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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 150

ICRAB – Chapter 150

Many people winked at Zhang Congzhi when they voted. At first Liu Weiwei didn't realize what it meant, but later she found out. The one who won the first place turned out to be the team with most damaged dumpling. The children's voices were quiet, but she had recently improved her mental power so she could hear them clearly.

"There are so many things to eat here, you are right, Zhang Congzhi."

"This vote counts as a thank you."

"500 points, I will give it to you today."

Their small eyes showed ‘we are all loyal’, and they wanted to repay kindness. At the time the instructors came to convey the task of snack street, no one dared to stand up casually, thinking it would be a chore. But after listening to Zhang Congzhi's words, those who were bold enough were now able to have such a satisfying meal as today. They didn’t know if it’s because of their participation in the production, they all felt that the snacks they ate today were more delicious than the food they ate in the cafeteria yesterday. There were their efforts in the snacks.

"Tomorrow I will make something more delicious!" One little fat man raised his fist high, "Crab row siu mai, dominate the universe!"

"Fly, my crystal shrimp dumplings~"

"Vegetable meat wonton, invincible in the world!"

"Turn it over, Char siu rolled noodles, beat the others!"

As long as there were boys, it would never be quiet.

Liu Weiwei almost laughed at the expressions that changed from wanting to kill each other into refusing to admit defeat. "Well, work hard. The stall that sells the most during the snack street will also receive additional rewards. Come on, everyone~"

In the afternoon, the children continued to practice under the guidance of robots, while Liu Weiwei and Yang Likun started adding recipes and assigning tasks to the new 2,000 robot. She almost broke down. Fortunately, Xu Hui and Tang Yingqian also dragged Teacher Qian to help.

Even so, the five of them were busy spinning round and round.

Finally, after knowing about Liu Weiwei's strategy and expansion of the snack street, Qian Dongmei directly called Marshal Li Er and asked him to get some idlers in the logistic office. "Taking advantage of the Alliance Anniversary, both military and civilians should have enjoyed it. So, your logistics office should also contribute to this major holiday."

Qian Dongmei's prestige in the military region surpassed Liu Weiwei's imagination. When she spoke, the people in the back office were no better than rabbits. This was not only because of her status as the Marshal's wife, but also had a lot to do with her being a cooking soldier in the military area when she was young. She looked at many little soldiers grew up, she was now basically a figure that everyone admire very much.

"Yes, yes, sister-in-law. I will go there in person." The office director arrived directly.

"Well, as Weiwei said, besides the two hundred food stalls, there should be additional 50 stalls offering small commodities for sale and another 30 for small games. These should all be organized by your logistics office. You can't let the cafeteria do them all!"

"Small game?" The office director was dumbfounded. But he quickly reflected, "It's like two-person three legs race, right?" In the military area, he had held sports meets and galas, but he had never organized games.

"Then a card game?" The office director was so heartbroken that because he couldn't think of thirty different games.

Liu Weiwei blinked, "It can be like throwing rings, shooting a gun, fishing goldfish, and fishing shrimp." Playing cards at a stall was a bit strange.

The director of the office obviously didn't understand. He was confused, "What is this? New video games? Then I will rent some game discs? These will add entertainment to the soldiers. It is feasible to be positive and meaningful."

Liu Weiwei frowned when she heard it. She was from ancient era thousands of years ago. Her game concept still stayed at the most primitive street market. But now on the roads of all planets, there were VR and AR games, and people couldn’t see old antique games at all. Children nowadays even drew and painted in VR environment for three-dimensional creation.

"Uh... the ring throwing is just a few plastic loops, put on the various toys on the floor, you can claim prizes when you hit the set. Shooting a gun is shooting a balloon, the more you hit, the bigger the prize. Fishing for goldfish is to fish for small goldfish in a pool. The paper net is easy to rot due to the weight of the fish, and the fish can be taken away if catched. Shrimp fishing is similar, using a thread and paper clip without hooks. Just increase the difficulty, if you catch it, you can take it away..." Liu Weiwei said excitedly, and the audience was quiet.

Qian Dongmei, who originally supported Liu Weiwei very much, also looked at her strangely.

After Liu Weiwei finished, she quickly noticed everyone's strangeness. After thinking about it, she realized that this was a military camp thousands of years in the future. Let a group of soldiers shot balloons, it would definitely be an accurate hit every time, there was no difficulty at all. Maybe it was a headache for her to fish goldfish, but the soldiers could catch several fish quickly. Her scum ability couldn't be compared casually with strong combatants. To put it bluntly, the games she suggested were games of ordinary people. The fun lied in the process of frequent failure. "I think about it, then increase the difficulty."

The head of the office was also quite embarrassed. The point was that he couldn't think of any games that could be placed in the barracks. At least playing holsters would be much more reliable than playing cards. It could be called happy training. "The target of the ring can be changed to a moving flying beast. Shooting balloon will be changed to targets moving at the speed of light. Just remove the goldfish paper net and give a hollow iron ring."

Liu Weiwei: ...

The cafeteria was not open for three consecutive days, and the entire barracks seemed to be caught in a tense period of tension. There was low air pressure everywhere. All new recruits had to behave with their tails between them, and if they were not careful, they would be taken care of by the seniors.

