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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 170

ICRAB – Chapter 170

When Liu Weiwei invited people to eat, not to mention Xiao Hei’s birthday, even if she said it was because of a robot’s birthday, no one would refuse. One by one they ran faster than rabbits to accept.

Marshal Li Er even took the opportunity to let Lu Qingheng bring the Western brawny men in just to open their eyes.

Since his own rumors were flying all over the sky, Lu Qingheng looked at everyone as if they were not pleasing to his eyes. Especially if anyone dared to talk about the rumors in front of him, they would definitely be blacklisted and cut off his friendship list. Organizing a birthday party for the Krypton Beast gave him another chance to eat a big meal, so he was in a slightly better mood.

In the past few days, the six people from the Western Army Group had been feeling uncomfortable. After training together a few times, they could now speak more at ease.

"Our sister-in-law's beast pet is celebrating its birthday. For the sake of our exchange program, you all are invited to the birthday party." Lu Qingheng was also a human being. He had guessed his own Marshal's mind for a long time, but he would never tell these to the silly big men from the Western Army Group.

"Birthday party? A beast pet?" Bill had an irritated expression.

Lu Qingheng squinted, "We soldiers also have birthday celebrations welfare... Forget it, it's useless to talk about it, you can't celebrate your birthday here anyway."

Of course, celebrating birthdays was not the norm, but when Liu Weiwei was working on the Napariyong cake, she suddenly thought of increasing the welfare of the soldiers. Her company used to hold birthday parties for employees every month. Those who celebrate their birthdays that month could get a small cake and a small gift such as a cup or a small succulent potted plant. Now that she had taken root in the army, it was inevitable that she wanted to improve the welfare for the soldiers.

After obtaining the approval of the logistics department, Liu Weiwei released this welfare on the cafeteria app. From now on, she would provide longevity noodles and small cakes in the cafeteria on the 1st of every month to be given to the soldiers that had birthdays on that month.

The soldiers who were always watching the movement of the cafeteria saw the exciting new news almost immediately. 

Even Lu Qingheng, who ate in the cafeteria every day, felt touched. He liked to eat noodles, and he also liked to eat sweets. The point was that his birthday was next month, so he would perfectly be the first batch to receive the new welfare program.

Lu Qingheng felt much happier. After thinking about it, he wanted to buy a gift for the Krypton Beast from the Internet, and he also did not forget to remind the six men from the Western Army Group. "Coming to a birthday party, it's shameful for you to come to eat empty-handed. Settle your gifts by yourself. We will meet at the gate of the dormitory at 7:30 in the evening. I'll take you there, don’t be late."

Liu Weiwei, who was at home, woke up in the morning to prepare food at the cafeteria as usual. At noon, she had an appointment with Zhao father and daughter for a meal. In the afternoon, she went to the restaurant outside to be the chef. At seven, she finished the last set meal, greeted everyone, and hurried home.

The little bun, who was nearly five months old, was also changed into a new sky blue jumpsuit. He was crawling on the ground like a caterpillar, chasing Xiao Bai's billowing buttocks. Liu Weiwei wiped his face, took out two pink bows and tied them to Xiao Bai's head and waist. The bows suddenly made the rabbit become a lot cuter.

Qin Mo inflated some balloons at home, filling the entire living room with two colors of gold and black. When he took out another golden bow, he just stretched out his hand but it was torn apart by Xiao Hei’s claw.

"...Can I kill him?" Qin Mo frowned, "After his birthday today, just killed him and threw into the hot pot soup."

Liu Weiwei was still dressing up Xiao Bai, so she was speechless when she turned around, "Xiao Hei doesn't want to wear the bow? Forget it, don't force him."

Qin Mo coldly looked at the dog-like krypton beast on the ground, "Then you stay for a few more days. When the weather gets cold, I will eat dog meat hot pot."

Xiao Bai in Liu Weiwei's hand rolled around with squinted eyes. She silently slipped away from Qin Mo. Rabbit meat hot pot was obviously not delicious~

But Xiao Hei only snorted his nose, sprayed a hot breath on the floor, and burned a small pit black. His hairy claws also showed sharp nails.

Liu Weiwei hurriedly pushed Qin Mo away, "I will coax Xiao Hei. You can take care of Meat Bun."

Qin Mo had a dark expression. "The money for repairing the floor will be deducted from his food expenses."

"Okay, okay." Liu Weiwei had a big headache.

When Qin Mo walked one meter away, the krypton beast on the ground looked at Liu Weiwei with an innocent look. He whined in a low voice. He acted as if burned floor on the ground had nothing to do with him. He acted like he was just a straightforward beast that had been wronged.

