai looked at Xiao Hei, then at the closed hatch. She kicked the door vigorously with her short legs, indicating that the Rabbit King was very angry.

As a result, this action didn't even bother Werewolf Qin Mo, but made the Xiao Hei who wanted to continue dozing off could not sleep. Xiao Hei rolled his eyes and couldn't hold back to stretched out his paws and pulled the mini white dumplings over. He hooped her firmly under his paws.

Xiao Bai: Hiks hiks!

Xiao Hei lowered his eyes and pressed his forehead directly on Xiao Bai’s head, successfully covering her small three-petal lips.

Xiao Bai: ……!

The world of Xiao Hei finally returned to peace, so he closed his eyes with satisfaction. 

The Rabbit King in his arms stared wide with a pair of round rabbit eyes. She couldn't what had happened for a long time. Her pure rabbit body was completely pressed down by Xiao Hei, and her entire rabbit head was hugged by the opponent's body. Xiao Hei’s high-level aura continuously sprayed down to the tip of her nose, encircling her entire rabbit body, and the level 7 rabbit king couldn't even move one small rabbit leg.

Xiao Bai: … this stinky, shameless, beast! You dare to mess with this King!

Xiao Hei: Snore~

When Liu Weiwei put her small skirt back on in the cockpit with a shy face, she glanced at the inhuman werewolf with a bitter and blushing face. She didn't know that her Xiao Bai had also encountered a major difficulty as a female rabbit. But even if she knew it, she probably couldn't do anything. After all, she was already in a state where she couldn't protect herself. For example, her expression of resentment looked so cute, which obviously touched a certain nerve in the werewolf's heart.

But the werewolf still had to worry about Liu Weiwei’s weak body, so he could only squeeze her chin, and said, "Let’s eat? We will continue tonight."

Liu Weiwei now felt that her man's body was too strong and had too much muscle. This was a painful but happy trouble. She rested for a long time, panting for air, and pushed Qin Mo away. Going out early in the morning, she was going to watch a movie on the spacecraft, but after doing a lot of exercise, she was so tired that she fell asleep in bed unknowingly after taking a shower.

When Liu Weiwei was woken up by Qin Mo, who was now dressed again, they had already arrived at the place where the Chef Association Exchange was held – Planet Reifel.

Planet Reifel’s season was summer 75% of the year, with plenty of sunshine, and the temperature was as high as 35 degrees Celsius. (TN: 95 degrees F.)

Before Liu Weiwei got out of the spacecraft, she wanted to spray sunscreen on her whole body, but after thinking about it, she sprayed only her legs that were exposed under the skirt, but did not spray her face, neck, or hands. In case she would be holding Little Meat Buns and he tried to gnaw her fingers, she didn’t want the bun to bring sunscreen on her body into his mouth.

Fortunately, after getting off the spacecraft, Qin Mo thoughtfully took out a parasol from his space and shaded her. He also wanted to take Little Meat Bun, but Liu Weiwei still insisted on kindling her communication with her son during her rare breaks. She had been busy lately and basically left earlier than Qin Mo and returned late. Her son was obviously closer to his father now, which made her very jealous.

Liu Weiwei tied the meat bun to her chest with a childcare strap. Although it was hot, she could still bear it. "Let's go to the hotel first?" She got out of the spacecraft’s apron, already sweating a little. People that had children would know that once a family dragged all their family to go out, travelling became very laborious.

Liu Weiwei looked Xiao Bai who was following listlessly, and she looked at Qin Mo with a little worry, "Xiao Bai doesn't seem to be feeling well, is it too hot for her? Heatstroke seems to be very dangerous for a rabbit."

Qin Mo looked back, put his arms around his little wife’s soft waist, and the slender grip made him instantly decide to not say the fact that a Level 7 Beast was stronger than her, "Well, let’s go to the hotel to settle down first."

The Chef Association had a long history and was rich in wealth. This time, the arrangement for the exchange was in a top five-star hotel on the planet. The first-class housing environment had many supporting facilities, like gymnasium, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, even children's playground and pet boarding facilities.

Qin Mo’s eyes when looking at the two beasts were full of unusual meaning. Checking in at the front desk, he communicated with the staff. When he came back, he told Liu Weiwei about the powerful and complete pet amusement park. "There are already more than a dozen pets staying here. There are some low-level pets and everyone is playing together. Xiao Bai, even as a beast, still needs to make friends. She must be lonely just following you all the time. No matter what kind of beast, they need to follow their same kind, otherwise they will lose their original wildness over time."

Qin Mo looked righteous, "We shouldn’t restrain their nature." When he said this, Liu Weiwei was touching Xiao Bai's back, helping her relax and teasing her, but she was still lazy, not as lively as usual.

"Really?" Liu Weiwei looked at Qin Mo suspiciously.

But Qin Mo still had his normal stiff face on, with a natural military man temperament, "Xiao Bai is not in good spirits because there are too many humans here. After all, it is a high-level beast, it will be normal to feel uncomfortable if there are too many humans."

Liu Weiwei was no longer an ignorant girl now. She had studied the habits of beasts and knew that this was true. After being kept in captivity for a long time, the loss of wildness was definitely an impact and the most feared was animal autism.

