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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 157

ICRAB – Chapter 157

Marshal Li Er was so frustrated. He slapped the table angrily and called Qin Mo over.

"What happened?! This is your battalion commander, messing with relationship between men and men in the army!"

Marshal Li Er was reasonable and he was not overly conservative. Now it was interstellar era, men with women and men with men were all the same, but "Pay attention to the impact, okay? In broad daylight, in front of everyone, ah?! Has the marriage certificate been issued? No!"

"What will the new recruits think? This kind of people is leading the team? F*ck! No discipline!"

Marshal Li Er was so angry that he almost passed away. The other party also attached the photo to him. Although mosaic was applied, he recognized the figure of his young cadre at a glance. The intimate action of wiping the other’s mouth was simply eye burning. The key was that he was laughed at by an old friend and opponent. He was so angry that he exploded.

Qin Mo was a person who didn't like to watch gossip on the Internet so he never went to the sergeant chat forum. Only after seeing the photos sent by his teacher, he frowned and his face was frozen.

"That's it? Teacher, everyone is very busy today. I'll leave if there is nothing more."


"The notice was issued yesterday. The day when the soldiers entered the snack street, it was considered as vacation time."

"Can you mess around on vacation? Can you do everything you want willy-nilly?!"

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, "This is personal freedom. It is not convenient for me to deal with the private life of my subordinates."


"A soldier is also a person after all and has the right to pursue a lover." Qin Mo pointed to the photo, "My lover also happens to be my comrade-in-arms, there is no problem."


"The army has no rules that stated soldier can't love freely. Teacher, you are too controlling."


"Comrade Li Er, you can't destroy the happiness of the soldiers, you have to protect it instead." Qin Mo had an indifferent face. He strode out of the office righteously, leaving only Marshal Li Er with his furious face. But when he reached the gate, Qin Mo took out his light brain and sent a new message to his Meat Bun’s mother.

[Crooked Lieutenant.jpg]

[You are right, it is very important to educate children not to be crooked.]

[Let them stay away from Meat Bun in the future, to avoid damaging him.]

As there was no soft daughter, Qin Mo still counted on Meat Bun to have a wife. If man and man, where could he get a soft granddaughter?

Comrade Qin Mo resolutely walked into the sun and decided to write in this in the house rules when he went back today. From now on, he had to tell Meat Bun who was still breastfeeding that his partner was not allowed to be male, otherwise he would break his legs!

It didn't take long for Liu Weiwei, who was still busy, to receive the message. She glanced and then looked up in shock. The two men in uniforms waiting for a new batch of sizzling tofu in front of her were the same Lu Qingheng and Lin Renhu who appeared in the said photo.

Liu Weiwei was so startled that her jaw was about to fall. She was not a rotten girl, really not. But she didn’t look at BL less on web novel website. When she read BG romance, she could only look at one man and one woman, but when she read BL, she could look at two gorgeous men! (TN: A self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans that enjoy BL stories, denoting how a woman who enjoys fictional gay content becomes ‘rotten’ or too ruined to be married.)

Liu Weiwei was not afraid but this was the first time that she could see a live version of BL stories in interstellar era. She lowered her head and glanced at the photo secretly. Even if it got mosaic, the gossip nature and her YY heart made her see Lu Qingheng's extremely ambiguous finger. (TN: YY = 歪歪 [wāi wāi] is a pinyin acronym for 意淫 [yì yín]. It means 1) To fantasize; 2) to have sexual fantasies; 3) to have unrealistic expectations; 4) to interpret things in narcissistic ways. 歪 [wāi] means crooked, slanted, and evil.)

Oh Dear~

"You only need a box of tofu?" Liu Weiwei smiled and squinted.

The two big men looked at each other, "Yes, sister-in-law."

Liu Weiwei nodded in relief.

Oh Dear~

Qin Mo also bought Liu Weiwei a large roasted pig trotter in the morning, saying that she would be hungry. But she couldn't eat them all and in the end only ate a small portion. The remaining trotter was eaten by the Major. This was what couples usually did. Drank a glass of beverage and ate the same dish at the same time, not wasting food while increasing feelings.

"I really don't see that you are in such a relationship." Liu Weiwei blinked, curious and admired, "You have never mentioned it when you come to the house. You have done a good job of secrecy." Lu Qingheng not only often came to her house for a meal. He was also the one that brought her into the barracks. She always thought they were very familiar.

"Huh?" The two men looked at each other, confused, "Secrecy?"

Lin Renhu scratched his head, "I didn't keep it secret. I was always under the lieutenant when I entered the barracks. He was the one that trained me."

Lu Qingheng chuckled, "Old Lin's personality is similar to me. You can say we grew together! I joined the army when I was seventeen, and he was twenty."

Liu Weiwei's eyes lit up, "Ah! I understand. Your sizzling tofu, eat it while it's hot." She intimately gave them one bamboo stick and spoon, and kept watching them leave. It didn't take long before she saw them taking a bite at the corner of the street. Even the last piece of tofu, the two shared it together intimately.

Oh Dear~

The soft tofu was grilled until crispy on the iron plate with high temperature. It was then sprinkled with chopped shallots, coriander, pepper, and cumin powder. 