Liu Weiwei bent down, patted Xiao Hei’s head helplessly, and pointed to the floor, "You can't destroy the things at home even if you lose your temper. The place where you sleep is now burned, so it will be uncomfortable to lie down in the future."

Xiao Hei snorted his nose.

"Our family doesn't eat dog meat, we also won’t eat your meat. The Major was just kidding." Liu Weiwei smoothed Xiao Hei’s fur. In the final analysis, no matter how high the IQ of a beast was, it would only be on a child's level. Even domestic cats would destroy house furniture from time to time. A shit shovel officer had to be tolerant and had to pay attention to education.

"Major Qin Mo was wrong to say he will eat you. I will scold him and I will fine him later today, okay?"

Xiao Hei’s whine was obviously much smaller.

"Well, we are going to celebrate your birthday today. Everyone has already accepted you as a companion." Liu Weiwei touched Xiao Hei’s back, "Don't be angry. We will punish whoever makes a mistake and reward whoever does a good job. Today Xiao Hei can eat crabs, have you eaten crabs before?"

Xiao Hei blinked and a soft paw with its sharp claws put away was placed on Liu Weiwei's thigh.

"Crab legs are delicious? Hahaha, Xiao Hei is really smart. Crab meat is rich and firm. I will reserve the largest one for you today." Liu Weiwei squeezed Xiao Hei’s black paws with joy. The fierce krypton beast with such a powerful attack power was gradually raised by her to be like a rabbit, smart and soft. She had a sense of accomplishment!

Liu Weiwei finally put a golden crown on Xiao Hei’s head. He was a little reluctant at first, but then he went to the front of the mirror and took a look. After that, he laid down quietly. Obviously, he was very satisfied with the noble and awesome look.

After a while, the guests arrived one after another. Liu Weiwei immediately ordered the housekeeping robot to bring out the dishes prepared in the kitchen.

Crab Feast, this was something that had never appeared in the cafeteria. Liu Weiwei specially took care of Xiao Hei's preferences. Crab was also one of the important ingredients of Chinese cuisine. Almost all cuisines had different cooking techniques for it.

"This is advanced!" As soon as Mu Ming sat on the dining table, he gave a thumbs up. After looking through his space for a long time, he found eight crabs cracking tools that had not appear for a long time. An ancient family did research on eating and they paid attention to elegance. 

Even Liu Weiwei disliked such troublesome crabs, she always used her teeth to just chew it directly. But Mu Ming's movement made other people who had never seen the tools very curious.

"What is this?"

"How to use these little things?"

"So many tools, repairing robots?"

They were sitting around the big dining table and they didn't even see the Krypton beast jumping onto the chair. He still had the crown on his head and was lying on the table calmly. He was waiting for Liu Weiwei to feed him.

Liu Weiwei picked one of the biggest male crabs, cut off the rope, and placed it on the food tray in front of Xiao Hei.

The corner of Mu Ming's mouth raised, "These are eight crab-eating tools, right sister-in-law? This set of tools is still a collection of mine since ten years ago, made of pure gold~"

The others were amazed, "Tools to eat crab?"

Lu Qingheng had taken a crab long ago. He followed Liu Weiwei, cut the rope away, and watched the krypton beast snapped it directly into its mouth. It swallowed the crab into its stomach with a creaking sound. He was still a little bit stunned. Turning his head, he picked up a long, pure gold hammer in front of Mu Ming, weighed it in his hand, and knocked it on the back of Nelson's hand next to him, "How can this be used?"

Nelson glared instantly, "It hurts, Lieutenant Lu."

Mu Ming turned his head and saw this action. He collapsed and snatched away the golden hammer that Lu Qingheng had taken away, "Dirty! It's contaminated by virus now!"

Nelson: …

"This should be used to knock the crab shell." Liu Weiwei couldn't help but laughed. "Use this hammer to tap the edge of the hard shell on the back of the crab twice. Once the shell loosen, it will be easy to lift later. The crab meat will stick to the shell."

Mu Ming nodded angrily. He got up and went to the kitchen to get the disinfectant.

Among the guests invited today, Li Sanpang, the most knowledgeable and well-informed foodie, sat beside Marshal Li Er without fear. He was already eating. "Delicious crab roe, dipped in a little vinegar, tsk tsk, fresh enough to make you forget all your worries."

