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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 168

ICRAB – Chapter 168

Zhao Linshuang almost fell off the chair when she heard someone calling her name, and she immediately closed the live broadcast room. When she turned around and saw Liu Weiwei, she was shocked again. She tightly grasped her camera.

Liu Weiwei seemed to be embarrassed when she saw the frightened look in Zhao Linshuang’s face. After thinking about it, just as if she didn’t see her live, Liu Weiwei waved to her, "Long time no see~"

Chopped Pepper Chicken Feet were currently in hot production, but due to the shortage of vegetarian ducks before, many stores that heard that there were new products, all placed orders in advance. It was a super large number of orders.

The chicken feet was not on sale yet, but many rich second generations who love to play and even celebrities who had eaten vegetarian ducks had already received the news. They had begun to place orders in advance from their own network resources. The simplified package of Chopped Pepper Chicken Feet to be sold to civilian was also produced following its corresponding advertising plans. It also received many orders.

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but think of the food review account that made Vegetarian Duck a smash hit before. She couldn't help but glanced at Zhao Linshuang, making the other party blush immediately.

Zhao Linshuang stood up in a panic to say hello, knocked over her water glass on the table, and knocked her chair to the ground in a chain reaction. Even Yuan Zongwei, who was going to help, was hit on his chin when she raised her head in a panic.

"Ah, I'm sorry!" Zhao Linshuang was about to cry.

Yuan Zongwei backed away awkwardly, "It's okay."

Zhao Linshuang was at a loss with her hands. She didn't know what to do.

Liu Weiwei hurried over to help Zhao Linshuang up and comfortably took her to the back kitchen, "Don't be afraid. I won't eat you, you know."

Zhao Linshuang didn't expect that the small restaurant opened in the military region was actually made by Chef Liu. She saw a post about this small shop on the Internet, saying that the food was delicious and cheap, and the queues were very long every day. She wanted to do a live broadcast out of curiosity.

"The beef and enoki mushroom, it's delicious." Zhao Linshuang pursed her lips and blushed.

Liu Weiwei looked at Zhao Linshuang red lips and couldn't help but smile, "Are you full? If it's too spicy, I'll give you some Potato Sirloin Stew."

"No, no, no, I can eat!" Zhao Linshuang shook her head desperately. Her father was a soldier, so she never enjoyed any privileges when she was in the family. She was still not used to going through the back door even now.

"I'm sorry, I just broadcast live in the hall without your permission." Zhao Linshuang was still very guilty. The foods smelled so good that she couldn't help but forget to talk to the waiter about the live broadcast first.

"Well, you really should be punished." Liu Weiwei smiled, "Help me look after Xiao Bai. She has been eating in the kitchen for the entire afternoon, so can you take her to the dining hall for a while? We still have half an hour before closing."

This small punishment could reduce Zhao Linshuang's guilt a lot. And Xiao Bai loves acting, this was something Liu Weiwei knew well as a shit shovel officer. In addition to eating and acting, the Level 7 beast had no other hobbies. Every time she was able to fascinate everyone with her acting, she was very happy and was able to eat an extra bowl of carrot rice and hay cookie that day.

Liu Weiwei occasionally wanted to let off the nature of the pets. Since Xiao Bai loved acting so much, she would let her go and play on the live broadcast. As for Xiao Hei on the ground, he was completely uninterested. He turned over and continued to sleep.

Zhao Linshuang hurriedly responded yes. However, after Tang Yingqian directly handed the little white rabbit to her, she didn't know whether she needed to cry or laugh. She had bullied this little rabbit before, and she didn't know if it remembered herself. 

When Zhao Linshuang returned to her seat, she didn't dare to start the live broadcast again, but she couldn't stand the noise of the little rabbit. It slapped its small paw on the camera and turned the live broadcast back on.

Before Zhao Linshuang even able to stop the little rabbit, she saw many IDs rushing into her live broadcast room.

[Just now the anchor stopped suddenly?]

[What happened?!]

[Ehhhhhhhhh! Where does the cute rabbit come from?]

[Yeah~ Anyway, the little bunny is so white and well-behaved, it seems to be sitting on the anchor's arm.]

Zhao Linshuang wanted to withdraw from the live broadcast, but the little rabbit sternly pawed her hands away and prevented her from touching the camera. 


Zhao Linshuang was shocked for just a second, but something even more shocking happened soon. Even when she left her seat, the very spicy beef noodle bowl with sour soup was not removed yet by the waiter brother as she only ate less than half of it. As a result, the little furry rabbit's mini head and its two furry ears directly rubbed against her arms and quickly got into the bowl.

The furry rabbit was sitting on Zhao Linshuang’s arm, its two soft rabbit paws directly hugged the edge of the big bowl, and then its body from above the neck went inside. The long eared rabbit stuffed a whole bowl of noodles into its mouth. With a squeak, it let out a refreshing sound of sucking noodles one after another.

The little rabbit was very talented in acting and professional ethics. Since the camera was turned on, the audience couldn't keep watching its small butt. It chirped its motor mouth, raised its wet hairy head, and its jewel-like wet round eyes became pink and moist. They were shining with a little cute confused light, as if wondering where it was, who it was, and what was it doing…

[Oh oh, it’s so cute!]

[Its face is wet, ah, I want to hold it in my arms and wipe it~]

[Hey, my male's heart exploded! What kind of bunny is this? I want to buy it!]