"Are there other rabbits there?" Liu Weiwei touched Xiao Bai worriedly. It had indeed been too long since Xiao Bai saw her own kind. Tang Yingqian also bought a little rabbit, and Xiao Bai liked to sleep with it, letting it follow her butt. However, not known if the rabbit was born weak, or if it became uncomfortable in a new environment, the rabbit soon vomited and had diarrhea. It was then taken to the veterinary clinic.

Xiao Bai hadn't been with it for a long time, and she also hadn't met any new companion.

"Well, aren't you worried about heatstroke? There is a veterinarian over there," Qin Mo took her to observe the scene in person, "Look, there are ice cubes to cool down and the air conditioner is always operating."

Liu Weiwei looked around and found that the place was much more luxurious than the rabbit house at home. With an area of more than 100 square meters, it mimicked the original environment of a forest. It was planted with lush trees, and there were entertainment facilities for pets, such as swings, rollers, sand, plush toys, small tree house, and even the ice cube waterbed.

"It's true that they don't have any of these facilities at home." Liu Weiwei felt excited after seeing the place.

"Xiao Bai, go and play with everyone?"

The Rabbit King gave the Major Werewolf her ass, jumped directly into a bunch of grazing rabbits in the pet area, and lied in the middle.

Liu Weiwei stared and soon found that the surrounding rabbits were all frightened. They scattered instantly, as if fleeing from enemy. But not long after, after Xiao Bai's dissatisfied muttering, these little rabbits came back. They surrounded her and began to lick and smooth her fur. They also began to massage her, it was an emperor-like treatment.

"Look, this is the way it should live." Qin Mo took Liu Weiwei's little hand with satisfaction. He gave Xiao Hei a look and let it walk to the pet area obediently, "Let's go back to the room. It was also time for Little Meat Bun to eat and change diapers."

Xiao Hei:...

It was obviously impossible for Qin Mo to let two beasts with high IQs watch him laid hands on his little wife in the room. Not to mention, one of them was a male beast.

Although Liu Weiwei loved Xiao Bai, she also knew that it was a powerful rabbit king. The usual soft cuteness was a disguise for self-protection. In the interior, it was a fierce beast who could easily eat a Level 6 beast. Even if she was good to pets, she couldn’t restrain some of their natures. Occasionally living a group life would be helpful for the pet’s physical and mental health.

 Liu Weiwei finally took Qin Mo’s hand and agreed to let the beasts stay in the pet care. "In an hour, we should come out and see them again. If they don't like it here, we will take them back to the room."

The werewolf who for a while thought he had succeeded: "..."

When Liu Weiwei returned to the room, she did not roll on the sheets with Qin Mo. The two of them quietly enjoyed the rare silent of two people together. Little Meat Bun was in a small bed, playing with his own feet.

Liu Weiwei was watching the schedule of the exchange meeting while enjoying the massage chair in the room. "Tomorrow morning will be a whole day of exchange meeting, which included three meals. We can move freely the day after tomorrow, and the third day will be another exchange day."

Liu Weiwei hadn't been out for a long time, so she obviously wanted to stroll around. "On the free schedule day we can go fishing at the beach, or go camping~"

Qin Mo was doing push-up exercises on the ground, "Yes, we can go out to the sea. The fish here is good and Xiao Hei is a good fisherman."

Liu Weiwei became interested instantly, "I haven't been to sea yet, should we rent a private boat? Or take a big boat with other people?"

"No need, there is one in my space." Local tyrant Qin Mo was indeed very good.

The Chef Association exchange meeting had occupied the entire five-star hotel. There were already not a lot of chefs all over the universe, but as they were also scattered on various planets, they became rare objects. Many of the people invited this time were famous super chefs and senior chefs in the food circle. Many people, like Liu Weiwei, took their families and came here to participate in the exchange. They applied the attitude of half work half vacation break.

In the evening, Liu Weiwei and Qin Mo went out to dine. Seeing the people in the restaurant wearing neat chef uniforms, the two were a little shocked.

"Madam and Sir, Welcome. Please show me your invitation ticket and ID card, please."

Liu Weiwei was wearing her private clothes and Qin Mo who had put his sunglasses back on also brought a stroller. The two were completely different from the people dining inside. Because of this, the waiters looked at them with suspicion.

Fortunately, Liu Weiwei had a big heart and didn't care about the other person's eyes. She was not angry and proceeded to show her invitation letter.

After the confirmation, the waiter quickly changed his attitude. He instantly bowed his head and leaned over, "Chef Liu, I'm sorry. Please come in."

After Liu Weiwei walked in, she picked a seat by the window. She then muttered to Qin Mo, "I don't have the chef's uniform from the Chef Association." She didn’t came from a cooking academy, let alone the Chef Association's uniform, and she didn’t even have a chef certification. She just went for an individual examination in the military area to make sure that she was free of infectious diseases, other than that she had no other certificates.

Marshal Li Er was also careless. He had never cared about it.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows without any psychological burden. "It's okay. They were the one that invited you. It is not our initiative to participate. If they are not happy, we will go and play by ourselves." As long as it was not a military order, these small matters were obviously nothing in his mind.

Liu Weiwei nodded after hearing it, "Yes, we can also return the hotel cost. We cannot take advantage of it." 

However, as soon as her voice fell, she heard a discordant voice ringing behind her.

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