Warren, who was next to Nelson, swallowed. He immediately followed Li Sanpang's posture and opened one crab shell. Coincidentally, he also got a female crab in his hand. The golden and shining yellow crab roe was alluring. He didn't know how to use chopsticks, so he picked them out with a fork and put them in his mouth. He hissed and closed his eyes with intoxication.

When Mu Ming came back from the disinfection, Xiao Hei had already chewed a whole large crab and swallowed it directly into his stomach. He was surprisingly fast. Under the leadership of Li Sanpang, they also started to use their teeth to crack the crabs’ shells.

Mu Ming looked at the people and shook his head, "What is the difference between your crude ways of eating compared with the Krypton Beast’s? Hard crab shell may stab your tongue, affecting your sensitive taste buds. There is no beauty at all."

Marshal Li Er pretended not to hear anything. He quickly wiped out one crab that he had left his military affairs early for. As soon as he started, the rest of the people were even more pressure-free. Most of them relaxed instantly and all kinds of harassment began.

"Aren’t you tired from living like that?" Li Sanpang took the crab feet in his hand and stuffed it directly into his mouth. He bit it open with a creak, fished out the crab meat with chopsticks, and ate with relish, "When you fussy yourself to eat one crab properly they way you said, I might have finished a whole pot!"

Lu Qingheng also nodded, "If my tongue gets hurt. I will use the left over medicine prescribed by the clinic before. It will be cured in seconds, no problem."

Mu Ming couldn't bear these rough people, "Clerk Liu, only your taste can keep up with me. If there is such an elegant crab feast in the future, it is ok if you invite me alone."

Regardless of the relationship between superiors and subordinates, the other people wanted to throw crab shells at Mu Ming.

Liu Weiwei was holding a big crab claw and was about to bite it open, but she stopped in embarrassment. "Each way of eating has its own merits. The eight crab-eating tools are indeed a heritage from the ancient Chinese crab-eating culture. These tools are handed down from the Ming Dynasty because the literati in the past paid attention to their dignity. We civilians will; just bite and eat without scruples, but it is absolutely impossible for a noble to bite open crab shell with their teeth. Because of that they invented this elegant way of using tools to take out the crab meat. But ordinary people will not be so particular about it. It's most convenient to eat directly."

When Li Sanpang heard this, his mouth stopped, "So, this dish was also enjoyed by nobles? They will let their subordinates take out the crab meat and they will just be responsible for eating? This is not bad, but it is also enjoyable to eat by biting. It is a different pleasure, they are not so lucky not to be able to experience it."

Mu Ming hummingly picked up the small pure gold scissors and cut out the eight crab legs and two big claws from back to front. The cut crab legs were all intact and the cuts were precise. "Look, isn’t this more pleasing to the eye?" He held the crab feet and shook them in front of Li Sanpang. "This is art! It's a high-level experience of transcending taste. Don’t you know that eating and enjoyment should be beautiful?"

"Pretentious." Li Sanpang spit out a crab shell. He decided not to participate in the discussion and began to gnaw crab shell frantically. He was afraid that the last crab would be snatched away in a blink of an eye.

Mu Ming shook his head and then picked up a pure gold tweezers. He continued his elegant operation slowly.

Liu Weiwei was going to set aside some crab meat for a wrap and crab porridge. But after opening the shell, she just remembered something. "The crab gills, the thick white slices are not edible. The crab innards on the crab lid here shouldn’t be eaten also. It is very cold. There is a crab heart inside, it is white and gray in color. You need to take that out because it will make your body cold if you eat it." She was too late. The group of strong men had already begun to conquer their second crab.

Fortunately, the ladies present were all slower. Just like Liu Weiwei, they had just finished eating the crab's feet carefully.

Nelson had crab feet on both hands, and he was eating with gusto. Warren and Bill, who were next to him, had already had crab shells piled up like hills in front of them.

What Liu Weiwei said was obviously nothing in their muscular man's heart!

"It's okay, we are strong!"

"It's fine. Poison won’t kill us."

"If something happens, I will crawl to the clinic."

"If you can't crawl over, you can still call for help!"

"This crab meat is fresh and it's really delicious when dipped in vinegar!"

"This crab is plentiful in the back of our military zone. It turns out that it can be eaten like this. It's invincible."

Xiao Hel obviously had an iron stomach. It was not afraid of bones, and he also liked metal. Let alone a cold crab innards, it didn’t bother him at all.

Liu Weiwei put her heart down and finally took the time to look at her task. She found that the Xiao Hei soulful food task had no progress at all. She was instantly anxious.

Not crab?

Xiao Hei liked hard food, but if it's not the crab she had thought of, what was it?

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