Liu Weiwei thoughtfully didn't put chili powder on the couple’s portion, to avoid pain while fighting at night. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but chuckle secretly.

As for Qin Mo's words, she didn't think much about Meat Bun. The child had the freedom to choose. If he really brought a handsome guy back in the future, she would be very happy to watch every day~

When Lu Qingheng walked to the corner, he ate a piece of tofu but then he was violently pinched on his wrist by Lin Renhu beside him.

"Lieutenant, give me a piece quickly!"

"What's the hurry? You can't wait even for a moment!"

"Sister-in-law said we need to eat it while it's hot for the best taste!"

"Okay okay, here you are!"

The soldier who happened to pass by staggered.

Lu Qingheng chewed the tofu in his mouth, feeling that people around him looked a little strange. Thinking about what Liu Weiwei said just now, it was also very abnormal, but when he was about to speak, he hissed and opened his mouth.


The sizzling tofu had just come out of the grill. Even when the temperature of the outer skin was still bearable, the soft tofu inside was so hot that he couldn't even speak! He sighed and felt himself swallowing a mouthful of fire. The salty and soft glutinous taste accompanied by slightly spicy pepper had already hit him repeatedly. It was like waves of hot wind, bringing him to the foot of a volcano. The sizzling tofu looked intact and the skin was very firm, but the inside was soft and tender. It melted in his mouth.

"When the lingering tenderness meets the explosive hotness... Aha, amaxing!" Lu Qingheng took off his military cap and pressed his forehead, "So hot that I'm sweating."

"Lieutenant, you're right! This tofu doesn't look great, but it's delicious! It's really amazing, ha, fortunately you said with sister-in-law there we will not lose to buy a copy."

"Well, I almost missed it, but luckily I'm smart." The soft and tender tofu entered Lu Qingheng’s mouth smoothly. The tightly wrapped heat burst on the tip of his tongue instantly with a passionate scent of fireworks. This was not the only food available in the snack street, but it was very suitable.

People who had been in a hurry and had been busy for a long time would stop and wait for a piece of tofu to slowly sizzle and slowly become golden. When such a piece of tofu melted in the mouth and turned into infinite body heat… This was happiness. After spinning around in high speed, people should stop occasionally and slow down, looked for different feelings.

In the noisy surroundings, in the chaotic world, because of a piece of hot tofu, Lu Qingheng’s soul gradually returned to quietness and rest. When he finished eating slowly and happily, he wiped his mouth and exhaled a deep sigh of heat. He was 100% satisfied and felt that his soul was full of heavy happiness. "Let’s divide the last piece, Old Lin."

"You grabbed my salted egg bun just now, aren’t you embarrassed to still divide this last piece of tofu?"

"Huh? You flowed it out by yourself! How could you say that I snatched it?"

"No matter! This tofu belongs to me!"

"No! Half half!"

"I want more than half or I will break our friendship."

"F*ck, see you in the playground tomorrow morning, I beat you to death!"

They divided the last piece of tofu into equal parts. Their faces were filled with happiness and enjoyable smiles. It’s a good mood, perfect~

Throwing away the empty box in his hand, Lu Qingheng finally had the energy to think about the problem, "What do you think sister-in-law mean? Why when I think about it now, it doesn't seem right."

Lin Renhu wiped his mouth and saw the scallion pancake sold in front. The round golden pancake, he couldn't help sucking his drools wildly, "I don't know, the pancake in front looks pretty good."

Lu Qingheng bowed his head and counted the coupons, "We don't seem to have enough."

"Ah? Then let's go shoot!"

"Well, get up!"

The two of them were busy eating and shooting, playing to win coupons and use them to eat. They almost ate the whole street. It could be said that they were the most efficient players of the day. 

However, their fame became more and more infamous, and by night, the terrible photos had been circulated in all the military camps in the Eastern Army Group. Not only that, but there were also new photos streaming out.

[We who drink pearl milk tea together.jpg]

[Pig trotters, you chew the skin, I eat meat.jpg]

[I shoot, you charge, my queen.jpg]

[Layered cakes, one for you and one for me. jpg]


Until that night, Lu Qingheng finally got so full that he couldn't eat anymore. He couldn't even sleep so he had to go to the base clinic to get medicine. At this time, he finally went to the chatting forum in the strange eyes of the little nurse.



"Who is bent? Who is bent so badly?!"

The little nurse shrank her neck, rummaged in the medicine storehouse, took out a packet of medicine, and handed it over, "Twice a day, one tablet at a time, drink plenty of water, avoid spicy and greasy food for a few days. Also, don't exercise at night."

"What exercise will I do at night... sh*t!"

Lu Qingheng's face turned dark, "It's not what you think!"

"Ah, it's nothing," the little nurse's eyes sparkled, "I heard that Major Qin has expressed his opinion. He is supporting you and protecting you."

"Clerk Liu also spoke at the forum in the evening. She said that food and love are always by everyone's side. Lieutenant Lu, I also support you~ Come on!"

Come on?

Lu Qingheng's eyes went dark and his whole person fell backward!

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