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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 164

ICRAB – Chapter 164

That night, the chat group [Six Tigers attack the Eastern Army Group] couldn't stop for a long time. Even at the point where the dormitory lights were turned off, it still couldn’t prevent the information from bouncing out.

Warren: Sure enough, I couldn't sleep.

George: You are not alone.

Nelson: +1

Rogers: The individual combat capability of the Eastern Army Group Soldiers is much better than I remembered.

Bill: Yes, I was accidentally killed today and tomorrow will be another tough battle.

Nelson: Thinking of opening my eyes and having breakfast in the cafeteria tomorrow, I am so happy~

Bill: …Nelson, I always feel not at ease. I feel that they are inviting us to the cafeteria for a sinister reason!

Nelson: Bah, then don't eat! Who robbed my bacon today?

Clayton: Don't create internal conflicts. But I... I think Bill is right. The Eastern Army Group is not the same weak as we thought. I feel my muscle strength has increased.

Rogers: Do you feel that way too? I thought it was my illusion.

Bill: +1

Warren: Huh? Why didn't I feel it?

Nelson: What are you talking about? Isn’t it normal after such a high training intensity? I'm still developing!

Clayton: If you eat in the cafeteria for the whole day tomorrow, you will know.

Bill: Well, I also think it has something to do with food.

Nelson: Huh? Hey, it's impossible!

Finally at one o'clock in the morning, the group administrator Clayton said good night to everyone, and temporarily shut down the group.

Nelson tossed around in bed. He suffered from insomnia. On one hand, the discussion before going to bed with his teammates made him very entangled. On the other hand, he was too indulgent. He ate four and a half bowls of rice in one go at dinner until he was finally stopped by a cafeteria robot.

"What do they mean? Why muscle strength have something to do with the cafeteria? That d*mn Clayton just has to go mute at critical moments. He won't answer my questions!" Nelson only dared to whisper. He rolled over slightly as he didn't want to wake up the other roommates who had fallen asleep. The moonlight outside came in through the bedroom window and he could clearly see the gray kangaroo lying on the ground, sleeping on its side. Its sleeping face looked lovely, but as long as it was awake, it had a violent temper. It liked to punch someone with its fist.

Nelson went back to the dormitory today and listened to her lower-bunk roommate. In the room, the big gray kangaroo was the boss. The others couldn’t disturb its sleep, couldn’t step on its tail, and couldn’t eat in front of it. In short, when it didn’t lose its temper, it could still be considered a cute pet. Once unhappy, it was a hell-level devil.

Next on the food chain was Battalion Commander Lu, who was also the head of the dormitory, but he usually on duty for night shifts. The rest of the roommates, in order of age, were all senior soldiers in the team and had very good personalities.

Although Nelson only stayed for one day, his instinct instinctively told that the Eastern Army Group was not as sinister as Bill said. Soldiers in the Eastern Army Group still get along very well. They had good food, beast pets, and they were also very active in training. The military style was not as lax and bad as the rumors. On the contrary, he actually liked the environment here.

Nelson looked at the kangaroo for a while and recalled the deliciousness he tasted on his tongue during dinner. The more he thought about it, the more insomnia he got. He squinted and only started to fall asleep as the sky lightened. But soon he was woken up by the sound of his roommates getting up. He took a look at his electronic watch and found it was four o'clock in the morning. "Training? So early?"

"Hush, don't wake up Da Hui. Let's go to the snack street."

Nelson woke up suddenly. He heard this words Snack Street several times and still didn’t understand, "What the hell is that?" The people on the ground made a silence gesture at him.

After the big kangaroo on the ground snored loudly, it turned over, almost sleeping on its back. It was ignoring the situation. The five well-dressed senior soldiers below crept out of the room gently.

Nelson couldn't lie down anymore. He didn’t take off his uniform last night so he jumped directly to the ground. The big kangaroo on the ground moved its eyelids and its nose twitched, but probably because it didn't smell unfamiliar smell or the smell of food, it continued to snore.

Nelson flew out of the bedroom in a few steps. "You are not going on a mission? Are you going to eat? Can you take me?" Nelson, a big guy, was no longer arrogant now. His tone was very humble. It looked like of he was rejected, he would cry on the spot.

"I will return to my camp in a few days and maybe I will never have the chance to come here again. When I go back, I can only drink nutrient solutions. Drink when I am hungry, drink when I am thirsty, and drink when I am tired... Only yesterday did I know that your rations are so delicious!" Nelson was just venting his emotions casually, but he didn't expect that the more he said it, the more he felt wronged, and his heart really hurt. "I also want to eat rations like you all every day, but I won't be able to eat them anymore..."

Nelson lowered his head. His muscles almost burst into his uniform, but his spirit now was as low as a young man with no offensive power.

"Oh," The youngest soldier in the bedroom took the lead and sighed, "It sounds pitiful."

The fourth oldest also gave Nelson a heavy look, "We have all experienced the sufferings you mentioned, day and night drinking nutrients. Before, we also didn’t know what food is!"

