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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 169

ICRAB – Chapter 169

When Liu Weiwei finished get off work, Zhao Linshuang returned the white rabbit to her. At this time, she was still a little dizzy.

The rabbit was really weird. Zhao Linshuang wanted to say that, but it was offensive to say it in front of the owner. She couldn't help thinking of the day she and her roommates held down the four hairy legs of the little rabbit. At that time, she thought she had subdued it, but... was a rabbit with such a big appetite, really just a pet?

If Zhao Linshuang was an average girl, she might believe it. Like the audiences in the live broadcast room, she would fall into the obsessive rhythm of petting rabbit fur and wouldn’t be able to extricate herself. However, since she was a child, she had heard her dad telling many stories about the military area’s defense against high-level beasts. All the habits of beasts had been told to her.

The more Zhao Linshuang looked at the little rabbit, the more she felt anxious in her heart. Her sixth sense told her that the furry rabbit was definitely not as cute as it looked. Its small three-petal electric motor lip could gnaw off almost everything. It didn’t even feel that the noodles were very spicy. In the end, even the soup was drunk clean, which was better than her.

A person's appetite was largely related to their metabolism. Someone that looked thin and weak ate a lot, if it was not for because of overly strong digestive system, it meant that the person had much higher muscle content than others.

Zhao Linshuang just held the little rabbit. Under the soft fur, she touched the warm and soft flesh its paw. But it was very elastic, so soft that it made her want to rub it a few times, it's not like hard muscle tissue at all. But its belly, after eating food far beyond its size, didn't get bigger at all. Under the fluffy rabbit fur, she didn’t know what kind of black hole was hidden. Was the food all digested as it ate?

Zhao Linshuang couldn't understand why.

Liu Weiwei didn't know that the amount of food her rabbit ate scared people again, "Bring your dad. I'll treat both of you to dinner tomorrow."

Zhao Linshuang complied immediately, but her mind still drifted to the rabbit...

Liu Weiwei took everyone back to the barracks, but was surprised by the new mission that suddenly jumped out.

[Tomorrow will be a very important day.]

[Your family pet, Krypton Beast Xiao Hei, will celebrate its first birthday.]

[Release new mission: A chef’s pet must have a birthday party!]

[Task requirements: Invite 10 important family friends to participate in Xiao Hei’s birthday party (0/10), make a small cake for the Xiao Hei (0/1), and make soulful dishes that Xiao Hei wants to eat (0 /1).]

[Task Reward: Xiao Hei wound repair 10%, Xiao Hei's favorability to all beasts increased to 60%.]

Once Liu Weiwei got home, she read the task carefully.

Xiao Bai jumped out of her arms and immediately ran to its luxurious villa. It rolled around in the small mini bathroom, and after cleaning, she ran out and rolled with Xiao Hei.

Xiao Hei closed his eyes and rested most of the time. When he felt that Xiao Bai had hit him, he turned his head, stretched out his paws and patted the rabbit’s butt. He smashed the rabbit away from his mattress and then closed his eyes again.

Qin Mo had came back from work early today and was already watching news on the sofa. When Liu Weiwei came back, he automatically came over to rub her shoulders and massaged her back, "Are you tired today?"

In the past few days from the beginning to the end of the snack street, the soldiers had been happy, but the organizers and the people involved in the work were all exhausted. The soldiers were too energetic, and there were so many people. These people wandered at the snack street for at least 16 hours a day, so the snack street always needed to operate at full capacity.

Liu Weiwei turned her neck and pressed her shoulder muscles. They had stiffened a lot and her fingers were also a little numb, "Here, heavier."

Qin Mo immediately obeyed the order.

Liu Weiwei took a sigh of relief and glanced at the sleeping Xiao Hei on the ground. She then glanced at Qin Mo who had changed into casual house clothes, "Qin Mo, there is a family member’s birthday. Are you busy with work tomorrow? "

"Birthday?" Qin Mo raised his eyebrows, "Your birthday is next spring, are you bringing it earlier? Or do you want to make up this year’s birthday?" People said that a woman's mind couldn’t be guessed. He finally realized that whether it was a holiday or not, he needed to send flowers and gifts to his wife every day. Even if his child's mother wanted to declare every day as a special day, he would obey. This was a secret technique taught to him by his teacher. He had a special notebook, which he used to record all kinds of special days.

Qin Mo had pressed the tight muscles on both sides of Liu Weiwei’s shoulders. He had a very good attitude, he even opened a certain treasure's online shop with one hand and searched for the keywords ‘wife gift’ and ‘a girl’s favorite gift’.

But Liu Weiwei quickly turned her head and blushed, "What nonsense, it's not me. I'm not a kid, I don’t need a birthday party."

Qin Mo turned a few pages of presents silently. He looked down and thought, "It's okay, you will always be a child in my heart. To make up for the birthday that I missed this year, I will take a day off and take you out to play tomorrow. There is a zoo next door, so let’s bring Meat Bun out to bask in the sun."

Qin Mo was well educated now. Marshal Li Er's experience of being punished to sleep in the study all day left a certain psychological shadow on him. After studying several times from his teacher's experiences, Qin Mo thought he should be able to avoid common language traps.

But Liu Weiwei's ears were burning. Qin Mo occasionally made a nauseating remark that was very aggressive. "No, it's Xiao Hei's birthday." She whispered in his ear with a hot face.

Qin Mo's face stiffened. He was a little stunned, "Xiao Hei?"

"Yeah," Liu Weiwei lowered her voice and peeked at Xiao Hei next to her, "He is the same as Xiao Bai now. He is also a member of our family. I want to hold a birthday party for him to make him more integrated into our family. It will also make everyone more acceptable to him."

