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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 165

ICRAB – Chapter 165

Nelson seemed to have fallen into a treasure trove of world heritage sites. All his past experiences added together were not as legendary as these two days. "Brother, your snack street is simply invincible. What kind of welfare is this? Oh my God! I suddenly felt that my camp treatment was just sh*t." Obviously, in his simple world, just a rumble could become a huge bang, the situation completely subverting his understanding of army welfare.

"Ignorance limits my imagination!" Nelson almost refused to leave while holding the pan-fried beef dumplings. "I have to buy three more. I can eat more!"

The third and fourth oldest in the dormitory couldn't stop Nelson, but they were still very responsible. After all, they brought him over so they couldn't lose him. They asked other roommates to eat and shop on their own while they took Nelson to line up to buy three more beef dumplings. They also bought two more each and threw it into their space.

"Nelson, eat less, there are still other foods." The third oldest glanced at the guide, "I took a look on the Must-eat items, there are 39 items in the post. We are just starting and we haven't even eaten ten of them. So, don't fill yourself up too quickly."

The fourth oldest also nodded, expressing deep concern about the IQ of the comrades from the Western Army group, "What time do you have to train later? I guess you will need to go at six o'clock. There is not much time left, but if we hurry up, you can still eat two other varieties."

As soon as Nelson heard this, he almost died, "It's five o'clock already! There are still twenty or thirty must-eats. We haven't even eaten them?"

The third oldest sighed, "Yeah, why we came at four o'clock, isn't it just to eat an extra meal? What I read is the hottest post. According to other posts, there are also top five must-eats, top ten, and there is even a complete guide to abnormal snacks. You have to eat nearly two hundred snacks a day. If we don't get up early, how can we finish it?"

Nelson stared: "Almost two hundred? Are they all different?"

The fourth eldest patted Nelson on the shoulder, "It's not the same, have you been to the cafeteria? The poster of the hottest guide is a regular diner in the cafeteria. He has eaten three meals a day for nearly 100 days. He has eaten almost all the dishes in the cafeteria. But according to his personal experience, there is almost no overlap between the food in snack street and the dishes in the cafeteria, they are all new things."

As the fourth was talking, he also swallowed his drool, "The snack street that the poster went to was on the first day. He wrote the whole guide by starting at 6 in the morning until 11 in the evening, saying that it was just right to leave as the street closes. Time is tight, but the key is that a lot time was also wasted for digestion."

The third oldest nodded, "Yes, so he recommends that everyone go early the next day. The street opened 24 hours a day, so as long as it does not affect training, he recommends starting the first meal at 4 in the morning and then eat every two hours. We should spend the rest of the time playing games to earn coupons. This is also to help digestion by the way."

This strategy post made Nelson felt extremely painful. "Play games to win coupons? Eat every two hours? You don't have to train today? Can you be so happy?" He couldn't even think. Was this still life in the army?

"Keep it down!" The youngest knocked directly on Nelson’s back, "Isn't this a holiday? The Star League celebrates its founding anniversary. Doesn't your camp ever engage in activities? Don't make us seem lazy, this is only once a year event. "

The fourth oldest also quickly pulled Nelson, "Start a trot, you still have one hour, try to eat ten more stalls."

Nelson wanted to cry and laugh again. Anniversary...The camp he was in just held a party, invited art soldiers to perform, and it was over after a speech from the leader. There was no holiday, no eating and shopping all day! But thinking that he came to exchange this time, he was luckier than the other comrades in his team. After all, he even went to a paradise place like the cafeteria and he also ate the perfect cold drinks and snacks. Thinking of his luck, he was instantly excited.

"I will strive for twenty stalls. I will put them in my space if I can't eat them!" Nelson quickly ran up and down.

The strategic policy of their dormitory was very clear. First, follow the must-eat guide to capture the most popular food stalls, and then strive to complete the full snack street guide.

Because of the large number of soldiers and relatively few snack stalls, each stall basically had a limited supply. Each person could only purchase the set limit. They couldn’t even think about collecting many foods and packing it away.

The snack street was originally a specially approved holiday celebration. After three days, all would be demolished. All soldiers who leave the snack street would be scanned by a robot. They were not allowed to take more than a day's worth of food out.

Revelry was okay, but in the military, the soldiers still had to abide by the rules. But in Nelson's view, these rules were like throwing a person in a rice jar and stipulating that he could only eat until he vomited. It was not a restriction at all. It was very reasonable and fair.

Nelson was more nervous now compared to going out to perform special tasks. After a while he started to think the stall location was too far apart and later he was afraid that the robot would be slow in cooking and the snacks wouldn’t be out of the pot for a long time. All of these would affect the time he took to eat the next one... and his heart couldn’t help but going up and down. He was very grateful for the buying limit, otherwise everyone would go to the popular must-eat stall to buy ten or a hundred portions, and he would just queue but wouldn’t be able to eat anything.

"Your superiors are so good, they can still think of something like a snack street!" Nelson lined up, licking the milk ice cube in his hand, sniffing the smell in the air and being fascinated. If this was a dream, he hoped to never wake up forever.

"Yes, our cafeteria is powerful and sister-in-law is invincible." The third oldest stood tall, "You won't be envious of other military districts."