The fifth oldest also looked down at his army boots. "In fact, ordinary citizens outside can't eat the high-end cuisine in our cafeteria. We are indeed as lucky as lottery winners. Big guy, cry if you want to cry, I won't laugh at you. The first time I went to the cafeteria, I also shed tears. I couldn't believe it was not a dream."

Nelson looked at them extremely eagerly.

The third oldest gritted his teeth, "Everyone is a soldier, you can go with us!"

Nelson's eyes lit up instantly.

"We are on vacation today, but you will have to do the exchange training later, so remember the time to come back."

"Yes, absolutely." Nelson nodded quickly.

The fourth oldest was a little worried, "I'll send a message to the company commander, don't be punished."

"But, Nelson has no admission ticket. The robot will not allow him to enter the snack street."

A few people got together to discuss, worrying Nelson too much.

Fortunately, Lu Qingheng was on the night shift today. He was still awake when he received the news. Because of a certain Marshal's sinister goal, Nelson's Snack Street temporary pass was quickly approved. 

Soon, Nelson happily followed his friendly roommates to the snack street. As a result, when he stepped in, his simple worldview instantly collapsed. He exchanged two hundred credits for coupons and rushed in with everyone. Only then he realized how monotonous his military life was and how boring his military camp was! There was no cafeteria in his military area, and there was no snack street also.

Nelson even thought that he had joined a fake army. "How can it be so bad? My God, why does it treat me like this?" He felt he was cheated. When he enlisted in the army, he was said to be joining the strongest army that also had the best welfare, but now he saw that he was completely deceived.

"What's this? Marshmallow, my God, how can it be like a cloud? Well, it's so sweet! It's sweeter than what I had on Skynet when I was a kid!" Nelson wanted to taste everything he saw. He followed his roommates, almost like a happy little wild horse running away. He was happy to stroll anywhere as the whole snack street was filled with intoxicating fragrance.

"I read the forum posts and the others said that there is a delicious fried beef dumpling here, let's find it." The third oldest stopped. In front of him was the trending [Fifty Stalls You Can't Miss on Snack Street] post. They were a group of people that walked around with strategy. They were very purposeful.

As soon as Nelson heard this, he mobilized all his perception. His small radar instantly stood up, "Okay, look for it! Demolish everything on the list and don't even miss one!"

"...Well, you cruel man!"

"Hehe." Nelson smiled shyly, but soon he frowned and stopped. 

"I smell it! The smell of beef in the air drifts from a distance. It gets stronger and stronger when as we walk here, like the smell of a whole cow being grilled on a fire! The smell of meat and beef bones burned together. The strong fragrance comes from right here!" Nelson was like a tiger coming out of the mountain. His sense of smell reached the highest point at this moment. 

"There, only cost ten coupons! Ten credit coins!" Nelson almost jumped up and rushed over to kiss the robot that was collecting money at the beef pan-fried dumpling stall. The robot wore glasses and a pink bib. It gave him a stinking look of contempt and used a long iron clip to pick up a round pan-fried beef dumpling that was golden and had slightly burnt surface from the big griddle. The pan-fried dumpling was wrapped in kraft paper. The robot handed the dumpling to him.

Nelson stared as if he had discovered a new world. He looked at three big black griddles about one meter in diameter in the small stall. The robotic arm of the robot keeps rotating this huge iron pan to ensure that every bulging dumpling on it could be evenly heated. In each pot, the pan-fried dumplings were lined up one after another. There were almost a hundred of them all fried together. When one side was roasted golden, the robot flipped the fried dumplings one after another with a spatula, making both sides crisp and charming.

The sizzling sound in the pot, the heat that came out from time to time, and the lingering smell of beef made Nelson’s legs unable to move. He held the hot kraft bag in one hand while watching the robot's movements. He was fascinated by it. Only when he was reminded by the third oldest, he took a bite in a hurry. And then he was stunned by the delicious beef gravy sprayed out of the dumpling!

Nelson shuddered as if he had been shot. The outer skin of the fried dumpling was crispy and refreshing, and it made a very refreshing crisp sound when he bite it, but inside was a large, round and lean beef chunk. It was full of flexibility and it tasted slightly like curry. The spicy, delicious gravy came out again, soaking the dough in the mouth until it became soft and flavorful.

Nelson regained his senses, and took several mouthfuls of gravy, dancing with contentment. The beef filling was extremely firm, and the hot gravy was pouring down from the top of his head. It made him feel full of power instantly!

It was still early in the morning, but there were already a lot of people on the snack street.

Nelson looked at the soldiers in military uniforms coming and going. He didn't know if it was because he was scalded or something, but his eyes were really red this time. He wanted to eat. He wanted to eat every day. He envied these people, a tearful envy... 

If his military area also had a snack street like this, he would be gladly willing to sleep only three to four hours a day. Get up at four o'clock in the morning to eat such a delicious meal, he could definitely work hard all day!

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