The remaining happy ones were probably the Scientific Research Bureau and Military Clinics’ staff. They were indifferent to the fact that the cafeteria closed. Their expressions of schadenfreude had been criticized and despised by the soldiers for several days. But finally, the day when the snack street would open came.

Because the soldiers were divided into three batches in entering the carnival, the location of the snack street was finally determined in the open space behind the Southwest Research Bureau. The number of small stalls available was 260, and the snack street that was temporarily arranged was stretching nearly 500 meters.

The soldier who was assigned as the first day of entry was very happy. In the morning, He Junliang, who was dispatched with his glacier wolf, followed his roommate to the entrance of the snack street and waited for the opening.

"I heard that there are not only delicious food but also fun."

"I heard from my cousin on the logistics office that he will be working as a staff member at a small goldfish stall inside today. I must go to play there."

"Goldfish? Can were eat this too, maybe roast it?"

They were quickly slapped on the shoulder, and when they looked back, they immediately saluted seriously. "Second Lieutenant Lin, Lieutenant Lu!"

"Everyone is very early." Lu Qingheng was hooking Lin Renhu’s shoulder, "You also get the first day batch? You don't need to talk about subordinates and superior. You are off today!"

Lin Renhu nodded, "Everyone is equal in front of food."

Lu Qingheng quickly saw the obedient and well-behaved glacier wolf on the ground, unable to breathe with envy. He also wanted the kangaroo to come out for a show, but he didn't want to be beaten in front of everyone, so today he let Da Hui stay back home.

"Oh, it's open!" Lin Renhu's eyes lit up and he rushed in.

Lu Qingheng quickly followed up with hands on his pockets.

The glacier wolf was like a wild horse running away. It rushed in and dragged He Junliang forward.

Everyone came in hungry early in the morning, so almost a fifth of them went directly to the food stalls.

The aroma was spreading.

"Fresh Taiwanese grilled sausages. I understand, here are ten coupons!"

"The grilled squid that I want to eat! These are fifteen coupons, give me a large one!"

"Fragrant hot dry noodles! Comrade, can I have one? Here are ten coupons!"

In order to make everything controllable and to control consumption, each soldier received a hundred coupons today. At first, everyone thought it was quite a lot, the thick pile of them in their hands felt quite novel in the VR era. But now they knew that they were not enough. This would cost ten, that would cost ten, they would run out of coupons in a blink of an eye. But now was not the time to consider this question!

"I want one grilled sausage!"

"I want one strand of the satay."

"Give me one lamb kebab!"

"One portion of hot dry noodles, make it spicy and add a marinated egg."

People who didn’t usually able to go to the cafeteria were crazy, but those who went to the cafeteria were not much better. 

When everyone was about to lose their minds, Lu Qingheng grabbed Lin Renhu's sleeve. "Lao Lin, I secretly went to my sister-in-law's house yesterday to find out. One hundred coupons are definitely not enough. At least half of the stalls here are food that we haven't eaten. Come together, let’s cooperate and share."

Lin Renhu's mind was always simple. He glanced at the price of the snacks around and nodded almost immediately. Then, the two of them soon became a wonderful sight of the day...

"Wow, this is called grilled sausage? Good fragrant meat! It's so powerful, so amazing, Lao Lin, try it." Lu Qingheng handed the half-eaten grilled sausage Lin Renhu next to him.

Lin Renhu didn't show any strange expressions. He just took it and stuffed it into his mouth, "It's delicious, the taste is sweet, it's good meat! Try this grill the squid. One bite is so powerful, I can't stop it." With that said, he gave half of the grilled squid left in his hand and delivered it to Lu Qingheng's mouth.

Lu Qingheng held hot dry noodles in one hand and coupons with the other hand. When they were eating, they stood still, close to the door, soon, the soldiers who came in one after another saw the two feeding each other. The pictures made them felt like they were struck by lightning, and they couldn't move.

Before long, Lu Qingheng finished the grilled squid, picked up a chopstick, and stuffed some hot dry noodles into his mouth. While he was chewing, he didn't forget to pick some again and feed it to Lin Renhu. "So delicious, just like usual. No matter how many times I have tasted this..." His mouth was full of noodles but he didn't forget to feed his partner. He mumbled warmly.

Lin Renhu nodded, held Lu Qingheng’s hand, and sent the chopstick full of noodles to his mouth, "Delicious! We are done, let's try the next one!"

The soldiers at the door took three steps back, as if they had seen a ghost. The two of men were unaffected. They were sucking noodles quickly and finally two ends of one remaining noodles were held in their mouths separately...

The slender but strong noodles were not so easy to break, the brown-yellow sauce was evenly distributed, and the fragrant and delicious smell even penetrates the noses of the onlookers. This yellow and oily picture made people swallow their saliva, but their scalp felt numb. The soldiers that stepped back previously couldn't help moving forward a little more.

"I want a portion of this noodle."

"I also want!"

The soldiers who spoke at the same time looked at each other but quickly moved away in disgust, rubbing the goose bumps on their arms.

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