Usually when Xu Hui and the others come to the house as guests, they basically took a detour when they saw Xiao Hei. It would a lie to say that it was fear, but they were still worried of its status as Level 10 Beast. Let alone get along, they wouldn’t even dare to reach out and touch it.

"Are you going to celebrate his birthday?" Qin Mo felt a pain in his temples.

"Well, I have already thought about it. Let’s invite Xu Hui and the others, the Marshal and Teacher Qian, as well as Major Mu Ming and Lieutenant Lu.... Let's have a small family gathering~"

The expression Qin Mo gave to Xiao Hei instantly became very unkind. Celebrating a wife’s birthday was a completely different concept from celebrating an enemy’s birthday. The krypton beast was once his enemy on the battlefield and it threatened his child’s life later. The reason why it had been kept in his home was because other people couldn’t control it. Although it accepted the chip implant voluntarily, it still refused to stay in the Scientific Research Bureau. It followed Liu Weiwei all day and refused to leave. Keeping it was an order given to him by his superiors, but this order was actually in the purpose of guarding and monitoring.

Family members... The corners of Qin Mo’s mouth twitched. "As long as you are happy." Only his child’s mother would have such a big heart. She wanted to raise the wild krypton beast as a family member as if she was training it as a military dog.

Qin Mo looked at Liu Weiwei complicatedly, "What do I need to do then?"

Liu Weiwei searched the Internet for several beautiful pictures of family birthday parties, such as beautiful hydrogen balloons, ribbons, gifts, and birthday hats. She chose a black themed one, which she felt was the most suitable for Xiao Hei.

Qin Mo decisively emptied his shopping cart while Liu Weiwei went into the kitchen to begin her study on cake making.

Liu Weiwei had taken a course in pastry making, but it was just because an apple pie was tasked by the system. To this day, she was still uncomfortable seeing western desserts, especially apple pie, which was psychological shadow to her. But in order to celebrate Xiao Hei's birthday, she decided to go all out. (TN: If you remember, Liu Weiwei transmigrated as she died on an elevator after catching her boyfriend cheating. At that time she came to surprise the boyfriend with homemade apple pie.)

Chefs should not have any prejudice or personal likes and dislikes to any types of food. Restoring the original flavor of the ingredients was a good starting point. Looking through the system recipes, Liu Weiwei was quickly attracted by a dessert classified into Xinjiang Cuisine. 


Liu Weiwei once ate this dessert in a Xinjiang restaurant. It was like a whole piece of frozen cream. The moment she bit some in her mouth, it melted due to the warm heat between her teeth. Layers of milk bloomed on the tip of her tongue and an ultimate silky texture of premium cream also burst out. The meringue in the middle shattered when bitten and then they disintegrate. Together with the butter, they floated like snowflakes in the mouth.

Liu Weiwei used to think the pastry was a native Xinjiang dessert, but after reading the menu explanation in the system, she found that its English name was Napoleon.

French-style Napoleon cake was a high-end dessert with full, clear, and crisp layers. It could be be said to be the same as Napariyong. The former was something served in high-end restaurants, while the latter was an evolved version that was also a member of Xinjiang Cuisine.

Steam a mixture of eggs, butter, flour, and sugar first, then stir. Continue to stir for up to 30 minutes to thoroughly make the custard had creamy texture smooth enough to just slip in people’s mouth. Puff pastry was stacked with the custard filling, one layer on top of the other. It was seven layers from bottom to top so that the taste became rich and full.

Napariyong's was not too sweet or greasy, but the milk smell was very strong. Liu Weiwei's drool flew out just thinking about it. She made it at night, put it in the freezer to cool, and she would take it out tomorrow morning to defrost. Once it soften, it would be suitable for all ages.

Then, Liu Weiwei drafted the menu for tomorrow’s party. Because it was a small family gathering, the quantity didn’t need to be large but it should still be exquisite. It should give the guests a warm feeling. So, she specially prepared bone soup based hot pot. She prepared some homemade meatballs, egg dumplings, beef and mutton rolls, luncheon meats that men like to eat, as well as fish tofu, sliced radish, and enoki mushrooms that girls like. She also prepared some lettuce and vermicelli, plus big meaty bones that Xiao Hei liked.

Liu Weiwei waited until she went to bed to read the task requirements again.

"Soulful food? What Xiao Hei wants to eat the most?"

Liu Weiwei was puzzled. Xiao Hei was never a picky eater. He liked to eat heavy-tasting things, but what was it that he wanted to eat the most? It’s not like he could speak.

Liu Weiwei went through her recipe banks over and over again. She finally decided to add some hairy crabs, some to be steamed with vinegar, some to be fried in oil with some salted egg, and the rest to be made as spicy crab. There would be meat bones and seafood bones, Xiao Hei should be satisfied, right?

Liu Weiwei leaned on her pillow and she fell asleep in a short time. But in her sleep, she seemed to see the scene when Xiao Hei was beaten by the silver mecha and fell to the bottom of the sea...

The next day, Qin Mo, who finally helped an enemy celebrate his birthday, thought about his life all night. The first thing to do when he got up in the morning was to find his child's mother. "Go participate in the Chef Association exchange, I will take a vacation and bring Meat Bun to stay with you."


"As the child is older, he also needs to walk around. We also need to give him a vacation and life experience as early as possible."

"That sounds good. Alright."

Qin Mo nodded in satisfaction, "Great." During this trip, there would be blue sky and white clouds, but no beasts!

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