[Overload cuteness, reward!]

[Buy snacks for the bunny, rewards!]

[It's like a small toy, I want to rub it~]

The audience in the live broadcast room was completely lost. They were confused and completely forgotten that this was supposed to be a gourmet live broadcast.

However, the next crazy move by the Little Rabbit surprised the audience. The beef noodles in sour soup that Zhao Linshuang thought too spicy just now, it sucked every pieces of noodles and instantly swallowed them in its stomach. It patted its soft belly. And as if it hadn't eaten enough yet, its hairy paws picked up the enoki mushrooms and beef pieces directly from the bowl, slapped them into its small three petals lips.

Obviously it looked extremely mini and its small lips looked cute and harmless, but a large amount of beef disappeared in an instant inside the high-speed operation of its electric motor lips.

Slurp, chew, gulp… After a while, the whole noodle bowl bottomed out. The rabbit squeezed its stomach comfortably and lay back on Zhao Linshuang's arms.

[Wait, didn’t the anchor say it’s too spicy?]

[Since when rabbits eat noodles and meat?!]

[What kind of rabbit is this?!]

[Why it stuffed its head in? It was not so spicy at all? Oh no, its eyes are red and it was actually crying, but it's so delicious that it couldn’t help but finish it! Sh*t, now I even understood the expression of a rabbit?]

[Wow, this rabbit has a big stomach!]

[This bowl of noodles is bigger than its body, right?]

In the live broadcast circle, there were some big eaters who do live broadcast. Many of them had money to buy all the foods themselves, but most of the source were gifted and rewarded by audiences, or they had received sponsorship from food vendors or restaurants. These big eaters could eat four or five times the amount of ordinary people and showed it to everyone. 

These big eaters didn’t necessarily have big bodies, even if it was Zhao Linshuang who looked thin and small, the interstellar people would not be surprised if they found she was a big eater. Because there were many cases, from the earliest method of eat-then-vomit to frantically training muscles to increase metabolism, from claiming to be born with black hole-like stomach or even cutting off a small section of intestines, the audiences wouldn’t be surprised at all.

But today the big eater changed from human to a fluffy little rabbit. It was a mini-rabbit just the size of a palm, not to mention the hearts of young girls and boys, even the heart of old uncles and aunts melted in front of the screen at this moment! Everyone was deeply impressed by this harmless little rabbit, it looked cute and soft but could eat food bigger than its body weight.

The point was that this little rabbit ate the whole bowl of spicy noodles. It didn't stop from the spiciness or even stop at all, not like a typical pet rabbit. It was a strange thing for pet to eat human food but as it laid flat on Zhao Linshuang's arm, it even had a leisurely look on its eyes. It was squinting like an elegant lady rabbit, if people ignored the memory of its lightning fast eating.

[I want to hug home, but... can't afford it! It eats so much!]

[Little rabbit, you will get fat~]

[God, I want to rub its belly~ Anchor, I will give you a reward of 100,000, please give me your private address, please meet offline, please let me pet!]

Zhao Linshuang was completely stunned. She had heard Chen Qili say that there was a problem with the rabbit and later she also suspected this. However, in the end she felt that she was misled by Chen Qili, but now… Now the fact was here, this was really no ordinary rabbit! This was a soft and cute rabbit with a big stomach!

As a foodie, Zhao Linshuang couldn't stand people that eat like a bird, so she felt that she had found an alliance while holding the rabbit in her arms. It was a rabbit who had a common language with her! "Sorry, I hurt you at the time~ Little cutie, are you willing to forgive me? Are you full yet? Should I buy you other things to eat?"

Xiao Bai, as soon as she heard the word eat, sat up straight from Zhao Linshuang’s arm. Xiao Bai held Zhao Linshuang with two paws together and her wet rabbit face with sour soup came closer. She rubbed the edge of Zhao Linshuang’s neckline lightly. This was silent recognition.

Zhao Linshuang stood up and hurriedly grabbed Yuan Zongwei who was still serving other diners, "I'll be back in half an hour, I want to take the little rabbit to buy some delicious food outside~ Please tell Chef Liu~ "

Yuan Zongwei frowned, but he lowered his head and saw Zhao Linshuang's lovely pink cheeks. His ears suddenly became hot. As a result, he let Zhao Linshuang take the little rabbit out of the shop under his eyelids.

Yuan Zongwei couldn't even think of the impact of his action in his dreams. Just because of a small mistake today, the small-looking rabbit went viral and turned into a super internet celebrity overnight.

The live broadcast of Little White Rabbit's Love Show officially began that day.

Even Liu Weiwei couldn't think of it. The snacks she wanted to sell in the future, as long as Xiao Bai nibble them first, it would become the biggest publicity method. There was no need to spend money to invite celebrities to endorse.

Zhao Linshuang had always been a popular live broadcast anchor and today it was even more popular. Her room had a steady stream of people coming in.

[Ah, this pudding must be delicious, look at how fast the rabbit little lips are moving!]

[Huh, is this milk nutrient that delicious? The little rabbit's head can't be pulled out!]

[Hahaha, this cucumber-flavored toffee, even rabbit doesn’t like it! Bad review, I will never buy it in the future~]

Since then, the adorable Xiao Bai had become a vane in the food world and a famous food commentator from the pet world.

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