There were other soldiers in front of them, and they couldn't help turning their heads when they heard this. They glanced at Nelson.

"Huh, from other troops?"

"From the Western Army Group? Come to exchange?"

"Tsk, you have good luck. Seeing our snack street, are you envious?"

"Hahaha, go back and tell your comrades-in-arms about the food in our troops. It is estimated that you can retell the story and deliciousness three days and three nights nonstop."

"Our team is tough, right? Who can compare! Last week, someone in your Western Army Group asked me to go to be a special soldier, saying that they would give me a pension? But No, I will not go. I will not go even if I am dying! I would rather retire here, unless sister-in-law Liu followed, only then I will go!"

"Thinking of the beauty, Major Devil will kill you!"

Nelson finally connected the sister-in-law they were talking about with the female chef he saw yesterday, "Which Major's wife is she? She looks so young." He heard Bill say yesterday that he wanted to find a female chef to marry or something.

"She is our Major Qin's wife. She already has a son also, okay?"

"Yes, the mother of our army."

"I heard that this snack street was also a suggestion by our sister-in-law. I will always follow sister-in-law in the future."

"Qin Mo... The Great God?" Nelson was dumbfounded, "I didn't expect that he could control mechas, fight well, and chase his wife so well."

"No, I also want a beautiful chef for myself~ a beautiful wife making food for me every day, rich breakfast, lunch with fruit, dinner with milk, and special celebration packages on holidays. I wouldn’t even need to retire in this situation~"

Nelson stared enviously. When he was lining up unknowingly, the car model robot in front of him was already holding a colander. Its signal light was blinking and looking at him.

"What taste?"

Nelson saw the menu on the cashier counter and thought of the guide post he had just seen. He blurted out, "Sirloin noodles, add bamboo shoot tips."

"Thirty coupons." The robot quickly picked up a large spoonful of snow-white rice noodles circles from the pot, mixed them with cooked lettuce leaves into a large bowl, poured a spoonful of clear soup on top, and then it scooped up some sirloin. The bamboo shoot tip was on served on a separate small dish. The rice noodles just out of the pot were steaming but fragrant.

Nelson silently picked up the chopsticks, which he was not very good at using, but it did not prevent him from directly lowering his head to the side of the bowl. He then took a large mouthful of transparent and white rice noodles. In fact, the rounded rice noodles were a bit difficult to slurp, so he bit from the middle. It was broken, but he could still feel its soft yet refreshing chew. And when the large mouthful of rice noodles was mixed with the clear soup, he could also taste the extraordinary soup base.

Even if Nelson was a rough man, he could taste the richness and deliciousness of the rice noodle soup. It was not at all the clear soup that it looked like in the eye, it was more like a stew with hidden meat and bones.

The lettuce in the rice noodles was fresh and crisp, retaining the tender green color as if it was just picked, and it made people drool. What's more, he also bit into the same peanuts just like in the Kung Pao chicken. The bite was crunchy and crisp, while the excitement and fragrance directly refreshed his heart. He was so excited that he wanted to throw his chopsticks and pour the noodles down his mouth frantically.

The beef sirloin in the bowl of noodles was different from the beef dumpling just now. Every bit of chewing was full of tenacity and some pieces also had tendon, which could be chewed in the mouth for more than a dozen times back and forth without losing the taste. Nelson slurped most of the bowl before he suddenly slapped his head and remembered the bamboo shoot tip mentioned in the guide. If the bamboo shoot tips were poured into the rice noodles, the deliciousness level would go up a step.

Nelson was a little regretful, but fortunately there was still some noodles and soup left. He quickly poured a whole dish of hot and sour bamboo shoot tips into his bowl. Instantly, the remaining half of the noodles was stained red. A sour fragrance floated from the mouth of the bowl to the tip of his nose, causing him to secrete a lot of saliva. Obviously, he just ate three beef dumplings, so his stomach should be a little full already, but now it had started a new round of peristalsis, and the secretion of stomach acid was accelerating.

Nelson used his chopsticks and awkwardly tried to pick up a bamboo shoot. He then threw it into his mouth. Before biting, a sourness and hotness rushed straight to his throat, and it rolled on the tip of his tongue! Obviously it was no longer a tropical training environment, instead he was in a constant temperature and centrally regulated environment, but at this time, the pores on his back were open, and a burst of heat come out if he opened his mouth.


The hot and sour bamboo shoots were crisp and crunchy. It was a must to eat together with the soft and chewy rice noodles. The delicious soup before suddenly becomes unrecognizable sour and refreshing... There was a feeling of a gentle and graceful wife turned into exciting freshness of choking chili one night!

Nelson stared, slurping and chewing fiercely the bamboo shoots and sirloin noodles. His body was sweating as if he was in a sauna, but he didn't even care about wiping it. Finally setting aside the empty bowl, he felt that his whole body was floating and transparent.

"Not bad?" The third oldest also wiped out his bowl. "The guide says that if you have time for a second round, you can try the fried noodles. It said they are also extremely delicious."

The fourth oldest nodded.

Nelson was not good at all. He had no time for a second round, so he could only cherish it!

"What's next?" Nelson even learned the accent of the third oldest. "Go have sugar rice cake?"

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